INFP and ISFPs, Use Your Te Aspirational to Succeed! | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question, how can I use Te aspirational?


Hey what’s up video hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. Today’s question is, what can an INFP and an ISFP do to use extroverted thinking, aspirational or to go aspirational with their Inferior function? So remember, folks, the Inferior function is where a person’s insecurity and their fear exists? And I’m glad this question is being asked, because right now, John Bodeen, and I are working on a new course called ego hacking your fear, it’s gonna be coming out very soon, we’re gonna be announcing it for pre order, pre order will last about two weeks.

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So anyway, extroverted thinking aspirational. The Inferior function is where a person’s insecurity actually exists. And ISFP is an INFP is are very insecure about what other people think of them. That includes their status that includes people respecting them, giving them special treatment.

Thinking highly of them, noticing their achievements, noticing their accomplishments, basically, as well as being an overall accomplished individual. That is what expert thinking inferior does, but they’re just afraid, aspirational, is when they make their Extraverted Thinking inferior. No longer afraid, basically, they are aspiring with it, where they realize that all of a sudden their opinion is valuable. In fact, their opinion may be the most valuable thing out there.

And that likely no one else has a more valuable opinion than them. It’s really big deal. It’s really, it’s really an amazing, amazing thing when it happens, especially like for example, when INFP has become like super well read or when ISFPs become super capable and skilled when they’re trying to you know create their magnum opus write their magnum opus and for and that’s really what extra thinking aspirational is about. It’s about the magnum opus, it’s about the great work for INFJs.

It’s developing a philosophy like Robert Greene did it when it says philosophy surrounding power with the 48 Laws of Power, or ISFPs have done it when it’s like their, their great work in terms of like this amazing piece of art that will last for generations and they’ll always be remembered for that art because that art is their legacy that creation of theirs is their legacy. It was their contribution to humanity. And that’s proof of proof of aspiration. It absolutely is proof.

But how do they actually aspire? How do they get it to being aspirational? Well, it’s to the point where you kind of have to get to a point in your life where you assume, you know, as an FYI, hero, and it’s hard because, you know, FYI, hero is at risk of being delusional, right? They’re very at risk of being delusional. And as a result of that risk. As a result of that risk. They, it’s hard for them to just assume that their opinion is valuable, right.

But the thing is, though, is that they have Introverted Feeling hero, no one can value things, no one can find principles, no one can build standards better than they can in the long run. Because they know the value of things. They know what their values are their value systems, they know their principles. And they just create this amazing principle that for success.

And you know, I ISFPs want to share that principle for success to help people increase their creativity, and do things in a better way. inf peas use their principles of success to create like this, I win button that always guarantees success in any endeavor in their life, basically. And they eventually end up sharing those principles with other people. The thing is, is that these people are naturally principled, which means by proxy, naturally, their opinion is valuable.

The only thing that’s really standing in their way is their parent functions. ISFPs need to become more practiced with their expert sensing parent, the more practice they are, the better they’re practicing their principles, you know, they have to practice their principles, the more practice they are in practicing their principles, the more valuable their opinion becomes, the more they’re able to aspire with their opinion. INFP is a little bit different. For them, it’s the more life experience they have, or how much they’ve read how much they’ve consumed, how much they’ve discovered throughout their life.

And then developing principles based on that concept, right? That’s what it’s all about. That’s where it is the most meaningful. So with that being said, it’s just I mean, that’s the entire process. That’s the entire process right there with in terms of how they actually get their expert thinking to aspirational.

And once it’s, once it is aspirational, literally, everyone will stop to hear their opinion, everyone will regard them, everyone will give them special treatment, everybody will come to them, actually, they don’t have to go to anyone, people will just be coming to them even in droves to hear their valuable opinion, because they’ve not heard anything like it. And they’ll never hear anything like it. And that’s the point. That’s the bigger point that they always have is that they’re not even able to, you know, when they’re afraid, and they’re not aspiring their extroverted thinking, you know, like, people don’t care about their opinion.

And sometimes they feel squelch, like, their voice just doesn’t matter that their voice is like, it has no value to it and everyone else’s voices, it’s competing voices, and they feel like their voice will never matter. The thing is, is that they have the highest potential out of everyone, for their opinion, to matter the most again ISFPs have to stay practicing and practicing their principles. Where as INFJs need to have the most life experience to test their own principles, basically, to put their principles to the test basically, as a result of having life experience. And using those principles over time and adopting new principles and letting go of old ones.

It’s like this constant experimentation that they have with their principles with their ePHI hero basically. And that is the entire point. That is when it matters the most right? And it’s it’s so odd to me like how oftentimes these types just really like sell themselves short because they they really do know the truth. They know the facts with their Introverted Thinking demon, they know that and Introverted Thinking demon has influence upon you know, via cognitive orbit.

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It helps support the channel and it also helps keep the lights on and feed the many families that are are involved with bringing this content to you right here on YouTube and also on the podcast. So but yeah, like, it’s really thinking demon is aware of the facts. And you know, they just know how rough the world actually is they know like the like the, the truth cuts deep in the in the criticism of reality and the criticism of the world that they live in, it just really breaks them down in like a big way. And this can be a huge, huge problem for them.

So that’s the thing like, they already know the truth. The thing is, though, is that regardless of what the truth is, they have the ability to change people’s beliefs, the ability to change people’s thinking with their valuable opinions, such that the harsh reality, the harsh truth of the harsh truth of the world, all of a sudden becomes outdated. And they end up changing the truth. Basically, they end up changing the facts, just by changing people’s beliefs.

And because of the changing of the facts and the change of beliefs, they’re literally like out chemically or even transmuting reality to make the world better. And in some cases, also making the world worse in some cases as well. But they really can, as long as they’re maintaining their principles, practicing the principles for ISFPs and gaining life experience, and providing a vision a better future for others in terms of iron FPS with their opinions, then they’re always guaranteed to have the most valuable opinion, really just comes down to experience and just comes down to practice. These are the things that they need to do to become more aspirational, and get over their fear.

Because they’ll realize, hey, I do have the most valuable opinion. People come to me and they asked me what my opinion is so that they can have a better life. And they can walk around in confidence with that and they never have to be afraid of being disrespected or afraid of what other people think of them for the rest of their lives. So, me folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.



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