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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how much space do I give an an Si inferior?


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. Today’s question, how much space should I give an SI inferior? And this is obviously within the context of a relationship, right? How much space do you give an SI inferior really comes down to needs versus wants. Think about Introverted Sensing is that you’ll notice that when introverted sensors like complain and when they when they when they complain the most basically, it’s usually because not because their choice has been taken away because if they were an NI user, they’d be complaining about the choice being taken away their freedom main takeaway. It’s actually the more complaining about how their needs are not being met.

It’s all about a lack of needs being met. And some si users are far more sensitive than other people over time. But again, introverted sensors put way more value and way more emphasis on needs instead of once, whereas an NI user puts wants above needs basically. And it’s especially apparent for Introverted Sensing and farriers as well as Introverted Sensing, or introverted intuition or introverted intuition and fears and I inferiors.

So, you got to remember, like, if you’re an NI inferior, for example, if you’re an NI inferior and you’re all about, you know, I’m gonna rage as quick as I can, anytime I perceive that my choice or my freedom is being taken away or reduced in some capacity, or if other people are giving are being given a choice, but I myself am not being given a choice that’s going to cause me to become angry, right? That’s ultimately what that is. And it’s so funny how we have all these ni users in anger management when it’s just that x rayed sensing rage is natural because it’s on cognitive axis with Introverted Intuition. When Introverted Intuition perceives that it’s choice is being taken away. Okay.

So all those people in anger management probably actually should not be in anger management. What they should be in is choice management. So they can understand how to make more responsible choices so that when their choices are made, they do not cause negative Fallout or consequences for other people, right? Then they wouldn’t be in anger management. Conversely, the people close to the closest to these ni users in their life, also need to be educated on choice management to always give these ni users choices.

Do you want to go to bed now or do you want to go to bed in five minutes? See they made the choice, right? That’s all they want. They just want a choice. You give it to them? Well, si inferior if you look at it from the lens of Ni inferior where you have Max rage for any perceived, meaning that they can be indignant. indignance means that like, hey, if I’m perceiving maltreatment, I’m going to react negatively to you even though I didn’t spend time verify whether or not you were actually treating me poorly.

I’m just going to judge you that you are because I perceive it that way. And then take it out on you after the fact that is indignance? Well, si inferior is the same problem. You really need to look at si inferior from the lens of just how sensitive ni inferior is because ni inferior, it’s easy to see how sensitive is because that expert it’s sensing rage that comes out from messing with an NI inferior. It’s so obvious it’s so overt.

But with Introverted Sensing inferior, the hits that that Inferior function take. But it comes out in terms of expert intuition taking away choices later, basically, right. So like being married to Railgun, for example, you know, sometimes I’d stop on her and I inferior and then she’d respond with rage, right? Well, there are times when she would stomp on my si inferior. And what would happen is is that I would naturally take away choices from her, I would naturally take away freedom from her.

Like for example, if I was going to go if I was going to go somewhere, instead of choosing to include her or giving her the option to go with me. I would just go by myself, or I would choose somebody else that I know to go with me instead of her, basically, right. That’s what happened. And it literally turns into a withdrawal of my attention and a withdrawal of me giving her the choice to be around me basically Because I’m uncomfortable, or because she’s not meeting my needs within the context of this relationship, right.

So I’m not going to be overt and then rage at her in response, because I’m being made uncomfortable or my needs aren’t being met, or my needs are being overlooked, or some what insert XYZ thing as an SI inferior, right? You know, space, space, having space in relationship is just the same, because an SI user perceives that they need space, right? In order for them to be able to have equilibrium within themselves, so that they can be comfortable. If things are out of balance within themselves, if they feel out of equilibrium, then they’re going to need space to do it. But another reason why they need space is if, for example, the SE user in their life, the esses that they’re closest to, you know, for example, in my case, that could be like co workers that could be close friends, girlfriends, you know, like, it’s, you know, women in my life, it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter, like anyone could take on this role is my point. As they’re an expert sensor, I just need to remember and be cognizant that like, not everybody’s an expert sensor, so I can’t expect or project onto other people that I expect them to be an expert sensing gives me a good experience, not everybody has that mental faculty or that capability.

