Season 21, Episode 11 Transcript



Hey guys, it’s C.S. Joseph with, and today we’re going to be doing season 21 episode 11. How to social engineer ISTPs. Been waiting for this lecture for a while, because I like ISTPs. They’re actually one of my most favorite types. They’re known as the craftsman type. I’m in a hotel right now, hence like the different surroundings and whatnot, but this particular type- a lot of people maintain that you can’t really social engineer ISTPs. It’s because they’re very logical. They assess things, and if you say anything that doesn’t make sense, they automatically zone out and they’ll have nothing to do with you and all of a sudden, you have no opinion and then that’s it. They’re insanely stubborn, and it’s basically because of their stubbornness that it’s like, “Why bother social engineering an ISTP? Because that’s not going to help, right?” Well, actually that’s not necessarily true. There are actually a lot of different ways to social engineer ISTPs and why it could be like very risky.


1:10 – For example, I was asked to get involved in a situation where an ENFP for example got into a company owned by an ISTP and this company was a blue collar company. Typically ISTP companies are very blue collar, and this ENFP somehow social engineered their way into getting equity in the company, even though it was a family-owned company, and this ENFP basically slowly started taking over this company and taking control out from under the ISTP and the ISTP basically completely allowed them to do it. Because for some reason, ISTPs get mesmerized by ENFPs for some reason. Then the ENFP ended up taking control of the company, much to the chagrin of the family and it ended up turning into a horror show. There’s not much that could have been done. So, based on that scenario, they can be social engineered and they are engineered just as much as everyone else. Obviously, there are some types that are extremely difficult to social engineer. But with the right pressure points and certain things and queues and things that could be said, ultimately every type could break under social engineering attacks. And the ISTP is no different. So, let’s actually talk about ISTPs a little bit. They are direct responding movement, direct being that they choose their role in the conversation. They say what they mean. There isn’t as much of a volume of words like I have. People who are direct though, can talk super quick, especially like a triple movement type like an INTJ- even though they are direct, they can talk super mega fast and then people assume that they’re informative when reality is, they’re not. So, just remember direct versus informative. It’s a little bit different, and direct is where they’re giving directives. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard ISTPs being accused of being bossy. They can be very bossy. They can be very stubborn, very set in their ways, all about what they want, all about what they think, and they don’t really care about anyone else’s opinion and eventually, they’ll just stupid zone you and it’s like then, you don’t even have an opinion anymore. And they’ll never listen to you ever again, because from the ISTP’s point of view, it is they who should be listened to and nobody else. Hence why they are so insanely stubborn and of course, good luck convincing them to go into a hospital because it’s like “Well, my freedom is inhibited. I don’t want to be at a hospital.” And then, they don’t get the care that they need and then they die early, because they’re neglecting the medical system as a result. Because they’re so afraid of having their freedom inhibited, they go to the hospital and their freedom is restricted and they absolutely hate it. So, it takes being in severe pain to finally actually be okay with allowing and not being so stubborn to allow them to get medical treatment, which kind of sucks, but that’s just how life goes.

4:05 – So, based on that, they are direct, responding, and movement. They’re very responding, which means they are introverted, ISTPs spend a lot of time by themselves. They need to spend time by themselves consistently. Otherwise, they’re just gonna run out of energy and they just want to go off and tinker. They literally tinker on everything, and everything has its place. It’s because they have very low long-term memory. And if you move their tools, they get really upset, and it needs to be put back exactly where it belongs. Otherwise, that’s not going to be a problem. They can be extremely controlling, especially more immature ISTPs, because if they don’t control people in their life, then those people are at risk of potentially taking away their freedom, which is why they can be too controlling. I’d also like to remind the audience that ESTPs and ISTPs, ISTPs especially, are actually the most stalkerish of all of the types, even though ENTPs and INTJs typically, as well as ENFPs and INFJs, are typically accused of being the most stalkerish. But I’m here to tell you folks, ISTPs are the worst- they will do surveillance and they will surveil anyone and everyone with that Se parent. “Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing guys? What are you doing? Show me what are you doing! What are you doing?” They’re like literally that boss that’s walking around and poking their head around the cubical. “Hey! What are you doing?” Sneaking around and whatnot. It’s like wow, really? I literally had my ISTP boss at the hospital that I worked at deploy cameras everywhere, and we’re walking to the data center and all of a sudden, we get a phone call. “Hey, what are you doing in the data center?” It’s like I’m doing my job, thanks. But for some reason, they feel the need to literally surveil and keep control of everything unless their freedom of choice gets inhibited. It’s really annoying. Thank you, ESTJ shadow. It’s like the most annoying thing in the world. But that’s what they do and gotta love them for it, because they really create these amazing things. They have awesome abilities, like running an excavator, tinkering through anything, and I’ve learned a lot about life from ISTPs, and I’m very thankful for them because their ENFJ subconcious can mentor me and they make me into a stronger human being and a stronger man. It is absolutely incredible what wisdom they’re able to confer on multiple people. That’s why I like ISTPs that have no direction in life- I tell them “You need to become a teacher.” And they’re like “I don’t want to just become a school teacher.” Then maybe you should become a shop teacher, like a metal shop or a wood shop. Or get involved with Future Farmers of America or something, and just seriously like get out there and teach your skills to other people. “Well, I don’t have any.” But guess what you have Ti hero. Oh, you know what? That means that if you go out to other people and if you’re helping people, you will automatically, because you have Ti hero quickly gaining a new skill, and then teaching that skill. And then learning more about that skill, because you’re teaching it, and no type learns faster from teaching then an ISTP. No type is able to become more intelligent faster than a Ti hero with Fe inferior if they are focused on helping others. They become smarter than everybody else. That’s literally Ti hero- that’s literally what ISTPs- and INTPs- do. So, just always keep that in mind, folks. It’s very important to keep that in mind.

