Season 10, Episode 7 Transcript


– Hey guys. It’s CS Joseph with doing another lecture for season 10 just for all you ego hackers out there. But this particular episode is not necessarily about ego hacking. We’re going to be talking about how INTJ is compared to INFJ’s. And this is probably one of the most requested lectures these days since like, I mean, a lot of people have been going through the various Playlist’s on, they be going through a lot of the various playlists here on the YouTube channel and also for like the podcast and whatnot. Just by the way, like I would like to mention that, like if you don’t know how to navigate the YouTube channel like seasons one through 21, although there’s a couple of missing seasons and I’ll explain that in a second, they largely exist on, on the YouTube channel specifically for you to figure out, you know, by subject to learn things. Like I get that a lot of you folks like to cherry pick videos on this channel, and that’s fine. You can cherry pick as much as you want. But I mean, if you’re going to be one of those butt head you know, for example, NFP’s or STJ’s that are, or you’re just watching your, your own, like your, like say for example, you’re like an INFP, right? And you go watch the INFJ channel because you think for some reason you’re an INFJ cause that’s what the test told you, you know you’re going to be like, Oh, now he’s so rude. And I’m not that way. And err, and then you like don’t even want to listen anymore. And then you just leave and never come back, right? When eventually you do come back because you realize you may actually be wrong about that. But consider for a second that you might be mistyped. And if you are mistyped you’re obviously not going to resonate with the video but if you are actually typed properly then you will resonate with the video. You have to understand that. But here’s the thing though. You can’t just watch just one video. You know what I’m saying? 


Every single video on this channel is connected together in some kind of grand narrative. If you want to understand like the entire story about what it is we’re talking about here you might want to spend the time and guess what? Watch the 200 plus episodes that we have on this channel or on the podcast, it’s actually worth it. Why is it worth it? Well, you get to see the whole picture, right? I’m an ENTP. Okay. And everything for me is about the whole picture. The big picture. It’s not about being singularly focused on one thing. It’s about getting everything done eventually. It’s not about having that one little singular focus, et cetera. So anyway, trying to adjust the camera there so it’s not like shaking uncontrollably. I think I got it better now. So anyway, that being said, how do INTJ’s compare to INFJ’s? So why is this the rarest or why is this most requested lecture? I think it’s because these two types out of everyone are the types that end up trying to understand anything that has to do with union analytical psychology. They first get into something called the MBTI, which for those of you that are not aware, I’m actually against the MBTI. I think the MBTI is basically a crock of crap and a throw it in the dumpster and light it on fire and throw that dumpster fire down the Hill. I really don’t care because the MBTI is nothing more than a test. And that test is inaccurate. I would say that test is only up to 40% accurate and that’s based on metrics that we’ve created by analyzing people on our own discord server. Right? We have over, last I checked, we had over 1200 people on active on the discord server. So it’s a really big community that we have which is fantastic, special, thanks to the moderator team for making that happen, which we really appreciate and whatnot. 


But still like from a discord point of view 40% accuracy with the MBTI test based on our own metrics of our own community, that’s pretty sad. So those of you who are new to the channel, like watch out. If you think that you’re type certain way, because some kind of test told you, you’re wrong, like, sorry, statistically you’re wrong. And you’re probably a Te user who’s not verified. And then using like the reference point of the, Using the reference point of the test to do that. 


Who are Te users? STJ’s, NFP’s, SFP’s, and NTJ’s. You guys are the Te users and you’re more likely to believe what the test tells you instead of actually verifying it for yourself. More likely, not saying that’s what’s actually happening. I’m just saying that that’s likely behavior for Te users. So be aware of that. So at least spend the time verifying. I actually spoke to an INTJ yesterday who his Ti critic was bothering him so bad that he just had to verify who he was. He asked me for assistance. I provide the assistance. It was fantastic. I’m very happy to have been there for him and to help him verify. So yeah But this is the most requested lecture. And again, why is that? It’s because people who introvert intuitives so INTJ’s, INTP’s, INFP’s are the biggest audience when it comes to anything MBTI or Jungian Analytical Psychology or depth psychology related, right? For some reason, these types just really, really really struggle. It’s because they don’t really understand themselves and they don’t understand other people because they’re trying to compare themselves to other people or they’re trying to figure out why, you know when it comes to life, they’re constantly, you know pick last or alone, or they can’t really interface with other people, or they get highly sensitive. There’s a ton of different, there’s a plethora of different reasons as to why, and they’re just trying to find answers, right? Well, it’s no different for these two types. Why is that?


 Because guess what folks, these two types are the rarest of all the types. And I didn’t mean rare. The rarest of the types. INTJ is 1% of the population. INFJ is 0.5% of the population. One out of every hundred people on this planet is an INTJ, one person out of every 200 people is an INFJ. And then when you break it up in terms of male, female, gender, it gets even worse. If you look at a female INTJs, they make up like 1% or potentially, or is 20%, it’s extremely low. I would say, let’s say it’s 1%, right? I mean, I’m guessing there so take that with like a huge grain of salt. I’ve read like different sources on that. So it may not like be the most accurate thing but the INTJ female is insanely rare. Whereas the, the, the male INFJ is also pretty rare cause there’s more female INFJ’s than there are male INFJ’s, and there is more male INTJ’s than there is female INTJ’s so there’s a lot of rarity there. So like 1% of the 1%, right, is, is the INTJ female. And then it’s like the reverse side for like the males. The males are even rarer than the females INFJ. So understand that like gender actually skews the numbers even more. So just because, you know, you say like, Oh this type is more rare than others. Well, ha, that’s nice. But then you have to drill down into the data and look at it. Okay. Well, hold on. How does gender compare and gender makes it even harder for these two types. So, but anyway, I would like to state though that these two types are literally my most favorite. I love INJ’s. INJ’s are the dopest. Oh my gosh. They’re so amazing. I love IMJ’s. Most people think I hate INJ’s because when they join this channel they’re like, Oh, you know, I watched that. Who are the INFJ’s and you really, you just really crap on us pretty hard you know, you’re obviously biased and you know, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Like how dare you, you know? 


