How Do You Fire an Si User Without Them Seeking Revenge? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question how do you fire an Si user without them seeking revenge?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. And today we’re doing some more acolyte questions for our acolyte members. If you want to become an acolyte member and get your question featured on the podcast and also our YouTube channel, you can all you have to do is go to CS, forward slash members become a journeyman member, and then upgrade your journeyman account to an acolyte level from there, or go to CS Joseph dot life forward slash portal, and then find the acolyte page, provided you are already a journeyman member, because that’s a prerequisite that is required.

And you can get to it from there and upgrade your account from there. So with that being said, today’s question is, how do you fire an SI user that has been with the company for a while without him or her getting Rayji? And butthurt? Okay, so that’s a very funny. That’s a very funny question. Yeah.

Okay. Obviously, you know, when you have people working for you, they all have different types and different ways of doing things based on their human nature and si users, they, they can be pretty bitter if especially Crusader types of they see things that are unfair in life, right? Or, if you look at the SI users who are philosophers, they get upset about things not being equal, right? So philosophers seek out equality, whereas crusaders seek out fairness, and it’s different fairness is really attached to justice. Whereas equality is what philosopher types go for. The person who asked this question is a philosopher.

So that’s, that’s very fascinating. That’s questions being asked. But the thing is, is that if you find si users with a company for a while without him getting enraged, and butthurt, well, they’re not going to be raging and butthurt if they’re not bitter to begin with, meaning that if you were fair to them, and they were a crusader, and they believe all things are fair, then you don’t have any issues. Or if they believe all things are equal, then you don’t have any issues.

The bitterness, however, will settle in on the SI user the first day that they joined the company, if they were ever treated unfairly, as a crusader, or third philosopher, if they are ever treated unequally. And that’s the issue, okay. It’s really that simple. Go out of your way to make sure that they’re being treated fairly and equal to begin with, right on the first day, because over time, that will build up inside of their psyche, and they’ll just pile up and pile up and pile up until eventually they explode as a result of bitterness.

So really, your question is, how do I fire an SI user who was bitter, because if you’re firing an SI user, who isn’t better than you don’t really have much to worry about. But let me tell you something, folks. firing an SI user who is bitter can be a huge challenge. I know because I randomly got a phone call middle night and this is Storytime with CS Joseph activate.

Right? Storytime. So I got a phone call one time at about 330 in the morning. And it was it was a guy with a company called Presidio. I think his name is Phil crook.

Really cool, dude. Love Phil. Phil is the man. I think he might actually be an ENFP or an intp.

Not sure. Definitely an ENFP type for sure. visually looks like an intp. So Phil calls me and he’s like, Yo, I need your help.

I need you to come down. It’s funny because like I was I was living in a garage when this went down. So he wanted me to come down to Seattle because there was a company called Behringer Music Group, basically that aren’t called that anymore. And really Behringer, his company.

And well basically what happened there intp, main engineer of that company who ran their IT services on that in that house in the Western Hemisphere, basically, of the world. He got really, really better and he ended up getting fired and he believed he was fired unfairly. And so on his way out from the company, and I don’t know if this is 100% true. So take it with many grains of salt.

This is just what other employees of Behringer Music Group have actually told me over time. And also I don’t really care that I’m saying this on YouTube either because it’s not like they paid us because they didn’t and they ended up going to court and whatever they never actually paid us for Helping bail them out. So I really don’t care about that. Now Phil paid me and that’s really nice that Phil but Phil had to take the hit.

And that really wasn’t fair to him. But the intp on the date that he was fired, he created a logic bomb and left the logic bomb inside of the IT infrastructure. And then so on the anniversary, the one year anniversary and the date that he was fired, it exploded basically, and took out all their IT services. And then I’m the engineer who got the call.

And even though it was technically homeless at the time, got the call in the middle of the night to head down there and do my best to help them bring them back basically. And that’s basically exactly what I did, I found a solution. And the solution was is that the intp, the better intp who set up this logic bomb basically made a critical mistake, he did not format the storage arrays. So there was still data on the storage arrays.

