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CS Joseph types Michael on this episode of typing random people.


Are you good to coding Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, this my friend, Michael, that I just met five minutes ago, seven minutes ago. Pretty quick. Definitely just randomly decided to be on the show.

And today’s episode we’re gonna be doing typing random people. Random people like Mike, who’s a fantastic fellow. And so yeah, so tell us about yourself. We can hear you.

So ya know, I’m born in this town. Raisins town. Work in North Dakota. oil rigs.

Wow, work hard. Have a son, young son going through custody stuff. Yeah, I’ve been in foster as a kid, I was adopted. Really? So? Yeah, I’ve had a lot of different jobs, went to Boise State, got my degree worked in the hospital.

I’ve had to pull people off life support and things like that. So you know, had some good experiences. Yeah, yeah. Wow.

So are you ever gonna go back to being a What did you say a respiratory therapist? That kind of thing? Right? Yeah, I’ll always keep that as a part of my job security. So it’s a, you know, it’s a job where if you keep your certification, you work 12 hour shifts, and you can work part time. And so once I’m done with oilfield, I’ll come back and do that. Yeah.

So what’s your opinion of Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the 16 personality types? Well, so I would see them kind of along the lines of like astrology. I think that, however accurate or inaccurate they are, whether it be astrology, or Myers Briggs, or any of the kinds of personality type markers. In my opinion, humans will take a correlating guide. And, and so they will associate themselves with what is told to them, take the good out of it and say, Oh, I’m kinda like that.

And it will give them hope. So I think that in that way, anything that gives them hope, and gives them a good feeling about themselves, a little bit of critical thought, is enough for them to accept, and for them to enjoy, and admire. And that’s maybe why those things have persisted. Because they give just enough, even though they’re mostly bullshit.

Like, like, like the zodiac. Yeah, exactly. I, I totally understand that. You know, oftentimes in the pickup artist community they call the Zodiac chick crack, you know, and I guess, Myers Briggs Type Indicator is, you know, somewhat similar, you know, to that end, it’s just chick crack.

But yeah, I mean, the way I do it is just like, it’s more of a union analytical psychology approach, you know, comes back from, like, Carl Jung, and just trying to understand, like, you know, his purpose and the science that I that I talked about is called four sides dynamics that comes from his book ion, which is the scariest book Jordan Peterson ever read? Apparently, that’s, but I usually just use the first five chapters, you know, for the basis of the four sides of the mind. So basically, the whole premise is, is that psychologically, you actually have like four people in your head at once. You have your ego, your subconscious, your unconscious, and your super ego, those four pieces, you know, and it’s like having four different people for different voices at the table in your head basically, at all times. It’s kind of cool.

You know, so, and most people like say, oh, yeah, Myers Briggs, you know, we’re just putting, you know, people in a box, you know, that’s all it is. Just put them in a box and just shove them away. But, you know, for me, I like I like to go real deep, you know, real deep. So, so based on that, like, tell me like, What kind of what kind of art do you make you ever do any art? Or? I guess? Yeah.

3d Mostly. 3d stuff. 3d modeling. Yeah, animating? No, no, not on a computer, apart from music, a little bit of music, but getting into that, for instance, at North Idaho college here.

I made a 12 foot tall, cardboard BIC lighter. That was complete everything. But out of the top instead of a flame. It was found a water Wow.

So is the opposite of its purpose. And that was that was my final project for that Michael Horsfall. Who is down here at art spirit. Oh, no kidding.

Yeah. So as your He’s still in there. I look at it. Oh, that’d be fascinating.

No, no. In fact it was it didn’t survive very long at all. It got taken, taken down and I don’t know where it went. I didn’t even hardly be able to see it.

I know people like to rob news fucking news. Huge. So, but unfortunately megalitres will didn’t stay long at art spirit because the owner of art spirit passed from ALS. Oh, and very quickly.

That sucks. Yeah, my best friend’s mom was his girlfriend at the time and she now lives in his house. I have a couple of his pairs of pants and his flannels and I got to tell him before he died, I got to tell him what I appreciate it is is is his efforts towards the local art community but yeah, that’s about my art history. Yeah, yeah.

So so if you did you ever take an MBTI test? I mean, if you did, what was your soul? I wish I remembered better I think I’m gonna like it i n t FJ or FB maybe INTJ is that sounds familiar? Yeah. That would might be a bit I don’t know. I’m I wish I was more familiar with it. I really, to be honest, I didn’t give shit.