And it’s like, yeah, well all the other INFJ folk out there like for example, there’s people who claim to be INFJ’s it’s all about sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and rainbows falling out of their butts. You know what I’m saying? And it’s like, no, that’s not actually what happens. And then like the reason why folks is because you have INFP’s who think they’re INFJ’s. Because guess what? The culturally accepted definition of what an INFJ is is actually an INFP. So when people read about INFJ’s they’re actually reading about INFP’s, and it’s like, this is like everywhere. Okay. You’ll find this on a whole bunch of the other YouTubers out there and I’m not calling them out. So like, seriously, I’m not calling them out. Like a lot of are pretty cool people. Like for example, Frank James, that guy is really cool. Let’s be honest. He even called me one time. I really like the guy. I think he’s fantastic. But you know, and then there’s also, there’s also, you know, like like Love Lou, for example, she’s really nice. She’s pretty fantastic as well. You know, I like a lot of these YouTubers. Eric Thor messaged me one time, you know congratulating me on success. That’s great. Don’t really have much exposure to Dave Powers. Dave Superpowers. I watched like three of his videos like a year ago, whatnot, but like never really, not a year ago, like many years ago, like six years ago or something like that, maybe five years ago, long time ago. And you know, I was like, okay, cool. But the one, the one YouTube channel that I really do enjoy in terms of typing is actually Brian Chambers. I really do enjoy Brian Chambers work at times because he’s not completely focused on psychology. Although he talks about it, he’s got a really well-rounded channel. And I think he’s definitely doing things now from a psychology standpoint do I agree with everything he says? No, not really. I wish he would talk a little bit more about like the four sides of the mind, but, but he has a pretty decent understanding of cognitive functions. And like, I actually reached out to him a long time ago to collab. He’s like, no, and I’m like, okay, that’s fine, man. It’s all good. But yeah. So anyway, but the point is is that when people are typically especially intruded intuitives they almost always end up on like the who or the INFJ’s lecture, which is like season three episode, like 12 or something like that. 


I think it’s episode 12. So yeah, season three, episode 12. And if you just read the comments of that lecture it’s just insane, you know, or if you go. And sometimes you can actually read the comments on the who or the INTJ’s video, which is episode 11 for season three. And it’s like, holy smokes. Like what is going on here, people? But yeah. I mean these two types, I mean typically can be the most misunderstood of all the types. Guess what, ENTP’s I could technically say are the absolute misunderstood. And people are like, Hey, I am biased, right? Yes. So yes, Joseph here. I am biased. I admit it, get over it. Like seriously, get over it. Everyone is biased. Like if you think that no one out there is truly biased, you’re out of your mind. And it’s usually an INFP or an ISTJ out there who’s claiming that they’re unbiased and to which I’m going to say, I’m sorry, folks. You’re actually the most partial out of everybody. So don’t even go there with me. Like seriously. And just you wait until I release the how to social engineer INFP’s. You’re going to find out that that’s like not actually like, Oh, cause you may not think it’s that easy. It’s really easy to social engineer an INFP. Like, it’s really easy. So like, don’t like, like get off the high horse please, get on the pony. You know what I’m saying? Get on the pony. Yup. That is like literally my new ism these days, my new CS Joseph statement #getonthepony, like seriously get on that bed and make it folks because people need to realize that when you’re on your high horse and you’re being like arrogant, conceited and like lacking in humility you need to get on the freaking pony. 


Like seriously, the pony is still going to get you to where you need to go but you don’t have to be arrogant about it. Right. And of course at this point, you know the audience is like, Oh wow Mr. CS, Joseph, I actually think you’re one of the more arrogant people I’ve ever met. So maybe you need to get on the pony. Like trust me, like I’m trying to get on the pony here. Like I need to get on the pony. So #getonthepony, you know? So I’ll lead from the front, but I’ll be on the pony, if you know what I’m saying, because like, and we need to like pony up, right? Like seriously pony up here. That’s the issue, you know, arrogance and pride as a problem. And guess what folks why am I talking about pride and arrogance? Because these two types really struggle with that. We’re going to be talking about that today. You know what I’m saying? As like #nohands, right? So anyway, season 10, episode seven, that means we got one more episode after this. And I’m so excited because that means we’re gonna be completing another season, finally. Don’t forget what seasons are open still. Season 10, season 14. We also have season 17, season 18 and season 21. So we have five seasons for what we call the basics. There’s also going to be season 22 which is only going to be available if you are on our email list, season 22 is only available if you’re on our email. Cause we’re only sending the link out to watch those on our email. And then I know you guys don’t like any spam by people but you’re going to want to get spammed by us. You know what I’m saying? Because you’re going to get private lectures. 


Even if you’re not even a Patreon member you still get that lecture. Now, if you are a Patreon member and you’re not on the email list that lecture will still be made available to you. So like, don’t worry about that. We got you guys we got our Patreons. Our Patreons are the dopest. Don’t worry about it. We got you. But season 22 we’re gonna be talking about cognitive transitions. Okay. And then season 23 we’re going to be talking about maturity. So, but yeah. Anyway, seasons one through 21 are the basics. They are the absolute basics. That is the foundation of the science. That is the foundation of depth psychology. And then above season 21 we’re getting into intermediate, intermediate subjects and it’s going to be amazing. And then also we’re going to be launching Eagle hacker. And I think you folks are going to definitely love what we’re going to be doing with Eagle hacker as well. We’ll also be working with some other people to get our production quality up. So, but anyway. So yeah, these two types are the rarest of the rare. How do INTJ’s compare to INFJ’s? So typically we’ve seen, you know, people as INFP’s who think they’re INFJ’s or people who think they’re INFJ’s they’re really INFP’s or like vice versa back and forth. I haven’t really had as many INTJ versus INTP folk confusing each other. It’s more of INTJ’s confusing themselves with INFJ’s. The letter dichotomies of the MBTI test are absolute crap. Yeah. I’m sorry. Like Isabel Myers, if you’re like twisting in your grave right now, get over yourself, like seriously. Just seriously, get over yourself. 


