How INFPs Define and Overcome Failure | CS Joseph Responds


How INFPs Define and Overcome Failure, CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question, how do INFPs overcome failure? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Are you? Fat everyone, welcome to CSUSM podcast. I’m your host, Sam wise. And I’m here to answer that clay question. How can INFPs deal with insecurity and failure? And I’ve got an answer for you.

But before we do this, I want to make sure that you understand. You could be an INFJ. And that’s one thing that is one of the things about typology that I enjoy that, you know, you could say, oh, well, I have a fear of failure. And it’s like, everyone has a fear of failure.

And it’s like, Yes, but what constitutes as failure. And you know, se inferior is afraid of failure, and the rejection that may have come from it, you know, it’s like, oh, you failed, well, I’m not loyal to you now. And I will go on and do other things. And that’s what kills extrovert sensing inferior, but extroverted thinking inferior, it’s afraid of, you know, what other people are thinking.

And you know, the status and the reputation that comes with it. And if you’re still kind of confused and loath to there’s videos like INFJ versus INFP, that you can watch, or get, you know, CSJ, verified at CS Joseph dot life slash coaching and see if you can sort out that difference. But with that, we’ll keep talking about I NSPS. The blessing of the demon is you will get nowhere until you listen to your demon function, which it is trying to tell you the INFP that accept the truth for what it is, even if it brings zero ego.

And I’ve got a horror story for you. Something to keep in mind when you ignore the demon. And it’s a story about a Twitch streamer named Mitch Jones. Think he is the ultimate example of an INFP committing to treachery.

So back in late September, there was a bunch of Twitch drama going on and it was involved with a live streamer was sexually assaulted by another streamer that was friends with a bigger streamer. And that bigger streamer allegedly sent Mitch Jones and his girlfriend to cover it up. But you know, Miss Jones is one of the major witnesses to this, who can attest that either. This bigger streamer, Miss kiff.

Will did send them over for the intent of cover this up or if it was unrelated to that, and he would tell people so many different things, you know, for Ms. kiff. It’s like, Yeah, I’m your guy, and I’ll get your back. And then you know, for another streamer, you know, train wreck.

So it’d be like, I got your back, you know, Medicare for the scumbag and it’s just like, all these calls got leaked. And the more just Mitch Jones kept talking, it just, they weren’t consistent with anything he was talking about. And there was so many flaws was what he was saying. Like, the biggest one that stood out to me was he was in the meeting with Miss kids girlfriend, and the one streamer lady that was sexually assaulted for 20 minutes, but said he didn’t know what was going on because he was playing with the dog.

And it’s like, Well, what happened during the 20 minutes? It’s confusing. And you know, I’m not gonna say that internet opinion is the dictator of like, true and false. But you know, te inferior, you know, so concerned about what other people are thinking, you know, if I go on Twitter, and I look at Mitch Jones, there’s still a bunch of, you know, comments about, you know, the more that he talks, the more confusing the details get. And, you know, he’s really not clarifying anything.

It’s not clear what he’s talking about. And that kind of creates a lot of memes like Mitch Jones, I’m playing both sides, so that I always come out on the bottom, lots of comments about him being like a rat or am like werewolves ripping apart clothing. You know, Mitch, Joe is trying to give a straight answer. I’ve got them over here.

But, you know, or just the YouTube comments on reactions to those videos. Where it’s like, man, it’s insane how Miss Jones made him seem like the least like person in the drama, biggest take away don’t have Mitch Jones involved in your personal stuff. And all this happened also because Mitch Jones leaked it like, not the, the calls themselves or the situation. But you know, the guy that knows about the situation that leaked it, it was because of him, you know, mine temple loves their drama man.

So I NSPS I think you guys should keep that in mind when you’re telling the truth. You know, it’s very important. And you trying to hide it isn’t really doing you a favor. And I will also say I can’t find a good comment about Mitch Jones in this scenario, like, usually, there’s a lot of, oh, I stand for this guy stand for that guy.

