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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how much freedom should you give Ni user women?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And today’s question is an odd question. So my question how much freedom do I give an NI, user woman? When I’m an SI user? Man? That’s the question.

And I’m like, Whoa, okay, this is this is probably going to be potentially dramatic here on the YouTube and on the podcast. So let’s see how this goes. Well, literally, the answer is this. As much as you can handle, I mean, you’re a man, right? You got, you got yourself and I use a woman.

Like, for example, like, the women who have been in my life, you know, as, as, as lovers as partners, etc. Wives, like, here’s, here’s my approach, I give them as much freedom as I can handle, I give them as much freedom as they want, basically, until such time, some of the choices that they make and creating consequences are messes that I have to clean up myself, which is actually very natural for an NI user, woman or any ni user, because here’s the situation. Introverted Intuition is attached to expert sensing when Introverted Intuition makes a choice. There’s always like some kind of waste product or byproduct as a result of anyone making a choice when they use their ni.

And this goes for all the 16 types, but especially ni user types, when they use their ni and they’re making a choice, it creates s extroverted sensing consequences that other people have to deal with other si users and their life have to clean up and the SI user is going to be really uncomfortable with the expert sensing consequences created by or the not consequences, but expert sensing results or waste byproducts result. created as a result of that ni choice. The SI user is like, well, this is making me uncomfortable, I’m going to have to clean this up. And eventually the SI user ends up becoming burden with consequences or results of the choices of their ni user partner.

This happens in every single sexual relationship between an NI user and an SI user and a sexual relationship. This is just that’s just how it is. That’s normal, right? So given that is a normal thing. Glad I did not lose my keys would have sucked.

So given that this is a normal thing. You know, it really just comes down to how much how many messes the SI user can clean up? Because then like what if the SI user is partnered up with somebody who really just does not understand the consequences of their actions. So like, for example, SPS SP types have expert intuition trickster, they have extroverted intuition, demon, and because of that, they’re not entirely aware of the fact that when they make choices, they’re creating messes for other people to clean up. And me, you know, being an SI inferior, I really don’t like my Introverted Sensing, being pressured.

Just like in the same way an NI inferior does not like our choice taken away. I do not like being saddled with additional obligations, burdens, pressure messes that I have to clean up in order for me to stay comfortable. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to live my life that way.

No, si user man should. So yeah, give them freedom. I mean, you know, like, for example, I was married to an ESFP and married to an ESTP. Now, and these ni users, they’re all about freedom.

They’re all about choices. But then eventually, they realized that their own freedom of choice creates messes for themselves to clean up with their si nemesis, and they get worried about unburdening themselves and you kind of got to coax them or help them learn that on their own. It’s really important going up an extremely steep path on this hiking trail right now. Wow.

guys want to check it out. It’s pretty nice. Park up there. It’s pretty pretty steep.

So I mean, I’ve hiked steeper but still, I’m not wearing hiking shoes or hiking boots for this. So yeah, I’m wearing Skechers like like a dumb dumb right now. So good times. But yeah, like, oh, a snake.

Hello. Kind of snake is it? Just want to see a snake Oh, there goes, because kinda looks like a red racer to me. I have to keep that in mind is technically snake season right now. It could be Oh, no, I think I think rattlers are out in this area.

But it’s not warm enough for them. It’s really not. And there’s the main path. But yeah, like it’s all about, you know what you as the SI user man can handle it because like, you know, it’s your life, it’s your roof, your roof.

And something I always explain to women in my life always is like, listen, here’s the reality situation. I’m not in your life, you’re in my life. I’m not living your life, you’re living my life, right? This is my life we’re talking about my life is primary. And your life is just being inside of my life.

Basically, it’s like, my life is a picture frame, right? And I’ve invited you to be in the picture frame with me, in my life, which is, you know, this picture frame, etc. So you’re living my life, I’m not living yours, which means you can have as much freedom as you want, provided, you don’t violate XYZ boundaries. And that’s really what it comes down to. It’s the SI users man’s responsibility to not shirk his, his his masculinity, he needs to put self above the tribe, the tribe being his immediate family at this point, because you’re in a sexual relationship with someone, guess what, they’re part of your immediate family.

