How UD | UF INTPs Are Inevitable | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how are UD | UF INTPs inevitable? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Welcome to theists. Joseph podcast. I’m your host, Sam boys. And today I’m going over a request from the man himself CS Joseph.

How can an intp UD with Archigram be inevitable? And I, I am an intp at UF. And this kind of came about from our after Graham session and me asking you about my sister. And I guess part of the spoiler for the Okta gram process is how we go over, basically your upbringing and heritage and the people that had an influence on your life. And during that process, we found out that my brother is an ESTP, my mom an ENFJ, and my dad, and ISTP.

All three of those are Templars. They all use Extraverted Feeling Introverted Thinking, as well as expert sensing Introverted intuition. And I had another family member, my little sister, who I had a hard time typing. And I eventually, you know, with the intention of, hey, I want to bring more anecdotal evidence about, you know, other family members, I made a little list of things that my sister did and does and talks about.

And I was like, hey, CSJ, do you mind verifying? And he was like, that’s an INFJ. My four family members, were each of the four Templars, no, none of either mistaken. It really, is that and I, I think it shows, quite frankly, with a little bit more of the rough nature of kind of a family if like, we never really had a lot of, I don’t know, I don’t think posh is the right word. But like, you know, the siblings and I, we greet each other with middle fingers, telling each other to eff off.

And we just laugh the entire time. So it’s, it’s a lot more rough. And I like it that way. But I going into detail on each of the family members that I have, I’ve got, you know, my mom, she’s an ENFJ.

And you know, that’s pretty cool. With extroverted sensing child, Introverted Sensing, child kind of that makes it hang around. And my mom, I like to joke around that I’m her favorite kid. We’ve, it’s kind of obvious.

My dad’s favorite kid is my older brother. But yeah, so you know, it’s kind of nice having that dynamic there. Where it’s like, my mom really likes quality time. And that’s like, a big thing for expert sensing child is that they want quality time.

And, you know, I play cards with her and go on walks and stuff like that. But yeah, she says a lot of, you know, affiliative thing, like, she always talks about gender a lot, like, Oh, I’m not just a dumb girl, you know, I can put a nail on a wall and hang up picture. It’s like, Yeah, Mom, your isdp Fed, the mind is going buck wild right now good for you, man. And, you know, I try to every time she gets like a furniture project, it’s kinda like, It’s nice seeing her get excited about that, she did it herself.

And then there’s my ISTP dad, who we get in, we never had a great relationship where it was like, very close, because we’re both like, very responding. Like, most of the time, we just sit there. And if I’m not like obsessed with, like World of Warcraft, we really don’t have a whole lot to talk about. Both of us working the same job helps a bit, but it’s definitely very surface level.

And I try to help with Extraverted Feeling inferior when I can. Like, you know, with the mentor stuff, like I tried to have him help me out with, you know, like building projects, but sometimes they can get kind of annoying, like, most of the time when I asked, like, Hey, can I get help building something he’s like, it’s cheaper to buy it. And it’s just like, Dad, that’s not the point. This is me trying to learn how to build things.

So unfortunately, I have to do it on my own. But, you know, there’s some things I can get help with. And that’s good. I tried to help my family pushed her towards her aspiring functions when I can.

But yeah, and he gets annoyed when he like gives me advice and help and I don’t do it because it’s like, well, why are you asking for me if you’re not going to do it? There’s like input dad input I want input, not process. But that’s another story. And then there’s my ESTP brother. And I, I could not have a better brother man, like the tape brothers look weak compared to me and my brother man.

And I, I admire him greatly. He, I talked about him a lot, and I’ll probably save it for some of the other videos like I have an ESTP video coming out soon that I think will kind of give light into why I respect him. And I’m just intrigued by him, but we definitely have a very cool relationship kind of built on like, just admiring each other. Like, you know, he’s a very charismatic and yeah, just a very charismatic guy.

And like, I like seeing him. Like, at, like band events, because he’s like a punk rock person. Look up the band superbike. My favorite song because they said they have a video out for is I hate my friends.

And, you know, it’s cool seeing him at these live events. And he’s just talking to everybody. And he’s just like, so charismatic. And it’s just like, God, dang, I want that I my Fe inferior to want to be that man.

And it’s like, you know, he himself. Like admire is my like, almost introverted, like, gluttonous pursuit of knowledge. And he’s just like, Dude, you’re so smart man. And you’re, like, so dedicated.

I disagree. But he thinks that way. And that’s cool, I guess. And it’s just like, the back and forth of like, You’re the greatest? No, you’re the greatest.

And it’s just like, Yeah, it’s really nice. And then there’s my INFJ sister, which I’m not gonna lie INFJs trigger the heck out of me. When they tell me how to live my life, I should have known to have extroverted sensing this entire time. Like I like have thought in my head.

But it’s like, she none stop talks about her freaking boyfriend all the time. Like, I’ve met the man for time that I know more about him than I know about my little fitzer. And it’s just like, please get a personality. I don’t know who you are anymore.

