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– Hey guys, it’s Chase with And tonight’s video is gonna be on a lecture to complete how intimate relationships actually work, and the theory that I’ve made to explain relationships which is human attraction dynamics. 

So we’ve been talking about love and respect as part of a the core components of a relationship, and what’s more important to the feminine side what’s more important than masculine side, we’ve been talking about what attracts the feminine to the masculine which is nobility, what attracts the masculine to the feminine and that is beauty, and then what fuels that nobility which is esteem, and what fuels that beauty and that is humility. 

So in order to explain that in terms of human attraction dynamics which is a Nash equilibrium theory, similar to governing dynamics also known as game theory, I have developed a model to be used to help explain that theory. So I got my trusty whiteboard here, as usual, and this white board explains that specific theory, so, could I readjust myself here so that everyone can see including myself? 

So, yes this is human attraction dynamics. So let’s work through the model just a little bit. So we know that R is respect, L is love, N is nobility, B as beauty, E is esteem, H is humility. We have the masculine side and we have the feminine side. So notice I just put some random backwards yin and yang and yes it is backwards I know I apologize but not really because I’m just doing what I want so, backwards a yin and yang, typically the white part represents the masculine, the black part represents the feminine, et cetera. 

And what’s important to note about this is that they are primary versus secondary. So primary white, primary black, but it has a secondary black dot secondary white dot, right? Well that’s basically the same for any component of human attraction dynamics. So and I believe the first video we talked about love and respect well that exists right here, this is a Venn diagram with two circles, one circle representing masculine, one circle representing feminine. 

You have love and respect right here. So big R little L, so big R little L would represent like the big white part for the masculine big R, and a little L would be the feminine little dot, right? And then the big black would be big L for big love which is primary love, primary L versus primary respect, but primary L, and the little R be little respect which would be like the little white dot et cetera. T

his is a yin and yang equilibrium and perfect balance with each other and this represents the relationship between the masculine and the feminine, right? So in a romantic relationship for example, you have you know a man providing a love for his woman who is lovable, you have the woman providing respect for the man who is respectable et cetera, and as a result they’re able to have a relationship, right? 

A lot of people are just like, “Oh, well it’s all about just love.” And like no actually it’s not, because any man, you know any woman can love any man on the street, you know that’s why a woman has to respect her man because it’s not good enough for a woman to say I love you to a man so that debunks that it’s all about love theory and throws that out the window, ’cause that’s not even like based on true life or reality or true love or any of that, so, and we explained that love you know no greater love than when a man gives, you know it gives up his life for his beloved et cetera. 

And then respect is what men need is a primary need of real actual quality men, real men not man children, because they are respectable. So let’s look at the attractors. So these are the attractors right here. So big nobility, and again yin and yang model, a little beauty, so it’s important for men you know, women definitely like beautiful men let’s be honest but not as much as they prefer those men to be noble nobility comes first, beauty has come second in terms of what attracts women to men, and that’s why the masculine needs to focus on building its nobility primarily and then its beauty secondarily. 

Whereas with women it’s the other way around on the feminine side, men prefer beauty of their women, and like if they’re noble okay sure that’s great but it’s secondary it’s not like a requirement for a relationship to take place, right? Oh yeah man, she’s definitely pretty and she’s super respectful so she’s got that beauty component that SIs care about. 

You know it’s a difference between you know that arrogant yet attractive CEO of a company versus that attractive but respectful Starbucks, barista girl you know what I mean? Like there’s a difference there, and the man’s gonna choose the respectful a barista girl, over the arrogant CEO woman, let’s be honest. Oh but you’re a feminist and misogynist. No, actually I’m a realist and that’s how relationships actually works, intimacy cannot really truly take place, if the woman is not being respectful in the relationship but then again the man has to make sure that he is respectable, by maintaining and increasing his nobility intensely. 

And same for you know on the feminine side, relationship can’t take place I mean how many times do we hear about women who just let their body go after they get married actually that’s a statistic where that we’re like 60 to 70% of women do that, after they get married and men are aware of that so women are wondering like why men are not committing to them, yeah I wonder why that’s happening I wonder why men are noncommittal. Huh, maybe it’s because they’re afraid of you getting fat after you get married because like no one wants that let’s be honest you know, oh but you know you’re very vain and I’m like, no, it’s not about being vain it’s about being real, I’m just being real with you guys, you know everyone’s too afraid about talking reality in this society and I’m tired of it, let’s talk about the truth, and this is how the truth is, this is the truth this is how intimate relationships actually work right, you know people need to realize that they have to mature, you know and a mature woman is gonna take care of her body, you know, in the same way a mature man is gonna take care of his nobility like it’s not rocket science guys, well apparently it is ’cause I have to do this to explain it to people, so anyway you know beauty is a primary nobility is secondary for women nobility is primary for men beauty is secondary, but what fuels that nobility, well what fuse it is esteem. 