That’s just reality. You know, obviously, a one night stand doesn’t count for that, because like, it’s just a one off here and there. But like, you know, if you’re having a regular sexual relationship with someone, guess what, they’re kind of technically on paper, a member of your immediate family, you know, because decisions they make will directly affect you, and decisions you make will directly affect them. So you, as a masculine man have to put self above tribe, basically, right? You’re putting yourself above everyone else in your family, your community, your church, your job, it doesn’t matter, you’re number one, you got to treat yourself that way.

It’s called being responsibly selfish. It’s what masculinity is all about, right? So in order to do that, it’s your responsibility as a man to set boundaries and enforce those boundaries with real actual consequences, real actions, right? So you enforce those boundaries. So for example, if a woman violates one of my boundaries, I just withdraw from her completely take my time, attention and resources and go elsewhere. I’ll spend them on somebody else, or I will just spend them on myself and just not have any shared experience with them whatsoever.

Something in Nis a woman really just can’t stand because they all want attention, for example, right? So what they that’s what se user women live for, they live for attention. And if they’re not getting attention, especially their se, inferior roof, or even se hero, they’re really just not going to be able to handle it. So you got to be aware of this, you got to be aware of this phenomenon. So it’s your job to be like, Hey, here’s my Introverted Sensing boundaries, you can have all of the unlimited freedom you want provided your freedom of choice does not get in the way of my Introverted Sensing boundaries.

You do that? And I promise you, you’ll have very successful relationship. Yeah, I mean, like, I’m not gonna be here on, you know, on the podcast, or on YouTube or anywhere for that matter. And say, Well, you know, all women should only be allowed to have XYZ amount of freedom in their relationship. That is bullshit.

It’s also like, sexist, needlessly sexist. It’s, it’s like white. Who does that? No. I’m any hero.

You know, I prefer when women in my life have maximum freedom. Just so long as they don’t put too much pressure or any pressure or a burden, my Introverted Sensing or make me uncomfortable, it’s your job as the SI user man to tell her what makes you comfortable. It’s not hard. And if she makes you uncomfortable, give her a warning.

And if she makes you uncomfortable again, well, you got to real consequences then and consequences when I say real consequences, not good enough. Just be like, you know, get mad at them have a fight verbal altercation or, you know, consequences via real life action. It’s all about taking action. Are you going to take action? Take action.

Like for example, recently. Railgun really upset me like a big way. And I just grabbed my stuff and just left just left without saying anything. It was gone like the whole day.

etc. And then she apologized, later, realizing what she had done, as I Okay, yeah. So like, that’s just that’s just that’s just an example. Right.

And I’m not saying that withdrawing your time attention resources as as an SI user is like, it’s just a consequence. It’s an IT is an action that you can take as a man. When you’re in a relationship with an NI, user, woman, it’s one there’s, there’s so many different ways that you as an SI user shouldn’t exactly be figuring out ways for you to, you know, punish the women in your life. No, it really just comes down to establishing and enforcing boundaries, that’s all it is.

You just be like, hey, love, you have all the freedom in the world to do whatever you want. But here are my boundaries. And if you break them, I will enforce them. And that’s it.

That’s all it is. That’s all you have to do. That’s it. So yeah, I, I am a huge believer.

Of course, I’m biased because I have any hero, a huge believer in giving people maximum freedom, as much freedom as you the SI user can handle. I promise you a lot more relationship success. If you do that, instead of like, trying to be some authoritarian overlord. Like seriously, think about it, how is that going to translate? Well, for you in the bedroom? Probably not at all.

So think about it. Maybe you need to spend some time thinking about the consequences. You know, of freedom, management, and I management. Don’t make it about her freedom.

I mean, cuz like, then you’re just orbiting her, then you’re in her life and you’re not in your frame anymore. You’re in her frame. And that’s gonna suck for both of you. She’s actually gonna lose respect for you.

So don’t ever think about it in terms of her freedom. Only think about it in terms of your SI what can I deal with? What can I handle? What boundaries do I need to put up? What how do I enforce those boundaries? That’s all you should ever concern yourself with. Don’t concern don’t even concern yourself with how much freedom you give your woman. Oh my god.

Like you. I mean, it comes off super misogynistic when you say it’s like what is going on here? Why? Why it’s ridiculous. It’s just It’s just crazy to me. So anyway, hopefully that answers this question.

I think it does answer this question pretty well. Guys, like your questions answered, Go to CS Forward slash members, become a journeyman member and then upgrade your account to Acolyte. acolytes.

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