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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte Member question INFP wall, what to do?


You know? What’s real hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Welcome back to one of my favorite filming spots. Let’s see what happens over here.

So it’s interesting where I started filming, people are just like, What the hell’s that guy doing? You know, but I really don’t care sometimes to facilitate some of the coolest conversations, though. And very thankful for the proprietor here for giving me the permission to actually film here. It’s very nice to them. And as long as I’m not disturbing their customers, which doesn’t happen very often, then it’s, then it’s pretty good and works out.

Great. So today’s question is, Hi, I’m an INFP. Woman, and I’ve just hit the wall. what do what do I do? Like? Dang, what a question.

What a question. Yeah, good question, though. Very good question. That sucks.

If hit the wall. What is the wall? What is the wall that’s like? It’s actually like, answer that question first, like, what is the wall. So the wall is basically that you as a woman, have your past epiphany phase epiphany phase usually happens about 2526 27 years old, where you as a woman realize that your looks can no longer compete with younger girls anymore. Which means that you had access to really good men are the greatest, the highest quality men in your life, and all sudden, you start losing access to those men because you know, more gorgeous women are getting access to them instead of you.

That really sucks. But then, let’s say that you had your epiphany phase, and you weren’t able to land a guy, basically, you weren’t able to get a really good husband, and now you’re hit, you’ve hit the wall, the wall happens when a woman hits about 3030 31. The reason why is because at 31, especially this is statistically proven, you can look this up, a woman’s, a woman’s fertility drops 20%, year after year, starting at age 31. Which is really bad, really, really bad.

She ages faster. She cannot produce as high quality or as healthy as healthy children usually has to have children with assistance of some kind. And it’s especially bad for women who have had the COVID vaccine and boosters, because they actually end up hitting the wall faster. And, you know, this is obviously my opinion, just stuff that I’ve observed just that I’ve observed throughout my life.

Especially since you know the COVID situation happens and whatnot. But women who end up taking the vaccine end up losing their fertility sooner, they hit the wall sooner, basically, sooner than that typical age 31 within the United States of America, now you got to take that with a grain of salt, because United States of America is already a really toxic society and everything Western society is so toxic, and it’s built around bringing down women’s fertility anyway, right and as much as it is destroying sperm count, which can also suck and that can be a huge problem. So based on that, you as a woman need to be equipped on how to deal with that particular situation on top of like, if you’re ever on hormonal birth control, which What the hell are you doing in your life? Do not be on hormone birth control. Are you crazy? Like do you want to give yourself breast cancer do you want to do you want to age yourself faster, like it’s really really not good.

If you want to get off on birth control by yourselves and aura ring, Oh, you are a Check it out. Get yourself an order ring. And then combine that with another app called Nature cycles. And then use that as your birth control basically, technologically enables you to use the calendar method also known as the rhythm method perfectly.

And the app will just tell you which days to use a condom and which days to not use a condom, and you’ll be completely safe and you don’t have to worry about it. So that’s how you can take charge of your fertility right away and also any woman who is a member of the eagle hacker community, I highly highly recommend you read the book The fifth vital sign as soon as possible. And take everything that I’ve said so far at the beginning of this particular episode, to make sure that you are maximizing your fertility as possible. Read food rules by Dr.

Catherine Shanahan as well As her book deep nutrition as well combine those two books with the fifth vital sign on top of the aura ring in the nature cycles. And you will have the basic foundation that you need to take control of your fertility and move it even forward, like more forward than that. So don’t, don’t take the vaccine, if you already have the vaccine, well, sucks to be you. But don’t get any boosters.

If you got the vaccine plus boosters really, really sucks to be you, you should definitely take control of your life now, while you still can get pregnant sooner than later, so that you actually still have an opportunity to actually have a child, please get that done. Because outside of that, you’re at risk of being you know, what they call a leftover woman, a woman who ends up you know, 40 years old, alone in Winchester cats and or dogs with absolutely no one to take care of her and her old age, which for some reason, I don’t know why that’s not being talked about, especially like with society being on the verge of collapse. I don’t know why female solipsism which is a survival instinct. I don’t know why it hasn’t just like taking over women by storm.

And I don’t know why they aren’t protesting in the streets when they should be protesting in the streets. Because society is not going to be there for you in your old age. And if you have not produced children who will be taken care of you, in your old age, you’re basically screwed. As a woman, you’re basically screwed.

