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CS Joseph responds to the acolyte question how does an INFJ maximize their seduction style?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, obviously, lol. And then like also, don’t forget, folks, we have our new course coming out on preorder very soon. Preorder means you’re going to get the early bird pricing at a huge discount.

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It’s going to be here, it’s going to be amazing, so check it out when it comes out. That being said, today’s acolyte question is for INFJs and the question goes as following. How do INFJs maximize our charmer potential to get a girlfriend? So honestly, like, I am super triggered by this question, like, majorly triggered by this question like this person needs to watch season 31 playlist here on this YouTube channel immediately. Probably the most controversial content that I’ve ever produced.

But in order to understand this form of psychology, we need to look at the psychology the behavior psychology of the different genders, and how men and women or masculine feminine relationships actually work. And a lot of people get really hung up on seduction seductive styles, especially as presented by Robert Greene’s book The Art of Seduction, which is where the charmer archetype actually comes from. But honestly, it’s not really something I recommend people spend a lot of time on. I like as great as it is to know for me that yes, I’m an intp.

And so that makes me a coke cat seductive style as a result, at the end of the day seductive styles don’t really actually matter, because when you actually end up studying attraction, like literally the seductive styles are nothing more than expressions of attraction or attractiveness, and nothing more. They’re not actually the source of attraction. And this is where I think people conflate a lot of Robert Greene’s work improperly over time. And they need to realize what the actual source of attraction is in women, its femininity being feminine.

It’s the feminine women out there who get the best guys. And conversely, it’s the most masculine men who end up getting the best girls, the best women basically. So that’s really what it comes down to. How about instead of maximizing your charm or potential, you start maximizing your masculinity.

And that comes from, you know, putting yourself above the tribe. Men are born with this thing called masculine idealism. It means that by default, it is our nature that we put the tribe above ourselves, but through learning and learn behavior and learning experience. It’s also what the purpose of the rite of passage used to be for men was to teach men that in their adulthood, they need to learn how to put self above the tribe, because society will sell you downriver anyway, it doesn’t matter, society will be happy to sacrifice you for its own interests, because that’s what it does.

So because you know, men are the disposable sex. So you have to learn how to put yourself above the tribe, because the tribe eventually will betray you and dispose of you for its own. And that’s the entire point behind the rite of passage. That is the entire issue.

And if you don’t think that’s what society is doing to now, I mean, yes, it really is, who signs up for the Selective Service, you see what I’m saying? Like, understand where those who did sign up for the selective services that if that’s changed, I don’t know. Might want to make yourself aware of that. So like, if you really want to get a girlfriend, you need to become as attractive as possible and the only way you’re going to do that is by maximizing your masculinity, not necessarily your your seductive style. As the charmer look, the charmer itself will be maximized if you are reached if you have reached your maximum win potential.

How do you do that? Well work on your male burden of performance be a top performer in every area of your life be a top performer in fitness be a top performer in business, be a top performer and learning are you how many books are you reading? You know, I tried to read 26 books a year, how many books are you reading soon? I’m saying that’s one book every two weeks. Think about that, folks. Okay. Like, that’s what I tried to do.

Right? Are you? Like, you know, what are the top priorities of your life, you know, faith, family, fitness, finance, and friends, you know, there’s a lot of things to it. Or you could look at the three major nations health, wealth and relationships, like, what are you doing as a man to improve yourself because remember, when you’re born as a man, you actually have like, no value, girls have value when they’re born, but not and they have to spend their entire life trying to preserve their value, because their value to tick decays over time. Whereas with a man, it’s completely different. You are born with no value, you have to spend your life producing value, creating value.

So what value are you actually creating as a man? Okay? Are you alone? Do you have your own? Do you have your own home? Do you have your own car? Do you have your own job? Do you have your own purpose? Do you have your own fitness? What do you have? That’s yours? What have you earned? What are you going to earn? What is your potential? Are you masculine? Do you put yourself above everybody else? What are you doing? Are you giving yourself permission to do this, if you are an INFJ, who, who was driven by guilt and feeling bad about themselves are very self critical in that regard. Or you’re an ESTP like me, who really struggles with giving himself permission or having justifications before I do something that may necessarily not actually come off affiliative to other people, you see what I’m saying? Even I struggle with that. The bottom line is, is that it’s actually about maximizing your masculinity do that self above tribe self above tribe is actually what’s going to make you as attractive as possible. And don’t be like that typical INFJ who takes shortcuts, you know, INTJ sort of be more apt shortcuts, but INFJs do it to that, and I hear loads taking them some shortcuts.

No, no, you want to like, the quickest way to success is the long road. If you’re not taking the long road, you’re going to fail, you’re setting yourself up for failure, you won’t be masculine, and then you’ll be rejected consistently and INFJs. Hate rejection. They don’t do abandonment.

And the thing is, though, is that like, if you’re going out of your way, using your ISTJ super ego to try to, you know, give other people an amazing good first impression. Guess what that first impression is actually fake. It’s you being fake, you’re being a fake person. And that’s not somebody like I would want my life, how about you don’t try to do a very good first impression.

And instead, you actually just be real, okay? And then the way that’s going to happen is if you accept yourself entirely, so books that you need to read to kind of figure this out, you need to read game by Roche, by Roush. Good luck getting a copy of that, because he took them down. Good luck. Now, the book you should read is the manual by W anten.

So you can learn how to accept yourself and all your faults instantly, with without hesitation, and then realize that this is your life. You don’t have to share your life with anybody. And you’re not no, no one else’s life gets to dictate to you how to live your life, it is your life, you get to decide, okay, which means you know, don’t let anyone else get in the way. That’s just who you are.

That’s just what you want. So keep that in mind folks. Understand, like, you know, it’s not about like using your seductive style and being the best at that seductive style. No, it’s about whether or not you can be the best at being masculine.

Or if you’re a woman, if you could be the best at being feminine. That’s what it’s actually about. Because your seductive styles will over time. Actually, you know, you want the most masculine version or the most feminine version of your selectors are because they are just expressions of your masculinity or expressions, your femininity.

That is how you get the girl. That is how you get the guy. So work on that. If you want to learn more about how to become masculine or feminine.

Maybe you guys should tough it out. And actually be willing to listen to me and have the patience to listen to all the harsh truths that I say in the season 31 playlist on his YouTube channel. Good luck getting through all 17 episodes. They are extremely painful.

Good luck. But it’s the truth period and a story. Not only do I tell you the truth and why it’s happening, I also tell you how you can actually fix it and get through life as a result. Big important deal.

You might want to check that out. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening. And I’ll see you guys tonight you’re stone silver, so can you too. and gave you


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