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How does an ESTP know when an ESTJ likes them? But before I can answer please consider subscribing the channel so I can be finally accepted at church. Yeah, right. That will happen ever and hit the alert bell so you can get notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up ego hackers? I’m CS Joseph, and this is the CS Joseph podcast where I answer all of your questions or respond to all of your questions on all things union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind.

And the source of today’s question is the Quanto Watley and I really hope I actually like said your name properly. Mike McHale fonts, NTP, late blooming more so even than your average NTP and I guess that’s true, but Auntie all NTPs are late bloomers, let’s be honest, is like lol doesn’t even happen ever. My take on ESTJ is that they actually don’t like anyone and especially not the NTP or rather, they might appreciate or not traits with people, saying they might like people to be compliance and pleasant or maybe loyal and hardworking, but they can’t really stand all these damn fawning people pleasers and naysayers. And this becomes the lifelong riddle of the ESTJ, they surround themselves with people they think they like mainly ones they who don’t threaten their pride by questioning them, only to only find that they actually don’t like them.

And they just become annoying because they are limited but people they might truly like the ones that could make them grow. They see these people as the enemies for example, the ones who either eliminate or buy off but not make friends with. Dang, this guy’s got sharp tongue sounds pretty ENTP to me. They might at some point given enough time can respect one or two of them.

But friendship not being too set in their habits and values and switches take a little bit more than a lifetime to happen. It’s not wrong. They’re truly their own prisoners, possibly the most underdeveloped with the MBTI as compared to their potential in a better society with better values. They’d be the guardians of these instead, as is there more or less just reproducers of unresolved Oda pool complexes brute force as the preferred method of conflict resolution, and sexual neuroses leading to compensatory grandiosity.

For example, the purchaser with the perpetuators of good old paternalistic Abraham and IK traditions, despite the death of God and despite often being atheist themselves. Wow. They need enlightenment actually, we all do So can someone through a global French Revolution refresher reenactment including the history of ideas leading up to it please? Ze McHale font that was a dope roast if I’ve ever heard one towards es TJ is I have no choice but to have this. Wow.

We got in Gridley as an ESTJ, as an ESTJ, if I am paying attention to you, and communicating with you outside of the forced arrangements, such as the workplace, then I like you, I will normally invite you to spend time with me doing something fun so that we can get to know one another better. I may also bring you something you are interested in. Let’s say you like a certain baseball team. Maybe I’ll give you a rare baseball card or sign cap of your favorite player.

I might bake your favorite cookies. We value time and don’t waste on people we don’t like, you know, I’m over that too. That’s that’s actually a really good response. That’s very, very well said in grid.

So fantastic. Okay, so how does an NTP know when an ESTJ likes them? For starters, if you’re considering this as a sexual relationship, don’t, there’s like no sexual compatibility here and the ESTJ would just give the ENTP crap about not being able to perform well in the bedroom, and the NTP will just got bitter and then likely end up cheating on the ESTJ as a result. And that’s not to say that ESTJ wouldn’t cheat themselves. But it’s more likely that the ENTP would either just door slam them with their INTJ shadow or just straight up cheat on them, you know, later.

I’m not saying all en teepees do this. I’m just saying that there’s a huge potential for that. And that’s something that should be watched out for, et cetera. That being said, it’s, let me see what Michael McHale font is saying here.

But yeah, I mean, the thing is, is that like there’s super high emotional compatibility between the two types. And if really, they have a connection, it’s because the emotional needs of the ESTJ is actually being met. And if it’s an ESTJ woman, chances are she’s using the ENTP. Man to be some kind of emotional tampon or if it’s vice versa, if it’s an ESTJ man, he may be just considering the ENTP woman as you know, just a potential, you know, a side piece etc.

Where it’s like Okay, you know, definitely I like what you’re thinking and you’re really smart, you’re very intelligent. But, you know, this is not really going to be something that I’m going to commit myself to. And it’s usually because he ESTJs and actually know what they want. And, you know, as results, like, this relationship is probably not going to get anything more than ask buddies.

But let’s be honest, like just straight up, F buddies, what’s the intp male or female is not really going to be down for in the long run, because their si inferior just can develop Stockholm syndrome for the ESTJ and they can become super attached to the ESTJ over time, if it goes beyond F buddies, or at least if the FB or if the F buddies actually go on indefinitely. And that could actually be really horrible for the en TP and it can actually cause a lot of bitterness for the intp that could lead to potential cheating or a very painful breakup. Here’s the intp will go out of their way to avoid a breakup at all costs, even to the point of extending the abusive relationship. But in the relationship context, if this is what the context of the question actually is, like, how does an ESTP know when an ESTJ likes them is the ESTJ liking them? Because I imagine this is an ESTP man asking about an ESTJ woman, but honestly, it’s not really going to happen.

The intp man like better be insanely physically fit because the expert sensing critic of the ES TJ woman is gonna get in the way and criticize his dress, criticize, if whether or not he has excess body fat, she may even voice it to him or not. And that’s very normal. It’s very normal for ES TJ is to do that they have an insanely high standard for the health of other people, and they expect that standard to be maintained indefinitely. And oftentimes, they actually can’t meet that standard themselves.

But they do try. Es TJ is are often in the gym. And oftentimes you see a lot of ESTJ women as part of you know, hanging out with the gym rats, etc. On a regular basis.

And that’s that that’s a thing. That’s a very normal thing. But you know, if an ESTJ likes them, yeah, they’ll like them, but it’ll be short lived. Because eventually the ESTJ is just going to be made uncomfortable by the NTP because then they’re going to start judging the ESTP as someone who’s consistently embarrassing the ESTJ on a regular basis.

