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Chase: 00:01 Hey guys, its CS Joseph with CS oseph.Life. So, we’ve been talking about human nurture, the other side of the equation as opposed to human nature, human nature being depth psychology or personality typing. But… with human nurture, we’ve been focusing on human attraction dynamics, specifically how masculine and feminine relationships actually work. And that includes love and respect for relationships; what is men’s attraction based off of which is nobility; what is women’s attraction based off of which is beauty; what fuels the attraction of men, fuels nobility, which is esteem. And tonight’s video we’re going to be discussing how to fuel women’s attractiveness, at least in terms of men, right? So what makes an attractive woman? Right? Well, the answer to that question is humility. Now this is where a lot of people are gonna start giving me shit about this because everyone’s like, “Oh no, he’s mansplaining again.”

Chase: 01:07 Or they’re more like, “Well, humility is great, but it’s kind of hard to be humble in this feminist environment, right? I’m supposed to have a job, right? I’m supposed to take care of children[s] as well as have a job, as well as be a wife, right? Or a girlfriend, et Cetera – all at the same time. That’s very complicated. How am I going to maintain that? And you expect me to be humble on top of that? How is that even legitimate? How is that even real? You’re out of your freaking mind.”

New Speaker: 01:37 I get that all the time. So because of how crazy that is, most people just turn the other way and they turn their ears off ,and they’re not willing to listen to that at all. I don’t blame them, and it’s nothing on them really. It has everything to do with just how people really just don’t understand how this works. It’s not their fault. No one ever taught them. I never learned from my parents and to be honest, they didn’t learn from their parents either. The last few generations have just not been socially or emotionally equipped to handle this epidemic, which is a lack of maturity in both sexes really. So how do we deal with that? How do we combat that? Well, human attraction dynamics, I developed it for that reason. So anyway, back to the source of women’s beauty. The answer to that is humility and how is that even possible? Well, it goes back to a previous model that I used in a previous video. If a woman is being arrogant, I don’t care if she’s nine out of 10, 10 out of 10, bombshell beauty, right? Bombshell pretty girl. If she’s arrogant, disrespectful, conceited, I’m going to throw her in the dumpster. I’m gonna throw her out of my house.

Chase: 03:06 I’m not gonna have anything to do with her because I don’t spend my time and effort to worship somebody else, right? I don’t spend my time, effort, my care… I don’t love somebody who’s just going to be ungrateful, right? Somebody who’s going to be disrespectful after I work hard every single day. Now this is where it gets a little confusing. Because of feminism women are also working hard every day, so it’s like, “Well, that’s not fair because I have to have a job,” right? Well, take it up with the Federal Reserve who is inflating our money and reducing our buying power so you girls out there have to get jobs instead of men being able to just be the single sole breadwinner of the household. Right?

New Speaker: 03:52 And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for you to have jobs. If you want jobs, go get jobs, like seriously, do whatever you want. Live your life. Whatever makes you happy. I’m not here saying I’m some, you know, patriarchy, you know, advocate who’s telling you [that] you can’t have a job or you can’t vote. That’s ridiculous. By all means do those things, but just understand that it doesn’t matter if you have a job or not. Men still expect you to respect them, and if you don’t respect them men will find women that will respect them. And if that means that you end up getting thrown in the dumpster because you’re disrespectful, that’s on you, that’s not on the man. “But that’s unfair. How can you say that?” Well, it’s because it’s not good enough for a woman to say “I love you” to a man, because let’s face it, women can love just about any jerk on the street, you know? The definition of respect for which I provided in the “Love and Respect” video, especially in the… the caption of the video, it gives the actual definition of respect, and it’s: to notice, to prefer, to regard, to love. Notice how love is inclusive, right? It’s all about being respectful.

New Speaker: 05:03 So it’s impossible for a woman to be respectful unless she is also humble. And so let’s, let’s, let’s look at this in practical terms like how is this even possible? Right? Well, you go to the gym, right? Women hate going to the gym, and yet you see a lot of gym babes there and it’s like, “Are you sure that’s true?” Yes, it is true. Why? Well, because insecurity. Women go to the gym and they have to compete with everyone else there, and they’re being judged constantly by their fellow women. Men, they don’t really do that to each other, but the women do it to each other all the time. And why? It’s because they are constantly competing with each other. They look at life as this, you know, big pie.

New Speaker: 05:47 Men see the pie, they’re just trying to get their own slice. But women, they look at each other and it’s like, “Well, why did you get that slice?” You know what I mean? “What makes you so good to deserve him, or to deserve that job, or deserve that body, deserve anything?” Right? Women do that to each other all the time. It could be very divisive. That’s why they travel in packs, right? And yet as soon as a man comes around, they’re competing with each other for the man’s attention. It completely breaks their pack up. I mean I know that’s basic high school drama for you, but that’s a fact. That’s what happens. That’s what we have. It’s what we live with. I’m sorry. That’s just the female gender. So based on that, humility. [You]… men see women, beautiful women. Yeah, you have a fine ass, you have some nice tits, but that’s not enough.