7:19 So, they’re also very movement, so they’re not really outcome focused. Like ESTPs are very movement oriented, so they do things quickly. They don’t do things slowly. They could think on their feet extremely quick. But the other thing is that they have this master process that they apply to everything, developing an individual process for every outcome that they want. That’s why ESTPs are insecure with what they want. They’re not really sure what they want, because then they’re like, “Well now I have to develop a process for every little thing that I’m trying to do.” Whereas the ISTP doesn’t have that issue. They just know what they want and they have this master process that they think is this one-size-fits-all solution. But that’s also why ISTPs consistently get the moniker “jack of all trades, master of none.” And that is the true jack of all trades master of none type- it is the ISTP. INTJs though, not the case. INTJs are jack-of-all-trades, masters of all. They are the type that can master any skill, provided that they have enough time to focus on that skill. But if they stop using that skill, they lose the skill. So, it’s a little bit different. Whereas the ISTP keeps all those skills, but they’re not really focusing on mastery because Ni child is like “Squirrel!” Or “Ooh, shiny!” And they just kind of go in that direction. Whereas the INTJ can actually focus and through focus, they’re able to actually go in that direction. So, just keep that in mind. So, their interaction style is direct responding movement, which makes them a finisher. They’re always focused on finishing things. The temperament is the artisan, which is a freedom-based creator, staying in the moment at all times. They only live in the moment. They don’t have very good long-term memory. They’re like, “I have an amazing memory, because my short-term memory is so good.” That’s what they really mean by that, but do they have long-term memory? No, and then they swear they do. “I have a memory of an elephant!” my former ISTP boss told me, and we could only just chuckle make fun of him behind his back, because he had no clue that how forgetful he was. It got to one point when we started recording in a journal everything that he ever said and everything we ever told him, dated and time-stamped, and any time he said he doesn’t remember, we just throw in his face, and it’s like “Yeah, see we actually told you that. Oh, more proof that your memory is not that good, even though you think it is.” Seriously, stop, ISTPs. It’s annoying. Stop it. Not that you don’t remember. You don’t have that good a memory. You’re great at short term memory and that’s awesome. But your long-term memory, well, it sucks. Admit it and move on. Come on.

10:02 The temperament- they’re very concrete, very matter-of-fact, very in the moment. They’re not gonna put up with anything abstract- “Abstract isn’t even real, what are we doing right now, guys?” They don’t care about that. They’re very interest based. There’s like, “Well, what’s in it for you? What’s in it for me?” Very interest based at all times. The other thing is that they are very pragmatic. So, they’re extremely independent. This is why ISTPs actually have a very hard time asking for help. Good luck, because from their point of view, “Everyone should be listening to me because I’m obviously the smartest guy in the room. And then as a result of that, I get to help everyone. So, if I’m the smartest guy in the room and I need help, what does that say about me? Oh, that means like I’m useless. I’m worthless. I’m not actually that smart apparently even though I know I’m the smartest guy in the room. But it doesn’t look like that if I’m asking other people for help.” So then they don’t. Why? Because of their personal pride. An ISTP is willing just sacrifice anything for the sake of their pride, because of that Ti hero pride. Oh, it’s so annoying. I wish they’d like actually humble themselves for once. That would be nice. Oh, and you know what? I enjoy humbling ISTPs, especially publicly. Oh, it’s so enjoyable- you should try it sometime. So, that’s the artisan temperament for the ISTP. Let’s get down to business. Got my trusty whiteboard- it’s back for this particular episode. So, we have the the ISTP ego, we have the ESTJ unconscious, and ENFJ subconscious with INFP superego. Pretty fantastic. And for the sake of this lecture, we’re going to be emulating ESTJ, who are highest in compatibility with the ISTP. An emulated ESTJ could successfully social engineer an ISTP, and basically doing anything that be emulated ESTJ would need to do. Pretty awesome. It’s literally how to guide the mind of the ISTP, if you know what I’m saying. And then, that mind will start processing things in a different direction, because The Te of the ESTJ is able to provide the input, such that it changes the direction of the ISTP.