So I should like Stop being a hypocrite and not be judgmental in the process. But here’s the problem. Oftentimes, oftentimes, like, we aren’t really even aware of why we say what we need, that we need it, it’s still ultimately a need, right? And saying, and so oftentimes, we say, or as si inferior, like oftentimes, we say, we need space, we make the claim that we need space, not because we need space, but it’s because the expert sensor just is clueless in terms of how to make us more comfortable, or how they can meet our needs. And it’s especially hard like, for example, like if I’m Si inferior, and you know, but I’m also extroverted feeling child makes it really hard to have like relationships with Templar types, for example, close relationships with Templar types, because the Templar types, often, they have a hard time keeping track is it on deck sort of thinking that I have a hard time keeping track of the things that I need, the things that make me comfortable.

So as a result, they’re kind of already preset up for failure in a lot of ways, right? To do that, so what I end up having to do, like, especially if I’m in like a close relationship with them, like, it’s like, hey, I need to go out of my way to communicate with them specifically what my needs are. Thing is 10. Pars also don’t have the patience to write things down and write down what the needs are, because they’ll forget and then they’ll end up pushing me away because they forgot it’s natural for them to forget, because they’re an expert sensor. But they need to have the extroverted thinking, or at least to write something or at least care enough to write something down because my Fe child cares, like expects Templars to care about me enough like Templar women, for example, to care about me enough to actually bother to write my needs down so that they make sure that they don’t forget what my needs actually are.

So they don’t not violate the fact that they’re not meeting my needs. They would be in effect stomping on my Inferior function, just like you know, an NI inferior could be stomped, but I’m not going to respond with rage. I’m just going to respond with disclosing them withdrawing my attention, not giving them the choice to be around me or have anything to do with me because I’ll give that preference to somebody else who makes me more comfortable. I will give my attention to others who make me more comfortable this is typical normal experience for Introverted Sensing inferior unless of course that Introverted Sensing inferior has been abused.

Which sucks to be them because sometimes they have a hard time saying no. And it’s easy to obligate them see how to social engineering en TPS season 21 Episode Eight that’s where that comes from. watch that episode so you can get educated. So this ends up presenting a problem a lot of problems you know, sometimes si user si inferior doesn’t even know what they need just as much as ni inferior doesn’t even know what they want.

So you can oftentimes you’ll set it for failure anyway on that thing. So if you’re an SI inferior, you need to go out a way to communicate. But if you’re an SE user with an SI inferior, you need to go out of your way to communicate even more. One of the most annoying things in relationships that I have had to deal with.

This goes for friendships, too, not just sexual relationships. It’s like INFJs, for example, in my life, and I have to say also ESTPs. So the last types, the last types of the soul temple ESTP is an INFJ is, as these Templars, they really, really struggle. Because they don’t ask questions, they don’t want to find out, they actually kind of naturally expect you to provide them input.

And to give them that input on a silver platter, but I have Extraverted Thinking critic, I’m not really going to be providing input. And I need to feel wanted with my expert intuition here, which means it’s on them to actually come to me and ask me what I need. That makes me feel wanted. That is their responsibility.

It is not my responsibility. Naturally, I could improve my relationship, potentially, and by telling them how Yes, here’s how you can meet my needs. But if they’re not going to take time to actually ask, and if they’re just going to assume that it’s supposed to be done a certain way, maybe because they’re projecting projecting ENFP on me, or they’re projecting ISTJ on me, who knows. Because I happens all the time.

That projection is a huge problem. It’s, it’s annoying, they need to learn how to understand me for me, and that starts by asking, and they have a hard time understanding because te critic and Te trickster are very the TE function is the function of understanding. So they have very low capacity to understand anyway. So maybe they should just at least use their ti to inquire and ask questions.

