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Welcome to “CS Joseph Responds.” I’m your host, Chase, here to answer your questions on any topic Jungian analytical psychology or the Four Sides of the Mind, also known as Four Sides Dynamics. Today’s question is how does an ISTP act charming to charm someone? And the source of today’s question is none other than Quora. And let’s take a look at this particular question. This question doesn’t seem, Quora for some reason does not like to actually reveal who asked the question sometimes, but Josh Kim requested my answer to this question. So, okay, awesome. I will answer his question. The thing is, is that the question is not being asked correctly. I have to criticize the question asker because ISTPs acting charming? Is that like actually a thing? Eh, sort of, kind of, maybe. Not really, actually. And I wouldn’t recommend an ISTP acts charming to anyone, especially like, for example, to a woman. And I’m assuming that since the question asker is a male person, that the ISTP in the context of this question is a male asking to figure out how to charm a woman. And quite frankly, there’s a lot of factors that go into play here. So I’m gonna start off with the basic foundation, and then get into some of the mechanics here to answer this question appropriately. So, in order for an ISTP to even remotely think about charming a woman, is that he has to have all of his manly bases covered first. In Western society, he needs to have his own job, his own vehicle, or his own transportation of some kind, and his own home, or his own place, so that he is 100% self-sufficient. This is the number one thing that makes a man attractive to a woman. And if you wanna find out more about that, then I suggest going to my other YouTube channel, and watching the entire season four playlist. The playlist is titled “How Do Intimate Relationships Actually Work.” And I walk you through the entire process of how intimate relationships work, and what attracts a man to woman, what attracts a woman to a man, and how to have the best possible relationship within a masculine feminine relationship, intimate relationship, et cetera. But first things first, you have to follow the king, warrior, magician, lover model. And most man-children out there like to do it backwards. Those are the four archetypes of the mature masculine. And first things first is king, where you prove to a woman that you can produce more than you consume, which very few people can. And most people, for some reason, are out there chasing pussy, when they’re actually living in their mother’s basement for some reason, or actually in their parents own home, which is completely unattractive, and absolutely a waste of time. So you have no business getting with a woman unless you are, like, you have your own place. And the only way to kind of skirt around that is if you’re in high school, for example, where everybody’s already living at their parents, and therefore it’s socially acceptable. But outside of high school, and for most people, like literally everybody else, you need to have your own place. That’s just the bottom line. Man has to have his own castle, the castle is proof that he is a king of his own kingdom. And he has to be generative, which means he produces more than he consumes. This is attractive to a woman. He also needs to have the means by which to protect his kingdom, which means good health, and maybe survival skills, combat skills, the capability to be safe, et cetera. Or to protect or keep others safe, and to do his duty as as a king basically. A warrior king, and that is the warrior archetype. And then there is the magician archetype where he actually helps other men become king and warrior as well. And then there’s the lover archetype where it’s not just necessarily his relationship with a woman, but it’s just him enjoying life in general. For example, my wife and I are gonna be learning long boarding together in the very near future. And while that is very scary to me, I’m gonna say, “Okay, I love my wife. “We’re gonna do that, we’re gonna have fun.” And I’m gonna make sure I’m wearing plenty of safety equipment. Because I am exploring my lover archetype with my dear wife, who I love deeply. So, but the thing is, is that most men are immature, and do those things backwards. And they think it’s all about, “Oh, I need to get my woman first, “and then I need to help out my fellow boys, you know. “I have my own little crew, my own little gang, “my little wolf pack, et cetera. “And then, you know, we’re gonna fight, “and cause some issues. “And then we’ll be generative later. “We’ll be responsible later.” And that’s like a huge turnoff to women in general. And ISTPs oftentimes have that problem, especially since they go out of their way to expect everybody else to be responsible around them, and yet they themselves are not responsible when they do that. This is known as hypocrisy. And, the thing is, is that they oftentimes, they walk around in life thinking that, “Hey, as long as I’m not criticizing anybody else, then I can be as irresponsible as I want.” Which is absolute BS. And a woman can smell that from a distance, especially a woman who is typically compatible with an ISTP. And oftentimes, they will not give him the time of day, no matter how much he wants her, no matter how much she desires her. So that’s just kind of ridiculous. So the point is, the bottom line is, is that a woman cannot be attracted to a man unless she first respects him. And if an ISTP is not self-sufficient, then a woman will not be able to respect him, therefore not able to be in a relationship with him. If she is, then she’s not a quality woman, and is likely a cheater, or somebody who will abandon him, or betray him at the first opportunity, in terms of some other man who comes by, and it will end up giving her more status as a result. As is typical, for example, of ENFP women getting, low quality ENFP women getting involved with low quality ISTP men. This is actually super common. So, in fact, I was actually helping out a coaching client with that earlier today. If you wanna learn more about my coaching, go to CSJoseph.life/coaching, if you want to become one of my coaching clients right now. And we can, like, get to the bottom of things, and actually help you out. So, but the thing is, is that, you know, once you got