And it’s like, yeah, that makes sense character temple where it’s her personality, man. That’s fine, I guess. And she, she also does the thing that my mom does, where it’s like, I got my big girl job. I’m at an office desk.

I’m doing the right thing. And it’s just like, Yeah, you are. I like my factory job. I like things whenever I want to.

But yeah, and also, like another fun story to kind of show the NF. Let’s negotiate is during our Thanksgiving recently, she she was like, concerned about all of us not really having any money to spare. Joke’s on her. I’m a shadow focused on ADP.

Of course, I got money. But you know, it’s she was like, Well, other siblings, me, my brother, her and we just kind of lump in my brother’s girlfriend INFP. And she was like, none of us can really afford to get each all of us to give. So what we’re gonna do is going to have a $25 cap.

And the to, like, do it amongst the two brother than two sister, your sister in law close enough. And she was like, you know, set the bar, like 25 bucks. I’m like, okay, yeah, I’ll just give Max 25 bucks. And she was like, No, you’re gonna get him a gift.

And I was like, No, I won’t. And she was like, at least get a gift card. And I was like, No. Like, why would I give someone a gift? of A, like money they can use in one location.

When they can use it in all locations. I don’t get it. And it’s just like, I don’t want you like trying to, you know, obligate me and I would eventually like or I could just give him $25 You can shut the fuck up. You Yeah.

It fell out. Yeah, pragmatic versus affiliative. I love it. But that’s like NFJ aggressive negotiating.

So that’s fun to keep in mind. I like that story. I think it really portrays a lot of family dynamics. So.

So what does this mean for me? Well, I’m the only introvert center the family I’m the only systematic Person of the family. I am the only person that has Crusader wayfare mine mindsets. That’s fun. But so let’s get into meat a little bit.

I was basically is really frail bald kid, which I like to say that because it really is a contrast compared to now. But, you know, I grew up and my parents were kind of like, there’s definitely something off about me, like, I didn’t talk until I was like, four, like, they were getting me to the doctor to see if I was mute or not. And I wasn’t I just didn’t want to talk. And then like, you know, during, like, family events, like I just kind of I hated being around family events, where it was like, I have a, like a little baby, I, my mom, like actually would take me into like a guest room.

And we would just have just the two of us because like, I just, that was just a lot of people to be around. And, you know, it was just like, and oh, and then I got diagnosed with Asperger’s in kindergarten. And so there was just a lot of my parents kind of had the perspective of we need to really, like take care of this one. And that was mostly extroverted feeling oriented care.

Oh, and other storytime. Generally, like, both of my siblings were like, very much attention seeking all the time. Like, my parents would buy them toys, and they were like, that’s nice, but like, I want to play with you. And then, you know, with me, I was kind of like a nice little contrast.

Because it’s like, I would just I would literally take a piece of paper, and a little kid like, like a ream of paper, and just draw all day, just like, almost like I was writing signatures and signing papers and a TV show just back in, it’s go through an entire room a day. And it was just like, wow. Little me with generative as heck, okay, that’s good to know. But my dad, in particular was like, it was cool, like, what I wanted to do stuff with, like, you know, my parents as like a little kid, like, usually I would like, stop doing what I was doing and just kind of sit on my dad’s lap.

And just like, for like, three minutes, and then just go back to what I’m doing. Because it’s like, my dad kind of took it as all it’s like, he came because like, I guess you came because you were like, checking in on me not like, you know, the other siblings where it’s like, they just need attention. So it’s like, hey, that’ll work. And also notorious as a little kid where it’s like, if I wanted to play a game with you, that was probably your chance for the year.

If you were like extended family. You’re probably not gonna get that opportunity again. But yeah, so definitely, insanely introverted. Borderline fragile in social manners.

But I got a lot of like, care and attention. A lot of it being extroverted feeling, especially with my mom hyping me up a lot, you know, it’s like, like, like an appeal to FYI, where she’s like, Oh, no, you’re special, you’re worth something. And it’s just like, I don’t know, it’s just like, it never worked. It.

It really never worked. You know, I would always beat myself up as a kid too. And my parents would just be kind of like who’s telling you this? And it’s like, who was the heck needs to tell me that I can formulate my own thoughts. Thank you, Jesus.

But, you know, that’s always the fun part of an FIU. They’re being projected onto you. I got a lot of care for me, you know, but that part of that cared, I never really got a chance to reciprocate it. Like the SGA talks about that.

When you’re a young person of your type. It’s really hard sometimes to distinguish the ego and the unconscious. I never had that I can never look at a moment in my life and you know, after talking to my parents about that, too, there was nothing that exemplified servitude at all. And it’s just like what? Okay.

I’ve probably been ut UF my entire life. I guess that’s probably why I don’t think it’s that bad because I don’t know what But the the differences and I think it was also left to my introverted intuition, a good amount to, because my parents had the mentality of, he will sort himself out. You know, it’s like, like, when I was in fourth grade, I was like, I want to get A’s and B’s like my siblings, and I was like a C student at the time. And, you know, I just did that myself.

