How Do NTJ Women Make Friends With Other Women? | CS Joseph Responds

CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte member question, how to NTJ women make friends with other women?


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I think everyone will like to participate in it, and even grow their own little sub communities that they want as a result, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be an amazing platform. And I’m very, very excited about it. So anyway, on to the question, and I hope this person did not ask too many questions. So we’ll have to verify that later.

But the question is, how do n TJ women develop friendships with other women? And then it goes on saying NTJ women are unaware of social norms that come off as masculine, dysfunctional women, women and most women seem to compete with us for either status or attention. Okay. I have to say, first and foremost, like right off the bat, my immediate reaction to that question is, is like, don’t flatter yourself, because a lot of women out there are not actually competing with us, or for your status, or your attention or getting attention, et cetera, they really aren’t. And I am so fascinated by how NTJ women just automatically assume that is what other women are doing.

And then because the NTJ women actually assume that other women are doing that, it actually causes the other women around them to start doing that. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, right. And it’s so annoying. And INTJ is an INTJ women, I’ve watched it happen all the time.

Like, actually, the location that I can actually observe it happening the most is when I see to ENTJ or an INTJ woman working as a Starbucks barista, it’s like a, it’s like a hen house in there. And they just all start compete that the NTJ just starts assuming all the other girls are competing with them when they’re not. And then the NTJ starts competing. And then all the other girls start competing.

And then they blame all the other girls for what it was actually their fault to begin with. I’ve seen it so many times, it is the most annoying thing. And the probably one of the biggest turn offs about them because they just make these assumptions without even verifying because that’s how they feel. That’s how they feel, guys.

So yeah, I don’t think it has much to do with you know, lack of awareness of social norms. I really don’t think so. It’s just because y’all are paranoid, or y’all assume too much, and you lack and and you’re impulsive, you don’t even have the ability to be patient and actually, unless you force yourself to do it, to wait around and see if they are actually competing with you or not. Stop assuming it.

Because every time you assume competition, you’re creating competition. Okay? Something NTJ women need to figure out okay, so stop doing that. And I bet tons of women would actually be willing to be your friend and actually stick around. Just stop making that assumption is the most annoying thing ever.

And definitely one of the reasons why I’m not in a relationship with an N TJ Okay, because they have oh my god, like especially any nemesis of an INTJ they just they and then couple that with the FYI child superiority complex where they think themselves so important that they are definitely the target of any potential attack, when reality is they’re not actually that important, and no one actually attack them, but they just get so delusional in that way, it is so frustrating to watch, at least en TJ is aren’t as bad in that area, because they’re not as delusional. But that’s not to say that they aren’t delusional in that manner. So please be aware of that. So, also, like NTJ, women, you need to learn how to be more feminine, okay, which means you have to learn how to put other people above you, especially your family, and tell me which NTJ woman out there is actually going, especially ones in Western society, are actually going to willfully choose to sacrifice their career and their businesses and their entrepreneurship, for being a wife, and a mother.

Which of you NTJ women out there actually really willing to be a housewife, and humble yourselves enough to do that. And also to be willing to put your man above you, your children, your businesses, your career, your money, your choice. Because if you can’t do all those things, guess what, you’re not a feminine woman, which means you’re not very attractive to men, which means you may as well invest into cat food, or dog food and just die alone as a dog mom, or a cat Mom, I’m sorry, that’s just the reality of the world. And also STP women, this applies to you too, because you’re the masculine women.

Here’s the thing, you’re having a hard time making friends with other women, well stop assuming they’re trying to compete with you, okay? Like it happens a lot. And sure, some women will compete. But just understand that one out of five times, not four out of five times use a Pareto principle here, because for some reason NT J’s get way too paranoid and assume so much. So reverse the Pareto principle there and just realize that women are probably only competing with you maybe 20% of the time.

And it’s actually you imagining that they are, because with your hyperactive competition, imagination problem 80% of the time. So think about like, it’s actually more of you, not actually them. And if you want to be friends with somebody, that’s cool, go be friends with them, show yourself friendly, something that’s really hard for Auntie j’s to do. Why can’t you give gifts to other people, you know, learn their love languages, it’s not hard.

It’s not, you know, read the book attached while you’re at it, that’ll help give you some additional wisdom there. But yeah, like, you know, you come off as masculine, dysfunctional women, because you don’t know how to be feminine. And the thing is, is that the cost of being feminine is so great that you just don’t want to do it. And then women around you are just like, Yeah, I don’t want to be around them.

Because feminine women don’t want masculine women around because the masculine women are cramp their style. That’s just how it is because being around masculine women, makes them less desirable to men, because it causes their femininity to be mixed in with your masculinity, which means, guess what their sexual market value goes down in the sexual marketplace in public, so associating with you, a non feminine woman would actually inhibit them from getting the man they actually want. And they instinctively know this, right? So what are you doing to prevent that? You see what I’m saying? So if you want to be friends with women, guess what? Make yourself more feminine, and then it’d be pretty easy. But then again, if you’re more feminine, why would you want to be friends with women, because you’re probably going to get the man that you want anyway, because there’s no such thing as a feminine NTJ woman out there in society anyway.

And if a feminine NTJ woman actually existed in Western society, she’d be an extremely high value, hot commodity, you know what I’m saying? So, please be aware of that. And if you’re an INTJ woman or an STP woman who actually thinks you feminine, no, no, it’s like, literally, it’s like when a when a when a when a fool claims to be wise or in any one claims to be wise, wise or fool doesn’t matter. They obviously a fool. Just like when a woman claims to be feminine.

She’s probably not feminine. See what I’m saying? So it’s, it’s a constant, constant fight that you’re going to have to have against your own solipsism for the rest of your life. And you’re gonna have to be willing to sacrifice or put aside your ambition for the sake of a man and putting him and his interests and his life above yours because you are not living your life anymore. You’re living his life and there is no way a high value man is ever going to be living your life.

That’s what it means to be feminine. That is the cost of being feminine as an NTJ woman. Good The luck I like I’ve maybe seen it once, maybe. And I don’t know that INTJ woman well enough to really make a solid judgment on it.

And that’s a big maybe so as rare as you NTJ women are I thank God for how rare you actually are because because you all have this masculinity problem that you choose to not do anything about because society just what enables you and your ego investments, while simultaneously they all have this issue where it’s like, okay, let’s just oh my god yeah, I’m not gonna say that. I’m not gonna say that. So yeah, I mean, be feminine. That’s how you don’t come off dysfunctional anymore.

And yes, when we would want to actually be your friend and stop assuming they’re trying to compete with you. And just realize that you’re always thinking of competition as a result of your own hubris so humble yourself and you will not have these problems anymore. And by doing so, the more you humble yourself the more you’re willing to let go of your ambitions in favor of your man and his life, the more attractive you actually become to him. And then the less you have to concern yourself with him abandoning you or rejecting you.

Ha, funny how that works. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching this particular episode, and I’ll see you guys tonight you can you notice


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