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How do you study as an intp? Before I can answer, please consider subscribing the channel so I can discover what it is to have feelings and hit the alert bell so that you can get notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up ego, hackers? I’m CS Joseph, and I’m here to answer your questions on the four sides of the mind union, analytical psychology, etc. And the source of today’s question is none other than Quora as usual because that’s just what I do, apparently is Quora. But I think I’ll actually be doing some YouTube comments with specific questions directly from you guys in the near future as well.

So let’s take a look. All right. How do you study as an intp? We got Calvin Louis here who seems to have provided the best answer in claims that he is a intp. And we’re just going to skip a lot of the fluff.

He says that the NTPs hate learning from a standardized template. That’s not true. Sometimes the NTPs want things prepackaged and easy to digest, they can just move on with their lives and keep going. So I don’t exactly agree with that.

But yes, constantly full of ideas. I agree with him there as well. But he makes some individual bullet points, which I really want to cover, he’s saying less is more focus on the message that the content is trying to present the meaning and the purpose, not on the details. I mean, yes, that’s kind of true from an extrovert intuition hero standpoint.

But it’s not necessarily true. From a TI parent standpoint, ti parent needs to get into the details. I guess it really depends where you are in your cognitive development, that point in time, form the skeleton, form a network or mind map of all of the chapters you are reading this is to build a foundation in which you build to input your details. Absolutely, that’s correct.

I use a program called Mind node. It’s an apple only product, I paid for it. It’s amazing. I’ve been made fun of using mind maps recently.

But when you’re at TI user mind mapping is extremely important. And my former ISTP boss, he taught me about he taught me about that, which was really fantastic. Fill in the details. Once you know what’s going on, in a general sense, you can start filling the details, to clear all your doubts.

We do have a doubt factor in us that’s from our ni nemesis, just like si Nemesis also provides doubt. And you can say the Nemesis function is a person source of doubt, as it were really important to understand that. And, yeah, it’s important, like, you know, within that mind map, present the details, and then produce your own theory. En teepees are notorious for theory crafting.

Well, yeah. I mean, Bruce Lee did that he studied all of the different martial arts in the world, and then created his own system, G KUNDO. And it’s based on that. So yeah, I agree.

He says experiment, we’re all different. So it’s important not to not confine yourself, getting guidance is necessary, but don’t be restrained by it. Again, that’s like almost directly out of Bruce Lee’s philosophy. And NTPs are notorious for having to trial and error basically about everything in their entire life and experiment with everything in their life.

So yeah, I agree with how this is so far, so good. And then he’s like, the above is studying content alone, let’s move on to enhancing environment. This is very true, an intp. In order to actually be able to learn properly, you need to be in the proper environment with which you can learn.

So attention versus don’t attempt to stay in same place or position for hours. Agreed. Diversify. By that, I mean, study various topics about the same subject.

Yes, well, yeah, because you can, like not get bored. But the other thing is, it goes beyond that. Actually, you want to diversify. It doesn’t have to be like the same subject, you could actually have multiple subjects and doing one topic per subject, basically going at the same time, so you don’t get bored.

I tell DNTPs, when you’re learning go out of your way to multitask as much as possible. Because through multitasking, you’ll actually be able to get things done. If you are focused on one thing that you’re engaged in your INTJ shadow and you’re not going to learn as much. So, now if you are focusing on one subject, and absolutely do as he suggests, and diversify amongst multiple topics within that subject, yes, I agree with that.

So MCs Theory and Applications NTPs want to make logical sense studying for the sake of it will make them cringe. So seek to find real life application aka case studies. Yes. Without practical application, the theory is not going to get NTPs anywhere and prepare get away stress reliever en TPS always have an out they always provide themselves an ounce and yes, we get bored really easy.

And avoid. Avoid time wasters. Yeah, excessive watching TV serials videos or any kind of entertainment that doesn’t provide you growth and learning will cause you to waste precious time. Gary Vaynerchuk actually talks about this.

And so also does Owen Cook, also known as RST Tyler talking about how like those things are like Medusa they will turn you to stone This direct quote from Owen cook. Hope this helps he says yes it was it was an excellent answer. Risky cyfle NTP was my only comfortable state now doing and TJ Okay, what okay, what? Remember when dealing with MBTI? Always back to cognitive function? Please check your spelling maybe I don’t know, maybe English is not his first language. That’s what it is.

So it’s all good. Everyone has all eight function, but everyone has to pick their two favorites. No, that’s not true. I you know, I’m not going to bother reading that.

