How do intjs avoid existential nihilism? cs joseph responds 

How do INTJs avoid existential Nihilism? CS Joseph Responds Transcript:

How do you INTJ avoid existential nihilism? But before I can answer please consider subscribing to the channel so that Logan Paul can finally get over his one itis break up with Josie Conseco and hit the alert bell to be notified for whenever I go live. That being said, What’s up eco hackers. I’m CS Joseph, this is the CS Joseph podcast. And I’m here to respond to your questions on all things union analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind.

And the sources Today’s question is none other than Mr. Rudy Boehm, who has asked the wizard and the wizard shall reply. This is like a, you know, wizard, public response. And I do have to offer my apologies to Mr.

Rudy, because this is very late. He actually submitted this nine days ago, maybe 10 days ago. But I was out of the office due to the complication of my wife Railgun, who was an ESTP, giving birth to our son an INTJ. And for some reason, i NT j’s are just constantly coming from ESTP parents and ESTPs are often coming from INTJ parents.

It’s just a thing that I’ve noticed, and it often gives me pause as to how common this is for some apparent reason. So yeah, but let’s actually delve into the question deeper and actually read his specific question at this time. Question How to get over existential nihilism. I understand psychological disorders can affect this, and that you aren’t a psychiatrist, but answered to the best of your ability, which is relevant to depth psychology context.

Assume no Miss types. I’m an immature 18 year old INTJ with an ESFP father ISFJ mother, they have a golden parasites good. And an ISTJ. Sister.

Okay, so you have a not a cohort relationship. But something similar, basically the same relationship with this sister that I have with my wife. Very Catholic family, parents think I have anxiety, depression, antisocial behavior. No, they’re just affiliative and you don’t want to play their affiliative bullshit games.

That’s what’s happening. I have to do three friends paranoia. Yeah, I mean, I got into a fight with the INTJ paranoid INTJ earlier today. literally ripped him to shreds after 45 minutes of me telling him how much of an entitled Dickey is I totally understand.

Oh, and the reason why he is is because he’s paranoid and decided to randomly accuse me of this person who is trying to hack him because I asked him the version of his VMware that’s on his computer. I’m like, Wow, dude, when we go find a deep well to stick you in it and then decide days later as to whether or not I’m gonna pull you out. Like come on, dude. Like, really? What’s not like be on the whole paranoid situation.

But yeah, I’m pretty triggered over what happened earlier today between me and this and this this site and TJ you just like, Wow, dude, like, seriously, I am not out to get you. Even though like you’re behaving like what you say. And what you do are two different things, man, like come on. So I have two to three friends paranoia, I was forced to go to college, I didn’t want to go I lost all meaning and motivation going to bed be dead in 90 years or less.

I have a job. I hate the idea of working only to retire where that money is required to live. Don’t want kids only for them to repeat the cycle on the verge of mental collapse. Parents keep pushing me to do stuff I don’t want please help.

Thanksgiving Thank you chase and CSJ community for all the time and effort put forth don’t stop. Dude, I am doing my best. And I’ve basically been depressed and struggling with my own depression since I was six years old. Because that’s the last time I actually got fat randomly.

And it’s not actually random. My parents just had no concept of healthy behavior or feeding their children things because I was basically fed synthetic food my entire life. And I’ve had to reverse that genetic damage for like, the longest time and is the most annoying thing in the world. And I’m definitely not putting my children through that my parents aren’t insanely ignorant, especially when it comes to those things.

Although they have improved over the last five years, but definitely it’s their fault. So you got a lot of stuff here bro. So like, let’s let’s unpack all this. This might be a little bit of a longer episode because I’m just like, really in the mood tonight.

Like I’m in a really bad mood I just you know, like are you know, I kind of hate everything right now. Mostly because, you know, hashtag dealing with the tax man. Right? You know, cuz the tax man is like my, you know, my most favorite person in the world. Definitely.

But anyway, apart from the tax man, who we all just love to bow before and you know, bend over with our pants down at any moment. Let us let us continue with answering your question. Okay, so an INTJ is having existential nihilism is extremely common, it is very normal for INTJ. To feel this way, especially in Western society, especially in this world system.

If you want to understand a little bit more about the evil of the world system, I highly recommend you watch three documentaries on YouTube right away. The first one is Age of Aquarius age of evil by Keith Thompson. The second one is the century of the self. It’s about Edward Bernays in EMTP, who has effectively destroyed Western society as we know it with the people who have used his methodologies and his work for macro level social engineering to the point where the masses are being social engineered constantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week into ultimately compliance to the world system.

