Season 11, Episode 7 Transcript


– Hey guys, CS Joseph with during another episode for season 11. This will be my final episode for season 11. This is episode seven. And technically, episode eight is already done. So, we’re just going to be doing episode seven to finish it off. Today’s episode is going to be “How Do ISFJs Compare to INFJs” for those of you who are confused between the differences between the two types. And after this episode, that means we only have 16 episodes left of type comparisons basically to finish off our type comparisons. Any other comparisons that we do in the future are basically just requested by the audience basically, ’cause I’ve kind of done like almost every important combination that you can think of. Although, 8 of those 16 episodes that I have left, I’m going to be saving for much, much later because of the general importance behind them and how those comparisons are a little bit more… Well, they overlap. They overlap in a lot of different things. So, I kind of wanna do a combined lecture set with those particular eight episodes. So, when we get to those when we’re doing a shadow type comparisons, it’s gonna be a little bit more interesting. But still definitely important, shadow type is a huge thing because for example, the test results can often put you in your shadow instead of your ego. And then it’s like inaccurate or not. So that’s why we’re doing them and that’s why it’s important. But in the meantime, we’re going to be doing types who have the same judging functions right now. And that’s what season 11 is all about, similar judging. 


So, we have the ISFJ compared to the INFJ. So, let’s talk about both of them from interaction style and temperament standpoint. So, they are both affiliative. They all always are focusing on doing what’s right, for example. And doing what’s right is a big deal. So, they’re not pragmatic. They’re very affiliative. Whereas the ISFJ is very concrete. So, they’re focused on the what is whereas the INFJ is very abstract. So, it’s focused on the what if basically. And it’s like, “Oh, it’s a sensor versus an intuitive.” Yeah, that’s why. Concrete versus like what if, et cetera. So, temperament wise, that basically means the ISFJ is the guardian, which is the past focused, duty-based protectors, traditionalist, et cetera. And based on that, ISFJs… They’re all about what they should do. They’re not about what they want to do. Never ask an ISFJ what they want to do. Ask the INFJ what they want, because the INFJ is all about what they want. It’s all about that passion. It’s all about that desire, et cetera that they have within them and whatnot. So, that’s kind of the direction that they go, which is dope because who wouldn’t want to show that idealistic course and going to an idealistic crusade like an INFJ would. I mean, who doesn’t? So, with that in mind, the INFJ is an idealist. So, they’re very people-focused. They’re very fervent in their feelings, people mean so much to them, but they’re very what if. And it’s all about the what if regarding people and that allows them to have this idealistic standpoint where it seems like the idea of the NF or the NF temperament is really focused upon going in the direction towards creating utopia for mankind. It kind of seems to be the end result or at least at a minimum, create a mini utopia for at least some people to enjoy, if not everyone. So, that’s just kind of how idealist are kind of work. They’re always seeking the ideal. They’re always seeking to better mankind as we know it. And that’s what INFJs do which is really great for us. And unless INFJ are willing to execute on that and become that trailblazer and beat that path for the rest of us to follow. Mankind, our future is basically screwed because the future of mankind is very intertwined with the INFJ specifically because as the INFJ’s like the tip of the spear. 


If all of mankind is in the shape of a triangle with the foundation being the SJs and the middle part SPs, the next part being like a mixture of NTs and NFs, but they’re very tip of the triangle as it’s moving the path forward of humanity, et cetera, that is their Ni Hero, et cetera. That is the INFJ’s purpose. They’re like the tip of the spear. They’re that thing that is in the front of humanity, dividing the path and beating that path for us to follow them and taking humanity to that next level. That next idealistic level and growing the maturity of humanity, basically in terms of how we approach social and interaction and people skills, et cetera, which is awesome that INFJs do that. ISFJs protect faith and traditions. And they’re very involved with spirituality and religion, et cetera. That can also be really cool gear heads and very apropos to… Well, let’s just say that they have some good skill when it comes to even mechanics and being ingenious and ingenuity because they’re ENTP subconscious, which we’ll talk about. So, they have all these benefits. The guardians, all about keeping people safe, they’re very natural. The INFJ is the sage, it’s more of like trying to get wisdom and exude wisdom to others because the number one export of the INFJ is to make people better. It’s to improve fellow human beings, which makes them fantastic teachers. Jesus was an INFJ, but he’s also a teacher. Same thing with Gandhi, et cetera. So, this just gives you an idea of how they’re able to go. That being said, interaction styles, they’re completely different. ISFJs are behind the scenes. They’re very behind the scenes, very informative, very responding, very controlled. 


