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So wrong that actually forgot what the question was, was an INTJ question. It’s kind of ridiculous, you know? Let’s see if I can remember. How can Oh, yeah, I got it. So how do INTJ’s teach or should they teach? Should INTJ’s teach? This is such a great question.

Actually. Sometimes I get bored out of my mind from answer some of the INTJ questions, but every now and then we get a great question. This is a great question. So all right.

Have you guys actually like watched the film with Leonardo DiCaprio called Catch Me If You Can. It’s a story about Frank Abigail and Frank. Abigail is an INTJ. He’s an INTJ.

And Leonardo DiCaprio is playing this INTJ and it’s it’s a really great film. It’s a fantastic movie. And as Christopher Walken, it’s it’s just great. So being an INTJ should they teach? Well, Frank having male did right like he was doing it because he’s running from the law because he was a paper hanger.

Paper hanger is a basically a check fraudster check fraud. And he’s been doing check fraud and running from the law, his whole life. The FBI has been chasing him down. He’s on the most wanted list for a very long time.

And he was a very well accomplished social engineer. And he would think he went to Columbia University. I think it’s Columbia or maybe a different university. I always get a mixed up.

But he actually impersonated a professor at the University. And he actually taught I was at physics or chemistry, or some high level math, it was it was a very difficult subject that he was teaching. And when after the FBI caught him, they’re like, hey, you’ve never had any formal education whatsoever, especially this subject. How did you get away with teaching this class in university for so long? And Frank, Abigail’s response was by just read one chapter ahead of the class.

That’s all he did. That was his method. Brilliant method. Very brilliant.

And it’s because of brilliance like that, that we often you know, don’t even realize like, you know, all these different opportunities, but that’s how he the INTJ taught. What should an INTJ teach? You know, INTJ is a really good at Project Management actually have an INTJ project manager. He takes care of the guys he does a really good job everyone on the team stays productive. And he’s very organized and that’s that’s fantastic.

But what do you make a really good teacher? Depends how do you define teacher? are you defining teacher by like a one to many relationship or teacher on a one to one relationship? Like which one is it? So, I maintain the INTJ is are amazing at being the master. Right? The master and the apprentice relationship, you know, only two there are a master and apprentice and apprentice, the Sith, you know, go in the Sith way, right? I mean, hey, Emperor Palpatine is an INTJ. And we found out recently that Darth Vader is actually an intp. So that was their master apprentice relationship.

So yeah, definitely INTJ is can teach, but only within that context where they should only teach it in that context, what I recommend they actually become a teacher, like an actual school teacher, no. First of all, they’re triple pragmatic, and all of the affiliative rules would be consistently getting in the way of how they actually would want to teach their students. And honestly, I’ve never really met a successful INTJ teacher, or at least 90 Day teacher that actually liked being a teacher, especially with all the affiliative rules and all the affiliative crap as well as the brainwashing that goes on, in schools consistently, it would just really piss off their te parent and their ti critic on a regular basis. And their FYI, child would start like not feeling good about itself.

Because imagine going to work being like, Wow, I feel like a really bad person, because here I am. You know? What was it brainwashing these students great, when I could actually be conferring upon them actual skills that have value instead of this crap? Well, that’s why an INTJ actually ends up having that master role, my take on that master role a lot better. So really, they should just actually have one student at a time and pour everything they have into that one student, I would actually even give similar, similar advice to, to INFJs. And also ESTPs.

Because es teepees have INFJs conscious, I’ve noticed, like, you know, ESTP, is when they do teaching, they’re really good at teaching one person at a time. And the same thing goes with inf, J’s, although inf J’s can, you know, teach crowds? Or hosts of people, they can absolutely do that Plato did. Jesus did. They have that capability and skill, but they really need to make sure that they have mastery over their subject and are literally acting like a master.