You created an inferior system. I’m sorry, like it’s inferior. Thank you for getting us at least to this point though because the way the collective unconscious works kind of needed your work to actually be able to get to this point of understanding. But I’m sorry, your work is outdated. It’s time for us to move on to something better. You know what I’m saying? Cognitive functions, four sides of the mind, let’s actually take control of our cognition and our psychology for once as a race mainstream it, let’s create some laws based on this stuff. So we’re not harming our children anymore or our relationships and then start reaching a higher quality of life on the earth as we know it, because guess what? Everyone like literally knows everything there is to know about this. So I have no idea why I’m actually wearing these because like, I don’t even care. Kind of odd, but great. So awesome. So INJ’s, my most favorite of all the types. Now don’t get me wrong. I love all NJ’s. I love ENFJ’s I love ENTJ’s. I think, I think they’re fantastic. I had the honor of dating all of the NJ’s in my life and I have to say, I, you know while I did have some bad experiences with each, I had some really, really good experiences with, with each of the NJ’s in my life. Some of them taught me some different things like the ENFJ that I was with for four years, taught me more to be more human and also take responsibility as a parent and kind of prioritize things higher, you know from a parenting point of view. And I’m very thankful and grateful to her for, for that as well. 


The ENTJ I was with really helped me, you know from a business standpoint, develop habits of getting organized, which is also pretty fantastic. The INFJ that I was with kind of helped me learn how to enjoy life a little bit more and not be like such a workaholic all the time, even though, guess what folks I am a workaholic. And the INTJ’s in my life, you know, taught me the value of family, for example. And also it’s interesting, even though they have like Fe Trickster, they also taught me like the value of human relationships, you know because honestly I took a lot of relationships for granted, right. And I come to realize like, with INTJ specifically even though they have Fe Trickster the few human relationships that they have with their fellow human beings in those social interactions are extremely valuable to them. Absolutely valuable to them. And, you know, and I don’t want to and I don’t want to get in the way of those relationships because you know, and especially like take it from like an INJ standpoint. And then both of them have this issue. If they are not, if they’re not interfacing with other people then their growth is actually like grossly inhibited. Right. And that’s a huge risk that, you know, INJ’s have, you know. And it’s not exactly, it’s not exactly like the healthiest thing, you know? So for those INJ’s out there who are kind of like shut into whatnot, if you’re not having relationships with other people you’re not going to grow, I’m sorry. That’s a fact. And it’s especially worse with INTJ’s because they don’t have Fe parent which kind of forces social interaction on them. And it’s a lot easier for INFJ’s to interface with people than INTJ’s. This is why I maintained, INTJ’s actually have the most difficulty of all of the types with potentially the exception of INTP’s but still INTP’s have Fe so they can still get through social interaction if they could just get over their social anxiety. But INTJ’s especially INTJ women really really struggle with interfacing with other people in a social setting or having, or being able to maintain social relationships on a regular basis. 


And it’s very difficult for them to do so because it’s very draining. It’d be very emotionally draining for them to do this. Right. And, and I’ll admit, like I’ve even emotionally drained INTJ’s especially INTJ women. And it’s just not like, it’s just not the best thing you know, you know, for them at times based, based on that. So it is what it is, right? Like it happens. The thing is though, in order for an INTJ to grow they need to have relationships with other people. And that’s one of the things that, you know, me being in relationships, intimate relationships with INTJ’s I have learned the value of relationships more from their type than anyone else. And it’s funny. Cause you’d think that I learned that from like an NFJ and like, no, no, actually I really learned it from an INTJ because it’s, it’s really hard. It’s really hard for them because, you know, they because of how, just impacted they are by people around them and how sensitive they get around people they’re just super sensitive to it because the Fi child is just like has like endless sympathy for other people but they have to be careful with who they allow themselves to spend that sympathy, you know? And for all of those out there who think like INTJ’s are like empaths, like you’re absolutely wrong and get that idea out of your head and into the dumpster. That’s not true. INTJ’s are sympaths because Fi is sympathy. Okay. They are sympaths, get it right Okay. Whereas INFJ’s are the true empaths because they have Fe parents, though they are empathic. I’m sorry, like get over it. Like, you have to understand that Fe equals empathy and Fi equals sympathy. Okay. So empathically speaking like, and syympathically speaking, get your terms correct, please. It would be very helpful. 


But like, here’s the thing, INTJ’s for example, they only have so much to give with their Fi child. They only have so much and they can’t just give that to everybody else. You know, so, and, you know regardless of the drama in my life, you know like in terms of like relationships that I’ve had in the past with INTJ’s I still appreciate, you know being able to have learned so much from them and learning from their behavior on a regular basis, you know, because for example, being able to like understand how they value and understand their value system when it comes to the relationships, the people that they value the most in their life and the people that are loyal to them, the people that they have sympathy for, the people that they help get organized and make them more intelligent et cetera, the people who that they, they they just do not like go off because their Ni hero just wants to be around them and just doesn’t let go of those people. It’s actually a very interesting thing to watch. And, you know, for an ENTP like myself it actually can provide healing, which is which is excellent. You know? And I had the opportunity, for example, of having like my own family, you know, healed in a lot of ways, you know as a result of learning those lessons from INTJ’s right, which is fantastic. And there’s additional lessons there. So like, again, these two types are my favorite because I have learned so much more from INJ’s than I have any of the other types, you know like INFJ’s especially, you know I’ve been talking of INTJ’s, but let’s let’s look at INFJ’s, what have INFJ’s done for me? Like I said, like my, my INFJ ex-girlfriends, you know while we had our own struggles the benefits were still there. She helped me value, you know living life and enjoying life instead of being a workaholic, that was a big deal. I’m only here because of my INFJ mentor who burned away my my belief systems by constantly telling me the truth even though that was a very painful experience. Like some people would claim that’s even emotionally or mentally abusive, you know, on his part. But at the same time though, like, I I could see that, but but honestly I value the truth because sometimes, you know when you’re in hell and the demons are torturing you they’re just burning the lies away. Right. And I had a lot of lies in my life. 