Or like, I, when I was like, five, I gave myself a bedtime and just did it. And that was kind of their mentality with me, if you will sort themselves out, which I will say, by the way, if you are raising an intp do not do that. No, I’m lucky. They’re lucky.

Don’t do it. Okay, I got that off my chest. And also a large part of unconscious developers. I really never did any volunteering, or really helping out unless there was something in it for me and I, I also still hold the notion that if you can’t help someone out without helping yourself out, you’re kind of dumb.

Like, there was a lot of ways to help out I’m sure you can find at least one that’s helpful to you. But you know, high school or basically just played video games all day. At least for these times, big fan of Pokemon. But yeah, so with a lot of that stuff in mind, like, you know, I was getting better at school because of stuff I wanted to do.

And that kind of stuff. And also doesn’t help them my parents are mind temple Templars. So I was definitely geared towards being their little artistic genius with you know, being you know, doing well in school and, you know, honors classes, although I cherry picked my honors classes because I would hear like, oh, the science honors classes are impossible and I was like, why would I do that then I’ll go with the English one, where the English Honors classes arguably easier than the gen ed one. So I’ll just go with that.

And that was kind of my mentality and towards the later in high school I was doing like robotics and a couple of art programs and stuff like that. That there are many stories about those I hope I can indulge at some point because let’s face it doesn’t basically like musings of an intp or what J actually had where it was like the coffee house. So I guess I could just say thoughts from the mother’s basement for the intp I think that work well actually. Oh and by the way, I highly highly recommend you get your octagon verified through CS Joseph dot life slash coaching because I thought I was sub developed I was like, Wow, I like helping people.

I like teaching them things that it’s like that’s unconscious developed. You’re using the mind temple and it’s like, oh dark, but I like to you know, help and do things for other people you know, and it’s like it really servitude if you know if you have your own intentions and it’s like I guess not I never really thought I’d be the bad boy type the you know the super ego focused but here I am and you might be surprised to and Hey, and if you don’t have your act to grant verified or are your type verified while you get those in one fell swoop highly recommend go to CS Joseph dot life slash coaching back to the video. But unconscious developed is pretty on undebatable now we get into unconscious focused or sub focused and I was you know always like kind of gluttonous little bastard on my projects. I mentioned the paper thing I actually don’t I mentioned generative with it but I could see gluttony with it.

I don’t know it’s a weird thing. It’s not like I intended to make something out of it. I think I just did it. It’s like our, our dump sketches, really projects per se everything idea because I’ve always been way better about doing sketches and like full pieces which I think most people are but that is a thought for another day.

But one thing that is also fun was I mentioned you know the paper drawing sketches and stuff. Art it’s an unconscious focused activity for you know, an intp why? Because UD UF superego focus, the ISFP the artist this entire time, with the freaking power of these colored pencils, I was fueling the demon within me. And that’s cool. But I’ve always been an art guy, you know, it’s like in fourth grade I like did little comics.

And like I mentioned in high school, I was doing like a lot of these art programs and my, my art teacher bought like, like, well not bought, but he convinced the Education Foundation to buy a 3d printer like a like a $5,000 resin printer, mostly so we get printed on Warhammer figures, but he definitely relied on me to make it seem like it was for the students and I’ve definitely made some cool things with that. Yeah, 3d modeling is a lot of fun. And if for anyone on the discord that doesn’t know, I actually made CS Joseph’s profile picture. This one right here.

So that’s cool. But yeah, art is definitely huge ready for I guess you if oriented. But you know, some definitely unconscious develop. So yeah, UD UF and I, I’m tripling down on it, man, I am going all for it.

Like I’ve done several other projects, I’ve done metal melting, which I haven’t done to anything that I could reasonably sell. And I’m probably just gonna tell you that for the summer. I’ve done like stuffed animals and I have like a, like a rug tufting gun. And I’ve been doing like a couple sketches with it.

And I hope I have something out fairly soon. But yeah, I’m mostly just exploring right now. Because there’s a lot of fun things to, you know, go after and just consumed, consumed, or basically. And I think that’s kind of just what life leads me toward that the adventure.

And I’m going to stick by my guns and go for it. And this is going to be an adventure. Imagine how many tales I can tell from just being a podcast host. I’m looking forward to it.

But one thing I want to say before I go is does my family life suck? Like this? James gave me his condolences on this and I’m just like, No, we’re gonna like we’re like, cool for the most part. I mean, it’s like yeah, I mean, obviously it was family strained but it’s like, I can’t imagine how many family could truly say the siblings, like actually get along get a lot of my brother and I being like a frickin Dynamic Duo. It’s crazy. We go on.

Like, I don’t I like I’m just little brother energy. It’s like older brothers cool with it. Like, there are very few times where he does, like, doesn’t stop by the house. And he’s like, I want to go and get like a couple of errands.

Done like, you know, stop by the Guitar Center or, you know, pick up a couple groceries and I’m, I’m not, you know, getting my shoes on like, Okay, I’m ready, man. I’m ready. And we just talk. Talk about what we’re doing.

And you know, I’m not I never traded that for the world, essentially. So. Yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode of the CSU it’s a podcast.

And stay tuned for more peace


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