CS Joseph revisits how to third party type with a different take on the original question in how to avoid mistyping third parties.


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And today we’re doing a follow up for one of our recent episodes, which was how to basically how to third party type somebody. And I was talking to my wife recently in Railgun, had suggested that there’s a chance that I had mistyped the ESTPs father, in our recent episode, where we were discussing what his type would be, and that his type was an ENFP, for example, she suggested an alternative choice, and I wanted to see if her recommendation would be something that would stick using the third party typing process.

And, you know, I’m armed with virtuals today, and definitely willing to give this a try. So let’s, let’s look at the other another way to interpret third party typing so that we could avoid Miss typing. And then we’re just going to allow the ESTP, who’s submitted his question, to make up the decision on his own, because there wasn’t as much information in his requests, as he probably could have put in, but then again, there may have been a character limit. And in which case, I would suggest, you know, if he wanted to get some additional information into us, he could email us at support at CS Joseph dot life, and it’ll automatically open up a ticket to that.

And that being said, let’s, let’s get right into it back on Bucha. And let’s go through the question submission again. And so, um, my, my initial, my initial suggestion was that we were looking at an ENFP an ENFP, type, oops, let’s see here, an ENFP type for his dad now Railgun suggested that we consider his father to actually be an ENFJ, which would be the conflict type. So ENFJ will be sword and maze, foreign water, Templar, and outcome focused, initiating, etc.

But affiliative. And my first piece of evidence that we looked at last time was indeed affiliative. So at least that’s still the same, you know, going through his, his letter to me here. But that’s not to say that, you know, ENFJ is, you know, because he says, you know, my father’s apart a politician is seems to enjoy status and telling stories.

That’s not to say that NF J’s, if their shadow focus, they could actually be politicians. And they can often tell stories to make themselves look good, especially when it comes to their se child telling stories to certain people like well, this person said this and usually making a joke of some kind. It is technically true, because my dad is a pastor of a church. And he often tells anecdotes from other people to achieve that, and I did slightly touch on that in the last episode.

But, you know, for the sake of not jumping to conclusions, which is what we’re trying to avoid here. It is important to at least provide proper compare and contrast just to make sure that you know, hey, there’s there’s a potential for an ENFJ here. So a shadow focus ENFJ would actually fall under quote, My father is a politician who seems to enjoy status and telling stories. He also says he seems to enjoy having large parties.

That is also something that’s indicative of an ENFJ they are initiating they are extroverted, etc. They like to often host parties, my dad would host parties all the time, people from the church be coming over to his house all the time, our house basically as when I was a child, he had host events on average of honestly once a month, all the time, especially during football season, or anytime a new red dwarf season launched. He’d call it stupid human night and a bunch of people to come over and just watch. Watch the episodes as he record them, for example.

And there’s always food and NF j’s are often really great cooks really good chef like tendencies and can throw some of the best parties out there. And whenever and oftentimes my dad would also boast about people being important or people of stature because it makes him feel important because his si Nemesis worries about his own self worth and worries about his own important so that surrounding himself with important people would make himself feel important, right. So that is definitely, definitely another argument for his dad. This ESTP is father being an ENFJ and it was interesting About the ENFJ ESTP relationship is that they are conflict types.

Now there could be some conflict with the super ego relationship, which is what I was suggesting previously. But maybe he’s just being too nice, or not really providing additional examples within his question. And there is a chance that this could also be a conflict type relationship, which would make his dad an ENFJ. And as much as my wife’s dad and my dad are also ENFJs.

So that could could be really interesting. As a result, he goes on, he usually tells me something and expect me to remember them and get triggered when I don’t. Well guess what, that’s also very indicative of se child se child really likes other people to remember. In fact, it needs other people remember, because they have si trickster.

Okay. So si trickster, they really need other people to be there scribe for them, because they often don’t remember. And when it comes to other people, they like to use other people as these memory banks, these memory batteries, basically, to store memories for them. So when I tell the people remember something, they get actually really upset when people don’t remember, et cetera.

And that’s, that’s also indicative of st child. So that you could you could also definitely be an ENFJ because of that. And then the thing is that he himself seems to have a bad memory. Now, granted, I could my arguments for si inferior, in you know, in some of my previous, you know, criticisms with my wife definitely still stand if we’re going to take out my own personal bias, and just look at it at the situation.

