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In this video of answering the question how not to cross an ENFP. Before I can get into that, I need you to subscribe to the channel and also click the little bell thingy so that you get a notification every time we upload or potentially go live. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions about union analytical psychology, also known as the four sides of the mind, or four sides dynamics, etc.

Like I said, today’s question is how to not cross an ENFP. And the source of today’s question is Cora. So let’s take a look, Patrick Bell MBTI practitioner for over 30 years, as he claims answered in March 13 2017. And he goes on in the fields are some of the most accommodating, flexible and easygoing folks on the type table.

I mean, like, he’s absolutely wrong about that, I don’t see how ENFPs consistently label themselves as accommodating, they are very flexible, and all about what other people want and very adaptable at the end of the day. But when it comes to their f5 parent, they’re really just gonna make a decision based on their mood and not actually your mood. So that doesn’t count as accommodating. So I think he needs to be using during word choice here.

While each ENFP is different about the specifics of their boundaries, perhaps the one thing that will send most of us around the bend is perceived personal betrayal. He’s talking about INFJs. I wonder if this guy is actually an INFJ? Who thinks he’s an ENFP? Come on. If you have an agreement, or made a promise with an ENFP, about something like being faithful to a mate or a lover, or even something as trivial as not poaching their food from the fridge, violating that trust being caught in that light would be really, really bad.

Obviously, the bigger issue would be much worse than the smaller but don’t rule out what you might call overreactions. Okay. Again, this guy sounds like he’s actually an INFJ and then getting upset at other ENFPs. And he, he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Nf peas often struggle with boundaries. Now, that’s a true point. Once they succeed in establishing for them for South for themselves or for others, they don’t cotton to people violating those limits. Okay, again, it sounds like you’re an INFJ actually struggling to establish your boundaries, what can happen now ENFPs can have boundary problems if they are loyal to the wrong people or to the wrong thing, which is a form of Introverted Sensing inferior Stockholm Syndrome, which can happen, but this person is actually talking about other people being loyal to them.

So this person is an INFJ. Who thinks they’re an ENFP. It’s kind of sad, and this is an MBTI practitioner for over 30 years. No wonder people like Tai Lopez are constantly going out in public saying how crap the MBTI is when we have people like this on Quora making these statements.

I mean, I totally understand. Call them oversensitive in the area, but you asked what might be specific to the type probably the worst case scenarios for an ENFP to be betrayed by another ENFP or kissing cousin and it’s like, Wow, dude, are you like exposing yourself here? Like come on? And INFP INFJ or ENFJ? That would be extra twist the knife sir, you do not understand compatibility and you don’t understand camaraderie either. So I don’t think this opinion is not really going to hold any sway here. By the way, I am speaking both as an ENFP Oh, shocker.

And as an MBTI Certified Professional here, wow. Because you’re like affiliative you start flashing around a little credentials because you’re affiliative I mean, you kind of sound like you have te child there but it’s more likely te trickster. You know what I’m saying? Because you’re like likely an INFJ here and you should know that generalizations have limited value. Okay, yeah, that that would be fine except ENFP speaking generalization generalizations this kind of seems more of a TI child statement if you ask me better by far to have this conversation of the ENFP in question is that what you do sir? And toe the line with whatever agreement you arrive at that person? Oh, you’re so affiliative thinking that you can like have boundaries and agreements I can actually set boundaries as a pragmatic without agreements and enforce them.

I don’t need people to agree with my boundaries, but apparently you do. lol What are you Fe parents come on. And then there’s Alana Shapiro, OPP certified MBTI coach from 2007 to present well hopefully this is better Wow, it’s a tricky question. Is it since just about anything across the line with an ENFP when they are in the grip Okay, that’s true.

He she may get upset angry because people are not supportive enough when they brainstorm yes someone who actually knows what they’re talking about because people disagree or seem to disagree because ignore because overwhelming with with him or her with information or because people violate boundaries get upset when the ENFP doesn’t follow on follow on his or her promises million reasons, but anger is most likely indicator of being in the grip eye Okay, what does being in the grip mean? ENFP brainstorm openly they do. But when it comes to expressing their feelings, they need reflection time for themselves and not always the case. Are you kidding me? Come on. Their feelings are auxiliary introverted function and thus they have difficulty communicating them appropriately and in a timely manner.