And we all know how women cares so much about their own personal survival because of their innate solipsism, solve some being a woman’s penchant for being more entitled, throughout her life because she’s more solipsistic than men. Men are more idealistic, still little solipsistic, but more idealistic that women, women are leaning hardcore into their Salafism. But that’s necessary for the survival of the human race. I’m not judging, that’s just how it has to be that way.

Plus, a woman being more solipsistic means that her value that her choice towards a man, her choosing a man has a lot more value, she doesn’t really have a choice, and there’s not really much value, she if she doesn’t have a choice of her, her man, there’s not really much value in it. And there’s not really a place for like, for example, for love to actually take place in that in that regard, or within that situation. So, part of protecting yourselves as women, is that you need to have children so that you don’t find yourself elderly with literally nobody in your life. Because I guarantee you statistically, the men in your life are going to die before you do.

So. Yeah, because women have a lot longer lifespans. So you really need to be thinking about these long term consequences. You really need to be having children.

So you’re not screwing yourself. You’re not screwing yourself over when you’re elderly. And I don’t understand why these things are not being taught to women right now. It’s probably because the elite doesn’t really care and wants to reduce the population as much as possible and take women down with them.

And women serve at the feet of society and serve at the feet of the elite. Because from their perspective, Oh, well. Society has enabled me to get a job and provide for myself, I don’t need a man. Society will be always there to be protected.

I could just call 911 The police always show up for me. Yeah, right. No, they won’t. No, they won’t.

Society will always be there for you. And what did you really think that child support receiving child support to with you know with the father of your children not being around anymore is actually going to help your children to do you think that’s going to enable your children let’s say you do have children but you they don’t have their father around? Because maybe you are quarrelsome and disrespectful because it is written better be on the corner of one’s own roof and it’d be in a home with a quarrel someone disrespectful woman. Right? And, you know, if you don’t even know how to be feminine with a man, because most women don’t? Do you think he’s gonna stick around for you? And then let’s say so when he leaves, like, let’s say you do actually have children, right? But your man still leaves you. Your children are less likely to take care of you and your old age based on that because they didn’t have their father in their life to teach them personal responsibility.

So you’re screwing yourself there two. Point is it’s really it really sucks to be a woman right now in Western society. It really sucks don’t recommend it? really sucks. Because while everything seems so good when you’re in your 20s and you can go get any job you can be with any man, you know, you’re hot, you’re sexy, hot girl, Summer, all that stuff.

Guess what? That only lasts a couple of years, and then it’s over and then you’ll never have that back again. You’ll never have that as a woman again. And it sucks. Because you know women are born with value and they have to work their whole lives.

to preserve that value, right? Whereas men are born with no value, they have to work their whole lives to build that value. But if you weren’t doing a good job of preserving your value, all of a sudden, you’re an INFP woman who’s hit the wall and you don’t have any options anymore, and you’re screwed. And then you’re coming to me, as an acolyte member asking me this question Chase, please help me, I don’t know what to do. But there’s hope for you, there is hope.

First place of hope that I would recommend. On this channel, there is a season called season 31. Season 31 is the most controversial pieces of content in a playlist that I’ve ever produced. I received more hatred for this content than anything else, but it’s just me telling the truth, as your father should have taught you, basically, as a woman.

But most women don’t want to accept the truth. And then they end up 40 And alone, or they end up elderly with within an old folks home or worse, with no one there for them. Because they were sold a false bill of goods by society, they were lied to these women were lied to. And that’s sucks.

By the way to finish my previous point, if you want to make yourself more feminine as a woman, we’ll get to that in a moment. Talk about that. But what can you as a woman who has hit the wall as an INFP woman do? What can you do? First things first, you need to start reading. You need to start reading immediately.

You need to like put all of your energy into reading right now. And here’s the books that you need to read you need to read irresistibly feminine by Zack Rody, immediately, R O, D, D, D E. You really need to read that it’s available on Audible. If you need a free Audible account to get that book for free.

I can get that for you right now and good to see. So stop by for slash reading, click on Create get a free Audible account and then you’ll get a free book and get that book start listening to it immediately. Okay, seriously, start listening to it. Being that you’re an INFP you have the ability to read books and also and also like do menial tasks at the same time.

So anytime you were like washing dishes or not doing very much you should always be listening to an audiobook. Maximize that time as much as possible. It is super important. It is like required.

Like seriously, it’s a big deal. Get that done, seriously get it done. The next book you need to read is worthy woman by Zack Rody. Okay.