Luciana sabini, a tutor, study study, what is the study you speak of? And honestly, I don’t tend to study from just completing assignments to get the credit. Okay, that okay, that’s not really that useful. All right, then see CIO and CTO of a medium enterprise working on going big 2012 To present the non technical version by saying stupid stuff and getting smacked down by doing crazy things and seeing what happens by testing, poking and prodding everything we’re told not to, unless a satisfactory explanation is given true, by immaculate conception of the bizarre stuff that just pops in your head and the most effectively I found by trying to explain things to others when I do this, I talk myself off the edge of a cliff and realize what I don’t know. Well said I think Socrates and you have a lot in common Mr.

Benn systems at least yeah Araya a relevant and specific credential to get more views whatever a foolproof ways to focus on topic for hours to essentially master to become personally invested in fascinated by it. That sounds very INTJ actually, the problem at least for me is that personal investment in Topic lies in inverse proportion of the real life importance of actually mastering the said topic. Very INTJ. I mean, you must have FYI, child, we’ve talked about importance in that context.

For example, I’ve been known to go through phases, where for example, on my own, I’ll study learn dates, names, historical markers, okay, te te te, et cetera, for the entire British plant to Genet line or monitoring days. And when I actually had to study stuff for history class for tests, just forget about it. Just know, okay, again, that’s just lack of self discipline from an INTJ point of view, Alicia, you’re an INTJ. You’re not an NTP.

So take on multiple projects at a time. Someone’s talking about procrastinating look, another INTJ right here. And okay. Oh, and then Joe klunder Myers Briggs is definitely overrated, in my experience as an INTJ.

Okay, so he says MBTI is overrated, but then he says as an INTJ. The only real thing is for team building and knowing whether or not you’re an introvert or an extrovert, ie thinker, learner versus doing politician, okay. The best learning theory is cognitive load theory, you can Google it, but in a nutshell, it means to start at your given level of expertise, focus on small tidbits that get progressively harder and practice things often 2000 times until they become automatic. Okay, very is how INTJ, have you? So apparently, there are a lot of myths types in this core article that are not actually providing the answers that we’re looking for.

Now, my term. So how do you study as an intp, there’s actually a lot of different ways to do it. But quite frankly, the number one way to do it is a form of multitasking. So for me, I get to, I use these for actually, I have these all the time, mostly, you know, I prefer to get the wireless ones, it’d be nice, but these actually just fit on my ear and they stay on my ear just fine.

And they’re not going to fall off because I always have them falling off all the time. And it’s really annoying. But I just go to I have my Audible account audible.com, which if you want a free audible, you can go to ch joseph.ly forward slash reading, get the free Audible account there and you get a free book to go along with it. But from an audible.com standpoint, wireless headphones, got my audiobooks going and then I just start doing menial tasks around the house.

Because then it’s like, okay, yeah, not wasting my time. Now, I’ll vacuum take out the trash, I’ll even cook, I’ll even prepare food, I’ll do the laundry, I will fold laundry, I you know, I’m all over the place in that sense. And it all comes down to just you know, having self respect for myself taking care of myself, but I always have the audiobook going at all times, especially like when I used to live alone. The audiobooks are going at all times.

Oftentimes, I would even reread some of the same books that I did previously with Audible and I just go through it back to back to back. And that’s the fastest way to study as an intp based on my personal experience, however, again, you have to bring it to an area of multitasking. Another thing that is really, really absolutely necessary if you find yourself in a situation where you have to have focus. It requires a cognitive transition into an AI nemesis.

And as a result, it’s it’s not a It’s hard it’s really hard to do is you have to completely eliminate distractions. This is why NTPs end up having this reputation of being an introvert, you have to get to a point where you shut your door at office and you forbid anyone from bothering you, like all day, if necessary. So you can actually focus on getting some tasks done. Also, make sure you understand mind mapping technology, get Evernote that software as well.

It helps you keep track of all of your notes, et cetera, really, really important. And, and having mind mapping also helps you collect all your thoughts. And if you mind map what you’re reading, or while you’re reading, it can also help you retain that much more and learn a lot more. And this is how you’re able to use your extroverted thinking critic to keep track of data that you have and ideas that you have through mind mapping technology.

And then through multitasking, you’re able to learn and actually make it a part of your Introverted Sensing. So that way, you have the best, you know, reading comprehension, and everything that you’re doing, etc. So anyway, that is how I study as an intp plus the first post of this video. So yeah, if you would like a free copy of the Type grid to assist you in typing yourself or others, please visit CS joseph.ly forward slash type grid, put in your name and your email and then you will get a free copy of the Type grid emailed to you.

It’s absolutely fantastic. I’ll teach you how to type yourself and others. So with that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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