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In this video of answering the question, how do you be an ESTJ at their own game, but before I can get into it, I need you to subscribe to this channel, and also hit the little notification bell so you get notifications every time we post a video, or we go live. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host Chase. here to answer any of your questions on Union analytical psychology, the four sides of the mind, also known as four sides dynamics.

And today’s question is how do you beat ESTJ at their own game? And as usual, the source of today’s question is Cora. So let’s get into it, shall we? How do you beat ESTJ at their own game? Don Hodges, who is a Master’s of organizational leadership at Point Loma Nazarene University in 2018. She says, it really depends on what you mean by game so excellent. This is this is already a very good post I can tell are questioning what what the subjectivity of game means ESTJ have extroverted sensing critic Ooh, using CSJ community terminology, perhaps she is a an ego hacker, maybe awesome.

So basically, you need to show them something. If you’re dating one, just be certain to satisfy the senses. Ooh, she’s real good, be noticeable, but in a good way. They are old school.

So wear dresses and skirts is the ESTJ is male. That’s true. They are so old school, even to the point of being boring. Also sent is important.

Yeah, she’s absolutely correct, ESTJs are highly competitive at work. Again, you need to show them up with your work product and outcomes, they will notice you also kick it over the top with your impressive social skills, which ESTJ can lack sometimes, oftentimes, we’re up to the boss above the ESTJ if you can, if you can, or if there is one. And I wouldn’t recommend that, especially according to the first law of power. According to Robert Greene, and I quote, never outshine the master ESTJs get particularly jealous that they are outshine, and they will seek to secure your doom very quickly and teach you a lesson teach you a lesson through their ENFJ super ego.

They also have weak intuition skills. So don’t be afraid to secretly work on a new process to improve efficiency and save the organization money. Yeah, just be prepared for when the ES TJ takes credit for it, instead of allowing you to have credit, etc. ESTJ is especially in management oftentimes go out of their way to take credit for people’s work underneath them, so that they get all the glory and the people underneath them do not and they don’t get any recognition for it, etc.

This happens all the time. And it’s part of the ESTJ, middle management mindset. Where ESTJ is, the longer they’ve worked for an organization that they for some reason subconsciously believe that they have to do less work, and they end up resting on their laurels. So I want to have ESTJ is you know, that work for me, I hold them accountable on a daily basis to make sure that I’m getting every ounce of possible productivity from them, or I just replaced them with a fresher ESTJ to guarantee that I’m getting that high level of productivity from them.

It just is what it is. I recently had contact with an ESTJ. And as he was explaining things to me. He, he’s like, Why do I have this reputation of being so replaceable? And it’s like, well, it’s kind of your own fault.

You know, the reason why is because you’re not really putting in as much of an effort as other people. And oftentimes he ESTJs when they look at other people with themselves at an organization. It can kind of get out of hand because it’s like well, you have more skill more talent than me but I’ve been here longer and that’s more important so I’m going to stifle you because you’re you know, outshine the master etcetera. So, anyway, bring this out in a subtle manner and only when you have perfected things, okay, that’s that’s a kind of a fair statement, basically studied the INTJ and their functions thrown a little intp.

And you got that ESTJ. That pretty interesting advice. Don Hodges. Shout out to you for an excellent answer.

And the person who asked the question Vincent Pisano also thanked her Russell booth and electrician from 1998 to present says, if you’re a kind hearted and humble person, one of them will never be able to use you. Interesting how he’s talking about es TJ is using him. It’s kind of like he knows that ESTJs are philosopher types who are notorious for sacrificing their fellow human beings for their own personal gain or their own agenda, especially in the workplace, especially middle management. They tend to use someone who isn’t a very good person.

So they fall in the trap, not necessarily, it’s more of they tend to use people who don’t agree with him or side but their interpretation of the affiliative. The affiliative is their collective persona where they see themselves as these people who do the right thing and people don’t do the right thing like they do, are severely judged and punished for it. Other things include a healthy a healthy lifestyle because a person who is a glutton who picks out on junk food, smokes and drinks excessively tends to get used by them and They’re usually particularly a mean person. If you’re not like that, and he ESTJ will lose interest in you, meaning you’ve won.