12:31 – What’s a great example of this now? Let’s refer back to that amazing film known as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the mother of the woman main character who was not married yet. And apparently it was like this whole thing or whatever and it was not appropriate. What do you do right? Well, the mother explained to the daughter that the man is the head of the house and the head of the house makes the decisions. But we are the women of the house and the women turn the neck of the men. That’s literally what is going on here. This is how an emulated ESTJ social engineers an ISTP, because they’re so stubborn. So, all they do is just turn the neck of The ISTP and the ISTP with their little Ne trickster is like “Wow, it’s just like literally providence this entire time! I just got so lucky!” And then all of a sudden, the emulated ESTJ’s chuckling to themselves. “Yeah, whatever bro, like I just completely changed your mind about that. I just completely guided you down a path and you thought for one second that it was all you or it was some providence, when in reality I orchestrated the entire thing.” ESTJs are also known as the orchestrators, and there’s a reason for that. They can orchestrate stuff, and then the ISTP has no idea. It’s so easy to deploy a Xanatos gambit against the ISTP. Never forget that. Of course, the social engineering technique known as the Xanatos gambit is what you deploy best against Ni heroes, but let me tell you something- Ni child is especially weak to it. That little kid is just like “Oh, I just want all these things and look at all these choices you’re giving me! Look at all these choices!” And then all of a sudden, literally every choice ends up in your favor because you orchestrated it that way. Good times.

12:29 – So, let’s talk about a specific scenario as to how to use an emulated ESTJ. Yes, I’m not gonna hold the white board up for like 45 minutes. I usually do, trust me, but it’s a little late right now. So, anyway, let’s talk about scenarios. What are some scenarios with which we can utilize for engineering an ISTP? I could pull out some scenarios from my past, I could pull scenarios from other people, but yeah- so emulated ESTJ. They show up, dressed properly with that Se critic, very prompt on time, very punctual, wearing a suit, looking real nice. Shoes are tied, hair is done. Got the Cologne going. Appropriate expensive glasses, probably a gold watch of some kind, and really looking as classy as hell. That’s what it’s all about. Emulated ESTJ is all about a person who has class and the ISTP secretly wishes they had class and that’s basically all they do. “He who has class is he who is important. And if he’s important, he’s obviously smart and he may be as smart as me. I’m gonna listen to him.” And that’s just it. I’m sorry ISTPs. You folks are like insanely shallow, even though you don’t even admit how shallow you are. But you guys are really shallow. It’s bad, but you guys are shallow. Sorry you are I mean, it’s a fact so given how shallow the ISTP is, the ESTJ could definitely match the shallowness of the ISTP. That’s why ISTPs and ESTJs predominantly meet in the gym. They just do it like it’s a normal thing for them for their relationship. You want to find ESTJs and ISTPs? Go to the gym. You wanna get a relationship with them? Go to the gym. Seriously, that’s the number one place to find these people- on the gym or on a hiking trail or skydiving or something like that. That’s where you find these people. So, the ESTJ comes in and Let’s just say you’re trying to get something out of the ISTP. Maybe it’s equity in a company, maybe it’s to take their ideas. Maybe they’re working on some new technology and the emulated ESTJ is trying to get that information. Or maybe this person is trying to convince the ISTP that they need to get medical care, even though they have no freedom in the hospital to get the ISTP to be willing to get freedom and whatnot. Yeah, it’s pretty rough. There are so many different possible scenarios that we could do, but let’s take it to the social. Let’s use a social scenario.

