How Should INFJs approach learning programming? | CS Joseph Responds

CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how should INFJs approach learning programming?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, and today we’re doing acolyte questions. And today’s question is an INFJ related question relating to the most usual INFJ profession known as computer programming. And so the question reads, what are some of the best resources for learning programming as an INFJ? So, at the very beginning of this question, I would like to state that it’s definitely not going to college, or university, that’s for sure.

How about you just like avoid that entirely and don’t care about getting a degree. The reality of the situation is, is that you should actually focus on getting a certification and get certified for a particular programming language, instead of actually doing any college courses or computer science. Now, you can enroll at a college but don’t care about the degree, just take the specific classes that you need to take ignore general ed, and focus on the specific classes that would just up your skills, and don’t do anything else. There’s no reason to go beyond that.

So but in terms of like best resources for learning and programs, INFJ the first resource I would suggest is whatever can help you get certified with a certification training program. And obviously a voucher to go take the official test, and pass the tests that you can be certified in a specific language. Certifications are always more important than degrees, I always hire people based on certification, I almost always ignore degrees mean nothing to me. Certifications mean everything to me, as like, for example, an entrepreneur, that would mean the same thing to any entrepreneur, because the certification actually proves that you actually know what you’re doing.

Whereas the degree does not a degree is mostly based on the theory of the work instead of actually doing the work. Whereas a certification is closer to actually doing the work. So there are a lot of options with learning. With learning computer programming, if you’re gonna learn computer programming, also, you learn it.

So you can do a lot of it trainings as well, you need to understand Ubuntu and Linux basically understand Linux, get Linux plus certified get network plus a certified as well make sure you’re a plus certified having Linux plus a plus and network plus certifications, that gives you all the foundational knowledge that you need to even you know, be able to handle the hosting and the infrastructure behind the software that you’re programming and creating yourself. And then after that, you might want to focus on specific languages, languages, I would recommend most of all, Python and JavaScript, the rest of them, you know, and then just variations of those, the rest of them don’t really matter as much, maybe flutter for front end development in the future. But yeah, for JavaScript to do react or React js, do do Node js, Express js as well. Make sure you understand Postgres SQL, while you’re at it, like Postgres is super important, or MySQL or general, while my son is screaming his head off right now.

He’s a little cranky. So that’s, that’s important. And then also, but where can you go to learn? Well, you’re just really gonna have to do research about the certifications that are available, and then just go in that direction. But in the meantime, you could learn at Code Academy or maybe, li n, or CBT,, CBT, and Ugg,, etc.

Just go to these resources. Because again, it’s not about the achievement, it’s not about the degree, it’s not about the credential, it’s more of just proof of skill. That’s all it really is. And certifications are nothing more than proof of skill.

But if you have the skill, do it, for example. And this is actually also your real life story. There’s an INFJ, who was in this audience. And he hired me one time, or earned coaching, basically, we did a coaching session.

And I’m like, Hey, let me show you something I’m working on this is years ago. And I’m like, Hey, here’s this. Here’s this application that I’m trying to make for this personality test so that we can actually be used properly, instead of this the crappy versions that we’ve been using it this whole time. And I just pitched him my concept, you know, my concept of my design concepts for Bucha, basically.

And a couple months later, he came back with me and he made the interface himself and it was so good, and it was so enjoyable. And he even released it to a lot of the people in Facebook within the community so they can enjoy it as well. It was an excellent application. And it was exactly as I had described what it should be.

And you know, because of that, then we just decide I’d had to hire him. And now he’s our doing our front end development work for Bucha. Like, for example, you know, and that was just proof of skill, he didn’t have no certification. I don’t think he ever had any formal education.

This is just stuff he figured out on his own right. And him being an INFJ. With ti child, they are masters of logic, pure, unadulterated logic. So computer programming is just their jam.

And all he did was just use my concepts in my designs, I started the process, he finished the process. And he created something great, and then improving that to me, when making the decision to hire him. And he’s still on the team to this day. And it’s been fantastic that he’s been on this team.

So you gotta understand, like, that’s kind of more about how the world works. If you’re going out there relying on a degree, if you’re going out there, relying on credentials, you’re not going to get very far. Literally, it’s just like being a friend, show yourself friendly. prove to the people out there, like do some free work, prove to them that you actually have the skill at all, all that matters is proof of skill.

And as soon as you prove that you have the skill, they will bring you on. That’s the reality of the situation. So just go out there, get the skill, and improve yourself and make yourself better over time, practice, practice, practice, INFJs ad focused on practicing and focus on one thing that they’re practicing, so they can become masters of that one thing, okay? That’s literally all it is no one benefits more from practice than an INFJ type anyway, so go out there and practice your software development, if you actually truly care about it that much. Okay, practice, practice, practice.

And what’s really good about your program is it’s really easy to practice because if there’s an error, it’s going to tell you and then you just fix the error. And then you have no issue, that’s what debugging is for and troubleshooting is for and then it turns into little puzzles that you need to solve etcetera. That’s literally the awesomeness that comes from computer programming. Whereas like, you know, if you’re creating music as an INFJ, that’s much harder, you know, than computer programming because you have to rely on the reactions of the audience for feedback as to whether or not you’re doing a good job, whereas the computer will tell you if you’re doing a good job.

So it’s kind of like this little instant gratification thing. So yeah, that’s that’s in general what I what I recommend for community computer programming for inf J’s so anyway, folks hopefully you found this video helpful and educational and whatnot. So yeah, I’ll see you guys on the next episode later. Can you take in case you building strong


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