They take their time doing things, for example. They go at their own pace whereas the INFJs trying to move as quickly as possible trying to get to their destination. This is a very movement-oriented and they’re very direct . They say what they mean, mean what they say, et cetera. As I say, a million times on this channel. The INFJs can be very directive and give orders whereas an ISFJ is not really gonna do that. They’re going to give the other person the opportunity to choose their role in the conversation. And that’s just kind of how it works out from their standpoint. So, anyway, with that in mind, you have the finisher who is the INFJ. They’re focused on finishing things. They have a hard time starting things. Whereas the ISFJ is more of the background type. They’re behind the scenes. They’re in the shadows, et cetera. Don’t really wanna be exposed even though they expose other people, which is kind of interesting. It’s like that spotlight from the darkness or that laser beam from the darkness that you kind of see it’s like, “Wait, wait, wait a minute. Where’s that coming from?” They’re, “Oh, it’s probably an ISFJ.” So, just to kind of give you a difference in terms of their interaction style and their temperament, because if you know a person’s interaction style and you know their temperament, you instantly know their type through the type grid. 


Which by the way, speaking of the type grid, we have a new type grid that is released on the website. All you have to do to get the new type grid and it also includes the temperament matrix. The temperament matrix, according to this guy, Stephen Montgomery. And speaking of Stephen Montgomery, congratulations Kate K. You are the winner of this book. So, email me your contact details and you’ll get either a free hard copy like this or paperback, I guess, technically. Or an electronic copy, whichever one is your choice. And we’ll send that right to you. But again, see what Montgomery talks about the temperament matrix. We utilize the temporary matrix to identify someone’s temperament. We use the interaction style. So, identify someone’s interaction style to figure out what type they are plus their temperaments like time stables. The type grid… The new updated type grid is available on my website, Go to the website, throw your email on the front and you can download that. If you’re on my Discord Server, you don’t have to do that. You can actually find it on my Discord Server. To get to the Discord Server, the link is in the description below. Click on that link, make an account, you’re on Discord with the community, the CSJ community. We have hundreds of people on this Discord Server talking every day. It’s a fantastic environment that we’ve been able to create. And there’s a channel called CSJ’s Source Material. You can go to that channel, check the pinned information and you could find a list of books that have been read or used as source material, but you can find the link to that location on my website where you can actually just download the type grid if you’re not willing to put it in your email, that’s perfectly fine. Download the free copy of the type grid and you’re good to go. And you are armed to be able to type anyone, including yourself accurately without the use of a stupid test, which causes mistypes and inaccuracy. And that would be a serious issue. So, you have that. You’re armed, you’re good, and you know what you’re doing and awesome, you can become a contributor and help learn and practice typing on my Discord Server. So, why not do that. That’d be nice. 


So, that being said, let’s actually dive into the cognitive functions of both of these types. So, we have introverted sensing hero. Introverted sensing hero of the ISFJ is really, really interesting because what it does is, it’s this thing where they just remember everything. They have high, long-term memory access. So, you could have a 90 year old ISFJ and they’ll tell you stories about when they five years old on a regular basis, because they literally remember everything. And seriously, they really remember everything. It’s also their sense of duty, it’s their sense of honor, it’s their sense of conviction. They make decisions based on conviction. They make decisions based on what they should do and not necessarily what they want to do. Why is that? Well, because that’s why INFJs exists. Because we have Ni Hero. Ni Hero is all about will power. It’s all about finding the best path forward. It’s all about what the INFJ wants to do. Although, technically, introverted sensing is also kind of wanty. So, let’s talk about want a little bit, what that means. When I say want, I’m typically referring to introverted intuition, because it’s about willpower. It’s about desire, it’s about passion. And that’s what introverted intuition is all about. But introverted sensing, people can use the word want when they’re talking about introverted sensitive because they’re like, “I want to receive this experience. I want to have that taste over there.” It’s about something that’s more tangible in that regard. Whereas there’s some tangibility, it’s for an intuition, but that’s attached to extroverted sensing. It’s like, “I want to give you a good experience. I want to give you this sensation.” Whereas this one is you want extroverted intuition inferior, it’s all about what you want. You want to give me a good experience. So, it’s different! This is why I typically talk about want and desire. I usually attach it to introverted intuition. Although, technically, English language speaking, Si users like myself do say want in that way. And we are kind of referring to our Si, but predominantly, when people are very wanty and very willful, it’s all about introverted intuition, which is why I attach that terminology to it. But again, think about it. Introverted intuition simply is willpower. Whereas introverted sensing simply is discipline. Discipline, discipline, discipline. 


And the discipline that Si Hero can have, it makes Si Heroes super good at dancing, super good at martial arts, because it takes a lot of self-discipline. Because they’re able to mimic the movements. Introverted sensing and extroverted intuition on an axis with each other… By the way, if you have not seen my lecture on cognitive axis, A, X, I, S. Cognitive axis, that lecture’s in season one, you got to check that out. Also, the eight cognitive spectra, which basically means that I’d like these… So, we have all of this and we have all of this. It basically turns our heads and they’re like radios. And how does that make, we’re like literally radio transceivers. The eight cognitive spectrum. Check out that lecture as well. It’s also part of season one and check out the other lecture, the cognitive transitions. You’ll have a better idea of how the four sides of the mind and how the cognitive functions interact with each other. Please check that out. That’s in season one playlist on this channel. So, introverted sensing, all about discipline. They have self-discipline and they’re able to take that self-discipline and go places with it because they do what they should do. It’s about mimicry. Whereas introverted intuition, it’s willpower like we just said. It’s all about what they want. It’s not about where they’re going, it’s about what is the best path forward for me? Whereas the Si Hero of the ISFJ it’s like, “No, no, no, you tell me the path. You tell me what I should do. You tell me how I should behave and that’s what I will do.” That’s how ISFJs works. They want to be told what to do. Whereas the INFJs do not want to be told what to do. They want to find what they want. They want to find the best path forward. This is how introverted intuition works. They want to find the best or ideal path forward for themselves. And that’s why they have like the sniper rifle and they’re just laser focused on these things. And they can get this insane focus that introverted intuition can and focus all their energy onto one thing at a time. And they can really smash it really, really well. And they can outperform others as a result of that. However, the ISFJ can also outperform even INFJs. How? Throughout lasting. Because they have such high self-discipline that gives them endurance They have this insane endurance. 