17:20 – So, when you have an ISTP boss, it’s pretty hard. It’s pretty hard working under an ISTP boss, because it’s their way or the highway. Absolutely their way or the highway. If you do not do it exactly their way, then they get pretty upset. And if you consistently are like “No, I can’t do it like that” or “No I do that and then bla bla,” then they try to force you to do things their way, because they’re trying to teach you a lesson. “I think that you need to be taught a lesson.” And then they expect you to be happy that you learned a lesson and you’re stronger than them, even though deep down, you’re like, “Dude- you don’t even know what you’re talking about. You think you know, but you actually don’t. And I’m just going to tolerate you and pretend that I’m so grateful for receiving a lesson from you, when in reality, it’s like no. I already thought about that two weeks ago and actually already implemented a fix.” You see what I’m saying? It sucks, but my ISTP boss that I had at the hospital was a good man, and he was excellent at what he did. He’s one of the best engineers I’ve ever met, and he is brilliant. He is very brilliant. He’d never say he’s brilliant, because that’s the thing about ISTPs. They are brilliant, but they never claim they’re brilliant because they’re literally the walking Dunning-Kruger Syndrome. Dunning-Kruger Syndrome basically means smart people think they’re stupid and stupid people think they’re smart. And it’s really annoying. ISTPs are walking around Dunning-Kruger Syndrome, never believing they’re intelligent and they wouldn’t even consider that they’re a genius. And that’s why they have to end up reading books like Expert Secrets by Russell Brunsons, then they can finally give themselves permission to actually be intelligent. That would be nice. By the way, just so you guys know, people need to like actually start labeling themselves and electing themselves experts, because then world will start turning and things will actually start changing and happening for once, but the ISTP would never do that, because their Te nemesis is like, “Well I don’t have formal training and I don’t have credentials. So, how could I be considered an expert by other people? I’m worried about that so there’s no way I could think that’s true. So, I’m never gonna label myself an expert and I’m never giving myself permission to be entrepreneurial or anything like that, because no one would listen to me because I don’t have the credentials to back it up.” And then they don’t even try. Oh my gosh. It’s so annoying, ISTPs. You are freaking brilliant. Just wake up. Seriously allow yourself to be considered an expert for once. “No, but that would be prideful.” Yet you’re stupidly prideful with your Ti hero that you won’t even listen to anyone because you expect everyone to listen to yourselves and you’re so self-deprecating that you can’t get over your own crap. It’s so annoying, you hypocrites. Stop, please stop. You’re brilliant. Help us instead of being hypocrites about it. Give yourselves more credit. Wait, you can’t because you’re so worried about how much credit you’re actually going to have. Who cares? Who cares about your credibility? Just tell the truth. That’s all you’ve got to do, ISTPs. Who cares about your credibility? I don’t care about your credibility. You think I care about mine? You see what I’m saying? Most people realize I kind of don’t, but I mean, I kind of do but it’s Te critic, so I have to wisely like care about my credibility, but at the same time, credibility gets in the way of me telling the truth. I’m willing to throw the credibility out of the window to tell the truth. Well, ISTPs, so should you. “Oh, I always am willing to do that.” Yeah, but then again, you won’t allow yourselves to grow, because of your lack of formal training or credentials. Stop being hypocrites and seriously be consistent for once, because you expect everyone else to be consistent. But you yourselves aren’t consistent. Weird. Have you ever noticed that, ISTPs? Oh, #morehypocrisy. Gotta love it. Sorry guys. I kinda have to give you a lot of crap tonight, because in a lot of my other videos, they’re like, “Oh CS Joseph, he’s always against the NFPs all the time.” Well, it’s your turn tonight, ISTPs. Sorry, not sorry.


21:14 – That being said, social engineering an ISTP- how do you do it? What snare are we going to use? My grandfather was an ISTP and he valued his freedom. He used to work for the government out of a place known as Langley on the east coast and he’d he’d go off on trips around the world and whatnot. And as a result of his work in Langley, one time he went on with his trips, he came back, and then he didn’t want to work in Langley anymore. Then he just quit immediately and moved his family across the country to Washington State, in Seattle and whatnot. And then, he got himself some land somewhere and he did what every ISTP does- they have dozer and some various other equipment, and he builds his own house. Because what ISTP doesn’t build their own house? And of course, all the SJ women in the world are like, “I want a man that could build me a house! With his own bare hands!” And then of course the ISTP will rise to the occasion and they’d never live in a house that another man built because their Te Nemesis is like, “I don’t think I could trust anyone else to actually know how to do it properly, much less have any good moral sensibilities about how to actually build a house properly. So, you know if you want it done right, do it yourself.” That’s literally the main motto of the ISTP because they never trust anyone else to do anything and they constantly interrupt people before they fail, just to fix it for them only to alienate that person. And that person will never be loyal to them while the ISTP expects that person to be loyal to them and again, more hypocrisy. Yeah. We’re on a hypocrisy kick tonight, aren’t we folks? Anyway, be that as it may. My grandfather built his own house. He had his own acreage out there. It’s an amazing place. Actually, I might film a lecture or two out there. I think it’s great and am very happy to have the opportunity out there for my family and whatnot. And what he built it is an amazing place, but he eventually contracted prostate cancer, this ISTP, and that really sucks. And he allowed his prostate cancer to just go unchallenged for many, many years, because from his point of view if he’d go to the doctor, it would force him to give up his freedom and he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to have to go to a hospital. His Ni child was like, “No! I don’t want to do these things. No!” And it’s like the stubbornness- the stubborn of “I don’t want this. It’s gonna take my freedom away. I’m not gonna do this. So, he continued to live with prostate cancer, and it just kept on growing and growing, until finally, it claimed his life, which really sucks. And I mean, he was at risk of having his foot amputated at one point in time. It’s just situations like that that really can mess things up for an ISTP, because they’re all about freedom.


