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How do INFPs express their anger? Before I can answer it please consider subscribing to the channel so I don’t find myself pouring sugar into gas tanks and hit the alert bell so you can be notified when I go live. That being said, what is up you go hackers IMCs Joseph here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology, also known as the four sides of the mind, also known as four sides dynamics and the source of today’s question is Cora as usual? So let’s take a look at that question. How do INFP is expressed their anger? Alright, so 33 Answers apparently like inf peas like are angry people, maybe? No, I don’t think so. I just think they’re insanely opinionated, but that’s probably for our benefit.

All right, so Trini Carrie Agha, I mean, was she she is this yellow Power Ranger. I mean, is it possible maybe she is an illustrator, a character designer, a writer and a painter. I can’t speak for others, but I can talk about myself while you like might be an ISFP though, honestly, and oddly, I don’t really get angry. I get frustrated and then I get aggravated, but I’ve never really been angry.

When I feel frustration about something or someone. There’s a couple of levels of anger I go through level one. Wow. She actually like wrote out all of the levels, secret payments, I will do things that are petty or just throw shade without the person knowing or seeing for example, this girl drove me nuts at school I went to we ever really talk but sort of get back at her for annoying me just being overall knowing as I’m whining as a person, I took a photo of her on her Facebook and heavily referenced it for one of my villain characters in a story.

She know her friends follow me or my art so would recognize me as a model for that it’s a very arrogant man who tries to teach young artists how to draw but in the most artistically damaging ways. I left arrogant and honest reviews of his How To books on Amazon. I do silly little petty things that I make myself feel better and feel like I got them back harmless but silly things that we’ll do I removed myself from them. I am not going to like actually like read that.

Nope. Level three, I confront them. And normally I’d never get past level two. I tend to not really harbor or cultivate anger.

I also never held a grudge Okay, yeah, honestly, this is an ISFP talking this is not an INFP Don’t listen to her opinion because it’s not appropriate for her. All right. Safa Imran who says I’m an INFP please know that I can’t speak for en FPS. Even though we may share a personality type we’re still different.

As an INFP. I can safely say that there are two ways we express our anger being quiet, ignoring, avoiding outbursts of densely concentrated rage. Honestly speaking, we don’t oh my gosh, and the typical ifI hero book that they always write. Yeah, I am not reading that.

No, thank you. Melissa Duffy qualified administrates your of MBTI for organizations career personal and couples? Great question. I ENFPs can get greatly distressed about feeling angry one way that INFJs may express anger is actually to withdraw from relationship with anger rather than advance. This withdrawal provides the introverted INFP that needed time to process thoughts and emotions and reflect on what to say before proceeding.

I NFPs may have tendency to brute to ruminate and to create mental scenarios not based on objective reality of reasoning or reality. I got to add that in there, but rather subjective distorted concerns feelings and fears about their strong need for harmony being disrupted when angry inf peas will tend to find fault with both others and themselves and have an exaggerated sense of responsibility for the slightest perceived disharmony. Not necessarily, I see why this person is saying that but not necessarily. If he’s cutting edge just to be able to get more objectively clear about his or own position when there is conflict to be able to express anger sort of was maybe difficult for an INFP because by nature INFP sees situations from all possible viewpoints such as getting a giant diamond, the size of the living room from all these different facets.

Yeah, that’s accurate. Okay. I had a piece of of low scores in there. Okay.

No, no, no gross METI Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross. No, thank you. No, thank you. Gosh, how many more books are there to read on this here? Ryan Smith who lives in the United States of America? Apparently that’s important.

There seems to be a secret wall. No one talks about that keeps a lid on something you don’t want to happen. People like to think we’re too weak to show anger. We cry like babies.

I’ll tell you a secret that wall we have as INFJs was built for a reason we’d rather acquire a void was make us angry than having to express what’s behind that. Well, if you send all drives to that point where we open that wall, you’re in for a world of pain, you deserve everything that’s coming. No, and that’s not necessarily true. Actually, people don’t actually deserve that.

Maybe you’re just overreacting. I’m also a cancer so the bottle anger only intensifies and deepened. Okay, astrology is not necessarily accurate. In that regard.

There’s something to astrology. But to be honest, like, there’s like four signs missing and the calendars are different. And it’s just outdated and needs to be updated, quite frankly. There’s a reason we keep it bottled in and never use it.

It’s like setting a grizzly bear to lose her cows with a crowded neighborhood. Okay, yeah. All right. There’s no point in me answering further.