The ISFJ out of all the types can take the most punishment. They could take the most physical punishment. They can take the most pain. They can take the most suffering out of all the types. They literally can outlast anyone. No one can outlast an ISFJ. Well, INFJ, they’re not really good at outlasting things, but what they are really good at is surviving. Somehow, some way, just like Goku said in “Dragon Ball Z”, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And they’re able to find that way. Somehow, some way introverted intuition just kicks in. It’s like they have liquid luck. And then like, somehow they always get through these insanely crazy situations because Si Demon keep throwing them into these crazy situations. And then I hear, “I was always able to navigate their way out.” It’s like they’re like slippery when it comes to life. And it’s like, “Wow, how?” And it’s the same thing with INTJs, by the way, ’cause they have Ni Hero as well. Ni Hero can just literally get through anything. And that’s literally how they’re even able to do this is because it’s really intuition. It’s like liquid luck, it’s like pop, pop, pop and they just get through. They always find the best path forward. They always get through. Especially me, extroverted intuition hero because they are masters of their own fate. Introverted intuition is all about masters of their own fate. Whereas extroverted intuition is masters of fate in general, masters of everyone’s fate, essentially. However, extroverted intuition hero, which is my hero function. If I try to influence introvert intuition hero of the INFJ, I could influence them for sure, but up to a point because it’s still… Introverted intuition is a source function whereas extroverted intuition is seeking the source of introverted intuition, which means introverted intuition can still technically beat Ne. Ne Hero will still technically lose to Ni Hero in the end because Ni Hero still at the end of the day, wants to go where it wants to go. Just like it says in the matrix reloaded, when Neo is talking to the architect and Neo says, “Well, the problem is choice. That’s exactly it.” 


The problem is choice. And introverted hero always has a choice. It doesn’t matter how much influence you exude upon it. It still has a choice and it will still always make it’s choice regardless of how much influence it has on. And this is one of the reasons why INFJs are the tip of the spear for our race to be able to bring about positive social change for our race to increase the maturity of our race, to move our race forward to have a better future collectively. That is what the INFJ does, but they do it not just collectively from everyone. They do it one person at a time. And then it just slowly builds up. And then those people build up other people then it just spreads. And that’s how INFJs do it. That’s how they affect people with their sense of idealism. And extroverted intuition is able to chart that course forward. And like a laser beam, a sniper rifle, they’re able to chart that course and move forward and blaze that path so that those following them will follow them through the process. And as a result, our race grows because where INFJs go, technically, that’s where our race goes. So, if you know an INFJ, support them! They need it. And let’s talk about why. Both of these types of Extroverted Feeling Parent, both of them have this. Extroverted Feeling Parent and Introverted Thinking Child Introverted Thinking Child, guess what? They’re not aware of what you think at all, because they’re Te Trickster, because they’re Ti Child, they automatically have Te Trickster. Te trickster is just completely unaware of what other people say. That’s a problem because Ti Child can alienate people and they can be like super alienating. And why? 


Well, it’s because they’re not aware that other people already thinking the same things that they’re thinking. So, when they’re telling someone what they think, that person is like, “Well, I’ve already thought of that.” And they can actually cause them to feel alienated. It could cause them to think that the ISFJ or the INFJ are talking down to them. It’s no wonder that both these types actually kind of are like really lonely and they kind of feel alone and they wish people would invite them to things. But the reason why people don’t is because people are like, “Well, I don’t wanna deal with her or him telling me what they think, because I just feel so stupid around them.” And then because of that, they could kind of get alienating. It gets even worse, why? Well, Fe Parent! Fe Parent has this super high mega social standard, super high social standard, that if anyone breaks social rules or social norms, especially, spiritual rules, ethical rules idealistic rules, et cetera, social norms, social behavior. If they’re not enforced, because guess what? Both of these types enforce social behavior more so on the ISFJ side, because they’re focused on justice because it’s duty sensing hero with a sense of duty, honor, conviction. It’s all about justice. And they end up believing that if you’re breaking social rules, it is their duty to punish you. It is their duty to discipline you. And as much as that they themselves will be disciplined because they have Si Hero. “Well, because I’m disciplined. 