So that’s the problem with ENTP’s like sometimes we put too much faith in our own lies or the lies that other people tell us. And it’s just absolutely ridiculous that we do this right. So we really need that Ti child that just kind of provide that additional truth and burn the lies away. You know what I’m saying? And it’s, it’s, it’s super important to have that opportunity when people, you know, like when we know for a fact that Hey, like, the lies are being burned away. Right. So I was able to really start walking in truth as a result of knowing my INFJ mentor, you know, and I know, you know my relationship with him these days is is probably at an all time low, but I still appreciate him because he still took the time and the effort to mentor me. And, you know, as that pedagog relationship which we haven’t gotten into socioeconomics yet which we will in season 17, the pedagog relationship with the INFJ between the ENTP is absolutely crucial because we just learn from each other so much. We absolutely learn from each other. Now, how, how do someone like me really benefit from like INJ’s in general? Well, let me tell you they are the most aesthetically pleasing of all the types. They just are. Like especially the Si inferior I’m sorry, like, like Se inferior is the most attractive of all the cognitive functions. So, and not only that, no one can outperform these people. Like seriously, no one can outperform them. No one can. It’s absolutely amazing. Yes, they procrastinate, yes they burnout but no one can outperform these people. I am amazed as to how they can perform in scenarios. Like when you look at Reileen Kawahara from Altered Carbon, she’s the villain, and she’s an INTJ woman as a villain in Altered Carbon. And her brother Takeshi Kovacs, who is an ESTP, for example. And he’s in love with an ENTP known as Quellcrist Falconer. 


Right. And Reileen, his sister actually murders, or attempt, well, actually, well I’m not going to spoil it but like murders his ENTP love, for example. Right. And then like, there’s like all like this drama that that goes as a result of, of that interaction. But she’s an INTJ woman, but she never let go of her brother. And she thought she was morally justified in her actions, even murdering her, her brother’s friends so that her brother would like be loyal to her. But the thing is, I’m sorry, he’s an ESTP. He’s not going to be loyal to an INTJ. And she’s trying to get him to behave like an ENTP. When in reality, that’s just not going to work. You see what I’m saying? So really, really interesting how that happens. But INTJ’s, and INFJ’s from an Se inferior standpoint, no one outperforms them. And she went to the highest heights and the highest lengths to perform that moral, moral imperative that she had in order to force loyalty on the part of her brother because it’s like, well, if I eliminate everyone in your life and you have no choice, but to be limited to, to be loyal to me. And this, like, it almost got to the level where Ray, in that story of Altered Carbon actually ended up becoming like just as bad as like one of those crazy stalkers, you know sometimes you get in a relationship with somebody and then you break up with them, but they just won’t let go. And like, I remember being told recently by an INTJ about a story about how one of their very close friends, like was in a relationship with a woman who just wouldn’t let go. And then she’d like camp out in his yard, you know? 


And I’m like, Whoa, that’s a crazy story. But then again, like all of a sudden I start seeing how that really parallels to how Reileen’s behavior, like cause it was almost like the point of a stalker how Reileen’s behavior in Altered Carbon towards her brother. She just wouldn’t let go. And I bet like, you know, if they were actually in a relationship and they weren’t brother and sister she’d definitely be that woman who’s like sleeping in the, in his yard after a breakup. You know what I’m saying? Cause you know, sometimes INTJ’s, or even INJ’s in general, just do not know when to let go. They’re Ni hero, just doesn’t know when to let go because they’re Ni heroes like anything is possible for me. I can get anything I want. Right. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to actually make that happen. And that’s what really makes these two types high performers, having that super high performance is absolutely unbelievable. No one can outperform an INJ and no one is more aesthetically pleasing than an INJ. I’m sorry, like when INJ’s clean up no one is more attractive than they are. That’s a fact like, I’m sorry. That’s a fact like, like seriously, it’s a fact. So if you’re out there and you got performance anxiety from your Se inferior, I’m sorry, like get over yourself. Start aspiring, start learning, aesthetics, aesthetica, start learning how to perform, you know stop procrastinating and actually just, you know hold yourself to deadlines, or some external human beings either going to think less of you or value you less because of lack of performance to put those demands on your life, to put deadlines on you and adhere to those deadlines, cause then you’ll be more productive and you won’t be like, you know, cursed by the procrastination that you both have like that these two types have, you know what I’m saying? No one can outperform you. 


Like, it’s amazing, you know like stop doing this whole thing. Well, it’s only going to take me four hours to do this thing. So before the deadline I’m going to do it like five hours beforehand, like stop doing that. Like it’s unhealthy behavior. And then by the way, people who like me who understand that, could like social engineer the situation and set you up for failure so that you end up losing your job. So you don’t know how that actually happened. You need to watch the most recent season 21 episode, How to social engineer INTJ’s because I walk you through the techniques and how to manipulate INTJ’s basically, how to take advantage of them. How to set them up for failure, et cetera. I do this because it’s important that INTJ’s know that they’re aware of these hangups that they have and how they can be taken advantage of and then also like from that point of view, you know where that can lead, right. So just be aware of that. Right? Wow. My allergies are like so bad right now. Gosh. And I like, they were a little bit, I mean my health has been a little bit better these days but like, dang, the allergies are crazy right now and it’s been like kind of raining and whatnot and the sunshine comes on and then it rains some more. And it’s been very interesting. So yeah, no one can outperform these two types. So just to understand that, like, I mean I’ve been amazed recently, like with how, you know like INTJ’s in my life are just like they consistently outperform everyone. It’s like they have something to prove. And it’s the only, like if they have to have some great work to show for what they’re doing, that way they can prove to themselves that they are high performance, because guess what? These two types are afraid of looking like they are not really well at performing and, you know, and that’s why INFJ’s feel worthless and useless all the time, because it comes to that performance anxiety as well like credit combined together. And INTJ’s sometimes they just question whether or not they’re actually intelligent enough to actually complete tasks. 


So they kind of overcompensate in that area to show that they can do it, right. And they take that very seriously. But then again, because that performance anxiety they both these two types have like some serious abandonment issues. They really need people to be loyal to them. You know? And the thing is though, is that if they’re not going to behave like loyally to other people, if they’re not going to like give trust to, you know other people in their life, well then that’s going to cause some problems and it’s going to cause the people that should be loyal to them to not actually be loyal to them or even be around them because like, that’s not a very good experience. So then there’s like, there’s some give and take there. Right. And those people that they would typically be with are ENP’s. Let’s be honest. So just be aware of that, you know. The responsibility of loyalty is technically on both sides. It’s just, it’s just one side of a coin. Right? So you can’t, you cannot expect like in a relationship context or friendship context or professional context, you know in terms of loyalty, like if you’re not willing to you know, be trusting with somebody or if you’re not willing to be trustworthy or, you know if you’re not willing to share in those areas, when one person is demonstrating that then the other person needs to demonstrate that as well. The responsibility is on both people. Right. 