24:34 – They’re consistently about freedom, and if you take that freedom away, they just shut down. They can’t even do anything about it. So, they go out of their way to control everything with their ESTJ shadow to keep that freedom. Fair enough. So, in this scenario, we had to social engineer him into being okay with going to the hospital, to be okay to have his prostate checked and getting him stable. Because we’d be concerned that he’ would die from this cancer. But we were finally able to take him there and convince him to do that, through emulating ESTJ, and and then allowing the doctors to give him advice that would potentially assist him with getting better treatment and extending his life. And there are a lot of different ways to go about doing it. For example, the emulated ESTJ comes in to convince an ISTP that they need to go to a hospital, or else they will not be alive for much longer. It’s a consistent issue with ISTPs, especially ISTP men. With women, it’s different, because if they’re married to somebody, their husband could just tell them, “I feel really bad. I don’t value this.” And then they’re more likely to go to the hospital as a result, because they can be guilted into going hospital pretty easily, but ISTP men are a lot more hard-headed than the women, because the women still represent the Yin, making them very pliable, whereas the masculine energy of the ISTP is very Yang- very firm. Good luck convincing them, because they’re super mega stubborn and whatnot. Good luck. Emulated ESTJ, right? So, anyway, convince them to go to the hospital and then actually convincing him to listen to a doctor. Good luck convincing ISTP to listen to anything. Because again, from their point of view, everyone should be listening to them because they’re “the smartest person in the room.” That’s where they get their stubbornness. So, the ESTJ shows up. They have the Se critic, looking good. They got that “I’m a very moral person. I’m a good person. I go to church every Sunday. I’m very punctual. You know, I’m all about giving everyone else freedom. Hey, what do you want man? I’ll let you do. Whatever you want. You always have a choice with me. No problem. I’m very dutiful. I’ll always be loyal to you all the time.” “But you should probably think about these things because I have this evidence and these reference points that point to the contrary. All these people have said otherwise.” They’re providing the research, the evidence, then providing choices and options to the ISTP. That’s the only way to get them to essentially capitulate and stop being stubborn and actually seek the help that they need, because God forbid an ISTP let go of their pride and allow someone else to actually help them. God forbid right, right?


27:41 So, that’s an issue. What do you do? Remember- when you’re social engineering someone you have to target their primary functions, their hero and child, because if you get their hero and child on your side, then their pessimistic functions, which are the parent and the inferior functions, will start agreeing with you. This is what we call ego hacking, a.k.a. social engineering, a.k.a. manipulation. You need to go after those functions. Why is that? Well, because if we’re looking at our board right here, Ti hero for the ISTP is connected on an axis with the inferior function. These two functions are linked. So, what happens to one happens to the other. The same thing with the parent in the child. The parent is always linked to the child at all times, so what happens to one happens to the other. Now, the parent function is pessimistic and it’s very skeptical. It’s always like “Hey, what are you up to? What’s your angle? What are you doing right now? I need to know. I need to get some surveillance going here. The ISTP is trying to figure it out, always surveying the environment. I need to survey you right now. Have you been surveyed?” It’s no wonder ISTPs make good land surveyors. By the way, that’s a thing that they do, because they were very amazing at surveying anything, manipulating the physical environment and manipulating land with their Se parent. And what’s really great about ISTPs is that it really makes them open to social engineering, with Ne trickster, because they’re just so unaware of other people’s intentions. They think they’re so good at sniffing out other people’s intentions, but they’re so bad at it. You can so easily put one over on the ISTP and they have no idea you’re even doing it. They have no clue, because they’re not aware of other people’s hidden intentions. Consistently bites them in the butt over and over and over. How else was that ENFP able to take over that ISTP’s family business from under him?


29:41 – So, based on that, what you want to do when you’re social engineering an ISTP, especially trying to convince them to go get help, to actually help themselves for once and like talk to a doctor about the fact that they have prostate cancer whatever and actually go to a hospital and seek treatment, is to target the hero function and the child function, because if you get them on their side, the pessimistic functions will follow suit, because the Se parent doesn’t catch you. Well, they’re being very skeptical about you and what you’re doing and how you look. Because it can be really shallow like that. You have to get past that shallowness check- the loyalty check of the Se parent. That can be a problem, because if you don’t do it, then that loyalty check- because here’s the thing- If you give an ISTP the freedom to do whatever they want, they don’t care how loyal you are. They don’t care how loyal you are to them, because you’re giving them full freedom to do what they want, so loyalty is not a thing. They don’t have to worry about security. “I can do whatever I want and you’re okay with it. So, you don’t necessarily have to be loyal to me because I have full choice anyway, so who cares?” But when they have to sacrifice their freedom of choice, the people around them in their life better be loyal to them for them to be willing to sacrifice that choice. Oh So that’s why ISTP men rarely, if ever, commit to their women and there has to be ultimatums into doing it consistently. Otherwise, they remain statistically, by majority, especially in this day and age, man-children for so long such that they get into serious relationships with women and then don’t commit to them after five years, disparaging those women and completely wasting their time over and over. Wow. Thank you ISTPs, because they’re like, “I need to try all the women out there and I need to see what I like.” But the thing is they just don’t even really remember those experiences that much, because they’re just constantly seeking the next experience and the next experience and and the next woman and the next woman. They don’t even know what they want. Because it’s like “I want more and I want more I want more and I want more.” And it’s all about quantity over quality with these people, and that doesn’t even help remotely. Seriously, guys. Not cool. Anyway, just something to be aware of. You better be loyal to them if their freedom of choice is being inhibited, and that’s one of the reasons why they have such a hard time committing. ISTP men have a hard time committing to their women, and they have to be in an ultimatum to do it. Every single ISTP I know of when they’re committing to their SJ woman, the SJ woman’s like, “I’ve been loyal to you this entire time, giving you freedom of choice, and I’ve done all these things for you and you still won’t commit to me? Really? You have a choice. I will not be loyal to you anymore, and I will move on from you right now or you give me a ring.” Now all of a sudden, that’s why men for some reason think it’s okay to take their women with them to go choose their ring at the jeweler. How about you have your own ring that you design yourself? One that represents you and it’s your signet ring as part of your kingdom, and you present it to your woman instead of taking her to the jewelry shop and letting her choose. I’m generalizing here, by the way. And I know I’m generalizing on this statement, but is it is it possible when they ask the question that you’re having commitment issues to begin with and you taking her to the jewelry store is a symbol of your commitment because you don’t want your lack of commitment demonstrated to her? Because wait- your Si critic finally kicked in. You’re actually showing loyalty for once. I wonder if that’s what’s happening. Maybe maybe I’m not gonna say if it is or not.