Matter of fact, that is indicative of a low Introverted Sensing, so potentially si trickster, etc, which would fit more the ENFJ argument. And, you know, granted, you know, my wife is an ESTP and I maintain ESTPs are probably the best at typing people out of all the 16 types hands down, and I think she continues to prove that on a consistent basis, and she’s she’s very, very good at psychoanalyzing people very quickly, and drawing comparisons with se hero with people’s behavior, because I’ve noticed SC really tracks other people’s behaviors, more than any, and it’s way more concrete about it, which is, which is great. You know, this, and then, okay, perhaps even worse than me. Yeah, so definitely an argument for something lower than si nemesis.

Then he says, in a lot of the times, he’s passive aggressive towards me, I NF J’s, they don’t really often do the passive aggressive thing they can, but usually only when they’re in a social situation, and it’s in front of other people, they’ll do passive aggressive, but when it’s one on one, they will be aggressive. So that’s really situational. And passive aggression is really more indicative, you know, in my opinion, ENFP. But he could still be an INFP shadow focused, or, or shadow focus ENFJ INFP focus, which is an argument to be made here.

And that’s, indeed, that’s depends on whether or not the ESTP who wrote this is coming at it from the perspective of okay. Is it in front of other people? Is it a one on one interaction between him and his father? That’s a question that would have to be answered to really know for sure. And we don’t have that information, because he doesn’t provide that information to us. So that that’s a thing, that’s something that we would need to be aware of when we’re doing third party typing is to understand how certain contexts and introverted situations versus extroverted situations would definitely change the outcome of the situation to be able to type someone properly.

And that’s something that we would need to be aware of. So the thing is that he himself seems to have bad memory refers to me, a lot of times passive aggressive toward me, and no clue as to why again, lack of expert intuition. And then later you can say, why don’t you do this thing I told you, which is very se child se likes to order other people, especially se optimistic. And then and then I say, I forgot, he gets along fine with my INFP girlfriend, which obvious if he wasn’t ENFJ, they’d be a golden pair.

So that would make a lot of sense. And they could sit and have a chat about something. But when I listen in on the conversation asked, why is that? He just says, well, that’s just the way it is. My wife’s like, bingo, he’s an ENFJ.

Because my dad would tell me all the time that that’s just the way it is over and over. And that’s true, my dad would do the same thing. See, I inferiors just don’t like explaining anything. They just want to make their ti judgment statement without explaining any things because that would reveal that they might not actually know what the hell they’re talking about, which is way more scary to them than actually admitting that they would have to like explaining that they don’t know.

But you know, God forbid that they take personal responsibility with what they know and what they don’t know. Which for the most part is actually that they don’t know nothing. And it’s no wonder to me that people tell ti inferiors consistently how stupid they are. I’m not saying that they’re stupid.

The thing is, is that when they behave like that, it really comes off as if they are. And a lot of TI inferiors out there aren’t even aware of how they come off in that regard. And I imagine that and ti inferior se child would be aware of how they come off. No, not as much because si trickster gets in the way and tricks them about past behavior compared to now behavior, right.

So he also knows a lot about everything while my own father and guess what my wife’s father has NF J’s often are told that they are know it alls. And out of all the 16 types, they are the type who is labeled No at all more than anything else. So that would also fit. So yeah.

Anyway, in the end, I’m actually kind of more inclined to agree with my wife’s typing of this person from a third party type standpoint, than my ENFP standpoint. But that would mean that his dad is actually INFP, Shadow focused ENFJ. So take it for what you will send them off with some homework that go verify on their own, and then they will come back, have a meeting about it go through additional evidence based on increases in their learning, etc. And then we’re able to come up with, you know, the truth, because they’ve been able to go on that journey of self discovery, that we’ve helped facilitate them in the process.

And yeah, we don’t, if it becomes necessary, you know, it’s, it’s really just something that we offer to our coaching clients, because at the end of the day, it’s about finding the truth of their type right, in the day, given more time, we will arrive to the 100% true answer as as it were, and this is an example from a third party typing standpoint as to how that can actually happen. So yes, you want to add something? Yeah, I’ll be loud about it because no one can hear you. Nf J’s a lot of times they treat people who are not a part of their family or significant other better than their significant other. Have you noticed that? Yes, very much.

So. The beatings will continue until morale improves. That is the ENFJ way after all. Want to be ISTPs Fair enough.

All right, folks. Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe. Leave a comment below and I’ll see you all tonight.


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