How To Spot An SD|SF Octagram INTJ | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question, how can I spot an SD|SF Octagram INTJ.


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, today’s act like question, what does an INTJ SD SF look like? So this question is an octagon related question. Archigram is our version of the INIA gram, it’s this thing that maps out human, human nurture. Basically, NIA Graham has its flaws, because it’s mixing human nature and nurture simultaneously, without actually providing any like differentiation.

And then people mix that with the MBTI. And they end up having a really bad just leads to confusion, because you’re getting the nature component from MBTI. You’re getting a nature component from Enneagram. And it’s just leads to confusion and people like, oh, this doesn’t really work.

The other problem with Enneagram, it’s from a perspective of the nine and you know, when you have the Trickster function, present within humanity, that’s where you end up getting things like nine things from INIA gram or seven things in the seven deadly sins, and it’s not actually accurate. There’s actually Eight Deadly Sins. Pope Gregory got at the 16th I believe Pope Gregory have basically took fake glory and put it into pride, even though it’s not its own separate thing. It used to be eight deadly sins, and then they turned it into the seven deadly sins, blah, blah, blah.

You know, that’s like world history, right? But that’s not true. So the thing is, is that we created Dr. Graham so people could understand human nurture and understand the sub variants of each of the 16 types. And there are four variants, right? We have SDS F, which this video is about SDU F.

Then you have ut SF and UD U F. I’m ut UF. Okay. And then there are, you know, according to Strauss and Howe theory, and I gotta give ln the ESTJ, also known as Elliot, God bless Elliot for coming up with this connection with his expert intuition child because he’s an ES TJ, he came up with this connection on the discord server, so I gotta give credit where it’s due.

Thank you for your participation in the community. Elliot, you continue to kick ass with all of these concepts and come up with using your ENFJ shadow to do it, or as superego to do it I love I love how you’re kind of like this little hidden hidden teacher that we have on the on the discord server. It’s pretty awesome. Trying to get this thing to light.

Oh, holy smokes ere we go, there we go. Got it to light cool. Gosh, it’s really nice. Really nice day.

So anyway, what are those four archetypes according to Strauss and how basically, according to their book, the fourth turning what you haven’t washed out? What do you do with your life, but there’s the generation archetype that’s associated with joy, there’s then the next archetype associated with the K, the next archetype that’s associated with it, hope and then the final archetype, which is despair, basically, well, each of our Oct brands are attached to these archetypes and the SDS F is the archetype that’s attached to joy. So the INTJ SDS F type is basically the most joyful INTJ you can actually find where the INTJ is or like, hey, you know, don’t be cramping my style, basically. That’s kind of their, their point of view, which I find utterly fascinating. being stared down right now by a woman.

Oh, my God. Apparently, this is like piss off any Nemesis de CZ to spy INFJ women, they’re always the ones with the pixie haircuts, always. So anyway, from that, from that point of view, like it’s it’s interesting to know, like, you know, SDS F is associated with joy. And why is that? Well, it’s because the SDS F INTJ was entirely enabled as a child.

This is where their child function, you know, was like allowed free rein and their family you know, maybe they are the source of sympathy, the primary source of sympathy for their family. They probably had two Extroverted Feelers as parents. And they just kind of reveled in that. And then they were just became subconscious developed because of how of how enabled they were.

And then they got past their adolescence. And then they were, and then they went into, you know, adulthood, but they’re still their life is entirely structured around that same enablement that they received as a child, basically, there is one INTJ SDS F right now, in the ego hacker communities actually member of the mod team, his name is Christian Circeo. He was the person who won our very, very first free coaching session giveaway to be typed years and years ago, I think was like maybe four years ago, almost five years ago. And, and he’s been, he’s been pretty well enabled throughout his life.

Yeah, his family may have had some issues here and there, but the reality situation is like, they supported him with his singing career. And then now he’s an instructor for singing. And he’s actually my singing instructor, although I haven’t had a session with him in a long time. But he’s really good at what he does.

And just a few sessions with him, I was able to increase my singing skill, such that I was actually able to perform decently well at karaoke, for example. Now I can sing far from home and saying, Can Backstreet Boys and all those boy bands, right, those beta boy bands, you know, heart, Temple beta, boy bands, and I could sing their songs pretty well, you know. So And special thanks to Christian Sekiya for helping me get through that and develop my singing skills to do so. But what ends up happening is that they get subconscious developed.