33:28 – So, social engineering. Remember- the child versus the parent. Very important. You want to go for the child. Make the child happy and the parent will leave you alone. Watch out for the inferior function. The inferior function is where a person’s fear exists, and they have social anxiety. So, the ISTP will be afraid that their social status, anything socially related, or someone may actually be harmed as a result of taking actions from the emulated ESTJ. And then as a result, they would be more hard-pressed or interested in potentially like not getting involved in that, so it would be an issue. You also you have the nemesis function, because that Te nemesis could stupid-zone you, and then you have no credibility whatsoever. And they won’t even listen to you, and then their Si critic is critically aware of their own loyalty, and whether they have to be loyal to you at all. You have to be careful of Si critic, because if you obligate the ISTP or over obligate them They’re just gonna be pissed. It’s not gonna really do anything. It’s not something I would recommend, as I say all the time. And then obviously their Ne trickster can be easily taken advantage of, because they’re so unaware of other people’s intentions. And avoid their Fi demon, because they really don’t care how they feel. It’s all about how other people feel, but guess what? you can easily guilt them into doing anything. Guilt is a powerful weapon against the ISTP. And if you have to go there, you can, but you shouldn’t have to if you’re focusing on their hero and their child functions. So, the ESTJ is like “Hey, have you considered X? Have you considered Y? Have you considered Z? Have you considered all of these things? Have you thought about this?” The emulated ESTJ is providing this to the ISTP and the ISTP starts processing these things. “Have you thought about these statistics? Have you thought about these reference points? Have you thought about this research? Look at that flashy research! Oh, there’s an interesting label. Ooh, John Hopkins University!” Who knows. “Ooh, credentials! These people are important!” “Squirrel! Right? Their Te nemesis is like, “I don’t think I should have to believe these people anyway, because I’m smarter obviously, and I’ve been doing this for so many years. I should be fine tomorrow. It’s not like I’m gonna die tomorrow.” Si critic. “I’m okay. I can get through this. I’ve always gotten through this.” And then they come to find that they just make it worse and worse, and then all of a sudden, their foot is amputated and they don’t even know. That could be a thing. So, okay, “I have to convince this ISTP do get medical help now, because I know that they’re gonna get screwed if they don’t, and then it’s gonna be more miserable after the fact. And they’re gonna be the even more stubborn and prideful about it.” That’s even worse and it’s annoying. You can’t do that. You literally can’t do that. It’s terrible.

33:36 – So, what do you do? Hero function- ask them what they think, and provide them with new things to think. Make the argument for them that they should probably go get their health checked. Make the argument like “Hey, you need to think about these things. Here’s the research. Here’s what the symptoms look like, and all of these five or six different sources. You’ve got WebMD you got PubMed. You have all these different sources on the internet. Here’s the symptoms list for what’s happening to you and all of them match. You’ve been complaining about it earlier today. Remember you saying that?” You need to think about this so you can make this decision. The ISTP starts processing that information, and they’re like, “Alright. You have a point. I should listen to you, because all these people agree with you right now. All these reference points agree with you.” Because you’ve got to provide them with reference points. Reference points are everything. So, just just be aware of that issue. And then, you want to go after the child function. Maybe like “Hey, but you have the choice. You can go to this hospital. You can go to this doctor. You can go over here. You can go over there. We could probably get someone on the phone with you.” Just keep presenting to them choices and just remember- chaos is a ladder. So, you present them a choice and they’ll probably pick the low-hanging fruit. “Okay, fine. We’ll talk to the nurse on the phone. I don’t want to commit to the hospital now. But thank you for giving the choice at least talk to the nurse.” And then, they talk to the nurse, and the nurse is like “Well, you should probably go to the hospital.” “I don’t want to go to the hospital.” Then you just keep moving the goalposts and that’s what the emulated ESTJ does to the ISTP. You just keep moving that goalposts for their Ni child. Ni child, here you have all these choices, and then they’ll obviously pick the lowest-hanging fruit- the easy choice first, because that’s what they do. And then they pick that choice. So, then you present them with new choices, and then new ones, and then new ones, until finally, you’ve guided them to the point where they realized that the only choice left is to go to the hospital, because if they don’t, they’re gonna lose their foot.