So what his logic bomb actually did was is it went into the VMware V center, and then had V center tell all of the ESX ESXi hosts to basically delete all of their virtual machines delete all of their virtual disks. It was just a mass deletion. And then he also deleted all their backups within their head, the Symantec Backup Exec in those days. Oh my God, I thank God for Veeam right, in this little it story, but the company was completely and totally obliterated.

They were on their knees. I watched Uli Behringer fire his like number two guy in the entire company and also their entire IT staff. He fired them just like impulsively this guy did it. And I’m like, okay, whatever.

I’m still here trying to save your company, I’ll do my best. So what we figured out while we were there is that like he didn’t actually format the storage arrays, he actually just had a deletion job happen outside of this storage, array, and delete, you know, it was in that software on the storage really, but the raw data was still technically on the storage array. And so going in through the VMware virtual command line interface, where we found that this flat files for the VM decays, which are basically just virtual hard drives, their flat files are still around. And there’s actually a process that you can follow to reconstruct those flat files and turn them into Vm decays.

And there was another engineer, who was also brought in another VMware guy who was brought in to help fix the problem. And that guy happened have a copy of their V, their V centers, VMware Tools, you run VMware Tools that tells you all of your servers and a nice little spreadsheet inventory that you get to have from VM Tools. So I took that VM Tools thing, and I slowly started rebuilding all their servers with that VMDK that I was able to create, doing it one at a time. And there was like, I don’t know, 400 500 different ones.

It was insane. The point is that we were able to get their SAP back online, we were able to get everything online. It’s so funny to watch the standard executive mindset of people like Uli Behringer, who has absolutely no clue about information technology whatsoever. And it’s so funny how oftentimes executives are so ignorant of IT services and IT systems that they can’t they just they make such the some of the worst decisions ever.

Like for example, hiring his IT management staff, because it wasn’t actually their fault. Okay, that was literally I literally watched this guy shoot the messenger and I think he’s an INTJ focused ISFP personally, is just impulsively fired them. And I’m like, these are the guys who are going to help you. But even they themselves had a little bit of executive mindset didn’t have much VMware experience like I did.

And we were just able to do that and also brought in an intp friend of mine who for some reason, my INFJ mentor thinks he’s an ENT TJ right now. So if my INFJ mentor is watching, no, I still think he’s an intp. Actually, and I’d be even willing to debate you on that, but it doesn’t matter. So the reality situation is that’s literally all of the consequences.

The N E parent consequences created by this bitter intp who left this logic bomb because he was treated unfairly at that company. And guess what, folks? I absolutely agree after seeing early Behringer, his behavior. Yeah, he absolutely. I absolutely believe that the intp was definitely treated.

unfairly. And remember, he hasn’t though he went to jail for this. So I don’t really know if that’s true, I don’t even know if what the stories are even that true. All I know is that I was on the ground while homeless as a VMware engineer trying to help them out.

And somehow, someway, I got it to work. That’s that’s all, that’s all I know. But by by a miracle, and, and then they, and then early still told us to leave, even after all that and went with his Chinese team to try to fix the issue. And it really, I mean, obviously, their company is still around to this day.

So congratulations to early for surviving this better intp logic behind them. But still man, like, probably want to lose the executive mindset when it comes to those kinds of decisions. So yeah. But yeah, how do you fire an SI user that has been with a company for a while without him getting her angry at Rayji and butthurt? Or, you know, vengeful, make sure you treat them with fairness, and equality? Is that simple.

I don’t know if they’re a crusader or if they’re a philosopher. So you have to assume both. So treat them with fairness and equality. And if you do that, from day one, you will not have to worry about any blowback from that si user, because from their point of view, especially when they’re being fired, they’re like, oh, yeah, that’s fair.

I totally get it. Oh, yeah, that’s equal, I get it, no problem. And they’re not going to have an issue and they’re not really going to get in your face about it. Okay? So just understand that si users get bitter, but that’s how you prevent the bitterness focus on the fairness and the equality and you’ll be fine.

So anyway, folks, I hope you enjoyed the storytime with CS Joseph today. So thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys tonight you can you believe you are strong


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