But then, they gotta go even further because like, for example, if I’m at least cognizant enough of myself to actually like use my Wi Fi trickster and explain how I feel in to coincide with what my needs are as an SI inferior if I if I have the presence of mind to do that, because not every intp would I have that because I am an unconscious developed unconscious focused EMTP UD UF according to my aka gram, okay. So because that’s my, that’s my nurturer. I’m actually capable of using my fi trickster and actually far more capable to convey what my feelings actually are compared to, you know, other en TPS out there, right. Because that capability, like, oftentimes, I see INFJs and ESTPs, for example, in my life, like take that for granted.

They often think that my feelings are exaggerated, or my feelings are fake, or they’re hyperbole. Why? Well, because they’re projecting ENFP and ISTJ onto me because they’re the wrath types. And wrath types as part of the soul temple just happened to be the golden pair or the golden dyad of the lowest type dyad of ESTP and INFJ types, right? So they’re projecting wrath on me and Rasul types do exaggerate their feelings are all about grandstanding and exaggerate their feelings and hyperbole when it comes to feelings, but not me. So they often assume that and because of that assumption, because they’re not asking questions, and they’re making that assumption, they’re not meeting my needs, which causes my si inferior to become stomped, which makes me feel not wanted, which makes me then choose to disclude them and not give them options, not give them choices, I withdraw my attention.

You see, this is how I signed for yours work. Why am I saying this? How is this relevant to how much space do you give an SI inferior look? Si inferior really only claims to quote need space, if you the extroverted sensor are not doing a good enough job meeting their needs, or making them feel comfortable. If you’re not doing that, that’s on you. That’s actually on you.

That’s your fault. And as much as it would be my fault to not give my ni se user woman for example, I’m in a relationship with choices, right? But I can’t be a doormat if my si inferior needs are not being taken care of if I feel neglected or if I feel taken for granted, which is actually very common for si In theory, it doesn’t even matter if it’s To me and TP but also ENFP. Because we value our own personal effort above everything else. Why? Because si inferior is so sensitive, that we oftentimes are trying to cope.

We oftentimes are trying to cope. Everything in life is about coping to us, we have to cope, because the environment we’re in, it just sucks all the time extra sensing demon, it just sucks. So we’re trying to cope. And if you the ES expert sensor are not there to help us cope, then we’re going to have to cope on our own.

And that’s when we’re going to claim that we need space to get away from you, because you’re not making us comfortable. We’re saying, and that’s literally what I just said, like, Look, if you’re not meeting our needs, if you’re making us uncomfortable, if you’re making us feel unsafe, if you’re making us feel neglected, for example, or take it for granted, right? Or if you are being inconsiderate, which is probably the worst, worst thing that you could do to an SI inferior. If you’re if you’re an inconsiderate lover, if you’re an inconsiderate partner, if you’re an inconsiderate, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever, I don’t care if you’re inconsiderate, get out of my life. And that’s what I’m going to tell you.

I’m going to tell you, I need space, which is just another way of saying, I’m taking your choice away, I’m withdrawing my attention, I’m getting away from you. So if you want to prevent that outcome, make sure you’re taking care of my needs. You need to make sure that you make me comfortable. You need to make sure that you’re being considerate, you need to make sure that you’re bothering to ask what my needs actually are.

And sometimes I may not know, but you really need to use your extroverted sensing to be observer ative enough I know it’s hard for you people to be observant because you lack Introverted Sensing. Introverted Sensing is more absorptive than an extroverted sensing. I used to think the other way around, but no, that’s not that’s not the case. Because attention and attention span is attached Introverted Sensing, I’m not asking you to have an attention span for every person in your life, I’m asking you to have an attention span for your lover, I’m asking you to have an attention span, enough for the SI inferior to observe them enough and their patterns of behavior so that you instinctually or instinctively know how to meet their needs.

You can’t do that your relationships gonna fall apart. Especially like if you’re dealing with like an SI inferior man. If you’re dealing with an SI inferior man, like, this is how you cause them to just withdraw from you and you’re a woman. And they’ll in the first woman that makes them more comfortable than you.