There’s no one standing for Mitch Jones right now. But of course, this was a couple of months ago, things probably just went back to the things were, but you know, that doesn’t really help. But in the case of real life, you know, things have to take their time. Internet has a bunch of new things happening all the time, real life isn’t as dopamine hitting, it isn’t as collective.

It’s just people right there in real life. And usually, they just have to settle their differences. Instead of just getting so many topics, you can’t keep them straight. So please, accept the truth.

Let it bruise your ego. And it’s okay to sustain some bruises and some scars, there is a quote from a Latin to that goes, you would be surprised what you can live through. And that’s the idea of your Introverted Sensing child. Being able to remember you’ve lived through things and you’ve survived them.

And this proves this is evidence those bruising to your ego, you know, the scars on yourself, proves your personal strength to get through the fear of being a failure and insecure with your status and all that other stuff. You know, fear is the mind killer, it will shut you down. And you’ll just stagnate. And that’s the big concern for the mind temple philosophers you know that you stagnate that you become slothful, there’s no productivity, and any foreign help alleviate some of your fear, that’s killing your mind.

Well, I recommend you become one of our members at CS Joseph dot life slash members, you’ll get access to premium content that changed your life, give you a new perspective, especially season 23. Given the nature of this episode, how to master your demon function, you know, get a look at the TI demon lecture, as well as the others. And you’ll get a new perspective. And I think it will help you quite a bit.

It certainly helped me. But back to the video. But yeah, you should compare yourself to other people. It’s not often said around here, but especially in wasn’t the Trickster and the Nemesis, you should compare yourself to other people, like, you know, using your sensory functions, you know, you’re seeing other people and they spend their evenings, you know, watching sports ball and drinking and, you know, generally just non productive things and you’re like, Well, I’m doing the same thing that they are, you know, compare yourself be like, hey, you know, that’s not a great activity, and then you go ahead and start reading books and you can, you can give yourself a pat on the back for that, you know, not a ton of people do that on their spare time.

You know, reading philosophy, self help entrepreneurial books, I’ll always recommend entrepreneurship 16 I have been having a blast, what’s that? And you know, on the feeling function, and you know, not like, don’t go around on a high horse and you’re a better person, but you know, you notice yourself being more useful than other people. You know, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re in demand. But you know, this, this all comes with the condition that you exercise more power and authority over your own life.

Stop blaming other people for your sorrows, you know, trying to get that sympathy, empathy. The feeling bad pneus out of other people and accept that it is your responsibility to take care of your problem, even if it’s not your fault. I know it’s not fair when things aren’t your fault, but the thing is, everyone has a share of problems that things may have been caused by them or not caused by them or certain percentages. That stuff is really It’s really complicated to judge out.

And it’s just better to just take things into account. Because, you know, what are you going to do start collecting tabs on everyone? Are you just going to find your problems fixed by you taking care of them yourself? And the other thing, too, is fairness is just not a recoverable thing, you know? Who would decide what is fair in that case? And you know, who’s going to make amends? And the answer is, quite frankly, no one, you know, you’re better off to just take care of things that you need to take care of. And taking responsibility is actually the first steps to exercising power in your life. And I know, there’s a lot of ISPs that watch, you know, the lecture on power, being like, Oh, well, no, I, I’m not a moral like that power hungry.

This is bad. And I just want to take a minute to say that, I think the mentality that, you know, power equals bad, and you don’t want to be a bad person. And that is kind of just incorrect. Like, if you are too good of a person for power, that you’re just kind of leaving the bad people with no competition to just take power.

And I don’t know, I kind of expect a little bit better that like, at least give them a run for their money. You know, power is based on the beholder. And if you do good with power, that’s good. It’s a tool.

And I think she gets some respect. But that’s up to you. I hope I gave some insight to some ISPs in this video, or to anyone with an INFP in their life and trying to give them some encouragement. I’ll see you guys on the next episode of the CS Joseph podcast, where I’ll keep answering for more Acholi questions.

Take care guys later.


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