And it’s no different from, you know INJ’s because it’s like, okay, yes you have abandonment issues. All INJ’s do. That’s understandable. It just comes from Se inferior. But then because of that they both have Ne nemesis which causes people to worry about, you know, which causes INJ’s to worry about, okay, well this person is probably going to betray me at one point in time, but that’s not even real. And sometimes they have that feeling even though like that other person’s like, okay, well they don’t have a track record of betrayal. And then all of a sudden, like, they’re assuming that they’re betrayed. Now a really close, well I wouldn’t say close, but, an INTJ friend of mine who is a woman and, and is a business owner recently told me something very, very important. And she said, she said something along the lines of, you know, when an INTJ woman, for example, breaks up with you or is willing to end the relationship and whatnot it’s not necessarily because of how you’re behaving now or because of how you have behaved. It’s actually because the INTJ is basically ending the relationship or pulling away from you now because of who they believe you will become. And I’m sorry, both INJ types do that because they’re Ne nemesis, that’s ridiculous. Like that needs to stop, stop, stop preemptively ending your relationships because of a mistaken belief that you have as a result of ne nemesis, paranoia. If the person doesn’t have a track record of that behavior and they’re not actually doing it to you now and have not done it to you in your relationship it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do that. And I’ve been coaching so many INJ’s through that issue of Ne nemesis paranoia consistently and it’s just like, you know there have even been times when I have like, said like you might want to do a loyalty check just don’t make sure your loyalty check is like way too flamboyant if you’re really really insecure about the person. But just to understand like you can only loyalty check so much. 


And if you over-loyalty check, if you do it too many times or if your loyalty check is way too big the Si user that is that you’re with, and who’s like loyalty will be like, okay, well, why do I even bother if you’re just going to treat me like this? Because that’s just a sign of a lack of trust, right? I’m sorry. INJ insecurity is really rough in that regard. And that’s what happens with the inferior and nemesis functions. And it gets even worse when they’re combined because then they have like this worried fear, worried that you’re going to betray me, fear that you’re going to abandon me and then I’m going to start loyalty checking you or making these decisions, or I’m not going to trust you. And then as a result of not trusting you, right I’m going to start making decisions based on that lack of trust. But then it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy where the Si user is like, okay, well, if I’m going to do the time I may as well do the crime, or why do I even bother? Because it doesn’t matter what I do. It’s always a catch 22. It doesn’t matter what I do. It doesn’t matter what I say. I am always going to be put in that position. And this behavior is consistent with every INJ I’ve ever come into contact with, every INJ, like literally, every INJ. And it is a huge hangup, but here’s the difference folks. This is why they’re built for ENP’s because ENP’s can take the punishment, right? Like Si inferior can take that punishment to just really hold on and like torque, and turtle their way, basically, get in the turtle shell. Right. And turtle their way through that storm basically that Ne nemesis, Se inferior storm that’s created within the soul of the INJ and then they can, and then all of a sudden, the Si, Ni inferior and nemesis of the ENP can really weather that storm. 


And it’s even, let’s even professionally speaking, like for example, like my boss, he’s an INTJ, he’s fantastic. Like he’s like the best boss I’ve ever had. I am consistently impressed by him over and over and over. And he’s very gentle, very, very gentle with me. And I, and I really appreciate him. He’s a good man, very rational individual. And like, he’s not afraid to criticize me and, and he’ll and he’ll hold me to a higher standard, which is great. And he’ll put the gun to my head if it needs to be there. But, you know, like it’s, and sometimes I need that. Like, don’t get me wrong, but like saying, you know sometimes he gets all stormy in that regard. And then, you know, and then I just, you know, I get through it and whatnot because of endurance provided by Si And then also, Ni nemesis as well where I worry about my own future, or I’m insecure about things that I’d ever done before, et cetera. But I am able to, like, you know, take the hits and take the hits of the of the NESE storm created within the INJ right. Those storms happen and just got to weather the storm. Right. Well, it’s, it’s been great. Like, even on a professional standpoint like to be able to do that, it’s actually kind of, you know meeting his need while simultaneously it’s meeting my need as well because I’m improving, I’m growing I’m getting my, my horizons expanded but then he’s not feeling like he’s being abandoned, right. Much less disrespected, right. So in a professional setting it’s absolutely important. So, you know, shout out to my boss if he actually is watching this, like or listening to this, because dude, you like are like one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. And I’m very thankful to be working for you, you know, on a daily basis. So that being said, So I guess like, I mean, I’ve been talking about various functions without actually calling them out. So let’s, let’s just kinda like go through the functions right now then. So, Ni hero okay. Ni hero is very special. Ni hero is like the tip of the spear for our race. It is the, it’s like the trailblazer. It can literally get through anything and it can get through any barrier, basically. If it wants to break barriers it can traverse and eventually get through any barrier, any obstacle, it can do it. This is especially important because when you have SID men as INJ’s SID men, these two types end up getting the rarest of all the diseases. Why is that? 


Well, guess what? Like, Ni hero like it, or SED man, SID man, excuse me, SID man like predisposes the human brain to accept, you know negative health things. And these two types end up having like technically potentially the worst health of all the types. Se demon can as well. But Si demon especially, and like my INFJ uncle, who’s fantastic human being, by the way, he is the man I probably respect the most in my life. He’s been through a lot and he has Si demon and his health is just absolutely terrible. But then he gets like within an inch of death over and over and over. And with his Ni hero still holding on, no, I’m not going to let death claim me. And he still makes it through by sheer force of will. That’s the power of Ni hero. Ni hero is literally sheer force of wealth. And let me tell you something, folks, if you’re playing like magic, the gathering, my favorite card in the entire world is force of will. Force of will because basically what that means is, is that like on an instant I can counter spell anything that’s happening like without actually having to spend, you know land cards on it and whatnot. But for those of you that like magic you’d understand what that means. For those of you who don’t know what magic the gathering is, that’s okay. Force of will is just a bad-ass card. It’s a bad-ass players move. So force of will’s amazing. And that’s what Ni hero is. Ni hero can literally get through anything, any obstacle, if it wants to, it will. That’s the best part of Ni hero. Ni hero could just get through anything like and it’s because this has the sheer focus, it focuses it’s willpower. And it’s like this laser that can cut through mountains. And then when you combine that with any hero the water of the Ne hero, and the Ni focuses, it, it literally turns into a water laser. It can cut through mountains. It’s amazing when you’re focusing on the end user through the lens of an eye and when they combine there’s nothing that can stop them. It’s absolute power. It’s completely absolute power. Life-changing, world-changing power that comes from that. So another, another, another important aspect of Ni and I kind of forgot what that was. I had it in my head. 