Okay, I could sometimes agree with that. But usually the more FYI parent develop there, the more they don’t have a problem. When they feel some kind of discomfort they tend to miss a window of opportunity to dress the issue right away. Yes and that’s why ENFPs often end up being on the take where they end up taking more and more taking more than they should because they’re worried with their Intraverted Intuition Nemesis the next opportunity they’re going to have to take later so they try to take extra just to hedge against the you know, possibility or the chance that they won’t be able to have an opportunity to take more later hashtag depravity vise you want to learn more about that go to season seven on our other YouTube channels on the featured channels on this YouTube channel and watch the virtue advice lecture which is charity versus depravity, the virtue advice of ENFPs you might want to check that out.

So anyway, okay. Also identifying potential steps to prove situation is good idea. Not don’t blindly guess an experiment. What if I try this or try not that Okay, so this person is recommending not to trial and error.

This is wrong. If he’s need to trial and error because they have Introverted Sensing inferior, they need to focus on being the tortoise and not the hair. The hair is all about talent, but the faster ENFPs like en TPS, except that they’re actually talentless, and then focus all their effort on hard work, then they’ll be successful. So anyway, she kind of knows what she’s talking about.

That’s fair enough, we’re gonna keep going here. boon to rica Sri pomme ENFP. A clinical psychologist. If you know what the core values values and mission specific ENFP lives fight for and challenge them in a way that has no room for conversation or explanation, then there might be some anger or instant cut offs.

Okay, are you describing INFJ? Again, why is it no one actually understands the definitions of cognitive functions therefore, they don’t understand the definitions of the actual types such that they end up typing people backwards, they make you make the shadow type, so must be the egos and the egos wants to be the shadows and it creates this insane amount of confusion. This is why those of us within the CSJ community are doing it correct and basically everybody else is doing it wrong. You know everyone’s like Oh, Mr. Sands Johnson if you’re like super arrogant every time you say that and I’m like wow, I guess to everyone that is like correct about something you must claim that they’re arrogant right? Oh, wow.

Like I really don’t care about your hurt feelings if I’m telling the truth sorry get over it. I don’t I don’t keep people like that around in authentic say one thing to do and other people live in a way that harms a greater culture might be the ones ENFPs will get angry at of course, if you were an INFJ stop. I’m so tired of this. Like, guys, this is this is not good.

Okay, here’s a good answer. We have Barbie Barbie insula. I’m just trying to find something that’s good to hear. Okay, do not make us responsible for your bad mood.

Yeah, that’s that’s actually pretty ENFP that’s extroverted feeling critic. That’s awesome. Do not criticize us for how we do things that have nothing to do directly with our treatment of you. Oh, that is INFJ shadow speaker.

That’s awesome. Don’t rain on our parade. Ooh, FYI parent defensiveness, love it do not hesitate to bring to our attention if we’ve been thoughtless towards you, or someone close to us are amazing advice. We do want to know this awesome.

But if we did not ask your opinion on how on how we load the dishwasher do us a favor keepers superior loading method to yourself preset I hope all you INFJs are listening to that because honestly, the sleeper chooses the broom if you’re an INFJ or an ESTP for that matter, or a Templar type for that matter. If you’re going to tell somebody to sweep something, don’t tell them which broom to sweep. The sleeper gets to choose how they sleep. You don’t get to because they’re doing you the favor of sleeping in the first place.

You might want to figure that out and ENFPs know it. Awesome. This is a great post. Do not make us feel like we cannot do something we want to do just because you want us all for you.

Ah Peri cit. This is an amazing post because we love you. We are here we are for you. But our freedom we cannot sacrifice for anything or else we will and perish nothing sadder than a collapse ENFP trust me smiley face.

Barbie insula knows what you’re talking about. This is actually one of the closest descriptions or closest reactions to ENFPs that I’ve ever seen on the internet. Fantastic. Thank you for your posts, I’m not going to bother going in anything else.

So how do you not cross an ENFP This is the CSA response. So the first thing is first, you want to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible. And you’re not stressing them out si inferior is super, super sensitive to being outside of the comfort zone super set. But sometimes you have to push them outside of the comfort zone to get them to grow.

But they really need to have the majority of the day where they’re actually comfortable. This is why they dress for comfort more so than aesthetics. Really, really important but they can have really zany charm and they can really spice it up with their aesthetic sometimes using their INFJ shadow when they’re like going out to a club and whatnot, especially if they’re like an I an ENFP woman and in which case you know they’re at risk of getting cat called but let’s be honest, ENFP women really get off on being cat called and any ENFP woman that claims that they don’t they’re either super hyper mega responsible prudish as a result of human nurture their religion or you know, just you know, that’s not the thing it because here’s the thing, like people get these ENFPs get off on having high status and getting and being feeling wanted and desired by other people. Well, the thing is, though, is that the number one way to piss off an ENFP is to make them insanely uncomfortable and completely over obligate them with things that are not necessarily their problem.