Now if you notice that there’s a little H right there, I talked about how women need to be providing humility in order to help build beauty, in that’s what really separates the women from the girls, as it were you know the mature females from the immature females. Now like let’s use an example so Tom Brady, right? He’s got a lot of esteem, he’s super esteem he’s like the best NFL quarterback of all time basically in history, and you know what, he’s also extremely arrogant, he doesn’t really have that much humility, that’s why you know, that’s an example of how humility is actually, you know kind of secondary for men, you know and that’s why men oftentimes in general get accused of being arrogant but you know that’s okay their esteem they can get away with it, and Tom Brady is a perfect example as to why they can get away with that, he’s esteemed in the more esteem he has well it doesn’t matter if he’s humbled very much because he’s the man, you know he’s like the star NFL quarterback, of history at this point in time. So why wouldn’t we let him be cocky about it? You know what I mean? ‘Cause that’s how it works with men. 

men are all about esteem and they have to continue to esteem themselves to build up that nobility to build up that respectability, Tom Brady’s got a crap ton of nobility, right? And he’s got the beauty component to go along with it. So of course, you know, people aren’t really gonna care as much if he’s humble, like come on, you know, whereas on the feminine side of things that’s not the case, humility is necessary to set them apart as a beautiful woman because there’s a lot of pretty woman out there but which ones are those pretty women are beautiful, right? 

Well it’s the women who actually had the humility, in conjunction with their prettiness to create the beauty because if they’re a beautiful woman that makes them lovable right? And then the man is able to love the woman because she has that beauty component because she’s exercising humility and her prettiness at the same time. But if you notice esteem is not that important, you know men prefer the humility component so humility is what really fuels, you know primary humility secondary esteem is what fuels beauty in this regard, you know esteem is very secondary, men don’t really mind if women esteem themselves you know and try to like become Tom Brady you know the female version of Tom Brady you know or that form of equivalency, they just don’t care that much about that because they want their woman to be humble because that means if a woman is humble, she is respectful, and she is respectful combined with her prettiness she is beautiful which means I can love her, which means I can take a bullet for her, which means I can no greater love, no greater love than when a man gives up his life where he’s beloved the true definition of true love. 

And if a woman wants that from a man, she better be humble, because that’s what makes her beautiful, that’s what makes her worth dying for, that’s the point, folks, a lot of people don’t understand that. So let’s talk about king warrior magician lover. People need to understand what nobility is and king warrior magician lover I actually talked about that at length in a previous video in this series am not gonna go into too much detail here but these are the four archetypes of the mature masculine, this is queen warrior magician lover, these are the four archetypes of the mature feminine, and basically these are achieved by maintaining that humility component, to be able to generate that beauty, and these are maintained by generating nobility by esteeming themselves.

 men if you’re watching this, all you have to do is esteem yourself and never cease. And you will generate all of the nobility in the world, unlimited nobility which will create unlimited magnetism and unlimited attractiveness from women, and then you don’t have to spend your time chasing women anymore besides, if you’re spending time chasing women that means like women won’t respect you, and then because they don’t respect you, they’re not gonna be willing to have a relationship with you much less get in bed with you. 

But if they do, and you’re not really respectable, you know, it’s just kind of shows that like they have no standards and they’re not exactly lovable and you probably shouldn’t be spending any time with them anyway, because like I said, women have this problem where they could just love about any jack ass on the street, and that’s why it’s not good enough for a woman to say, I love you. It’s more important that the woman says I respect you because what woman is gonna do that? Like let’s be honest, not many, just like women look at men and it’s like what women or what men actually take responsibility for their actions? Which men take responsibility for meeting their own needs? Which men know their personal goals? Which men never allow anyone to break their personal boundaries? Which men, you know have personal standards? 

You know in the same way which women do they personal standards? You know what I mean? Those are the four pillars of self intimacy that’s the next series we’re gonna be covering, but the four pillars. So just understand that that’s literally how this theory works at least you know in terms of the human attraction dynamics game theory model up here with the Venn diagram. Now for those of you that do not like Venn diagrams and would like a more cartoonish related model, I created the same thing down here using electricity. 

So, if you take mobility and beauty you have nobility and beauty right here represented as these like electrodes and whatnot and then the actual relationship is a positive negative polarity electric relationship where you have love and respect et cetera, right here, and then these like so nobility would represent this one and then beauty would represent this one is it’s electrode and the power source that goes into powering this electro, this could be like a magnet for example powering this magnet or this electrode is humility, in the same way that esteem is powering the magnetism or the electricity of this electrode of this magnet. 

