How Does an ENTP Live With the Regret? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how does an ENTP live with the regret?


Hey what’s up? Hackers, this is CS Joseph and welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host theist Joseph, as usual and as obvious as I can make that out to be. That being said, today’s question is, quote, is it normal for ENTPs to creep themselves out on a regular basis? Or does this only happened when you transition into your subconscious? Wow, why did question I, it’s so funny because I experienced this on a regular basis. It’s not necessarily creeped themselves out, it’s more of like reliving the pain of the past constantly, at least that’s just kind of how it happens with me.

And then I ended up getting creeped out over some of my past behaviors over time, because it’s like, wow, why did you act like that? You know, and it’s more of just we’re carrying a lot of regret with our SI inferior on a consistent basis. And then it’s really our INTJ shadow that’s reacting, feeling embarrassed as a result of that, that regretful memory etcetera. And, like this question was asked in a very informative manner. So I hope I’m answering in the proper context.

But But no, it really has nothing to do with transitioning into your subconscious. It’s more of just all four sides of your mind are sitting at the table, and just disgusted with the ego basically, it’s really just them being disgusted. And that Disgust is actually necessary because the INTJ, the ISFJ, and the ESFP are trying to get the ESTP ego to actually sit down and listen to them and improve for the better. It’s, it’s just completely natural.

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That’s where they are. Go ahead and check that out. But yeah, like I do crit myself out all the time. Sometimes I make my own skin crawl, and it’s mostly because of regret.

The thing is, though, is that like sometimes, like I’ll even like shake or even shriek because I reliving a bad memory in the past. And I noticed this is usually what happens to INTJ focused en TPS ISFJ focus in teepees don’t really have as many regrets but then again, they’re also playing life safe. And because they play life safe, they’re following the bouncing ball of life and doing what they should, which means technically, they have less regret from a social aspect. But really, it’s the INTJ shadow just feeling like it’s been embarrassed and and mad at Fe child for allowing for just being a stupid little kid allowing that social situation that led to the embarrassment of the INTJ shadow.

That’s literally the source of what’s going on. Now how I’ve been able to deal with this situation and this is a solution is just remember that well, Memento Mori, remember your mortal Remember, all things die, all things must die. vellum Regulus, right, all men must die like that’s, that’s just reality. If you can take the principle behind volume or Gulistan, you can actually get to a point where you recognize that the person you were yesterday is not the same person you are today.

And it’s funny because this is what I actually teach INFJ ego types all the time. INFJ is an INTJ is need to understand that needs to stop comparing themselves to other people, especially INFJs because they will gaslight themselves and instead compare themselves to themselves. They need to understand that if they are progressing every single day, that they are not the same person they were the previous day and that is absolutely critical for an INFJ to learn within their life or else they will suffer for the rest of their days. That could be a huge problem.

So How Why is that necessary for intp is because you have an INFJ shadow and intp still have to understand that as long as you’re not the same person you were yesterday, it’s okay. That means the person you were yesterday is dead. They no longer exist, okay? You exist now, you’re going to exist tomorrow. Even if you die tomorrow, you’re still going to exist tomorrow.

Okay. And if you want to get into some crazy metaphysical discussion about that, I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Chris Taylor and I talking about that on an upcoming cutting edge podcast episode, maybe even next month, hopefully, he’s downfall we can talk about the shape of the universe as a result of the four dimensionality and the quantum, you know, looking at quantum physics and psychology, hopefully, we’ll have that discussion next month for that. But see, I chose For slash members become a journeyman to be able to get access to the cutting edge podcast.

And as a private podcast, we have like years of content in that podcast alone two hour long episodes. And we have at least two years of episodes up. So like check that out, it’s a lot of content, good luck binging all of it. So but that’s the thing like the INFJ shadow, the ESTP just really needs to realize that our old self is dead.

And we can let go of that regret because of momentum already, because of Vala Maroulis, because of death. This is why NTP is out of all the 16 types are the absolute closest to death, and they’re also the most welcoming of death of all of the 16 types, eventually, maybe doesn’t start out that way. early in life, I remember being scared to death of death as a young child, but now I recognize it’s a very normal part of life. And while my body is mortal, I like my soul basically is immortal, and will just end up looking for a different interface depending on what happens.

But the reality of the situation is that I don’t have to live my life with regret anymore, because I’m not that same person, that person is dead. And an example of this also, within, you know, real life is basically the example the rite of passage. Also, another example would be, you know, like how secret societies initiate people into higher levels of their secret societies, is because they’re trying to make everyone all of their acolytes and all their initiates, understand that their past self is dead. Okay.

So how does an intp stop creeping themselves out on a regular basis and dealing and living with regret? It’s literally just recognize that your past self was dead, your life now and you’re not that same person? Yeah, you may, you may have done some things in the eye, you may still be dealing with the consequences of those actions. But you’re not the same person. People are always talking about their demons, what demon and fighting their demons, you know, well, their demons are just bad consequences to poor decision making and their youth. That’s all that really is.

So, let go with that. Move on. It’s not necessary to live your life that way. Let go of regret.

Live life with no regrets. You’re not going to be the same person. You are you are already not the same person you were yesterday. And tomorrow, you’re not gonna be the same person you are today.

Let it go use your INFJ shadow properly teach your INFJ shadow. Yeah, it was embarrassed, but it’s not embarrassed now so we can get over itself. If you do that. You’d be way more successful in life as an intp I promise so Alright folks, thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys tonight Can you and gave you a building


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