I’m gonna make me discipline of my Se Nemesis. And I’m going to give you an experience. And I’m gonna force you to behave in a certain way because you better behave in a certain way. You better respect our traditions. You better respect this family. You better respect our belief system.” And they force you, they force on you because they believe it is their ethical, moral responsibility, their duty to force you to behave in this way. “You got to have your manners, man. If you kill them, they won’t learn nothing.” That is the ISFJ way. They meet out justice because if they see you behaving unjust, they will believe, “Oh, I’ve just been empowered by your injustice to exert justice upon you. And I’m going to do that whether you like it or not.” That is how Fe Parent can get. And combined with Ti Child, they can be very alienating for other people. I know because truth be told, I felt alienated by my own mother doing that to me. As I’ve admitted, because she is an ISFJ. I’ve also felt alienated by INFJs in my life who’ve been doing the same thing to me. They’re like, “You can’t behave that way Fi Trickster.” And it’s like, “Well, I don’t know any different Fi Trickster! So, what business do you have judging me? If I actually had a sense of moral principles or a sense of morality. Yeah, sure, I’d probably agree with you, but I don’t. So, stop judging me by your own standard and start judging me by my standard. Oh, but that would require you to understand me. And yet INFJs kind of at times arrogant, we believe that they understand people.” And it’s like, “No, no, you don’t.” 


You may understand their nurture. But let me tell you, INFJs, you don’t understand their nature. And that’s the problem. You’re only getting half the equation. Maybe you should learn the type grid and the temperament matrix. And then you start to understand the cognitive functions and then you start to understand their nature. Wow! Oh wait, that’s why I do this channel. Anyway, the point is, make sure that you’re going in that direction. It’s very important that both these types understand that they can be alienating other people. Now, Fe Parent has a lot of good to it though. Fe Parent is very nurturing, it’s very helpful. And it contributes so much to other people. And INFJs, especially, need to have opportunities to contribute to others. ISFJs not as much, but INFJs, absolutely, because both types, they both crave recognition. They both crave other people valuing them and being grateful and thankful for those contributions, but way more so the INFJ. The INFJ absolutely needs it with the Fe Parent and combined with their Se Inferior, because Fe Parent and Se Inferior team up, both these cognitive functions team up and they’re like, “I wanna be able to give people. I want and I hear what to give other people a really good experience so they feel good about me and then they give me the recognition that I give them a good experience, that I contributed to them. So that I can feel good about myself because I feel worthless about myself every day, because I have Fi Critic. And I’m feeling worthless all the time, I feel useless all the time. I want to be the most useful tool in the tool shed. I want to be that person that… I want to make them feel so good about me that sometimes they’re bragging about how awesome I am to their friends. And that just makes me feel so good inside,” et cetera. 


Yeah, that’s like the number one need. The number one need of INFJs is words of affirmation. Actually, no, that’s not true. Loyalty is. Loyalty is their number one need because of Se Inferior. Their second need is actually words of affirmation followed by quality time. Why? Because if they don’t have shared experiences with you, if they’re not able to use their extroverted sensing Inferior and have shared experiences with you, well, guess what? You’re kind of screwed! That relationship is screwed. They have to have that quality time because they believe by having shared experiences and a quality time with you, they think that they’re creating loyalty in you and it’s fulfilling their number one need. They need to have loyalty, because from an INFJ standpoint, if they are giving you this good experience, they’re giving you good sensations, good tastes. They’re seeking to make you comfortable and whatnot. And they’re doing it in a very caring way, very contributory way. Then all of a sudden that creates loyalty. And it’s like they’re permanently etching your soul, permanently etching your soul. And then all of a sudden, you have those edges and you’re able to remember all of the good things that they’ve ever done for you and can recite them. That’s the kind of person they want. They need an Si user to remember all the good things that they’ve ever done so that Si user can always remind them of all the good things I’ve ever done, because when the INFJs screws up, they’ll screw up once and they’ve done a thousand good things and one screw up, but then the Si user’s like, “Well, you’ve done a thousand good things. This screw up, yeah, okay, I’m going to forgive you. It’s so good, I got your back.” That’s the whole point of how INFJ works. So, they need that recognition. They crave that recognition so much. And as much as they need that loyalty, their number one need is loyalty, but they gotta have that recognition too. 