And not necessarily like, you know, a public school teacher in the United States of America, you know, what I’m saying? A Western society at all. It’s just, it’s completely ridiculous. And not something I would ever actually recommend, you know, like, Why? Why would you do that to yourself, you know, so. And that’s really what it comes down to.

And I mean, especially now, especially, you know, because like, right now, you know, our future, it’s pretty dark, it’s pretty bleak, let’s be straight. You know, we’re in a grand solar minimum, right? Now there’s mass famine, war is around the corner, things are gonna get really, really bad. And for the first time in a while blue collar skills are going to be way more important than white collar skills, especially because a lot of white collar skills are actually going to be handed over to AI systems, right. So as a result of that, you know, there needs to be masters out there for all of the upcoming apprentices to be able to handle that work.

And who does it better? I n DJs. INTJ is, you know, I, I’ve often referred to INTJ, as with the moniker of jack of all trades, master of all, basically, as soon as they pick up a skill, they can master that skill, and they can master it faster than everybody else. But they lose that skill faster than everybody else. Because if they don’t practice it, but if an INTJ focuses on one particular skill, and they go out of their way to master that skill, it makes them the master pretty quickly.

And they can confer that knowledge and that skill onto other people, ie apprentices. So like, very, very small group of apprentices are just one apprentice who will eventually inherit their masters work. Okay. So like becoming a, you know, apprentice and then becoming a journeyman, etc, and then eventually a master.

You know, that entire process? Well, guess what, folks? It’s coming back. And honestly, it’s INTJ’s, who will be leading in that area, because they will be the masters as they are the masters of all the skills in the world. And they’ll be the ones who will be able to confer those skills upon their apprentices. That’s ultimately our future because how else is the human race going to survive with a huge tumultuous future that we actually have? So INTJ is need to be ready to be able to take on these particular roles to become the master.

It’s very critical for our race, very critical for Western society, if it still exists. You know, especially when you start reading about Revelation Chapter 17. Talk about Babylon, you know, the lady who is sitting on the beast, which is the statue library, the Statue of Liberty, which gets annihilated, so you might want to pay attention to that, but the point is, like, honestly, like, regardless of that, regardless of biblical prophecy, our future really, really suck. So, an INTJ is need to be ready to become the masters of those skills to confer those skills upon others.

Because traditional public schools and teaching is dying out, as much as the church is dying out, because the Age of Pisces is over, with Age of Pisces being over, so also is public schools, they’re done. Most most parents in my generation prefer homeschooling over public schools. And they’re actually organizing their lives in such a way so that, you know, mothers of children can be stay at home mothers and actually facilitate homeschooling, instead of trusting their children in a public schooling situation. Because no one parents no longer trust the state to raise their children.

And that’s just going to continue to get worse. And then eventually, the state itself will collapse and be defunct because, you know, no one, no one’s allowing their children to become brainwashed by the state narrative, you know, common core, for example. Like it’s still a narrative, right? You know, so like, it’s funny, because like, speaking to an E SFJ. Mother recently who has eight children, and she homeschooled five of her eight children.

And she said, like, the first five children who are homeschooled, were very capable, amazing human beings. But her final three children who went into public school, they have adopted this toxic set of liberal values, that basically is anti family. You know, anti morality, ultimately unethical. And it because it has caused a huge divide in her family, you know, and she’s like, and the thing is, is that a lot of generations of new parents these days already understand this concept.

So they’re fighting back by going out of the way to facilitate the opportunity to homeschool their children, which is also why there’s new legislation recently that’s been created to prevent people from homeschooling, you might want to look that up. It’s kind of scary. So anyway. Yeah, it’s a it’s a big deal.

Working on my farmer’s tan right now. I wonder if you folks can actually notice. So yeah. But yeah, should should it days be it’d be teachers? I mean, depends.

I mean, if it’s from a master apprentice point of view, yes, absolutely. If it’s like a school teacher in like a public school system, or university professor, hell no. Stay away from it, burn it down, and don’t look back, lest you turn into a pillar of salt. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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