I don’t blame people. People don’t give a shit. Until they listen to my podcast or watch my channel then they start giving a shit. But after that anyone else out there you talk to they don’t know what they’re talking about.

You got a personality Idiots. You can you know you can. There’s just so many different places that you can go online. I mean, apparently there’s this guy on YouTube called Eric Thor.

People think he’s a genius. For some reason. I have no idea. Or this other dude named Frank James C.

He’s an INFP, who claims to be an INFJ and his likes to lead everyone astray. But he’s really good at skits. And that’s why it’s super popular. You know? Yeah, but yeah, skits baseball, it’s cool that you make art, you know, how much how much shit the getting your life for, you know, being free, you know, being pragmatic, you know, like, being super independent, you know, and just not having not following the herd.

How much crap do you get for not? I was homeless for a year before I got before about three months ago. Because my son’s Mom took my son for me and yeah, I’ve been almost to put it like, seriously? Yeah, yeah. The Seattle area is Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah, that’s intense.

Yeah, well, I it is it is intense, you know, especially when you’re doing it, and then all sudden, you know, you have an infant in the process. I was a horrible human being in my 20s. Trust me, like I, I was grossly negligent and irresponsible. I share a lot of my story, you know, on the podcast and on the channel.

But yeah, it’s just, it’s entirely ridiculous. The kind of person that I was in my 20s. And that’s the reason why is because my philosophy in my 20s was, hey, so long as it’s not my fault, it’s not my responsibility, you know what I mean? And then, then I realized much later in my late 20s, that no, that’s false. Just because it’s not my fault does not mean it’s not my responsibility.

And then I had to just kind of, like, grow from that. That was really, really interesting as situation as a result. So. So yeah, you’re pretty creative, or pretty independent.

That’s pretty awesome. So like, so if I was to actually, like, break you down, like, psychologically, you know, and just kind of show you how your brain is working? That’d be pretty cool. You know, I mean, you took that test, you don’t give a shit. So hopefully, maybe by the end of this, you will give a shit.

But not with the traditional MBTI just go online and look it up? No, no, no, they don’t know what they’re talking about, either. You know, this. But the reality situation is, you know, this is such a fringe science, that people can’t even believe that it’s even remotely a thing, you know, and then I’m not going to try to convince you, I’m just gonna say it as it is, you know, and just like you have your own opinion, you know, so, because your opinion is what really matters. So anyway, from your point of view, you’re known as the artist, also known as the druid.

Basically, behind the scenes are very informed if you like informing and giving people information and receiving information giving input is really important to you. Very responding you like it, when people come to you for information, instead of you going to other people having to get it, it makes you feel important when people come to you because then it’s like, hey, they want to get your opinion and that’s what really matters. And then you’re all about the outcome. You’re not going to do something unless you’re guaranteed to get the outcome that you want, which is not a bad thing versus you know me I’m progression.

I don’t care if there’s an outcome. I’m just gonna go and just see what happens. You know, what wears you out? Come, it’s kind of more like given a guarantee, you know exactly how you feel all the time, what you value, what your principles are. And sometimes that means you’d like to go out there and find information that fits your principles.

So it strengthens or principles that you have. You live in the moment consistently, all about giving people good experience, making them comfortable. But to the point where you want to be memorable, you want to be memorable. Because you’re all about legacy, you want to leave behind a legacy where you are remembered, because that’s really, really important to you, such that you dry your own personal sense of purpose, as a result of leaving that legacy behind.

It says if that legacy is your purpose, that’s why your two year old son is as important to you as he is because he is a physical representation in the concrete realm as to what your specific legacy actually is. You’re all about your personal freedom of choice, to the point that if your freedom of choice is taken away, you get Rayji and upset. But you have to always have a choice. If I was raised you as a child, I realized, okay, okay, Mike, do you want to go to bed now? Do you want to go to bed in five minutes, I gotta give you a choice, instead of just saying, Get your ass in bed, cuz that’s not gonna go over? Well, because then at least you’ve got a choice, because the choice is what matters.

The most sensitive part of you, however, is what people think about you. You care about your status, you care about your reputation. When you walk in the room, you know what people are thinking, and you adjust yourself so that you’re not going to sour their judgments toward you other people’s judgments and abrogate in terms of what they think not how they feel. But what they think, is really important, because you really want respect, you want to be respected and regarded by others on a consistent basis, that will, that allows you to maintain your level of self importance.