So, some points are good. Most of the points are not that great. How do I ENFPs express their anger? Well, first and foremost, they do it through avoidance avoidance, they basically end up avoiding you because it’s like, okay, well, if you’re gonna make me uncomfortable, if you’re not gonna make me feel good, then why don’t why are you a priority to me? Why, why are you a priority, and then because of that, they just basically ignore you, and pretend as if you don’t even exist, and it’s literally cold shoulder treatment first is like the thing that you would notice the most about an INFP cold, if you’re being cold shoulder, if you’re being ignored. If they’re being super indifferent to you, that means they’re angry to you.

That’s the first telltale sign. And it’s because as I child demands, it’s need to be comfortable at all times. And it’s like, and you behaving in a certain way that can make them angry makes them feel unwanted. And if you’re harming their reputation, that can be even worse.

And it’s kind of interesting how Trini put it in levels, although that’s kind of more ISFP levels, where for an INFP standpoint, it’s a lot different. The most sensitive thing, the most damaging thing that you could do to an INFP is to destroy the reputation or cause people to think less of them, they are so deathly afraid of that. And that’s why inf peas are so sensitive to blackmail on a consistent basis. If you want to control an INFP just blackmail them, just like you know, an ISFP blackmail them to, oftentimes also even from like, just like how extroverted feeling inferior, so intp is and ISTPs can be guilted, and even Fe child, those four types of TPS, they can be guilted into having sex with people, you can actually blackmail ISFPs an INFP is into having sex with you as well.

Make sure that you FYI heroes out there are aware of your weakness to blackmail, so you can prevent people from utilizing this manipulative strategy to get into your pants. I highly recommend that. So what do you do when you’re being blackmailed? Do you play the truth card just so you know, that’s like you have to like seriously deal with the reputation hits. Because reputation is so subjective, that it kind of doesn’t matter if you have a bad reputation, because you can create a new reputation reinvent yourself using that law of power in any moment.

So that solves that problem. Anyway, back onto the topic at hand. So after if ignoring doesn’t work, and there’s they’re continued to being annoyed by you, or they’re continuing to be upset with you in some capacity, they’ll start to, you know, be petty basically, and they’ll state they’ll start taking a subtle, passive aggressive action. So passive aggression is the next thing.

So ignoring first followed by passive aggression, and and then if that fails, then they’re going to get into overt aggression, they’ll actually become very aggressive. And in some cases, INFPs may actually harm the physical environment around them, in order to make their point. But usually that only happens when their reputation is absolutely being destroyed if they see you spreading false rumors about them, or saying things that aren’t true about them or things that they don’t believe are true a could actually be true, but they don’t believe it’s true, because sometimes inf peas are not aware of how they’re coming off the other students se trickster than they actually will become extremely Rayji. And then as a result of that, they’ll believe that they’re justified to basically destroy you in some capacity and they become extremely ISTP Reiji, a huge rage fest.

That’s like going Super Saiyan mode. Basically, when that happens, it’s not very common, but if you if you destroy their reputation, you harm their status. In some capacity, it will get faster and faster to that point. So it’s something to be aware of.

The problem is, is that the things that the problem is is the INF peas are heavily at risk of becoming indignant, which means their anger is not actually justified in the first place. So their rage is not actually justified in the first place. Remember the definition of indignance, it is becoming upset at something as a result of perceived unfair treatment. And because INFP is all about perception, and they don’t actually verify their beliefs, they can believe that they are justified, they can believe that you’re destroying their reputation when reality is you’re just trying to make them not be a charlatan.

And this happens to ESTPs consistently because ESTPs are constantly exposing INFJs and INFJs out of all the types are the types that do not want to be exposed and exposing them is what cultivates their anger the most right? So exposing gets them into that overt raging mode like The fastest basically, even though you know with other things that would just annoy them, whatever they’ll just ignore, you pretend you don’t exist, or then they’ll get super passive aggressive. But if you want them going full aggression mode, well, that’s when you start exposing them to other people, especially people they respect, and they will literally harbor hatred towards you, hopefully later in the life of the INFP will actually not harbor hatred towards you. That’s actually a really nice shirt. And that’s pretty awesome.

Apparently, Railgun is trying out shirts for me while I’m filming for YouTube, but you know, it happens and I love my wife. So, that being said, INFP is just understand that if you’re getting really, really angry at somebody, and getting very aggressive and rage towards them, ask yourself this question first. Are they actually trying to help me by exposing one of my flaws that needs to be exposed? Or are they actually really trying to actually destroy me? You have to ask why. If you don’t ask why well, then you’re going to be in a really bad situation.

Otherwise, folks, this is how I ENFPs express their anger. If you’d like to have your chance, your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question or any of your questions become an ego hacker initiate at CS joseph.ly forward slash members and post your question as a comment on our initiate membership page, where I’m answering all of your questions during a private live stream each month. Anyway, folks a lot being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.


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