And then the third, the third documentary I recommend watching is the infamous documentary, The greatest story never told, and is extremely infamous, and outright dangerous to watch depending on what kind of worlds what kind of area of the world you live in. Because if you were to watch that, and the wrong person saw it, you could potentially be executed or jailed for many, many years. So be very, very careful. No, I’m not advocating for the contents of the greatest story never told, I am not advocating for that.

But what I’m saying as as it really helps provide an idea of the potential revisionist history behind the world system as we know it. And it really helps provide a allegory for what that even means through the eyes of World War Two. So please keep that in mind. Immediately following reading these documentaries.

I want you to read the book insurgents by Frank Viola who, oddly enough is also an INTJ. And he also exposed Christianity for the pagan construct it is in his other book Pagan Christianity also written by Mr. Frank Viola. So please read those books.

If if you need to be more acquainted with my library, go to CS forward slash reading or CS justice belt, life’s Ford slash read or EAD, I don’t even remember what it is anymore. I think it’s Ford slash reading and I hope the new website with like the fact that my library’s effectively doubled with all the new books that I’ve read over time, they are like going to be there. So like, that’s definitely a thing. So anyway, but let’s let’s let’s discuss the Causes The cause of the existential nihilism, psychologically, it’s Introverted Sensing demon, right.

Because for some reason, you can’t keep people’s attention or you’re not getting healthy attention, you’re getting unhealthy attention. And because you’re getting unhealthy attention, you are becoming self destructive through cognitive orbit, because your Introverted Sensing demon is effectively taking over and you’re just basically self destructing at this moment. In order to prevent you from self destructing, you need to gain more attention from healthy sources, and your family is definitely not it. Be thankful that at least you are in college and away from your family.

So that and hopefully you never return to your family, because that is an extremely affiliative environment. We have three affiliative people even including an affiliative. Well, you have two affiliative people, but your ESFP father, though he’s pragmatic, he’s likely a blue pill father. So he ends up us being subservient to the feminine primary social order, such that he ends up going along in your mother’s potentially a person who wears the pants in the family and not actually him.

Statistically, that’s what’s happening. I don’t know for sure if with your specific, unique situation. That being said, Please spend as much time away from your family as possible so that you can get into your ego and attic for shadow because you’re stuck in your shadow right now. And it’s pretty obvious because they are very negative source for you.

And providing a lot of difficulties for your mind. You need to effectively free your mind as much as the NTJ, the apostle Paul said, Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you can test and approve what God’s will is His good, pleasing and perfect well, but the point is you have to renew your mind. You can’t renew your mind. You can’t have new shared experiences, you can’t overwrite your SI demon.

So you’re having shared experiences with other people that are like not your family, or even maybe even not your culture, or not even your community, you need to completely sever yourself from this. The reason why is because when an INTJ doesn’t do this, in the same way that an INFJ mirrors other people and takes on their bad, bad behavior and become corrupt over time. You as an INTJ can mirror stupid people and literally become ignorant. You literally can absorb other people’s ignorance and become ignorant yourself, and then multiply that by your gullibility factor given that you have that virtue of trusting this of being so trusting with your trusting virtue, the virtue of trust, that when you offer that virtue of trust to other people, they can easily take advantage of you.

And at this point in time, your ESFP subconscious feels like wow, I’m easily being taken advantage by society and the world system and what is even the point to live. So your Introverted Sensing demon in your ISFJ Crusader is literally having this moment? Well, if I’m going to do the time, I may as well do the crime. This is literally the same conclusion that Frank abic Nail came to when he was in the story, Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hanks, etc. Because he also ended up having that nihilistic relationship with society, which caused him to become a paper hanger, a paper hanger as someone who is does check fraud, essentially.

And he became a con artist as a result, because he’s just like, well, what’s the point? I literally hate everything about this world and the society? Well, that’s because, good sir, we are not supposed to actually be living in a society like this. This is not how mankind is supposed to live, how we live within the world system, how we live within Western society, sir, this is not how we’re supposed to live, especially for an INTJ because this society is extremely anti INTJ. You want to be in a pro INTJ society, then live in Japan. But until that’s going to happen, this is not a very pro INTJ society.

And rumor has it Taiwan may also be a pro INTJ society, although I’m not entirely sure that’s true, but it is possible. But definitely consider Japan. But the point is get away from these people and get healthy attention from healthier sources. So you can stop self destructing and not be nihilistic.

However, there is another thing you can do as an INTJ. Because you have extroverted sensing inferior, you need to find a way how you can be impactful to other people to be able to imprint other people around them so that you are memorable. You’re making statements in your question, like, for example, like, on the verge of mental collapse, you know, like, I don’t want to live for 90 years, or less than than die. So what’s the point? Like, let me tell you, death is a gift.