You can’t just do that. ISFJs, they definitely desire recognition, but it’s a little bit different, because instead of that, the recognition that they want is because they literally want… They so much are afraid that you would not want to be around them anymore. Like my mother, she’s afraid that I wouldn’t want to have a relationship with her anymore. She’s afraid that I wouldn’t want to be around her, that I wouldn’t allow my children to be around her, et cetera. She’s literally afraid of these things. But then again, she’s also maintained that it’s her ethical duty to tell me that there’s not enough God coming out in my YouTube channel to you folks right now. She has said this to me multiple times, because yes, my mother watches this YouTube channel and she’s probably going to listen to this episode. That’s how we do it. And I’m glad and thankful that my mother does this, but I’m sorry, the truth is, is that I’m going to make my decision because I don’t do what’s right. Because don’t forget, these are affiliative types! Both these types are affiliative. So, they’re focused on doing the right thing. Guess what? I don’t give a about doing the right thing. I am an ENTP. I do what works. And it kind of sucks that my entire immediate family, they’re all affiliative. My dad is affiliative, my sister’s affiliative, my mother’s affiliative, my sister’s.. Although my sister’s husband, he’s pragmatic. Awesome. He does what he wants. He just does what works. It’s not necessarily doing the right thing. Whereas I’m also someone who just does what works. Doing the right thing is not really a priority to me. I’m doing what works, because guess what? People who are so focused on doing the right thing all the time. Well, I mean, they kind of hire me and they asked me for advice because I’ve been doing what works and they see that I have success in my life because I’m just focusing on doing what works, not necessarily the right thing. And then I give them advice, they like, “Oh, why didn’t I think about that? It’s like, “Because you’re so focused on doing the right thing that you actually never get anything done. Oh, that might be what’s going on.” Anyway, I’m not bagging on my mother here. She’s a fantastic person and I’m thankful that she is my mother and she’s a very beautiful person. And I’m glad that she takes her beliefs very seriously. I’m glad that she lives by conviction. 


She has an insanely good conviction and she’s able to endure so much. And she has been through a lot in her life, let me tell you! And a lot of hurt and a lot of pain, a lot of judgements, a lot of bitterness, a lot of bitter roots, having implants in her life. And she’s been able to get through all of it because she’s got the Si Hero and she’s able to get through anything. Awesome! That endurance, that long suffering, it’s very admirable. And to be honest, because of her example, I also have been able to learn how to use my ISFJ subconscious, because technically my mother and I were both polar opposites, but we have that high comradery. And that high comradery is actually I’m able to learn from her and how to be a better ISFJ with my subconscious. In as much as she’s able to learn from me, especially, when she listens to my YouTube channel or my podcast. And she’s able to learn how to be a better ENTP for ENTP subconscious because guess what? She has ENTP subconscious. How does she get access to the ENTP subconscious? Well, it’s because when she does not get afraid, when she is not afraid of what other people want or afraid of what other people’s intentions are, afraid of what they won’t do. If she’s not afraid anymore, she can become a genius in ENTP and have access to ingenuity. And let me tell you something about my mother. She is ingenious. Some of the cool stuff that she’s actually invented, especially like around the house, around the property that they live on right now. And some of the… And she could take this ingenuity. It’s an amazing interior decorator. She’s like the best I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, wow! 


Like for example, we lived in this trailer thing growing up and she turned this kitchen that we lived in into like this 50s diner thing with neon signs and the checkered linoleum, there’s a spinning wheels that you’d have at a bar. The spinning seats at the bar thing. It was really cool. I thought that was a fantastic work of art. And guess what? That’s what happens. They cause the ENTP ingenuity. She literally has a Tony Stark inside of her. And being like this ingenious person coming up with these amazing, cool ideas. And she actually puts it into practice. She even actually feels it’s her duty to do these things and to make things even more cozy and homey because introverted sensing hero is all about being cozy and homey and comfy, et cetera. And doing those cool projects that she’s able to do using her ingenuity, she’s able to actually produce that result. Why does she do that? Because she was worrying, worrying so much about… With her Se nemesis, worrying that people will have a bad experience when they come to our house ’cause she’s like, “Wow, our house looks like crap. And it looks like a dump on the outside.” But when they come inside, it’s like an adventure. It’s like, “Wow, I didn’t even know that was like in here.” And there’s just so impressed by every single time. And it keeps those people coming back. That’s what ISFJs need. They want people to keep coming back to them. They need people to desire them. They need people to want them because they’re so afraid other people will not want to be around them, will not want to give them an experience or you share experiences with them because ISFJs feel so alone, why? Well, it’s because they alienate people. And we talked about Fe Parent and Ti Child alienation, let’s talk about another form of alienation that both of these types do. Fi Critic! 


Fi Critic is rough for both these types ’cause Fi Critic causes these two types to feel bad at all times. They walk around feeling worthless, feeling not worthy enough. They don’t feel good about themselves. And it’s only after they receive recognition from other human beings that they finally feel good about themselves. And it’s only after that. So, make sure that you give these types of recognition that they deserve because they’re very aware of what they deserve. If you’re giving them recognition that they don’t deserve, they’re gonna negatively react to that. And the ISFJs will be like, “Okay, well, what’s your angle here? What do you wanna do?” And then they’re kind of afraid of you. And they’re going to kind of shy away from you and go even more behind the scenes and even clam up even more. The INFJs can be a little bit different. They’d be like, “Okay, what’s your angle? What’s your intentions? Are you going to betray me?” And then they actually get very confrontational in your face about it with their ESTP subconscious because their Se Inferior is out because they have Se Inferior performance anxiety. INFJs are insanely, insanely afraid of giving other people a bad experience, giving other people a bad smell, a bad sensation. Their voice would sound them or their voice would bother people. This is why INFJs have what’s called the INFJ wisp. When they’re low… Their voice is so low and they’re trying to make their voice sound so cute so that other people don’t have a bad experience with their voice. And that way they’re not pushing people away. When I just want to tell the INFJ to speak up direct, please be direct and speak up. That’d be nice, please, please! That’s the experience I want. I like it when people are direct, especially women. So, they’re direct. And when an INFJ gets over their performance anxiety. And that usually happens because yeah, people like me that exist. 


