How to Tell If an INFJ Man Loves You (or any man for that matter) | CS Joseph Responds

CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte member question how can I tell if an INFJ man loves me.


Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Today’s question is how can you tell an INFJ man loves you. And also, especially in the context of, you know, so that you’re just not this person who’s just convenient for him, so he doesn’t really have to perform at cetera.

That’s actually a really painful question to ask. I mean, there is an INFJ out there. And let’s say they are in a relationship with a woman and INFJ man is in relation with a woman and they realized that this question was being asked about them. That would be sanely hurtful to that man, insanely hurtful.

So please be really really careful with asking questions like this. Because it can definitely it can definitely hurt hurt his feelings in a big way. gotta understand something like, how do you actually know if an eye if a man loves you as a woman basically is like whether or not really it comes down to whether or not he cares about your feelings. I’ve been learning a lot about this recently.

been reading the sack roadie books, irresistibly feminine, where the woman don’t let her lead and then also his newest book, show him your heart, which is an amazing book. This is like the gold standard for relationships. Right now. I know we’ve talked a lot about Red Pill concepts and masculinity and femininity and all these different things.

But the reality of the situation is is that the concept of polarity as taught by the ENTP Zack Rody is actually the gold standard because remember folks sexuality also known as masculine energy and feminine energy, Trump’s personality type anytime it always Trump’s human nature, and then by proxy, it also Trump’s human at nurture. So you really want to make sure that you guys understand the concept of polarity when it comes to the masculine and feminine energies. And Zach Rody has been great and gracious enough to write books that are basically instruction manuals. And these instruction manuals give you like exact sentences to use to communicate with your man or to communicate with your woman.

Why is this necessary, it’s necessary because it solves like the main problem that plagues our race that plagues our society, which is quite frankly, you know, women are taught what to expect from it, but they are not taught how to treat them, right. Men are taught how to treat women, but they are not taught what to expect for them. And these books actually solve that problem. And it’s, it’s basically the concept of polarity is an important behavioral psychology component behind sexuality behind masculine feminine energy.

And it Trump’s personality type it Trump’s nurture, also octagon basically it Trump’s the Type grid. So it’s important that you folks get educated on this concept, and then become very educated, you know, on it as a result, I guarantee if you’re having trouble in your current relationship, right now, if you just read all these books, and you could read them all in the day, they’re very tiny books, like, one book is only 40 pages long, they’re just really small books. So from this perspective, you’re definitely going to want to get them and read them and have them on a regular basis. I mean, given how small these books are, but they’re so powerful, it’s kind of encouraged me to actually write a book myself, you know, so.

So anyway, if you’re a woman, you’re watching this, and you want to know how a man loves you just literally, like, if he actually cares about your feelings, and he’s and he’s actually trying to lead you and trying to meet your needs and take care of you and protect you, then, and you’re communicating that with him, then you know, he loves you, that is proof that he loves you, right? You know, that highest proof a man loves you as if he’d be willing to give up his life for you. But that’s not something you should be putting to the test, you know what I’m saying? So there’s other ways to prove proper masculine energy and proper feminine energy and it’s done through these books. And I’ll be honest, like, I’ve had a real terrible time going through the books myself, because, you know, being ut UFSC, and TP just looking at myself, and then it just really exposed just how unloving I am. I’ve been really unloving to a lot of people in my life, a lot of women in my life, because I was not leading them and I was actually allowing them to take charge, I was allowing them to lead me which just frustrates them and makes everything worse.

So then they start losing trust in me, they start disrespecting me that kind of thing. Because I’m not the one who’s taking the lead role. I’m not the one directing the relationship. I’m not the one taking charge of the relationship.

So that’s the first part. That’s the first answer to this question. Get into these books. Get educated.

Do exactly what they say. And you will be able to test and approve exactly whether or not your man loves you based on the contents of these books. If you’re a woman you don’t have to read, don’t let her lead. If you’re a man, I expect you to read all of the books, literally all of them.

That means you start with don’t let her lead then you do irresistibly feminine, then you do worthy woman, and then you do show him your heart. In that order. If you’re a man, you read them all. If you’re a woman, read all those in that order.

Except for the first one, don’t let her lead that’s not necessary. That’s for men only. It’s not your responsibility. It’s their responsibility to take charge of your relationship and lead your relationship.

If they’re not leading a relationship, that means they don’t love you. And you need to challenge them on this, you need to share your heart, show your heart to your man, and show him and tell him how he is making you feel if he’s making you feel unsafe, if he’s making you feel not heard, or if he’s making you know it, or if He’s scaring you, like there’s all sorts of things, right. And it’s, you know, it’s, and I’m going through the process, and I’m utilizing these resources to improve my relationship with Railgun. And it has helped it definitely has helped.

I’m not perfect, I talk about relationships all the time. I teach people for relationships all the time. But a lot of that energy is put into teaching people how to get into relationships and not as much in terms of how to sustain relationships, and polarity. According to Zack Rody is literally everything that you got to do to sustain a relationship once you get into a relationship.

Young analytical psychology will get you very, very far. The thing is, though, is that it’s not necessary for you to have the most compatible sexual relationship, you can have an incompatible an emotionally incompatible sexual relationship. But if you follow the guidelines of polarity, according to Zack Rody, you’ll be completely fine. Completely fine, hopefully I can get him.