I’ll probably come back to me, but yeah, but like it could get through anything. It also like it, like, as told to me by a dead man and I’m quoting my father, when I say this, you know, he’s like as told to me by a man who’s now dead you make your own luck. People who claimed to make their own luck guess what? They’re Ni hero. Ni hero could just get through anything. It’s all about what they want, it’s all about what they intend. It’s, it’s unbelievable what they’re able to do. It’s, it’s, it’s miraculous. Ni hero is all about being miraculous. And, you know, it’s kinda interesting how Jesus Christ the only man in the history of the world that can really claim to be, to be resurrected, you know, without like an external source. Because Lazarus, according to the story was, was resurrected but he was resurrected by Jesus, but Jesus self resurrected. Right. And it’s like that. Ni hero is able to break past the barriers of the events of the grave or however you call it. Or hell, I guess, I have no idea like what the actual translated names for that would be with like, but, but death in its own right, Like, Ni hero, you know in the context of Jesus Christ still conquered death itself. That’s how powerful Ni hero is folks like, Ni hero is amazing. You know, we’ve read the documents, folks. We, we, we we’ve read the documents. The documents said, you know, that Jesus, Jesus got through and you know, sorry, Alex Jones impressions there. You know what I’m saying? But parent functions, things get a little bit different. Te parent is like very concerned about its status, its reputation, how other people think of it. Sometimes it leads to the INTJ attempting to save face. 


They often think that like, you know people are actually actively thinking about them when in reality no one cares, like literally no one cares about what, like it’s funny watching Te users think that, Oh, so many people are thinking about me and my reputation. They care so much about reputation when they have to realize like no one cares. And here’s the thing too, like negative publicity, negative coverage, negative, negative reputation a lot of times actually has the opportunity to providing even more attention and more popularity to the person, to the Te user. So they should be less afraid of, you know having the negative publicity because if they lash out as a result of hiding that negative publicity it actually makes them look foolish when the wise thing is is just roll with it. And then they actually, then people end up respecting them a little bit more. It’s kind of interesting how that works. Te parents insanely organized. They’re very good at outward mathematics. Whereas Ti child of the INFJ is very good at inward mathematics. So like, so Te users, they can write out all the math formulas on paper and they can handle that. But a Ti child can’t do that. Ti child has to do all the mathematical calculations in their head and then just write down the answer. They can’t mentally like put in, Wow, these people like almost got into a wreck. That’s pretty rough. LOL. Luckily they didn’t. Anyway. So like, so yeah. Ti parents also aware of what everyone is thinking. It’s very process orientated, it’s all, it’s very systematic. You know, you look at Frank Abagnale you know, how he chooses a social engineer. He doesn’t social engineer people. or hack people, he hack systems, systems, processes rules, regulations, principles that people have developed. And he uses those processes and those rules to his advantage, basically because those are easily hacked. 


Even though they’re constructs created by mankind or created by human beings. Guess what? He’s able to handle all of those things and handle in such a way where, you know people are hacked as a result of that. So yeah. So yeah. Ti parent. Fe parent, a little bit different. This is how like they’re different here. Fe parent is all about social responsibility. Whereas by the way, INTJ’s are all about referential responsibility. It’s all about reference points. It’s all about data, drilling into the data. It’s what really makes them brilliant. Actually thinking parents they’re just unbelievably brilliant formulaic. They really understand data and how to derive information and value from data that helps them make amazing decisions, helps them see the value of things, how to price things appropriately. It really helps them in terms of business and management like project management, for example. INTJ’s are just absolutely brilliant in this area. Especially when they read, they get even stronger as a result of reading consistently which is also pretty awesome if you think about it as well. And then you have Fe parent with INFJ’s, with and feeling parents is about being socially responsible. It’s also about like protecting others. It’s trying to reach a level of fairness a social fairness for other people. I don’t know how many INFJ’s were social justice warriors that I’ve met but they definitely get in there because they’re Fe parent. And every parent is all about like this high level of caring for other people, making people we’ll feel good consistently although this kind of can backfire because of the presence of Fi critic, the INFJ ends up like feeling worthless and useless all the time. They’re trying to prove usefulness. Both these types need feedback, especially INFJ’s. They need positive feedback from other people, that Fi feedback, that Fi recognition. Whereas a Te user within an INTJ they’re, they’re trying to seek credit because they want to increase their status, increase their credibility. Credibility is everything to an INTJ and they can be really selfish about their credibility. in as much as an INFJ can be selfish about their recognition, being selfish with recognition is is a problem for, gosh, sun’s coming out and my nose is itching like mad. Like I got like some big red nose thing going on. 