Chase: 06:42 They have to have… they have to be respectful. In order to be respectful, they have to have humility. If a woman humbles herself enough to go to the gym to work on her physique, that’s like a one-two punch. That’s a double whammy. That’s the opposite of “Catch-22′. That’s their… their… not only are they improving their physique, which makes them prettier, but they’re also engaging in the humility of realizing that they’re not all that and a bag of chips. And I’m sorry, that makes those women, especially those, you know, ugly girls who are starting out at the gym, but at least they’re there. At least they’re putting their effort into it. At least they care enough. At least they realize that they’re not all that and a bag of chips. Right? And that shows humility. That makes those women so much more beautiful than the other women walking on the street or, or you know, the arrogant skinny bitches. Like who… who even wants to waste their time with that?

Chase: 07:40 Oh, I know. All of those man children who are just in it for a booty call. That’s who it is. Not real men, right? Real men are not interested in that. Real men are not interested in disrespectful women. They just don’t want to have anything to do with it. They don’t want them in their home, they don’t want them in their life. And if they do have them in their life and it’s because it’s a booty call, and you are being treated as a booty call because they’re not willing to take a bullet for you which means they don’t actually love you. It can be loving, but do they actually love you? No they don’t because they’re not wanting to take a bullet for you. Why? Because you’re disrespectful because you don’t respect them because you lack humility, which means you’re not beautiful. So as a woman, if you want to be the most beautiful woman that walks the earth, obviously work on your physique.

Chase: 08:31 Obviously, you know, spend time in the gym, eat clean, organic, non-GMO food. Learn about macro nutrients, and doing meal plans, and counting your calories, and counting your macros. Get into bodybuilding, you know? Obviously work on your physique, but that’s not good enough. It is not good enough. That just makes you prettier. Great. There’s tons of women out there who are just… prettier. It’s not about that. You need to do something a little bit extra, and that is develop your humility. Recognize that you’re not all that and a bag of chips. That you are not someone… who is to be worshiped, because if you have that point of view where “I’m so good and I’m [I’m] so amazing that, {you know}, men worship me!” If you have that point of view, the only kind of man you’ll attract is a man who doesn’t love you, and who is only willing to treat you like a booty call.

Chase: 09:35 That’s it. That’s it. That’s your future. That is your lot in life, but unless you humble yourself on top of having that physique… you’ll gain men who are men of nobility. Men of high standards, men of quality, men who never allow anyone else to break their boundaries. Men who have personal goals. Men who take responsibility for meeting their own needs. Men that know themselves, men that have self respect. That would be the type of man you’ll attract. A man of really high quality. A man who’d be willing to lay down his life for you. A man who would be willing to go all the way, take a bullet for you and your children. Even if those children are not even his. That’s how far he’d be willing to go for you because you’ve got the pretty thing going, and you got the humility thing going, and that really is a source of women’s beauty.

Chase: 10:35 It is incomplete without humility. It also makes sense because as you age that prettiness [fail] fades over time. There better be something else to back it up. And that really is humility because a woman who is humble is very rare. A very rare thing, and men know it, and men are attracted to it. Like they’re… like, it’s gravity. It just pulls them in. And they have no choice but to recognize it and appreciate it… in everything they do, and everywhere they go in every, every way their lives. In the same way (laughing) finding that woman who’s just like, “Wow, she’s smoking hot, but she’s got a harder goal because I know that she would never disrespect me.” Or they look at that guy who was married to that chick and it’s like, “Well, wow, how did he get a woman like her? She is so respectful.” I mean, it just, they… kinda [kinda] makes them go into a frenzy, if you know what I mean, because it’s just such a rare thing. Just like it’s such a rare thing to find a man who’s walking around in the mature masculine. A woman walking around in the mature feminine, super rare. Super, super rare, and it just makes you think that all those skinny bitches in the gym, they really are a dime a dozen. They really are a dime a dozen, because they lack humility. But what really separates the girls from the women is humility. And that’s the truth of it.

New Speaker: 12:05 So if you found this video helpful, educational, enlightening, please leave a like and subscribe. If you have any questions or comments about this video, please leave it in the comment section. I will do my best to answer it, as usual. The next video to finish off this series, “How Relationships Actually Work,” I’ll be white boarding all of this to kind of show how it flows using a few visual models. So it makes a lot more sense so you could actually see the three dimensional Yin and Yang equilibrium, and understand through [through] this model that everything needs to be in balance. We’ll talk about balance and how when things become imbalanced in these areas of how relationships actually work, that the relationship falls apart, or how if one of the sides of the masculine and feminine side can overcompensate in an area in times of distress or times of stress. That it can actually save the relationship and how there’s, like, strength within the relationship, and how it won’t fail cascade. Like all those other relationships are, especially those relationships that are developed around booty calls instead of actual love and actual respect. So, but yeah, we’ll be talking about that in the next video. I think I’ll probably be doing that tomorrow. So, with all that you all have a good night.


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