And we already talked about fifth vital sign we already talked about Katherine Shanahan’s deep nutrition and her other book food rules, read those books right away, you need all those. Then after that you need to read the book wife school by Julie Gordon soon as possible that helps you manage your solipsism as a woman and since you’re an INFP woman, you are the most or second most solipsistic of all of the women out there in terms of your own penchant for being entitled, which is something that men don’t like. And given that you’ve hit the wall, you haven’t had a child, you have yet to have your rite of passage, having a child you know, having a man in your life and having a committed sexual relationship, while simultaneously having a child is a woman’s rite of passage because it teaches her femininity, it teaches her how to put tribe of self which is idealism, versus her basic innate solipsism, which is self above tribe, right? She has to learn to put others above her right in order to even be feminine order for her to even be beautiful enough to a man to be considered. Okay.

So first things first, you got to change your mind you got to get your mindset better than what it is mindset is ultimately everything. Gotta do it. Because if you don’t have the proper mindset as a woman, you’re not going to get anywhere. So that’s step one, reading get these books under your belt as soon as possible.

That’s step one. Step two, you need to step two, you need to integrate into a fitness program. Okay? If you need to get my fitness pal you need to be counting your calories tracking your calories. A good place to start is a legion athletics macronutrient calculator.

Put in your height, weight and age on this macronutrient calculator. It’ll tell you how many calories grams of protein fat carbs that you need to be eating every day. Put that in your goals inside of my fitness pal. Buy yourself a food scale, measure absolutely everything you eat and look at all the nutrition facts of your food program that into your My Fitness Pal or do the search on my fitness pal to see if they already have those foods in there.

Just note that many food manufacturers because of inflation are changing their food labels their nutrition facts labels once every six months, or at least guaranteed once every year. That’s a big deal that they’re changing nutrition facts super quick. So the information that you find already in my fitness pal was likely to be inaccurate. So you have to verify you have to read the label compared to what’s in my fitness pal.

If it’s not accurate, recreate the food and my fitness pal and then put in your nutrition facts. Now, also get your step count up, you need to get eight to 10,000 steps in a day. Okay, so and then after that you could probably get a weightlifting program. I recommend the Kino Body program from Kino, also known as Greg O.

Gallagher, or the built with science beginner program at built with through Jeremy eta. Both of them work I think Jeremy ECAs program is technically superior, technically, because it also does your food calculations in a more accurate way instead of relying on the LEGO The Legion, Legion athletics macronutrient calculator, that way you’ll start losing body weight and getting your weight to where you go now, but where should my weight actually be chased? While you have to review the Banner Health ideal weight chart, search Banner Health idea weight chart, I used to tell women, I used to tell them 20% body fat or less, but I’m no longer saying that I’m no longer saying it. I realized that that’s not actually a good baseline. A better baseline is to look at the Banner Health ideal weight chart, and then you put in your gender and then go look at your height.

And then good look at the range that it gives you. You need to be inside that range. But you need to be at or below the median in that range. And so I remember math class, you know, in middle school, and or maybe even elementary school where you have to calculate the mean, the median and the mode, right? Well calculate the median basically.

And the median is basically the number that is in the middle of that range needs to be at that number or below. So basically, you know, take the highest number, the range, subtract that subtract the lowest number of that range that you get inside the Banner Health ideal weight chart, okay? And then you have that number and then you divide that number by two, and then you take that number and then you subtract that from the highest number in that range and then that is the median. Okay, once you know what your median is, that is your target weight that you should be as a woman you should be at or below the median basically, that is the gold standard Chase’s gold standard CS Joseph gold standard for women in terms of where their weight should be. But if you still if you are a bit skinny fat, well then you have to do body composition.

And the best way to do that, again is the Kino Body Program. According to Greg o Gallagher, or the built with science beginner program. I think the built with science beginner program is better. Check that out as well.

So now, you’re getting your physique improved. Obviously now after you get your physique approved, you have to improve your wardrobe. So go improve your wardrobe. We have resources available, Jolly on the discord server as well as Stephanie on the discord [email protected] forward slash ego hackers, if you’re a woman, just direct message them right away, and they’ll be happy to help you just go talk to them.

Get on the discord server, have a conversation help. I’m a woman who needs help with my wardrobe. They also do accountability for weight loss, as well as various other tips these women are available to help. We have worked very hard to create a support structure for women, especially women who are in this situation.

If you’re a woman who has hit the wall, for example, if you’re a woman and Epiphany phase, you need help and you don’t you don’t have a man, you don’t have children, you just kind of like your life is a mess. You know, make sure you do that. They’ll also give you additional resources to read like being a woman like by Dr. Tony grant, which I also recommend you read as well, but not as important as the previous books that I gave you.