She’s gonna get the attention. What do you think is gonna happen? Or if it’s an SI inferior woman si inferior, they are hardcore, all about loyalty. But here’s the thing though, like if you’re consistently failing, and they’re and II can see that you have a pattern of behavior, where you’re failing to be considerate, you’re failing, you’re being neglectful on a consistent basis, which means they have three to four different instances that are very close together, maybe over the last week, maybe the last two weeks, maybe last month, where you’re treating them that way. First, first woman that comes along, she’s going to poach your man, she’s going to poach your SI inferior, you better watch out.

Or if you’re if it’s or if it’s an SI inferior woman, her hypergamy is gonna get going. And it’s like all that because it’s funny. I’ve watched si inferior women with their hypergamy. And they’re with alpha dudes.

I have literally watched them go to betas. Because the betas are actually better at meeting their si inferior needs than the Alpha men. I actually have a very close ISTP friend of mine, who is HoH of ENFP wife literally screwed two other dudes at church because he was so alpha, that he became neglectful over her needs. And she actually left him for beta males.

This is actually one of my biggest critiques of the red pill. Because the red pill really underscores the value of beta males and the beta side of a woman’s hypergamy all the men out there have been programmed to thinking that they gotta be just alpha and that’s good enough. I’m like, No, you got to do both at the same time. And no, I’m not saying be purple pill.

That’s crap. purple pill to me is 50% Alpha 50% beta. That’s wrong. Reality, or proper red pill is 100% Alpha 100% Beta simultaneously.

You did not deny your own masculine idealism. as what I think that’s, that’s my interpretation, because here’s the thing if you don’t think that alphas don’t get cheated on, yeah, they do. Because those alphas aren’t taking care of them. Si inferiors might want to watch out for that.

That’s a huge problem. Pay attention, folks, you really need to pay attention. Okay? Look at the consequences, what’s actually happening around you. So yeah, like, that’s what happens if an SI inferior is telling you that you need space, it’s because you have failed as an extroverted sensor.

It’s really that simple. Because there’s really no reason for an SI inferior type to tell you that they need space, because if you’re doing your job, they don’t need space. If you’re trying, if you’re bringing to the table, you should be bringing to the table in the in the context of your relationship, then they’ll always want to have you around, they’ll be happy to show you their attention, their loyalty and all these amazing things, they will stick around even when you fail. But if you’re constantly failing, and failing in areas that negatively impact your SI inferior, and you have a pattern of a pattern of behavior of three plus instances, they’re going to start withdrawing their attention.

And then you’re going to have to actually make up all you’re going to have to make up for the past failures on top of the potential future failures because you’re gonna start falling behind, and you may not be able to catch up. Is that really how you want to live your life? Do you really want to take a risk doing that? Do you really want to do that? No. Song of Solomon chapter five or six, you actually get to see Solomon who’s dNTP King Solomon, with his ESTP wife and his ESTP wife was neglectful of him. Took him for granted.

She literally refuses to have sex with him. And he’s like, and she refuses him three times. Multiple times has any hero gay for multiple chances. She refused his knock on her door knocking on her door.

She refuses and then finally she’s like, okay, yeah, fine. Fine, I’ll do it. She gets up out of bed. And it’s gonna let him in.

But he’s not even there anymore. He’s already moved on is assigned fear. He’s like, No, screw this. I’m out.

And then all the sudden, he’s got a 1000 woman harem. You know, that girl has ESTP girl. You know his his Desert Flower, his Egyptian princess that he married? You know? She was supposed to be his soulmate, right? His little soulmate myth, right? Ain’t no such thing as soulmates as he learned. And boom 1000 Woman harem.

700 wives 300 concubines or is it 300 wives and 700 concubines? I have no clue. That man had such a huge harem. And like, what do you expect? Well, his needs were not being met, and he was disrespected, she was inconsiderate. She neglected him.

She took him for granted. Okay. And he loved his ESTP he loved his tomboy ESTP Egyptian princess so much, so much so that he went against all of his advisers and everyone in his nation, and everyone close to him and alienated them because he loved her so much. And his so called Queen treated him like that.

Really? Don’t be like her. I promise you won’t go well. It won’t go well for you. If you’re a woman, I promise you.

Anyway, folks, I think I’ve hammered and beat this dead horse enough. So thanks for watching and listening. I’ll see you guys tonight on the discord


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