Si Inferiors and Si Child who’s like, “Oh, hey, you make me really comfortable.” And because I’ve told them so many times. And I am consistent in telling them and consistent with my actions in saying that, “Yes, I am loyal to you. Yes, I am so comfortable with you. Yes, you always give me a good experience.” Their performance anxiety goes away and they are no longer afraid of giving me or other people potentially, a bad experience. And then they’re able to activate their ESTP subconscious which is absolutely awesome. And they’re able to debate people and persuade people and cause people to think things about differently. And guess what? ESTPs build strength. They build strength in others because ENTP subconscious can detect weakness in other people. And they can use their ESTP side to create strength in other people. Because the number one export of the INFJ is to cause people to become better people. And they’re making people better. And then as a result of those improvements to other people, they all of a sudden realize that they are causing those people to become strong. Guess what INFJs? In order for you to actually do that, maybe you should work on your own strength for once because oh, as Jesus said an INFJ, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” What business you have, INFJs not loving your neighbor as yourself? That means like, “Oh, I would have to allow myself to be responsibly selfish. Oh, what? Responsibly selfish? Me selfish? No, I am like the least, the least selfish person in the whole world.” Says like every INFJ ever. How about you folks actually be selfish for once? Oh, because then I’d actually interested in being your friend or in a relationship with you because you’re selfish. You need to be responsibly selfish. If you don’t believe me, watch season six playlist on this YouTube channel, INFJs, “The Four Pillars of Self-intimacy”. If you are not taking responsibility for meeting your own needs, ’cause most INFJs aren’t, if you are not having personal standards, those principles that… Fi Critic principles are super high principles. 


Where, “I have this insanely high moral standard that I hold myself, that I could barely keep up myself and then force everyone else around me to follow which only just causes me alienate them.” Oh wait, ISFJs do the same with Fi Critic too. Have personal standards. Those principles that you hold yourself to so that you are not finding yourself in a situation where you’re not meeting your own needs. You need to hold yourself accountable with your personal standards so you can meet your own needs. And then you have personal boundaries. Those things, those standards that you have, except these are standards for other people so that no other human being externally can inhibit you from meeting your needs. Oh, wait, you just have to actually figure out what your needs are. And then the fourth thing, you finally know what you want. INFJs, stop asking children what they want to be when they grow up. Instead, ask children, “Hey, what do you you’re going to do to meet your own needs when I can no longer meet your needs as your parents?” Oh, that’d be more valuable. Take them down the path of the four pillars of self-intimacy. You have to be self-intimate. You have to love yourself in order for you to love somebody else. You have no business loving someone else, contributing to someone else if you cannot love yourself or contribute to yourself first and guess what? Jesus Christ, an INFJ said that! There’s a reason for that. “Oh, wow, that guy kind of sounds like pretty wise. Maybe we should probably listen to him.” And quite frankly, I don’t care what the church says about the guy because the church is full of crap in my opinion. I’m not really down for the church narrative. I would just kind of read what He says myself and apply this thing called critical thinking and determine whether or not I want to incorporate his philosophy into my personal philosophy for my life. 


And be my own free thinker, instead of just having some guy from the pulpit dictate to me how I should live my life or how I should interpret what’s necessarily being written or what I believe is God’s word or what I believe is my beliefs in general. No, I’m not gonna that. Oh wait, ISFJs do that because ISFJs have this problem and as much as INFJs have this problem, especially when they are immature, that they don’t verify their own beliefs. It is the most frustrating thing in the world. Stop doing it! Please stop doing that! Both of you guys need to stop this! I am so tired of seeing IFJ’s, especially in a church situation. It’s not just a church situation, it’s the same thing with media, social media, newspapers, anything that they read, books, doesn’t matter! They read a whole bunch and they consume a whole bunch, but they do not verify. And I am so sick of it! I am so sick of the lack of verification. You have freaking Ti Child, logical child. It is your duty, ISFJS. It is what you are supposed to be doing. It’s something that you would want to do, obviously, INFJS, because then you’re loving yourself better. if you’re actually verifying your own beliefs. Stop allowing other human beings to dictate what you think about yourselves, to dictate how you feel about yourself, to dictate how you live your life. How about you apply critical thinking and actually focus on seeking the truth for once, instead of allowing someone from a pulpit dictate exactly what you should be believing or what you should be thinking. Ti Child exists to verify everything. So, if you’re verifying everything, do it. “Oh, but Mr. Joseph, I’m afraid if I do that, that I’m just gonna continue to alienate more people. You already seen that I’m really alienate at times.” 