Hopefully I can get him on the show in the very near future. So we can talk about his work and so that we as an audience can, can learn about it together. So that’s the first way that you can know any man loves you. But what about an INFJ? Man? Here’s the thing.

You know, it is the male burden of performance men are expected to perform and if they are performing for you, right, as a woman, if they’re bringing home the bacon, if they are working hard, if they’re taking care of the health, if they are on the track to self improvement, if you are able to share your feelings with them, and they are actually working out or if you’re even able to tell them your problems. And then they are actually coming up with solutions on their own for your problems and working to fix your problem. That is proof that he loves you especially they’re an INFJ INFJs have ti child, ti child is obsessed with fixing they fix problems, they solve problems. They feel entirely useless as people if they are not solving problems, right? They are they want to be the most useful tool in the tool shed.

And you as an INFP woman who was asking this question for the sake of having a better relationship with your silverbear at least you’re taking responsibility and trying to get help to try and improve your relationship. But the reality of situation is, the problem is likely not with him in this matter. The problem is likely with you having a guarded heart maybe there was some some maybe your family when you’re growing up didn’t care about your feelings. Maybe past boyfriends didn’t care about your feelings.

Maybe your teachers didn’t care about your feelings. Maybe your friends didn’t care about your feelings. Maybe men in general in your life didn’t care about your feelings, right? But it’s likely get especially given that he’s an INFJ with extroverted feeling parent and Introverted Feeling critic, he actually does care about your feelings. The thing is, is that you need to actually tell him what your feelings are.

You also need to tell him and share what your problems are with him so that he has the opportunity to choose the outcome on how to fix them. Don’t tell him exactly what you want. Don’t tell your man exactly what outcome you’re looking forward to get out of him basically, because then you’ll just feel emasculated who you won’t even want to have anything to do with you. Okay.

And believe me, you know, what would happen is that I would not lead women that I was in relationships with and they would be end up leading me basically. And then they become really disrespectful as a result of that. Then they would close up their hearts and not tell me how they feel. They wouldn’t tell me their problems.

They tried to get an outcome out of me. And then I would feel emasculated and then ultimately, I would end up breaking up with them. And it was really, really frustrating. Reality the situation is, is that I needed to take charge of the relationship and I need to lead that relationship moving forward.

It’s extremely important, okay. And then at that point, if I’m leading if I’m doing my duty if I’m doing everything that I should, according to the polarity concept, as given by Zack Rody, I have handled my responsibility I have handled my half of the relationship and if my woman still chooses to close up her heart, if my woman still is not interested and opening up to me being vulnerable with me, then she’s not a good woman for me, and then only At that point, then I have to take responsibility and end the relationship. Unless we are married, then I cannot do that. Because the line with marriage is that you cannot you cannot divorce a woman until she has sex with another man without your permission, okay, like, that is the line that that is the line.

It doesn’t matter how she treats you, it doesn’t matter what she does, basically, unless, of course, you know, there’s some physical violence in there, and you just have to get away from it. But you could still just get away from her, you know, better to be on the corner of one’s own roof than in the home with a quarrelsome and disrespectful woman. That’s literally how it works, right. So mad realize, it is your responsibility to not abandon your woman, because unless she abandons you, but the only way a woman abandons you is if she has sex with another man, basically, that is her showing that she has abandoned you.

And then you can do that. Until then it is your responsibility to lead your woman. Here’s the thing, girls, women, and also the INFP, who asked this particular question, are you lievable? Are you lievable? Are you telling your man, are you showing your man your heart? Are you telling your man how you feel? Are you telling him what problems you have so that he can solve them? Are you communicating what your needs are? Are you doing this on a regular basis, because if you’re just shutting down and being all closed up and clammed up, you’re actually setting him up for failure. And then he fails.

And then you’re blaming him for that failure. And I’ve seen INFP women do this consistently, over and over and over. It’s so frustrating. And they expect manages jump through all these hoops, basically, to prove them that they want them when the reality situation is, is that the is the INFP needs to take full responsibility for sharing their feelings, saying asking permission for in all things.

Never, never, never asserting your boundaries. You know, let your man set up the boundaries, your man has to direct the boundaries. Basically, your man sets up all of that, you know if you’re doing this because he probably did it. So you need to communicate with that I don’t feel good about not knowing what my boundaries are, you need to say things like that, right? Ask him to lead.

And when he is leading, that’s how you know he loves you, right. But again, you have to make yourself believable. And the way to make yourself legible is by communicating and communicating how you feel, communicating what you need. But don’t say what you need in terms of an outcome.

Don’t make it about an outcome. Give him the opportunity to choose how to fulfill your need for you. That will build up trust that’ll build a perspective over time. It’ll build up love from him to you, it’ll build up respect from you to him, basically.

Probably gonna be doing an entire lecture series about this. They’ll be the next human nurture series that we discuss. Basically, it’ll be season four, part two, and I’ll be going more in depth on season four, part two. Season Four is a little bit aged, but the concepts and the principles are still real.

But I think that needs to be hella defined and redefined from the perspective of polarity. So I’ll be doing that content in the very near future for this YouTube channel. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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