INFP, Jack Of All Sources, Master Of One | CS Joseph Responds


INFP, Jack Of All Sources, Master Of One. CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question should INFPs master many topics or specialize in one? Presented by Chris Taylor, aka Raka.


Welcome to the seamstress podcast. I’m your host, Chris Taylor, also known as Raka. Bringing you another acolyte question today. Today’s question is, as an INFP, should I study one source, or multiple sources, or also known as should I be a jack of all trades, or a master one? Well, for INFJs, really, you guys ultimately should be the master of one topic.

But it’s kind of funny when it comes to jack of all trades and master of one, the thing you’ll find, as an any te user, is that all information has a place. Because everything is a pattern at the end of the day. And so, while I recommend for the purpose of you guys, you know, becoming authorities. And seeking that origin, that it is predominantly better to be a master of one need to realize is that master of one doesn’t mean that you only look into information surrounding a topic.

And for those of you that have seen the video that I did on INFJs, how to become an authority by writing. Which ended up becoming more about how to become an authority at all, because writing is just the end result for you guys, not the actual process to being an authority. But I digress. Some of you might be scratching your heads.

But wait, I thought you were saying to research all information on topics in that field. That’s correct. And that will make you an authority on that topic. However, if you truly want to push the bounds of what is possible, and truly amalgamate the best information, you’re still going to have to learn about other topics too.

Now, what I recommend, is, if you’re studying psychology, doesn’t necessarily mean that you know, you start reading books on Olympic swimming, right? You don’t have to jump all the way out. But this means is that, and I think most of you will naturally do this to an extent. But what this means is that what you need to do is sorry, for the wind in your ears as a child. But what it means is that you need to slowly branch out from that topic.

So it may start off where you’re reading a book a day, let’s just say like you get pretty far into reading, you’re, you’re at the point, maybe you only start off with reading a chapter. That’s fine starting point as a starting point. But let’s say you get up to like a book a day, and like you’re able to consume that information like that. And this is your core core topic.

Well, maybe start branching out to a book that’s loosely related. Right? So you’re looking at psychology. It’s my favorite example, because that’s where I haven’t been, right? But you’re looking at psychology and at first you’re studying like, maybe it’s like you’re going to save school or going for your psych major. And so you’re reading a lot of philosophy or reading a lot of like the trying to study the way that the human mind actually works.

But maybe instead of just a book about Olympic swimming, you’re looking at, there’s a book on, you know, the psychology of like the benefits of swimming on the human mind. Right. So when you start to do this and you start to branch out, your brain starts forming these connections between all of these topics, through your root primary interest. And through that, you start to be able to apply your psychology to everyday life.

And psychology is kind of a easy, easy one to pick here, because it does influence almost everything that humans do. But the principle remains that it’s not that you want to just absolutely, like go to unrelated topics complete. But treat reading, again, nonfiction. of those books that are unrelated to your core, as past, right, treat that as just okay, I need a break from psychology for a little bit, I need a break from my main focus, I’m going to read something, maybe it’s fiction.

It’s free time, right? It’s, you know, time you’re allotting yourself away from bettering yourself for for a bit there. You’ll start to notice when you’re bringing in these random topics, then you start to see all the inner woven mechanics. And so, it is still good to have these other like topics as a whole. But if you’re again, because you’re ultimately looking to be an authority, you need to stick predominantly to your chosen path.

Right, the duty to your chosen path. And so what happens, if you study a lot of eclectic information, you will still be able to find a lot of diversity in that. And you’ll have some great insights from that. But that only goes so deep as far as your knowledge base on any topic.

And so if you do that, you’ll never fully become an authority as you want to be. You’ll have a little bit of insight here, you’ll have a little bit of insight there. And some career paths that might be appropriate. But for the most part, you’re going to want to stick predominantly to a topic.

And all of the surrounding spider webs either woven into that talk. It’s at the end of the day, at this point, between my last two videos, some of you might be going, Wait, you’re telling me that, like, all of my time needs to be spent just reading. And that’s like all I need to be doing. Yeah, and the younger you are, like, the more appropriate This is because you’re going to be able to consume a lot more content.

If you’re an older INFP it’s still important. But it’s especially especially important to the younger ISFPs when you’re still trying to figure out your your, you know, path in life. A lot of times when we get older, we get a lot more settled in, especially as si users into what we’re already doing. And so for those, it’s time to start picking up books already related to what you’re doing.

You could make the leap and just burn everything down and try to figure out a new path for yourself. And that’s, that’s difficult. Um, and for some of you might be necessary, but for the most part, yes, what I am telling you guys to do is literally always have a book in your hand. You need to always, always have a book, a new book, or multiple books.

The only way that you’re going to have at Like real value to provide to humanity, that NF temperament is already pushing you to make a change on the world in some way, I guarantee you, your Fe Nemesis sees a whole lot of things wrong with humanity. The only way that any of that’s going to change is you have to just keep reading every off, like as much as you can possibly take. And at first, it’s gonna seem like a chore, at first, it’s gonna be a hassle, you’re gonna hate it. Like every bit of your free time needs to be spent on books and a portion of your free time.

You need to divvy that towards your chosen path. And the other portion of that free time maybe like 20% of that can be for like, fun random books that you’re just trying to like have pastime. And this is what I’m telling you, is difficult. Because when you’re younger, you might miss out on a lot of fun things in life.

But this will set up your future for success that you can actually win when you start to get older. When you start to be the most knowledgeable person in the room on your topic. It will set you free in ways that you I don’t think you understand yet. Those are that’s for the ones that are like but what about my free time? What about macam fees? I think you’ll start to realize the more you read, the more comfortable that you naturally get with reading anyway, it won’t be a chore.

You’ll be doing it because you actually enjoy the information. So it’s really important, really important for you guys to just always, always, always be reading as much as you possibly can. Now, when I say free time keep in mind, you still need to be doing things like diet and exercise to take care of yourself. Guess what? That’s not included in your free time.

You have your basic needs need to be met. Your basic needs include your diet, your exercise, your body’s health, a central your finances. And it may start with finances is just scraping by. But as you gain more knowledge, you’ll realize you have more leverage, you’ll be able to escape that minimum wage, you’ll be able to figure out paths for yourself and other people don’t see.

Reading is horrendously underrated in society. by humans as a whole. You guys should be at the forefront of having the most read. Anyhow you found this useful, helpful insightful leave a like swing by the discord.

Come say hi. Pinch me about how much I’m telling you to read or share. We now have an education sick. We also have a health sick for those health and fitness needs.

If you’re feeling lost and don’t know how to get yourself in shape, you don’t know how to take care of your diet. We also have a business. There are resources on that discord for you INFJs learn how to make the most of them, knowing their start topics, share your reading, share your book knowledge, because if you start dumping, Hey, I’ve read all of these books on this topic. Guess what people are gonna start coming to you for book recommendations.

And they’re also going to come to you for your opinion on those books. Look already a little authority that you can find just by reading. So summarize the fucking reading. Don’t stop it and focus predominantly on being a master of one for you guys.

I’d say it’s like 8020 80% topics focused on mastery of one thing. 20% supplementary information on random topics that will feature any hero or any parent Excuse me. Anyway, have a good night. I’ll see you on the discord.



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