It’s also known as the gift of a live avatar. I’m using an example from the Silmarillion by JRR, Tolkien death is actually a gift, you have to see it as a gift. It is not a curse, it is a gift, trust me, it is a gift. Now when it comes to death, etc.

You have to understand like, then, what’s the point? What’s the point of life if I’m just going to die? Well, here is the point. It’s all about how much of a legacy you leave guidance about how much impact you are impactful your it’s about whether or not you as an INTJ are memorable. Are you memorable? What are you going to do to work hard to be memorable? It’s just like you’re watching that movie, Troy with Brad Pitt playing a Kelly’s and he’s talking to his myrmidons and his bow as they’re about to land on the shores of Troy and invade the Trojan countryside, et cetera, and then go up into the Trojan Temple of Apollo and then slaughter all the priests there, et cetera, as they do. But even Achilles was trying to explain to the myrmidons and his crew and he’s like, Listen, guys, you know, immortality, take it, it’s yours.

And what he’s talking about is people will remember your name, people remember the name of Jesus Christ, he had se inferior, he made a huge impact. People remember Frank Abigaille, one of the greatest corners in history, for example, people remember the Buddha, the Buddha Siddhartha, like that guy, he’s an INTJ. They remember him indefinitely. Same thing with the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama, he also is an INTJ, you see what I’m saying? So these are all individuals who are INTJ, who will be remembered essentially indefinitely.

You know, that’s the kind of person you need to be spending your life on aiming to become or even aiming to surpass. This is who you are, this is your identity as an INTJ. And I would be teaching the same thing to my INTJ son who was just born literally six days ago. So based on that, you have to understand where that’s coming from i, NT j’s are all about impact and being able to keep other people’s attention, right, and you keep their attention because you’ve impacted them in such a way where you are memorable to them, it could be in a negative way could be a positive way, but as long as you’re memorable, that is the point and that is the point of an INTJ life is to be remembered to be regarded for generation after generation after generation.

That is the reason why they draw Beth breath. And they do this because they are the master of any skill. And you can make the argument that the Buddha was the master of self and that is how he ended up. You know, coming to that conclusions and his Buddhist conclusions, it said are up, it’s because he had full mastery of self use or need to have similar mastery.

And the only that’s going to happen is if you have the self respect to do so, I highly recommend if you haven’t done so already, watch season six, season six, the the four pillars of self intimacy, You seriously need to get that information. Season Six is a playlist available here on his YouTube channel. Or you can go to the CSJ, the CS Joseph podcast on Spotify, and literally figure this out. You have that there and you can learn it and you can understand it and you will like totally, like kick some major as doing it.

But yeah, I mean, I get it, I understand your situation because you literally don’t have frame in your life frame is his iron rule of Tomasi when it comes from the red pill book, The rational male right. And in this book, he talks about the concept of holding frame and he talks about it like in terms of like the perspective of women, but I don’t think that’s the most effective way to explain this. You have to look at it this way in from the perspective of the mature masculine. If you’re like going to be a man, if you’re gonna be a masculine man, you need to put yourself above other people.

Love your neighbor as yourself, which is a biblical term is often twisted, especially by Catholics, since you’re in a Catholic family to you know, turn the other cheek and allow people to take advantage of you and blah, blah, blah. Now, that’s bullshit. Love your neighbor as yourself means you cannot love other people until you love yourself first, which means you have to put yourself above everybody else. And then through altruism, after you’ve taken care of yourself and you’ve met your needs.

And then you’re starting the path to seek out your wants as a person, then you can go out of your way to help other people meet their needs, and teach others to meet their needs and help maybe meet the needs of other people. And there are so many people at different levels, some of them super ignorant, some of them not ignorant and more closer to enlightenment. But the regardless, regardless of that, you know, everyone has needs everyone has not not wants to take care of your needs. And then you can start taking care of the needs of other people take care of your wants, and then you could start taking care of the wants of other people.

That’s how it works. I can see that with your family, you’re likely subject to their whims and their needs and their wants and your ni hero gets completely shut out from life, unable to do what you actually want to do. This is why I recommend you stay away from your family, literally door slam them for five years so you can figure out who you are then come back. That’s the only thing you could do.

I would fully expect my two IMJ sons to have that point of view as well if necessary to get away from me their father so they can go to find who they are then come back. So different than the masculine. That’s no different than the masculine you know, rite of passage. But regardless, iron rule Tomasi number one frame is everything.