Now, where your worry exists, is that you worry that sometimes you might be a little too selfish, and you’re not caring enough. And sometimes you end up overcompensating every now and then, in terms of being generous with others, and maybe sometimes a little too generous, because you’re just trying to prove to yourself that you are actually a caring person, even though usually it’s like, yeah, I’m kind of selfish, yeah, I kind of do my own thing. But at the end of the day, you really do need to have something to show for at the end of the day, or maybe end of the week, sometime, that you are actually a caring person. So you’re not so worried about whether or not you’re being supportive enough to other people.

Now, in terms of your where you’re very critical, however, you’re very critical towards yourself in terms of your own experience, like your level of comfort, what you need, sometimes you will ignore your needs in favor of others. Or sometimes you’ll push yourself way harder than everybody else, maybe even to the point of expecting other people pushes artists you because of that, and that can be a huge, huge issue. However, the thing you’re unaware of the most consequences, you are aware of reactions in the moment and how things immediately react but long term consequences. Nope.

And it completely escapes your head. You’re just like, Oh my God, how did this happen? I didn’t see that coming. Oh, my God, you know, and that can end up that probably has bit you in the past many times in your life where you just made a decision and all sudden, boom consequences. You’re like, dang, I wish somebody warned me about that.

I would have been nice. And then the last piece of your mind is basically what you think. And what you think in terms of the truth and thinking about life is that you know, the truth in the truth is dark, Gothic, evil, painful, indiscriminate. So you want to make the world a better place.

That’s why you’re creative. You want to create this legacy that pushes people towards a better belief, a better truth, basically, or to create a new truth that people can adopt, and maybe have a better life because of it. Because you see the truth of reality around you. You’re like, this sucks.

Why do people like this? I don’t like this. This is bullshit. So I’m gonna make this thing over here. And then it’ll make reality better and then maybe people will actually like think that’s great.

Maybe they’ll actually want that maybe they’ll stick around and then maybe I’ll be remembered for this contribution to humanity as a result, and then I can move it even for you know further. And that’s just kind of how you are and it’s because it because here’s the thing, when you tell the truth, it cuts it cuts hard. The absolute hardest, you cuts real hard. So that’s why you try not to do that you just kind of like lead with how you feel and try to like you know, put out a better energy a better five out there for people instead of just tell them the straight up truth because that shouldn’t hurts.

It hurts everyone on the team, you know, so, you know, it’s like Yeah, are you sure? Are you sure that Are you sure you want to know the truth? I can tell you the truth man I can use Are you want that? So how am I doing so far? Oh, pretty good. Yeah, yeah, those are all related blind spots. Yeah, that’s. So that’s known as the ISFP archetype.

Although we don’t do the MBTI thing, it’s just young. Yeah, and analytical psychology and a foresights dynamics. So your ego is an ISFP. And your unconscious is an ESF J, which is very supportive, you’re a very supportive person.

It’s all about discovery wants to discover things. Now, your subconscious, the part of you that makes you like the happiest when you aspire, it’s the chief, it’s the it’s the martial, it’s, it’s the CEO, it’s the one that’s in charge of the band, or it’s in charge of the business, or it’s in charge of the Airbnb empire, you know, it’s in charge of the team, it’s the foreman, you know, it’s taken charge, it’s making sure everyone is being efficient following the system following the procedure, and you direct them exactly where you want to go. Because you know that where you want to go is definitely going to get the best outcome for the entire thing in which is, you know, potentially making more widgets or making more money, that kind of a thing. And then your super ego is, like this engineer type thing.

It’s, it’s like a, it’s like a very evil Bill Gates, you know, very evil Bill Gates, or do magic, where it’s like, hey, well, the thing is, is that as someone like, like, if someone just completely publicly shamed you, for no reason absolutely destroys your reputation and your status, then you’re like, Alright, I’m going to completely engineer away, I’m going to create this trapdoor to have you fallen and die by you’re going to engineer a solution that ends up leading to them having some extreme harm as retribution for them destroying your reputation that you worked really hard to build in front of others, and just how you are. And that’s, that’s their super ego. You know, that’s what that represents, you know, so, so no, wrong. Yeah.

Yeah. But yeah, and like, all these people we sell here, like everyone is has has these little quirks that you could just, you know, seriously just meet them, you just, you just kind of know, you know, you could figure it out. I honestly had you pegged within 10 seconds. But I’ve been doing this for 15 years.