Like, “Yes, both your types can be really alienating, especially if you know you’re immature. But I’m afraid that if I verify… Well, if I don’t verify that more people get around.” I’m sorry, but get the losers out of your life. If those people, guess what? Are not willing to hear the truth from you and they’re too scared of that and that’s too painful for them and they’re no longer in your life. Good, get rid of them! Get the losers out of your life, especially you, INFJs ’cause you’re gonna start mirroring the losers in your life and then you’re gonna become a loser yourself. Don’t believe me, watch my virtue and vice lecture on INFJs. You’ll understand exactly what I mean. Stop allowing your guys’s belief systems to be unverified. Grow up! Grow up and verify your beliefs systems and verify the belief systems of people around you. And then lead by example, both you types. You have faith versus fear for the ISFJ. You have integrity versus corruption for the INFJ. Don’t be corrupt, don’t be afraid! Verify everything and you’ll be more successful in this life, trust me. Oh and guess what? If you’re verifying everything, your performance is going to go up. That performance anxiety is going away and you’re building strength in other human beings. And then they are loyal to you. It’s dope. Yeah, why not do that? Or ISFJs side of things. Aren’t verifying what I believe. I’m verifying what everyone else believes. It’s awesome. And all of a sudden, the people that are actually real people want to be around me and they wanna have shared experiences with me. And then I’m no longer alone and lonely. Yeah, because more Jesus. He said, “If a man is trying to save his life, he will lose it. If a man is willing to lose his life, he will gain it.” Sometimes people, when it comes to relationships that we have with other people, it’s better to just put everything on the line. It’s better to put everything on red on that roulette table. Put it all on red, man! We’re going all in, go all in. You have to be willing to lose your relationships. You have to put them all on the line and stand up for what’s actually true. Stand up for the truth, Ti Child. I’m not talking all biblical, churchy right now. That’s not what I mean. Truth in general. 


Truth, stand up for what’s true. You will be setting people free. You will be set free yourself. And then as a result of that truth and telling that truth to other people, it’s either INFJs is gonna build loyalty for you. Loyalty from people that actually give a damn about you or it’s going to build people to actually want to be around you, ISFJs. They want to have shared experiences with you. They wants to give you a good experience. They want to take you places and invite you to things. Oh, that’d be nice. Then both these types don’t feel alone anymore. That’s how it works. You have to be willing to be edgy. The truth is edgy. I am edgy, edgy AF. I’m very edgy! Ti’s, it’s like literally a double-edged sword. When you cut somebody, you’re cutting them on this edge, but because you’re cutting them, you’re cutting yourself on this edge ’cause this is a double-edged sword. Because it’s also said, “Judge not or you too will be judged by the same measure equally in what you’re judging.” Double-edged sword. So, that’s what that means. That’s what the truth is. Double-edged sword. Because when you’re cutting someone, you’re also cutting yourself at the same time. Don’t be a hypocrite! Verify your belief system, because guess what? If you don’t, you are a hypocrite! Do not be that person. It is the responsibility of both of these types to not be that person because we need these types at their optimal capacity, their optimal capability, because… Well, INFJs are developing wisdom. ISFJs are developing traditions based on that wisdom. Because you take wisdom, but then we’re gonna create rules and regulations and traditions around that wisdom with the ISFJ while the INFJ is creating the wisdom as they go. That’s literally how it works. That is the relationship between these two types for our races as we know it. The INFJ seeks, finds, develops wisdom and the ISFJ takes that wisdom and creates traditions based on that wisdom so that children can relearn and nurtured as a result of that wisdom. The problem is that tradition gets stale, because guess what? Tradition is nothing more than the corpse of wisdom. So, it has to be renewed. The traditions have to be renewed, ISFJs. You can’t hold onto something forever. Everything eventually dies. So, let things die and create new traditions. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what the SPs that you’re built for being in relationships with anyway, it’s what they need the most. So, why not do it? Bang, I’m on fire today! Oh yeah! So, talk about Ne Nemesis. INFJs are very worried about the intentions of the people. This often leads them to jumping to conclusion about other people’s intent. I’ve often heard INFJs, even INFJ women that have been my girlfriend that I’ve loved very, very deeply. Tell me to my face that, “Oh, I’m just cheating on them.” Even though I’m not. Then I’m like, “I’m an NTP soul. 