38:52 – Welcome to the Xanatos gambit. The Xanatos gambit is how you defeat introverted intuition. You want to defeat introverted intuition? You provide them with choices that benefit you in the end. Or a series of choices that gets them to the next set of choices, where all those choices will get them to the next set of choices. And all those choices will get to the next set of choices, where all those choices end up with them in the hospital getting help so that their foot is not amputated. Because we’re trying to avoid getting gangrene right now, which can happen when you’re diabetic and have prostate cancer at the same time. Not good. So, that’s basically what you have to do, because if you don’t do it that way, Se parent’s like, “What are you doing? You’re trying to manipulate me. What’s your interest here? What do you get out of this? Are you trying to invade my freedom right now? How is this gonna give anyone a good experience?” But the emulator ESTJ’s like, “I’m not getting good experience like this. Do you want, Ni child, to have to suffer taking care of you when you don’t have your foot because your foot is amputated? Do you wanna be in a wheelchair? Do you want to be a burden?” Ooh, I love saying that to ISTPs. “Do you want to be a burden on your family?” Oh, yeah. I love that. It’s a nice punch in the face when you do that to them, and you’ve guilted them at the same time. You’re hitting their parent function. Oh, it’s so nice. Please do that. Ask them all the time if they want to be a burden. Oh, I love that. Oh, it’s so good. it also works really well on ESTPs and NFJs- that whole quadra. Ask them if they want to be a burden. Just hit them in the head with it. You can manipulate them into almost anything doing that to them over and over again. It’s so fun. It’s a great toy. I recommend it. Seriously, don’t manipulate people. Oh wait, all social interaction is manipulation. I so like get over it I mean, come on guys. This is the human race we’re talking about. And then you and then the emulated ESTJ’s like, “I don’t feel good about this. I don’t feel good about you not wanting to go to the hospital right now, because then you’re gonna be a burden on your family.” Oh, you can take it to the negative area. So, start off positively, hitting those optimistic functions. “Hey, look at the research. Here’s what the symptoms say. I found all these things. Here are your choices.” Ni child, this is a Xanatos gambit, but you don’t even know, because you have Ne trickster and your extraverted intuition trickster has no clue as to what’s going on. “Well, I guess you have no choice but to choose to go the hospital.” But even then, they can still be stubborn and at that point, it’s time to take it to the emotional level. Be like, “I don’t feel good about how you expect how you are gonna become a burden on me after your foot is amputated. And I’ve been loyal to you this entire time with my emulated Si parent. And I’ve been doing the good thing by taking care of you because of my Fi inferior. I’ve been doing these good things for you and I’ve been loyal to you and you’re just going to increase my burden? You’re really gonna do that? Wow. I don’t feel good about that. How can I be loyal to someone like that?” And then the ISTP just crumbles and then they feel guilty and they’re like, “I can’t be a burden I have to stay useful. I have to stay helpful, and I’m obviously not helping anyone if I don’t have my foot anymore. Yes, I want to go to the hospital save my foot.”

42:19 Huh, interesting how that works, right? And you’ve already presented your references as emulated ESTJ with that Te hero, and then the ISTP is like “Well, I can’t stupid-zone you, because all of your research checks out.” That’s the thing about emulated ESTJ. Your research better check out, because that Ti hero will expose the weakness. And if it exposes just one flaw in your research, it will stop listening to you. And that Te nemesis has just stupid zoned you. May as well just stop talking entirely. Your social engineering attack just failed. Don’t do it. It’s a total waste. If your research is not absolutely perfect, they will find a flaw, and then you have no credibility with them. And you’ll have to find a third party to help social engineer them, because you’re screwed. Or you might have to get a group of people together in front of them to go after that Fe inferior and be like, “You’re burdening all of us.” Guilt them, guilt them, and guilt that Fe inferior until finally, they’re so emotionally upset that they finally agree begrudgingly to go to the hospital to save their foot.