And it’s creating this electromagnetic field, or this electricity here which actually represents you know, that spark, you know of a relationship, and that’s where the relationship has life is within this model. So notice how you know love and respect is represented, and you have an ability and beauty as part of electrodes and then you have the power sources there that’s really how it works. And if you’re single all you have to do is just focus on your power source, build up that esteem, or build up that humility, if you’re able to do that, you will end up generating more power to power your attractors, and attract the opposite sex, and then all of a sudden you will have a relationship, that’s literally how intimate relationships actually work. 

This is it, this is the mechanics of relationships right here. It’s almost like physics, right? Now, literally this is it, but look at it way. Imagine like in this model like all of a sudden you know the men’s nobility goes down, all of a sudden in order to keep the relationship up, the beauty you know has to go up to keep equilibrium or vice versa or if her beauty goes down, he has to overcompensate with more nobility for you know her beauty going down like so for example she had her health gets really bad she’s in the hospital he need to generate additional money, or support resources to try to assist her with that situation, it just goes to show you how relationships are just in this perfect balance and what eventually you know, one side of the relationship has to compensate for the other side of certain times you know and through communication and talking and additional loving and additional respect, and constantly keeping those values up at all times, allows the relationship to endure, to and continue, you know, a lot of people just don’t understand this you know, but anyway this model you know human attraction dynamics, it’s based on human nurture it’s like the other side of the coin, I know I do a lot of videos on personality type, which is based on human nature, and if you imagine like a similar Venn diagram human nature would like represent, you know up to 60 like so that’s 40% you know 20%, and 40%, or yeah. 

So 40% of the equation is human nature 40% of the equation is human nurture and then what’s the middle part right? Well, up to 60% of an understanding of human beings as human nature and that would be their personality type, the rest of it would be human nature and that’s what this model represents when it comes to relationships is just basically understanding that there’s human nurture components in place in play when it comes to dealing with romantic or intimate relationships right? 

So based on that it’s important to yes know your nature, know your partner’s nature or any potential partner’s nature and understand how compatible you are, and then after the fact make sure that you have the nobility or the beauty to back it up, and that you are showing proper love and respect within your relationship, and you will literally have that relationship indefinitely, you can’t lose but I mean people decide to be ignorant instead which leads to divorce and destroyed families and fatherless children. 

Great. Yeah no. That’s like literally the worst part of our society. The fact that children don’t have any fathers, right? While there’s a lot of reasons for that, and a lot of people blame men for that in this feminist society, but in reality it’s everybody’s fault because everybody is equal ignorant. That’s the problem, right? That’s what I’m trying to do here, is reduce people’s ignorance by telling people, hey, you have a nature, hey, you have a nurture, here’s how you it, right? 

That way we could actually stop this horror of a society from crumbling and finally you know, going down the way of the rainforest, right? As it’s getting tear down limb for limb, right? Or the ozone layer or climate change insert whatever disaster you want you know, I don’t see first-world society, as something remotely sustainable, why? Because children don’t know their fathers. And maybe if women were more respectful, children’s fathers would stay around, or maybe if men were more responsible, children’s fathers would still be around. You know what I mean? Like guys, where’s the nobility girls where’s the beauty? Okay, where’s the relationship stop alienating the children, seriously someone think of the children, come on, they’re our future and do we really wanna be raising up another fatherless generation? 

Generation after generation after generation they’re just so fatherless, and I’m so tired of it, and I’m tired of everybody being so ignorant about it, that’s why I made human attraction dynamics to explain the mechanics of relationships, so relationships can stay intact, so people know what they need to do to solve those problems, and so people can also identify through my human nature videos with personality type, what their nature is so they could see how compatible they are with people know their quirks know the quirks of other people so that they can literally understand each other, because if people understand each other’s nature, they can work with each other to give each other the love and respect that they need to help with their nurture. 

And once those bases are covered, then the relationships will last together, and we can all have families again, for once. So, anyway that completes this series on how intimate relationships actually work, and human attraction dynamics. If you found this video helpful or educational or insightful please leave a like and subscribe to the channel support channel I’d appreciate it, if you have any questions about human attraction dynamics, please leave a comment in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer that as soon as possible. 

And my next series I believe is gonna be at least human nurture series is gonna be on the four pillars of self intimacy we’ll be discussing those at length as well, and I will also be continuing my 16 personality series, and I have a few more series planned out for that so lot more content to come guys, so, I’ll be happy to see you there. 

Otherwise, I’ll see you all tomorrow, have a good night.

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