So throughout his childhood, he was a performer and like his family would react positively to him being a performer. Which is, which is pretty, which is pretty awesome. But then, like later in life, now he’s actually teaching it, he’s teaching it, he got properly educated at some of the best schools related to the craft for singing and performance. And he’s basically an expert.

He’s an expert, and he teaches other people as his own business doing so. And he is still subconscious focused on his on his ESFP side, and that is looping back into his INTJ ego. So his ego is getting a ton of support. Now, from an octagon perspective, understanding the differences, the four potential aka grams for an INTJ.

So the INTJ ego primarily wants reference, which means a deep level of respect, whereas the shadow EMTB shadow was looking for satisfaction out of life. The thing is, though, is that when you become SDSS, your ESFP is also looking for reference. And then your ego is also looking for reference, but they’re so focused on it deep respect is everything to them, everything. So if you want to unlock the heart of an SDS, F INTJ.

to shower they have a deep respect, because they’re looking for three helpings of that deep respect reference related. Cognition and they don’t really care about satisfaction as much. They’re willing to let go of their own personal satisfaction in exchange for additional reference, whereas I can SDU F is looking for two parts reference one part satisfaction, UCSF, it’s the same two parts reference one part satisfaction, but u2f, which is different, which is more of a survival mechanism, if anything, they’re actually looking for two parts satisfaction and one part of reference in life. So because of that, they structure their entire life around which cognitive origins are actually looking for.

So this is why, you know, when I’m in Christian’s presence, I always, always show him respect, always, always. up his status always, you know, increases ego because like when you’re sad, SF as an INTJ. You are outwardly ego egotistical, basically, but internally desecrated so like Krishna will naturally take down, he will actually desecrate his own ego, he’ll try to take down his ego a few notches already, and he really likes it when other people are willing to just tell him the truth and even desecrate his ego and bring his ego down a few notches because he knows that based on how enabled he is in his life. Well guess what? It’s really it’s way up there, like way up there, you know? So, that’s just you know, that’s just his development side.

That’s the SD side, on the cognitive focus side deadly sin of Vainglory versus the living virtue of modesty. He’s very outwardly modest, and he is a very, I mean, he looks modest and how he conducts himself is really modest, but he’s very internally vainglorious. So over time, you know, he’s working on increasing you know, his own vanity and he really likes being around you know, vainglorious people because he is The modest one hoping that those that that van gloriousness that that high level focus of achievement that Vainglory actually brings, will rub on it off on him so that he could achieve more. So he likes to be in relationships with people who increase his level of achievement or enable him to achieve more, right, so that he could have more joy in his life so he can get more deep respect in his life deep respect that reference cognitive origin, which increases his joy, basically, right.

So that’s ultimately what an SD SF INTJ actually looks like. And, folks, if you want to learn more about Oxfam, we are doing an Oxfam series right now behind the paywall CS, forward slash members become a journeyman member, we are doing Octo gram episodes and explaining what each of the Octagon variants look like at a deep level at a fundamental level for each of the 16 types right now in for our newest season, which is season 32 For our premium lectures, and again, it’s available here shows that life for slash members two episodes are released for per month for the premium lecture series that we’re working on right now. Going in deeper on these Aqua grands. So yeah, but you know, most people think like, you know, SD SF INTJ is our entire entirely entitled, they really think that.

And yeah, that’s because they’re using both their FY functions FY child and FY parent within their ego and their subconscious on a regular basis, they really come off super entitled. That’s why they kind of need other people outside of them to desecrate them sometimes, and just be honest with them and take them down a couple of notches because then they see that person is being real with them. If someone’s fluffing up their ego, then they’re going to see that person as like somebody’s trying to take advantage of them or someone who’s fake and it’s going to trigger their expert intuition Nemesis and they’re gonna get paranoid about that person, right. So if you’re endeavoring to have a relationship with an SDSS just make sure that you just gotta be completely honest with them, even willing potentially to be harsh with them, but do it in a respectful manner.

But they’ll really really appreciate it they’ll actually be super grateful because they’re using it to FY functions Fy is the function of gratitude is the function of sympathy. They will shower you with gratitude, they will shower you in sympathy, they will shower you in trust. And trust is really important, because they can be you know, pretty gullible as a result. They’re at risk of being gullible from a virtue advice perspective.

If you guys don’t know what virtue advices watch the season seven playlist here on the YouTube and on the podcast as well. So anyway, folks, that’s what an INTJ SD SF Joy octagon variant looks like. So thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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