So yeah, step one. Get your mind right, read books. Step two, get your physique, right, step three, figure out wardrobe. Step four, do makeup but I’m a guy I don’t really know anything about makeup, so I’m not the best person to ask.

So talk to jolly talk to Stephanie. They will assist you on the discord server, and as well as some of the other women who are there as well, because all the women are learning together and can definitely give you support that’s what we’re trying to do. Now I noticed that this particular video was not answering specifically for inf peas, but honestly like this, this, these answers would be the same that I’d give regardless of any type. So make sure you are following them to the letter, okay.

We’ve had a few women who were very obese, you know, get on these programs and they’ve turned their life around and all of a sudden they’re getting more male attention than they’ve ever had, even if they have hit the wall, right. And then there’s still a chance there’s still a chance but you also have to look at you know, potentially getting yourself in a situation where you know, you have to protect your fertility and you have to look at gut health. So go to fix Fix your and learn about your gut health or improve your gut health as well. If you’re also us, Dr.

Berg on YouTube, to learn about your fertility and ways that you can protect your fertility as well. Watch out for H. Pylori. If you have ulcers have ever had an ulcer in your life, you have H Pylori, watch out for Epstein Barr Virus you’ve ever had mono mono in your life, you have epstein barr, that can also negatively impact your fertility.

If your insulin is too high, you can give yourself polycystic ovarian syndrome. That’s bad, or endometriosis. That’s also bad. And for me see osis basically means you can conceive a child but you can’t carry the child.

PCOS means you can’t conceive a child, but you can carry a child. So it’s just like your ovaries being attacked versus your your, your your uterus being attacked. Basically, it’s, it’s horrible. So don’t let that be you.

Seriously, as a woman, don’t let that be you, you’ve got to protect your fertility, okay. And that’s the thing, you have to be willing to put in all this effort if you want to pull yourself out of this ditch or out of this hole that you got yourself into. And it may not be your fault that you got into it, maybe you are conditioned this way, maybe you’re if sold a false bill of goods by society, maybe you’re completely screwed over by your parents, maybe you’re a gaslit by other women, you know, who saw that you are more beautiful than they were so that in the break room, they just hand you more sweets over and over and over again. And you you obliged and you had more sweets.

And then as a result, they eliminated competition by getting you fatter, basically, like that happens all the time. You cannot take other women at what they say at their word. Because if they see you as competition, they will work to destroy you basically, because they want to make sure that their sexual viability is better than yours. So they can get the higher value man while you can’t.

Okay, and that happens all the time. Okay. So yeah, I mean, like, look, just, this is why I’m behaving. That’s why I’m saying these things and behaving this way.

Because guess what, like, you know, it’s not like your daddy was there to tell you these things, you got to come to me, right? So I have to be daddy now. So this is the things that like your father should have taught you. Basically, these are the things that I’ll be teaching my daughters basically, these are the things that I teach women on the discord server on a consistent basis. Although it’s hilarious, because oftentimes, you know, I get accused of trying to get trying to get with these girls when it’s not actually true and not a thing.

But the reality of the situation is, is that we’re here to help. We’re here to help. We’re here to make the women in the ego hacker community, the best possible women out there as much as we’re trying to make the men in the ego hacker community, the best men out there. Every member of the eagle hacker community, you want them to be able to represent the ego hacker community properly, meaning that they are the highest value they can possibly be.

So whatever we can do as community to help people get to that point. We’re going to do we are committed to that, because it is our mission to eliminate fatherlessness. Okay, but part of eliminating fatherlessness is helping women become mothers helping men become fathers and teaching them how to be high value men and women so that they actually stay together in their relationships, so they can have better families and thus a better future. That way.

You’re not that woman who wakes up one day realizing oh crap, I’m 40 I’m a dog mom. I don’t have any man. Any worthy man at all, because I never treated myself worthy enough. And you’ll learn this in the book where the woman a man will not treat you as a worthy woman unless you treat yourself as a worthy woman.

If you follow all my instructions that I provided in this video, you are basically in effect treating yourself as a worthy woman. Therefore, you will be worthy of a high value, man. And then above all, and after you’ve done all these things, remember the season 31 playlist, the most controversial playlist that I’ve produced here on YouTube and on the podcast season 31 playlists. watch every episode no matter how painful it is, especially the episode titled Is there still hope for low value women? And the answer that question is yes.

But I want you to watch that specific video or listen to a specific podcast episode. So you can learn how and why. Follow my advice. And I guarantee you a way more successful outcome is literally a guarantee I guarantee you a more successful outcome in your life.

And that’s literally a promise that you can bake on you can take that to the bank. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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