I don’t really I honestly, don’t pay much attention to this response. I don’t think this is accurate at all. And then Brian Rose sonder, I play some competitive board games casually, okay? If you’re trying to win an argument, then talk enough to get us going. And then let us run our mouths off.

Just keep leading us on agreeing with us as much as possible. Eventually, we’ll say something terrible or awkward and be extremely vulnerable to being made fun of it. Or or you’re at your own argument. Hopefully, we will be a hasty retreat.

That’s actually very good advice. This is something that STPs do to ESTJs. Consistently, they utilize the Socratic method to get ESC j’s to talk about the talk about themselves. It’s also following the Dale Carnegie method in the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

And by the way, if you haven’t read that book, your you are ignorant, you are ignorant, and you need to read that book immediately. So that you become less ignorant. And then potentially CSJ here wouldn’t actually you know, me, because like, for some reason, I randomly decided to refer to myself in the third person, but whatever, I will get to a point where, like, I am displeased with you. So make sure that you read how to win friends and influence people and do society a favor, please.

So based on that, he’s actually right, you kind of get them to talk about them as themselves to share their beliefs. And then you either privately slam them for it, or in front of other people, you slam them for it, which is a form of public shaming, which is definitely how you do it. But other than that, I would like to talk about one particular technique that STPs use on es Tuesdays on a consistent basis, using an example directly from my other YouTube channel. And so a woman commented on my, on my comments on a particular video, the INFJ, the most recent INFJ video that I released, and that is the season 22 episode for INFJs.

And it’s called INFJ, personality explained, etc. Well, I went into that video, and she’s like, You can’t, you know, you shouldn’t be telling people that they’re worthless. And my response to that is, well, you shouldn’t be telling people that they’re valuable, then, don’t you see that? It’s like, you know, you get all upset for people saying negative things, but then you think it should be okay for everybody to say only positive things, which increases the ignorance in the world, and the greatest disease that plagues our race is ignorance. It’s the reason why we’re so miserable, and so stressed out all the time.

So at this point, you know, oftentimes, people just really, you know, they ended up lending themselves and outsourcing their thinking to other people. And ESTJs isn’t it’s one example. But the, the strategy I employed there is known as the mirror and using mirroring, and it’s like, okay, ESTJs you make the rules, I’m just going to do what you did, because you’re obviously unaware of how much you’re screwing everybody else around you.

So I’m going to screw you over in the exact same way that you’re screwing everyone else over. And that’s to mirror you and mirror your behavior, it immediately shuts them down. And it forces them to take personal responsibility for their actions and in some cases publicly, and usually mirroring them in public in front of people, especially people they respect or people that they have no choice to respect, like their superiors, is especially effective because mirroring them exposes them to other people in a very healthy way, such that they are forced to take full responsibility for their actions publicly in front of other people so that everyone around them holds them accountable. It’s interesting because the ESTJ type is known as the Adjudicator.

And the adjudicator is responsible for accountability and the accountability of everyone around that’s why they’re really good project managers and keeping task going, because they’re all about holding everyone else accountable. But they often avoid being held accountable themselves, sometimes to the point of being those people where they want to look productive instead of actually being productive. So again, any opportunity you have to mirror them, in private definitely do that. But you want to make sure that you mirror their behavior, give them a taste of their own medicine in a public manner.

That way multiple people see them as you’re exposing them with your mirror, essentially. And then after they are exposed, they will change their behavior and then you won’t have that to pray be ESTJ who’s resting on their laurels, in the workplace, etc. It’s really annoying, right? It’s not just the workplace, though. It’s like literally everywhere, even at church, it happens all the time at church because church is very affiliative.

And yes, TJ is going to turn because very traditional, and it’s like really annoying. So but yeah, that’s that’s the number one way to be an ESTJ at their own game, etc. So if you’d like a chance that your question being answered on this channel, please posted on Quora and tag me or leave as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a Silver member at CS joseph.ly forward slash members, and post your question as a comment on our silver membership page.

Ah for the next live stream where I’m answering all your questions that have been gathered up for the month basically during that live stream so anyway folks with that being said I’ll see you guys tonight


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