Hey, if I’m gonna do the time, amaze will do the crime.” Stop jumping to conclusions about other people’s intentions. Verify, verify everything! That way, if you suspect something, verify it and then for a fact it’s true. Verify everything. Use that Ti child. It’s the most innocent divine part of you for both these types. Watch out for Ne Nemesis. We already talked about Fi Critic. How they feel so worthless, so that’s why I need to give them recognition so they always feel good. They need to feel good about themselves. They need to feel like their contributions and the nurtures that they’re do for other people are actually worth something. They want to feel like they’re valued. And then there’s Ti Trickster. They’re just not aware of what other people think. And that’s what causes them to constantly tell people what they think themselves unaware of what other people think, which can lead to alienation. It’s a huge weakness. So, recognize INFJs and ISFJs that people actually think things and people might actually be smart enough around you and it might already know what you’re telling them. So, what you do is verify. ask them, “Hey, I was thinking about this. How do you feel about that?” You ask them! You ask the other person. Don’t just bulldoze and tell them what you think the truth. You ask the other… Find out the other person knows the truth already. Find out! Ask them how they feel about some of your ideas and then you’ll understand like, “Okay, yeah, I think that this person is tracking already.” And that way that person doesn’t feel alienated. Give them a better experience or cause them to want to share an experience with you for ISFJs. Give them a better experience, INFJs. And then obviously, Se Nemesis for the ISFJ, very worried about the physical environment. My mother would often time my shoes for me. She would be picking off me all the time. She just didn’t want my aesthetics look terrible. She also made sure our house is always clean, absolutely pristine! And to be honest, I’m so thankful for that that it was so pristine when I was little. And even though I was kind of a slob, let’s be honest, but I’ve taken that pristiness into my adulthood with my own ISFJ ’cause I’ve learned it from my mother. And she has actually made my ISFJ that much more capable as a result of her direct influence on my life. That also includes… 


Like I talked about, INFJs are out there creating wisdom and developing wisdom. And then the ISFJs are creating traditions based on that. And then she, my mother, she would read me books of wisdom all the time. And I have that knowledge ingrained within me growing up. And to this day, I use all of those things that I learned, wisdom-based things I learned from my mother. And I bring that into my YouTube channel on a regular basis. From whatever source of which she was reading me at the time, it was very important! It helped me grow because I was following her ISFJ example for my own ISFJ subconscious as an ENTP. That’s how she can contribute to me. INFJs how they contribute to me with their ESTP subconscious? They make me stronger. They expand my horizons. They make me less insecure about doing new things ’cause I have fear and I am afraid of getting outside my comfort zone. And INFJs put me outside of my comfort zone for my own good and they grow me. INTJs do this as well. Thank God for both two types. Because of you, I am able to grow. I’m able to become a better person. I am able to become more effective. I am able to do better by this audience here on this YouTube channel specifically because of types like that who have Se Inferior. Let me tell you, you do not have to be afraid. Se Inferior makes me comfortable by default. And I love it. So, you don’t have to be afraid of whether or not you’re performing badly or good enough around me because guess what? 


You already are by default. And as a result, I’m already loyal to you by default because you’re always giving me a good experience. You can’t not give me a good experience, thus, I can not, can’t not be loyal to you. Si Demon! Si Demon is hard for INFJs ’cause it causes them to have bad experiences in life, especially with their health. INFJs, they’re very prone to poor health in their life. And because they’re very prone to poor health… It’s like their mind is just predisposed to giving them horrible, rare diseases, et cetera or bad medical experiences. But their Ni Hero, because of its amazing survival power, they’re also able to survive just as much. My uncle, he’s an INFJ and he had this huge heart condition and it was like really bad. And they tore out this baseball-sized clot outside of his heart and he still survived. He’s still alive to this day. Cut all of that Ni Hero survival, love it. It’s like liquid luck. They always get through. And that just increases my faith in them as well because I always know that they’re always going to get through. Absolutely amazing! 


And I can always depend on them. I can always depend on Ni Hero. It makes me feel super secure. It makes me feel super comfortable. And thank you Se Inferiors for being able to provide that to me, Ni Heroes, et cetera. And then, Ni Demon! Never ask an ISFJ what they want, because here’s the thing. if you do not state your intentions to the ISFJ ahead of time, they’re gonna become very upset and they’ll be like, “Oh, okay! You wanna do that? Fine, well, here’s what I wanna do.” And then they just gonna start wanting to plot against you. They’re really going to strategize on how to take you out. And then they’re gonna execute those strategies against you and they’re going to take you out. They’re gonna destroy your reputation. They’re gonna believe that it’s their moral duty to do it. They’re gonna give you a really bad experience. They’re going to want to do this. And they’re like, “We’ll fully desire to screw you over basically” because INTJ super ego is all about being vindictive and revenge. It’s all about revenge! So, how do you avoid this? Always tell the ISFJ what you’re going to do before you do it. Always give the ISFJ the recognition that they deserve and you will never have to deal with that super ego. And they will be loyal to you to the end, to the point of falling off of a cliff for you, willing to endure tons of torture, pain for you. 


And INFJs for their Si Demon, always tell them that they’re giving you a good experience. Always be loyal to them. You’ll never have to deal with ISTJs super ego. And which is that judge, jury and executioner. They will elect themselves judge, jury and executioner and they will cut you off in their life. Like literally chop your head off, metaphysically speaking and you’re dead to them. And they’ll just do it and you’ll have nothing left. To avoid that, tell them about how you’re continuing to show them that you are loyal to them through your actions not just your words. And thank them, give them recognition for all the good contributions that they do to you and whatnot. And you’ll never have to deal with that ISTJ superego and demon, demonic and verse. Awesome! 


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