that foundation, you are by by default attractive to women, and then you basically, with your Ni child, because ISTPs like to choose their woman instead of being chosen. And the women that are attracted to them like to be chosen by the ISTP. The ISTP is then equipped with everything he needs to actually go out and seek out a woman, to hopefully make her his his wife one day, hopefully. Or at least have a very committed relationship, long term committed relationship of some kind. Remember, the standard of intimate relationships within the CSJ community is do not have sex with a man unless he is willing to die for you. Do not have sex with a woman unless you’re willing to die for her. Because that’s the only way to fundamentally prove love, et cetera. And that also means that your woman has no right to disrespect you whatsoever if you’re willing to die for her. That’s just the bottom line. And if a woman is being disrespectful, throw her ass in the dumpster, and move on as quickly as possible. And move on to somebody else, a woman who will actually respect you. A woman who is actually loyal to you. You know, that’s pretty obvious. If a woman is disrespectful, she is not worth being in a relationship with. That’s why, for example, in the Bible, it is written, “Better to be on the corner of one’s own roof, “to be in your home with a quarrelsome “and disrespectful woman.” Okay? I mean that the reason why is, because, you know, obviously as a man, you’re not going to hit your woman, so your only choice is to just flee from her. And then in the fleeing process, well, if she’s not gonna take responsibility for her actions and become respectful, then I guess your only choice is to find another woman who actually is. Fair enough. And oftentimes, this is kind of how is ISTPs are. And probably should do. Otherwise, ISTPs will engage in a severe amount of melancholy, and become super mega depressed, because they feel trapped. And the entire stereotype with a ball and chain when it comes to being married to a woman, this is why, it’s because of the ISTP vice of melancholy. Because ISTPs end up seeing their woman over time, a disrespectful woman over time, as a prison. And I totally understand how it is. That’s why I recommend to those ISTPs to divorce those women as soon as possible. Regardless of the consequences. There’s always a better day, no matter how insurmountable your divorce may seem. Okay. So, anyway, that’s just kind of how it goes in that regard. But let’s talk about charming specifically. How does an ISTP act charming to charm a woman, or charm someone? Honestly, if this is really centered towards a woman, okay, fair enough. But, like, I’m going to assume this is about one. Because, otherwise, if you’re gonna be charming to people in general, I guess really just offer to help. An ISTP becomes more intelligent with their Ti hero when they’re using their extroverted feeling inferior to help other people, but they have to get over their social anxiety first. And that’s basically how they would charm someone in general. But that’s not good enough when it comes to women. An ISTP seductive style, according to the “Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene is known as the rake. And STPs are rakes. My wife is a rake. I love rakes. I love that she is a rake. And rakes are full of passion, almost uncontrollable passion to a point. And if you ever seen that film “Don Juan DeMarco” as played by Johnny Depp. It’s got Marlon Brando in it. It’s an excellent film. And Don Juan DeMarco is a rake. And he just is absolutely fascinated by women. And his charm to women is that he just is so passionate, so desirable. And he wants to give them an experience. He wants to give them sensations. He wants to think highly of them. He wants to make them feel good about themselves, right. And that’s all you have to do as ISTP. So, some pickup lines towards women who are very compatible with an ISTP. And these are typically women who dress for comfort, are dressed monochromatically, same colors, et cetera. Maybe dark colors, the higher the darkness, the higher the dark colors that they wear, the more they want to be wanted. They come off being desirable, et cetera. And they’re not really going to initiate with you, they expect you to initiate with them. And to initiate with them, it’s pretty easy. Here’s the best pickup line for a woman, like an ENFP, or an ESTJ, or an ISTJ, for an ISTP. And it goes like this, “Hello, what are you doing?” That’s it, that’s like literally the best pickup line. What are you doing? Or what are you up to? Also, also tell them, “You should give me your number.” Always make it about what they should do. Don’t give these women a choice. Be like, “You should give me your number.” Or, “You should tell me a story.” “You should do this.” Or, “I want to go do this, you should come with me.” Have that point of view specifically. And those women, if you are a man who is respectable, if you are a man who is taking responsibility, if you are a man who is engaging in building your king, warrior, magician, lover masculine archetypes, which, if you wanna learn more about those, you can watch season 13, that playlist on my other YouTube channel, check out that playlist. It walks through all the mature masculine and mature feminine archetypes, according to Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. Or you just read their book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.” However, it only provides the masculine look. I provide some gaps to fill in for the feminine look, according to that lecture series if you wanna learn more. So, anyway, that is how an ISTP would be charming in order to charm someone. If you’d like a chance at your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me, or leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a silver member at CSJoseph.life/members and post your question on our private Q&A Discord channel, where I’m answering all of your questions during a private live stream each month. And the next one, I believe, is this Thursday. So you might wanna check that out. Please also make sure to like and subscribe to support the channel. We definitely appreciate your guys’ support. It keeps the lights on. And, anyway, with all that being said, folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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