And eventually the ESTJ is just going to stop liking the NTP after a while. Not only that, like, for example, this actually happened to Railgun. And I recently I was at a local restaurant that had a fire outside, I was sitting with a bunch of random people that I met, I was talking psychology to them, although I technically told them I was a psychic, just for some, you know, fun, etc. And I mentioned the story before but there was this ESTJ woman who was listening in on our conversation, and some of the criticisms that I was having of certain people matched her basically.

And she started feeling really bad with her ePHI inferior and she started freaking out. So she came over to our group uninvited and just completely interrupted the entire interaction. Because from her standpoint, she didn’t want to hear any more as her si parent didn’t want to hear my criticisms of her even though I wasn’t criticizing her, but she was taking it personally. And then she had to come there and break up the entire situation and take everyone’s attention off of me and onto her.

And then one of the guys that was sitting with us some ESFP was like, Oh yeah, she’s pretty hot. And he was like literally trying to get laid at that point. And then all of our intellectual discussion completely went out the window. And Railgun I just decided to leave because of that was just a completely lame situation.

And we all left and went home and never had anything to do with each other ever again. It was completely lame. But that’s just an example of how an ESTJ over time. Yeah, they may like an ENTP at first but it’s short lived.

It’s not going to last forever. There’s a higher chance of an ISTJ you know, being able to subsist and handle that from an intp. But in the long run, is that really sustainable? No, it’s not because again, the ESTJ will still put their comfort their personal comfort level over that at the NTP and the NTP is not ever going to like that because si inferior is going to demand comfort far more than the ESTJ is and then the ESTJ is just gonna look at them and be like, well, you’re actually really weak with their se critic, they’ll just start criticizing the NTP for being super weak. And that’s the fastest way to cause an ENTP to be turned off calling the NTP weak if you want the NTP completely turned off and just going elsewhere and away from you.

Because they’ll they’re just like, Okay, why being loyal to you whatsoever. And the other thing that will also stress out both of these two types and the ESTJ will eventually not like the NTPs because the EFTPOS ESTJ Well, what do you want? Well, what do you want? What do you want and the ISTJ just doesn’t know what they want. And that’s just going to stress out the ESTJ. So it’s really just not going to work out.

There’s really no point. And you know, and while while the ESTJ likes that the NTP is Intel gent and cut and dry with our TI parent and ESTJ likes that the intp goes out of their way to make the ES TJ feel good. There’s just no sexual compatibility whatsoever. There’s just there really isn’t.

And it’s just gonna end even if they were just friends, there’s no sex involved, it’s gonna be a just friends situation, it still wouldn’t be good because there’s always like all the NTP says going to embarrass me, or the NTP is going to cause people to want the NTP more than me, because the extra tuition child is going to start competing to any hero, and then the ESTJ is going to feel unwanted because they see that everyone else wants to NTP more than they do because it’s an any hero. And then the ESTP js is going to use their se critic to criticize the intp the entire time and just dominate the conversation or dominant that people’s attention. And it’s just not there. Yeah, you know, as an intp, that an ES TJ likes you and the ETJ is giving you attention.

And when they’re ESTJ is texting you photos of what they’re doing or or or sharing things with the intp it’s all about sharing ESTJ that’s how you know if he ESTJ likes you if they’re sharing. And if they’re saying that they feel good about you, and they’re willing to spend time with you. Yes, of course those things like what Ingrid Lee said in her response. That’s absolutely true.

But I’m trying to say here folks like this whole, this whole thing, it’s short lived, it’s not gonna last very long. I was even friends in the ESTJ at my last work when I was working at a hospital for a while as an IT guy and the ESTJ there. We had a pseudo friendship, it wasn’t more than lunch and whatnot. We play Ingress together and sometimes to go eat lunch and whatnot.

But it was always very, it was always very shallow. Because at the end of the day, he was always telling me about how I’m either underdressed or overdressed or about how, you know I just make him uncomfortable all the time, or how I’d steal his spotlights or steal his thunder. That was a big one. He always told me I’d steal his thunder, which is really frustrating to me.

And he just feels so unwanted at times by me or I was trying to take everyone’s desires on to be instead of him, etc. Or sometimes I was trying to make myself look good instead of him and then like I’d be more accomplished than he was because it’s like, well, that guy’s smarter than me. But why can’t I take some credit? I want some credit right here. And now it’s not that I was trying to like hog credit from him.

But he perceived it that way. And he became indignant, indignant, meaning he reacted negatively to me as a result of perceived unfair treatment, right. And that’s not to say that en TPS can do no wrong. I’m not saying that either.

Like, there’s definitely some en teepees who just don’t really understand how people are going to react with their se demon, you know, and then they also have a hard time showing gratitude with their si trickster, and they don’t know what’s important. And oftentimes, it just causes this huge social faux pas, the NTP becomes the walking social faux PA, and someone as concrete and as traditionalist, and ESTJ, there’s just not going to be down for that. And that can be a problem. So just keep that in mind, folks.

You know, if they’re willing to share with you and spend time with you, and and even listen to you and your stories, yeah, they like you. But again, that’s just going to be short lived. If you’d like a chance for your question being answered on this channel, please post on our core and tag me or leave it as a comment below. If you want to deep dive premium lectures on this science of focus on personal growth, career development, parenting and sexuality.

Please visit CS joseph.ly forward slash members and grab an apprentice membership. Anyway, folks, all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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