43:35 – So, let’s look at the cognitive functions one more time. When social engineering an ISTP, what do you have to do? Make sure your references with emulated ESTJ are perfect- your research. You better have a really good argument that is backed up by credentialed, important-looking Human beings, because that’s what ENFPs do to put something over on ISTPs. They look important. They look smart. ENFPs look smart whether or not they’re actually smart. I mean that’s kind of subjective when you’re talking about Ti trickster in that regard, but they look smart. And because they look smart, the ISTP’s like, “Wow, that guy looks so professional. He looks so slick. He looks so clean. He looks so awesomely clean-cut and all these things. I should listen to him. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s obviously an expert.” When in reality, he’s a snake in the grass. You don’t even know. And of course, Ne trickster can’t even tell, because they understand the intentions of other people. But they just get so stubborn. So, you better make sure your research is perfect. And then you make sure you demonstrate loyalty, and you have to show loyalty and consistency to that Se parent. And then also, you have to give choices to Ni child. Use a Xanatos gambit to lead that child through choices to the direction you want them to go. How you gonna lead this horse to water? By giving this horse choices. It’s just that this horse, whatever choice it takes, willfully ends up where you wanted to go. That’s the power of extraverted intuition over Ni. Extraverted intuition can lead Ni to any direction. Ni can break out of the Xanatos gambit. Sure. But then, you just provide a new set of choices, and you just keep going. Eventually, the exraterted intuitive will win in the end, because introverted sensing can outlast introverted intuition. So, be aware of that. Then obviously, “I feel bad because you’re being a burden on me and you’re making things worse for me.” Se parent, Fe inferior. And then you just guilt them. You can get the ISTP and in doing anything- If all else fails, just guilt them a lot, and bring a lot of people. Have multiple people to guilt them over and over until finally they capitulate. Then, to get them through the Xanatos gambit all the way to the end, you can use a combination of guilt and choices to get them where they need to go. You can really guide that ISTP into doing anything you want. I’m sorry. They’re really weak to this kind of social engineering attack and they don’t even know it. It’s really sad. It’s Ne trickster so they have no idea what other people’s intentions are. And make sure your research is factual. because if it’s not, you’re gonna get stupid zoned by that Te nemesis. And you better make sure that you’re clean cut and professional-looking. Because if they find any visual flaws because of how shallow the ISTP is, that Si critic will be like, “Nope. No way. I’ll ever let myself be loyal to you. There’s no way I’m ever gonna trust you. There’s no way that you’re gonna give me a good experience, because you’re not giving a good experience now. So, why are you credible?” Then they’re just gonna try to control you. “I’m going to control the situation because you’re going to inhibit my freedom.” That Ni child is all about freedom. Ni child needs freedom. And without freedom, ain’t going nowhere. You don’t have to worry about Ne trickster, because they’re not aware of your dark intentions towards them anyway. And then, it’s all about making it all about what you feel. Do you not make it about how they feel. Asking ISTP who needs to go to a hospital how they feel? You’ve just failed your social engineering attack. Never ask an ISTP how they feel. Be tell them how you feel, how you feel bad because they’re in their situation. Because they are having cancer at that point in time. It’s not about how they feel. Just talk about the facts and about how you feel, and they’ll be engaged folks. This is what you do. Don’t forget that you have to win the hero and the child in order to get the pessimistic functions- the parent and the inferior to go along with it. That’s literally how this works. You want to social engineer an ISTP? This is what you have to do. This is the behavior you have to exhibit in order to put one over on them. Even if it’s for their own benefit, because I guarantee you- there are millions of families out there who are trying to get their ISTP dads or the ISTP brothers or ISTP uncles into the hospital. Good luck. If only they had these techniques, they probably would have saved more lives. Oh, but no social engineering is evil.


48:25 – Let me tell you, folks- this is an example where the ends justify the means. And I don’t care what you idealists say out there about how you don’t like how the ends justify the means. Sometimes, if it’s going to save lives, maybe a little social engineering, a little manipulation can go a long way. Think about it. Besides, when it’s all done and they have their foot, I guarantee you that ISTP is very happy that they’re not going to be even worse of a burden on their family than they were previously. All you have to do is treat them with respect, give them choices, lead them along that path, until they choose willfully to go to the hospital and have their foot saved. Just don’t give up. Outlast them. That’s all you have to do. And then if all else fails, guilt them and do a combination of guilting and a combination of choice-ing with the Xanatos gambit, and you will win. If you want to know what a Xanatos gambit is, Xanatos gambit. Look it up. I’m not talking out of my neck here. That’s the best way to defeat introverted intuition. And that’s how you defeat Ni child. Lead that horse to water and then guilt that horse so that horse actually takes a drink. That is how you social engineer an ISTP. If you found this lecture useful, helpful, educational, or lightning, please subscribe to the channel, and also leave a like and a comment while you’re at it. Also, hit the alarm bell so you get alarms as to when these lectures are coming out. Also check out our meetup group. If you want to get your questions in our on our Q&As and whatnot, go to our discord, at which you can get the link in one of the links below, and you’re good to go you’re. If you’d like to support the channel like on patreon and gain access to private lectures and premium content, the link is also below in the description of this video. Take care of your ISTP, guys. your ISTP is too stubborn for their own good, and if you’re willing to manipulate them and social engineer them, guess what0 you might just save their life. Remember, they’re too stubborn and too prideful in most cases for their own good. It’s because from their point of view, they’re the helper, not the helpee. They’re the one to be listened to, not the one who is listening, right? There’s a reason for that. If you just apply these techniques to the ISTP, you will get anything that you ever need or want out of them, because from this point of view, they feel respect. It’s like they’ve just been respected into going into the hospital and saving their foot, even though they didn’t want to do that because they perceived it as something that’s going to inhibit their freedom. Anyway folks, I think that was a pretty good lecture for tonight. I will think to do another one tomorrow. So, I’ll see you folks tomorrow. Otherwise, have a good night.

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