So what do you expect, right? Yeah, it’s just, it just comes with a lot of live experience. But here’s the thing, though, people like you are so necessary, we have to have people like you. I, my type is known as the rogue, and I hate reality. I hate reality all the time.

Because the people like you exist. There’s like, like art in the world. And then all of a sudden, I start to appreciate the world because there’s art minute, something beautiful people like you make the world beautiful without people like you. Honestly, like, there are days where there’s just, there’s not really much for me to be willing to live for.

Except for the fact that, you know, I know there’s art and there’s beauty in the world, and people like you that are going out of your way to make it better. That’s everything to me, obviously, everything. So so when I when I see you folks, I just like oh my god, it’s an ISFP it’s an artist, thank God they exist. Thank you.

Because, you know, you guys are so free. You know, it’s like, I don’t know, if you watch Netflix as a show called Outer Banks on it. The main character’s name is John B. And he’s an ISFP.

Just like you living out of his his Volkswagen bus, you know, like, he calls it the Twinkie got a boat on the button, you know, on the you know, out in the ocean, whatnot on the coast and just live in the free life, man, just doing it like that. And it’s just so awesome. Because it’s like, you look at reality and like, wow, this sucks Lee, I’m gonna shirk reality and I’m gonna give the universe the finger and be like, I’m gonna live my life the way I want to and not participate in the rest of the bullshit. I don’t like yeah, thank God, someone like you exist, who has the balls to do that? You know what I’m saying? So important.

So I ended up thinking, like, like, so I think the world of you folks, like seriously, I really think the world you folks, you guys really are an example of freedom, you guys an example of creativity. And in my opinion, you folks are the most memorable people out there. As you guys seek your purpose, and build that purpose and Build your legacy. You give us so much.

I mean, without without that, like the world would just be ugly, and it would just decay. It would just be like, entirely leftover, you know. So, yeah, it’s just kind of ridiculous. So please keep creating, you know, maybe maybe you’re down on your luck or maybe you got bullshit going on.

But I mean, you have your inner child is called Introverted Intuition child. That means everything that you want, and it also means that you’re kind of the luckiest out of everybody out Third, why because, you know, introverted intuition child, your inner child is like sitting in front of minefield. And for some reason, you always make it to the other side. All the danger in the world, but you always make it through.

You just have this like extra luck about you. You just get through it. It’s pretty cool. Yeah.

Sometimes you may have some bad consequences to deal with along the way, but you always make it through Certainly. Certainly that. Yeah, you gotta be pegged on quite a few things, that’s for sure. But you know, at the end of the day have gone drill oil and make some money and that’s what matters.

Yeah, well, what’s the next for you after drilling oil? Well, that’s about it. I’m gonna keep drilling oil making 100 grand a year and yeah, get my shit under me and yeah, get a jetski you know, Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Like oh, do I got me in one of the paddle boards, but get me a seat.

Do you know what I’m saying? Oh, yeah, go paddle boards. Oh, it was great. I got me one of those two person ones. That’s one of those inflatables to take a ride on the lake sometimes I fill my podcast out there like a crazy man.

Night and just make it work. But yeah, I love it. That’s why that’s one of the reasons I live here. Just like country just hanging on the lakes.

Do whatever. Go camping. You know, my opinion. This is like the crown jewel United States.

Amazing. I hope to move the fuck away from here soon. Because I actually kind of It’s a wonderful place, but it’s horrible in very many ways. A lot of fake people.

Oh, yeah. In this place. A lot of bullshit. Having gone to school did you go to high school here and now I went to high school and a place called Stanwood.

Washington. Oh, north of Seattle. Okay. Then I ended up in California for wild ended up in southern Idaho.

And then this year, no. And Twin Falls. Falls. Yeah.

Yeah, I was there for a while it was it was great. But then I had I watched a few people jump off the edge of the cliff on the canyon. That was a little rough. And then I also saw a base jumper die.

And I’m like, There’s way too much death here. I’m gonna go else. Wow. Yeah.

Yeah, it was. It was not a really good experience. I’m glad I’m glad I’m no longer there. That being said, though, at the koto brewery down there, it’s the best IPA I’ve had in my life.

Just ordered the table bass. Oof. Wow. It’s so good.

Yeah, it’s absolutely incredible. But yeah, man. Thanks for being on the show. Yeah.

Yeah, that was great. Yeah. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening. We’ll see you guys the next episode.



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