Let me explain it this way. You in your life are the sun, like the actual sun in a solar system, everything orbits you, not the other way around. And if you don’t do that, you’re going to fail, you’re going to fail at life. Like you know, Venus, you know, you know your woman, Venus, right? orbits the Sun, you don’t orbit Venus, you know, for example, your daddy could be Jupiter, right? You know, but he orbits the Sun, you see what I’m saying? The sun is the point.

Okay, so you need to act like the sun, everyone orbits you, not the other way around, and you’re not going to get anywhere in life or any closer to happiness, until you actually do this. I understand that completely. Because I also feel shackled down by the world system and this western society for its bullshit inhibiting my ability to be happy. Why do you think Americans or Western society people are statistically the most unhappy people on the planet, there’s a reason for that.

And that reason is the world system. It is this stupid construct of fiat currency or fake paper money that we have on a regular basis, it is completely arbitrary. It was so arbitrary that even I as a little kid tried to pay for stuff with paper money, at one point in time, fake paper money play money, because I didn’t really understand what the difference was between, you know, like an actual FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE versus paper play money that I can buy in a store, etc. Like, it was no difference to me because even I, as a small child knew just how arbitrary money actually was.

And it’s, it’s, it’s BS, that’s what it is. And honestly, you know, you’re living your life incorrectly. You’re not going to be fulfilled, if you follow the go to school, go to college, get a job, retire all that crap, because you’re going to be part of the stupid rat race. I see people in the rat race every single day.

Some people don’t have a choice because they’re just trying to survive. And then a lot of people don’t even know any different. Are you really gonna be one of those people? Then I suggest you start changing. So like I said, get educated.

First step, get away from your family. Get away. from your community Doorslammer these people will become who you are. And establish your own personal sovereignty as a person and use your ni hero to go after what you actually want.

Love your neighbor as yourself focus on you. First, focus on taking care of yourself focusing on meeting your needs, take responsibility for meeting your own needs, right? Have personal standards, enforce personal boundaries, then seek out your personal goals so that you can have self respect. So you can become the son of your solar system where everything’s orbiting you and not the other way around. That way, you are always following iron rule Tomasi, number one, and having frame at all times you are the son, they orbit you, not the other way around.

And if you do not have that point of view, you will fail at life and you’re setting yourself up for failure. And then afterwards, focus everything you got on being as memorable as possible. Because if you are being as memory as possible, that is a much more sure goal. Instead of you know this whole like well, I’m going to retire and then just die someday.

What’s the what’s the point, focus on being memorable, don’t focus on the fact that you’re going to because yes, you’re gonna die. But instead focus on leaving an impact and impact that people may celebrate an impact that may become a tradition for generations, all you have to do is just keep going and never, ever give up. Because you know, just like DARIAH taught Nagato you had the real ninja, the master Ninja is the one who has the guts to never give up. And that shouldn’t be you either.

Therefore, you should be able to draw all of your meaning and motivation as a result of you becoming memorable. Oh, but Mr. C is Joseph, how do I actually become memorable, that’s up to you. But I promise you this, you go into college and regurgitating that information, you’re getting a career, you’re getting a place to live you getting retirement, you won’t find meaning and that you won’t find meaning in or motivation in the world system.

The world system exists to treat you like nothing more than cattle and milk you like a cow. That’s how the healthcare industrial complex is. That’s what the American military industrial complexes, you’re nothing more than cattle. You’ve been tagged with cattle by your You’ve been tagged like cattle with your social security number with your COVID 19 vaccine, right? You’re just nothing but cattle and you’re going to be treated like cattle until you decide not to be treated like cattle until you actually find something that makes you happy and you’re willing to die for it.

Just like Voltaire said, potentially another INTJ quote, a man is free when he chooses to be. My dear sir, free yourself. Watch those three documentaries. Read insurgents read Pagan Christianity that will help free you from your Catholic bullshit.

And then also understand how arbitrary the society really is. And choose to opt out so that you too good sir can choose your personal sovereignty, you can choose to be free so that you can be free and free at last. Keep that in mind. If you would like to try out our official CS Joseph personality assessment, like it’s on discover.cs Joseph dot life or CS forward slash discover, and we just updated it.

And it’s got a lot of really awesome features. And we’re collecting feedback from people in the audience and making it better learning mode is almost done. We’re gonna be releasing expert mode very, very soon. And then eventually game mode, which I talked about and then most recent season 18 episode.

It was it’s It’s looking fantastic guys, especially the mobile view. And we’re gonna be adding an icons replacing the little radio buttons and the checkboxes and having something cooler and sleeker. Eventually, so thank you all for your patience with that we are getting there. So yeah, it’s a thing but yeah, go take the test.

Guys. Go find out what your type is and understand who you are and your life’s purpose and your identity. I promise you you will have a better life as a result of you like coming to know that so anyway, folks, all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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