I’m like literally Rudolph the red nose, Joseph, you know see what I’m saying? So, wow. So yeah, Fe parents all about how other people feel, it’s very empathic. It’s trying, it literally feels other people’s feelings. They’re able to absorb the feelings of others, et cetera. It also holds them to like, it holds the IFJ like a really high social standard. And then they have Ti child. Ti child is absolutely brilliant. A lot of people think that, you know, INFJ’s are stupid. They’re not. Ti child is absolutely brilliant. It is the purest form of logic of all the types, and I would say it’s even more pure than potentially the ISFJ Ti child because ISFJ has to look at things through their own filter with Si hero based on their own experience. Whereas that’s not as big of a deal when coming from the INFJ. INFJ does not have that issue as much because, you know they had that Se external, you know anything can happen what’s happening right now, it’s very new, right? Whereas the ISFJ’s a little bit old so their logic can kind of be old or outdated. Whereas the INFJ it’s always fresh. It’s always fresh logic, which is why, in my opinion the Ti child with the INFJ is probably the most unadulterated logic that exists within all of the 16 types. And it’s no wonder that Jesus Christ is an INFJ. You know what I’m saying? Because if he’s speaking the truth, you know then the way that he’s speaking the truth is the most important approach, because it’s like the most unadulterated form logic that’s within the the corrupt human system as it were. So gosh, this is like terrible, holy smokes. Let’s see here, see if we can get something, some air going so it’s like not so terrible. Wow. It’s a nice advertisement for a knife. I like knives. Anyway, and Ti child is all about like, like both these types can get pretty cocky because as the inferior, right they have something to prove so they can prove themselves that they’re not as badly performing as they are afraid they are. But the truth is INJ’s perform better than everybody else. They absolutely perform better than everyone else. Then there’s the Fi child of the INTJ which is the most unadulterated form of the least corrupt form morality, which I’ve seen, they’re very, very moral. The problem is, is that their morals can get stuck with incorrect beliefs. Because if they, they listen to things they set up standards with their Te parent, the hero people say they read various books and whatnot. Their morals can be corrupted over time. And their morals could just basically be like bad morals, like, like in apt or incapable morals. Whereas the ethics of an INFJ through Fe parent can also be corrupted because if they’re what they think is logically true if it has the incorrect input ahead of time and that logical tree is wrong ahead of time, well then they could be corrupted and they could, because here’s the problem. NFJ’s have this issue, if they’re around bad people they too will become bad. That’s why I constantly tell them, Hey, you’re going to mirror people, right? Just like how the INTJ, if they’re around stupid people they themselves will become stupid. Right? 


So INTJ’s have the burden of keeping smart people around them at all times. Whereas the IFJ has the burden of keeping good people around them at all times because if they don’t, well, there’s the chance for corruption and the INTJ minds can be corrupted if they’re around bad people. And then the INFJ’s heart can be corrupted if they’re around bad people, like INTJ’s mind being corrupted around stupid people. And like their intelligence will like literally erode away the INTJ intelligence. This is why it’s so important for both of these types to be around the right people. And we’ve seen, like I said earlier, INTJ’s need to have human relationships and they need to have relationships with quality people. People who are intelligent, people who are very like they’re going places and whatnot the people who are driven. Those are really important in INTJ’s because that really helps set the bar and the standard for INTJ’s to move forward. Right? And, and then it keeps us sharp. It keeps them intelligent, right? Well, it’s no different from like the heart of the INFJ. The INFJ needs to be around good moral people in order for themselves to stay moral. They’re not moral living of their own right. So we already talked about Ne nemesis, paranoia and how that paranoia, that the assumption of betrayal you know, from, from people in their life because they have those abandonment issues from the Se inferior. Se inferior really, really needs loyalty more than anything else. And they’re afraid that people are going to leave them or not wanting to be around them, or they’re afraid that the contributions that they make to others is not going to be worth anything to those other people, or that they’re not going to be, you know, valued or validated, et cetera, because they need that external validation. And then they have that Ne nemesis is like, well, I’m worried that this person’s just going to betray me anyway, regardless of what I do which can create or lead to that self fulfilling prophecy both INJ’s do this, watch out. Now their critic functions a little bit different. What’s really nice about the INTJ is that while they’re very belief focused with their beliefs of NTE parent and their beliefs are literally principles, principles and rules and processes that they’ve set up over time is their form of thinking. 


At least they’re Ti critical verify and demand verification of those beliefs, because they can’t just believe anything without verifying and validating that it’s actually true because they want their beliefs to match the truth. They want their Te parents to match what’s actually true. So Ti critical go out of their way to verify it which is absolutely amazing that they do this. I’m very thankful that they do this which is absolutely fantastic. However, the trade-off for that is because their Fe Trickster. Fe Trickster causes the INTJ to just not be aware of social issues and that it causes them to combat social faux pas. They’re completely oblivious to that. That’s one huge difference between them and INFJ’s. INFJ’s don’t really commit social faux pas because they’re Fe parent, unless they’re corrupted if they’re around bad people who commit social faux pas then the INFJ will commit social faux pas. In as much as the INTJ if they’re around stupid people, the INTJ will behave unintelligently so that’s an issue. But every trickster is just unaware of social rules social norms, social interaction, social cues, et cetera which is very typical, you know, and then the the Te Trickster of the INFJ wall, guess what? That allows them to believe just about anything. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, you know INFJ’s talk about spirits or metaphysical things that are completely unverifiable but they believe it’s so, so importantly, right? They believe it’s so hardcore that they’re not going to let go of it. Right. And that’s something that I’ve noticed that is consistent with INFJ’s. They’re like the most spiritual of all the types but that’s because, guess what? They’re the weakest do believing just about anything. INFJ’s because statistically cult leaders come from ENP’s and they’re all about that culture that they create. And I’m quoting Russell Brunson when I say that. If you don’t know who Russell Brunson is, he’s an ENTP. He wrote .com secrets and expert secrets. Read those books if you’re a business person. Pretty interesting form of marketing. 


But the Te Trickster IFJ’s have this problem. And they could believe about anything. And while their Ti child is there to verify and they verify other people’s beliefs their beliefs need to like, you need, they need Te users, property users, Te and inferior and above, basically to tell the INFJ, Hey, your beliefs are actually incorrect. You know, and here’s the reference material that shows why your beliefs are incorrect, while ISFJ’s had this problem too. And that was, that’s what puts ISFJ’s at risk of putting their faith into lies putting their faith in the wrong thing. While ENTP’s have that problem too. ENTP’s can put their faith in the wrong thing. And that’s one of the ways that both those two types can be taken advantage of or social engineered. Well, INFJ’s can be social engineered in that regard as well, because they have the problem, they could believe just about anything. They’re Fi critic. It’s another difference between them and INTJ’s. It’s what causes them to feel bad about themselves. Like they’re not worthy enough like they’re not good enough. Like they, they’re not useful enough. That’s why they’re all, they feel worthless. They’re trying to always be the most useful person the most useful tool in the tool shed. The INTJ also wants to be the most useful person in the tool shed. But as from the standpoint of credibility they want to appear credible. Whether or not they’re actually credible or not, that’s another thing, but they want to at least look like they’re credible, whereas the INTJ wants, or the INFJ wants to actually be useful in that regard. It’s not about credibility or having the reputation of being good. They want to actually have the proof and the social proof of being good and effective. That’s why INFJ’s get stuck playing video games because all they care about is that leaderboard when they’re doing League of Legends or their stats when they’re playing World of Warcraft and whatnot, because stats are everything to an INFJ. 