And what’s really great about ENFPs compared to ENTPS is that ENFPs don’t often really experienced Stockholm Syndrome being loyal to the wrong things because their interest based, they’re aware of what other people get out of things compared to what they are aware of, whereas en teepees not so much. That’s why it’s easier to manipulate an ENTP than it is to manipulate an ENFP. And this is what makes ENFPs the most master manipulative of all the types they are master manipulators. It’s nice to have one on your side, because then they manipulate others for you on your behalf, which is really necessary and can be very useful, but you got to keep an eye on them because they will they will sometimes believe that they have the moral, the moral duty to screw you over for the sake of their social justice fairness, Bs, which can happen oftentimes, INFPS will sell out people if they believe they’re morally justified to do so.

And oftentimes, because they make the decisions based on 100% belief and 0% truth, they can often end up putting their faith in the wrong things faith and wrong people faith in wrong morals, faith in the wrong principles, such that they end up being potentially really depraved. But another thing, another thing when it comes to ENFPs, and how to not cross them, you guys, you ever hear the same pitch, where’s my money, I mean, that was like literally an ENFP saying that because ENFPs when it comes to their money and money that they’ve earned, unless they are willing to give it to you, you don’t take it from an ENFP. And that’s one of the fastest ways to actually get their ESTP super ego to come out. I mean, my ENFP my ENFP former mentor, teacher, you actually left the man bleeding almost to death in front of his son because the man didn’t even didn’t pay up because of money owed him like the whole, like, you know, hey, I’m gonna beat you because the money that you didn’t give me for the drug deal that we did or whatever, you know, that kind of thing.

Because ENFP is Oh, yeah, very charitable. I’m just going to loan out I’m going to loan out the drugs, you pay me later, right? But then it comes time to collections, so they get their goons with them. And then they go beat up the guys to the Shakedowns that’s just how ENFPs work and FPS also like to use covert contracts of loaning the people and they utilize usury in some cases to essentially control the people it’s one of the aspects with which they manipulate other people in a can happen because it’s like hey, man, you know I do you a favor you owe me you know, and but you did it was my money. What What was my money? Okay, joy, joy, break his arm, break his arm to give him a lesson, teach him a lesson joy, you know what I’m saying like this, this is like very ENFP ish, a lot of ENFPs don’t even realize that they do this, or that that part of popular culture, as expressed in very many movies, even sometimes songs, etc.

The whole mafioso point of view is actually directly relating and came from the ENFP archetype. So it’s just something to be aware of. Now, the thing is, is that don’t, if you take away opportunities for them to do essentially what they want, they become worried. And then because they become worried, they end up becoming more selfish and afraid.

So to hedge their bets towards a potential dark future, they end up taking more and taking more, taking more, which causes them to be depraved and insanely selfish. You don’t want to do that, keep them out of their worry, make sure that you go out of your way to help them make sure that their future is certain. That way, they end up becoming less depraved, and actually far more loyal to you. But if you end up taking away their choices and their freedom of choices, over time, they’re willing to let go them for your choice.

But if they’ve given you a lot of choice, and you’re not letting them make choices on their own, and putting them in there, and allowing them to return to their comfort zone, they’ll start to worry that they’re not going to have a very good future. Thus, their loyalty towards the will wane and it’ll be technically your fault would be self fulfilling prophecy, he might want to figure that out. I wish my next door neighbors would figure that out because this INFJ woman has no idea that she’s doing this terrain FB husband, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to dump her on her head in the very near future. Not surprised at all.

So anyway. So that’s basically about it, keep them in the comfort zone, don’t worry about them, or don’t cause worry for them and make sure you don’t touch their money without permission. It’s a big deal. Money is insanely central to ENFPs.

In fact, out of all the 16 types ENFPs care about money the most so so hopefully that you found that useful for you guys. If you’d like a chance at your if you’d like a chance that your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Cory take me leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a Silver member at CS joseph.ly forward slash members and post your question on our private q&a Discord channel, although we’re kind of be switching that directly to our we’re going to be switching it to our Karcher website, basically, and then I’ll answer all those questions in a private livestream once every month. So anyway, with all that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys estimate

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