Stats are everything to an INTJ as well. INJ’s they have that same fear. They have to have something to show for their hard work. And they take stats incredibly seriously because they want to be the best. They want to be the very best, like that Ash Ketchum point of view from Pokemon, you know the best Pokemon master ever. Like that’s literally like these two types. They want to be the best Pokemon master. You know what I’m saying? And then we already talked a little bit about Si demon. An Si demon can show up when people are being disloyal to them, when people are abandoning them. That demon comes out and then they or at least they perceive because these two types, these two types can become very indignant. And indignant basically means, you know behaving negatively as result of perceiving unfair treatment, right? They are perceiving that they’re being abandoned or they’re perceiving that someone is being disloyal to them or will be disloyal to them. So then their demon comes out and elects themselves judge, jury and executioner. The Si demon comes out and then all of a sudden they’re just making quick decisions, even though they don’t have all the facts or all of the information as to, or the context, right with these two types context is king. You need to be providing additional context so that they can make proper decisions otherwise because their movement they’re going to make with Ni hero fast decisions. And you never even got your day in court. It’s especially interesting and hypocritical because INFJ’s require that you listen to their Ti child regardless of they’re incorrect or correct. And they always have to have their day in court but then they’re really quick to throw you, throw you out and into the dungeon or into the pit or to the guillotine and chop your head off. Even though you haven’t had your day in court, it’s it’s one of their hypocrisy, is something to watch out for. 


INTJ’s, you know, like some, sometimes they’ll listen. Sometimes they won’t, it just kind of depends on what their mood is right. Their mood impacts, you know, how they make that decision. If they’re an already in a bad mood and they already suspect that you’re about to abandon them or that you are just loyal to them or they have proof of that, or they’re they’re putting their, cause, cause their their heads will fill in the gaps automatically. Both these types do this. Where like, their Ne nemesis? It’s like, well, I see this, like this might be a pattern. I’m going to fill in the gaps. That’s a really bad pattern. Even though they don’t have like a really bad pattern of behavior, even though they don’t have all the information or even the entire context. And then they assume something bad is happening. And then they make decisions based on that assumption. And then, and then they go judge, jury, executioner with their Si demon, with their demon. And then they get in my face about it. And it’s like, well, yeah, but have you considered this, this and this? Well no, but then it looks bad. I’m like, just because it looks bad or it seems bad does not mean necessarily mean it actually is what’s happening, by the way, you can’t do that to people. like INJ’s like, seriously, stop doing that to people. Like people are not as bad as you think they are. And I get that you both are perfectionist, both these types are super mega perfectionist, but like, that’s not okay. Like no one else can live up to your standards of perfection. And it oftentimes it’s very off-putting. Let me tell you something, especially when it comes to loving INJ’s ENP’s who are built for INJ’s, ENFP’s who are built for INFJ’s, they’re trying to seek out perfections and the ENFP’s they fall in love with the perfections that they find within the INFJ’s. ENTP’s that’s not how it works. ENTP’s fall in love with the flaws that they find in their INTJ, because the ENTP looks the INTJ, they’re like, wow, this person is like literally perfect already, but I want to find the flaws and I want to love and nurture and care for those flaws. The ENTP falls in love with the flaws of the INTJ, the ENFP falls in love with the perfections they find within the INFJ. 


So remember that like INTJ’s out there, be willing to share your flaws especially with your like ENTP lover out there like seriously, be willing to share with your flaws, like cause your flaws are actually is what makes you beautiful or handsome or respectable. Because when they find those flaws, it’s like, wow you’re able to live with those flaws and still be basically almost perfect in spite of those flaws. That’s amazing. And that’s really beautiful to an ENTP, right? INFJ’s, you know, like while you see, while you feel and seem insanely flawed you actually do have some perfections within you and just focus on those strengths and build up those those strengths, those strengths are everything. Build up those perfections and really perfect your craft, perfect yourself. Right. So understand that. That’s a huge difference between the, you know the INFJ and the INTJ, right? Whereas like the INTJ and the ENTP, you’re already perfect. But you have these few things here and there but I love those few little flaws about you. Whereas it’s the other way around with the INFJ right? Just something to consider, you know, with folks being an INJ ENP relationships it’s absolutely crucial. You know, just be aware of that. You know, don’t be, don’t allow your se inferior insecurity to get in the way of you having relationships, friendships, professionals being in a professional situation. You have to understand you guys already by default outperform everybody else anyway, by default it’s literally by default. You already do, but you’re afraid that you don’t. Stop being afraid. You already outperform. You already are the most aesthetically pleasing of all the types. You’re the most attractive of all the types, you’re already there. You already have it. You just have to apply yourself. And by applying yourself you reach those highest heights that no one else can reach. And ENP’s like me admire that. We admire that about you INJ’s. We absolutely admire it. We love it. We are loyal to it, but do not let your fear and your insecurity determine your decisions. Do not let your fear and your insecurity get in the way of you trusting people. The virtue of the INTJ is to be trusting. Use it. It’s okay. You don’t have to be trusting to everybody. Just the precious few. And then like don’t, And then obviously INFJ’s have good people around you like invest in the people around you that you know are always going to be there for you. Part of your Wolf pack. That’s who you are. That’s who you need to be. Okay. Like do this folks. INJ’s, in my opinion you are the most precious of all the types. I love all of you deeply. You’re very, very precious to me, you know and just understand like the world’s not going to change without you folks. So you guys are the tip of this sphere. You guys are Ni hero. 


We need you, like, I start the process, right? Just as Nagato started the process for Naruto, or John the Baptist started the process for Jesus. Or Socrates started the process for Plato, right? The finishers at the end of the day get all the credit, all the recognition, right? I’m just a starter. I can’t change the world without you INJ’s. I need you to be there on the cross saying it is finished. Okay. I need you INJ’s to rise and rise to your abilities and be the NI hero the tip of the spear for our race to change our race forever and ever for the better. I can’t do it without you. I can only start the process but I need you to, to finish the process. Okay? Get over your performance anxiety, dammit. Stop being paranoid. Okay. Surround yourself with intelligent people surround yourself with good people and become better versions of yourself. We cannot do this without you. Okay. We cannot. 


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