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Welcome to see assertive response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind, also known as for size dynamics. And today’s question is, how do I get an ISFJ? To fall in love with me? And the source of today’s question is none other than quorum, so let’s take a look at the question. Awesome.

So we got four answers anonymous, begins to answer. And they say, Read love sense by Dr. Sue Johnson. Everyone can make emotional attachments just because someone isn’t as demonstrated as you doesn’t mean they don’t feel as deeply as us.

Some people take just more safety and time to bond and other people. And some people just don’t know how to bond. This book helped me understand some dynamics on attachment issues and relationships. What does this have to do with iossef? J’s like, are you just coming here to like, answer Rando? Like, are you Dr.

Sue Johnson trying to get people to read your book right now? Is that what’s going on here? I mean, I’m all for using Cora to like market your stuff. And I’m kind of technically doing that, because I’m posting the transcripts of these answers directly into Cora for anyone to read. But the bottom line is, is like this is kind of like I mean, this is almost blatant. I mean, but then again, maybe I am the pot, the pot train was called the kettle black here, I don’t know.

Give them time to get to know you and grow to love and like you care about feelings a lot. acident. What does this have to do with ISFJ? Like, no, no, you don’t? You’re not getting any time here. Nope.

Scott Spangler, a man who has worked at McDonald’s answered on November 11 2018. on Veterans Day, he said, don’t know don’t care. I’ve read this stuff. How many people have you met that? Are i for 100% of the time with all people in all situations over their lifetime? Because if they aren’t, then all your careful planning is a waste of time.

Same for s and F and J is this if this pseudoscience worked if then every person ever should be evaluated and measured and paired up shortly after our personnel is evidence of selves. Likewise, this should be used to fix more most psychiatric disorders and all criminal behaviors or it’s just stuff. All right, Mr. Scott, I totally understand where you’re coming from you’re very concrete point of view here.

You sound like some es TJ or some ISTP, who’s very ignorant of the science. And I mean, I don’t blame you. I mean, you kind of belong hanging out with Tai Lopez and all those people who think that this is an absolute waste of time. And I’m sure that you’d enjoy yourself in that echo chamber.

But please stop coming out here to Cora. And actually, like be a help instead of someone who’s just complaining about it. Because answering don’t know don’t care is not remotely useful. So then we have John North Wolf, who didn’t list his occupation by building attraction followed by trust and intimacy, then to maintain it, you should both be going through life trying to both grow individually as well as a couple.

Wow, so I’m super affiliative right now. Too bad iossef J’s aren’t looking for affiliative one does not make someone fall in love with them. Actually, it happens all the time. Just watched Don Juan de Marco and learn about the rake.

It happens all the time and rakes can pull it off. Don’t believe me? I mean, guess what my marriage is as a result of that. Love is decision not a feeling or emotion. True.

With that being said, because of decision and not emotion. You have to understand and accept the fact that not everyone you desire is going to reciprocate. I mean, wow. Could you just be more cliche? I mean, apparently, people here respect your opinion here on Quora, Mr.

Mr. North Wolf. You will be rejected no matter what your social status are you projecting right now? Mr. Northwold? Is that like literally what’s happening right now? physical or intellectual attractiveness? Are you actually exposing your own securities for us here on the internet? Mr.

Northwold? I’m serious. Like this is getting a little weird. And oh, and now you’re talking about achievements and or possessions? I mean, do you sound like an INTJ at this point? All the more reason to go out there and risk it. What do you have to lose? Spoken like a true pickup artist? Anyway? Then we have Hank, the grown sex toy consultant to the stars, a very interesting occupation.

And what did he do? He posted links to pornography or no, no a sex expert romantic advice to the non binary lifestyle. Okay, none of these answers were remotely helpful or worth it. So I’m going to come in here and basically save everyone from this. Well, stupid.

So anyway, how do I get an ISFJ to fall in love with me? It’s very, very simple, right? It’s very simple. You initiate with them, and you give them what they want. Most they want to be wanted. So you make them feel desire.

That’s really all you have to do. And you do that and it’s really like, Hey, how you doing? Introduce yourself, be nice. They really like it when people are nice. And then they’re really like when people choose them, they want to feel special, they want to feel chosen over everybody else.

It’s super important. And they want to be made comfortable. If you know and ISFJ find out from their friends, what their favorite kind of coffee is, and go to Starbucks and go get it for him. And this is randomly, she’ll be like, Hey, I got myself a coffee.

And I got you one, two, and it just happens to be the very Oh, how did you know you know what I’m saying? Like, that works. And it generates report, et cetera, right. And then, and then there’ll be like, Oh, I think so highly of you, you know, and then you feel good about that, et cetera, because you’re likely an ENFP, or an ISFP, because they’re super compatible those people or maybe you’re an ENT, TJ, because those are the that’s the type, they’re most likely you’re going to end up marrying, etc, as an ENT, TJ, but, but but the point is, is that, you know, give them give them gifts that they like to receive gifts, gifts, that that helped them in their way that that eases their burdens. So all I have to do is just ease burdens, because iossef J’s take on all of the burdens in the world, and they and so many obligations, and they need someone like you to come by and help them on obligate themselves or ease their burdens by helping them get through all those obligations.

So they feel less stress and have more time on yourself. They just need to be enabled from that. They they need enablement basically. And they go out of their way to help everybody but it’s nice when someone like you comes along someone with high moral fiber, someone with a decent amount of status and achievements.

And also someone who’s, who’s committed to give them a good experience, such that you’re actually hilarious and actually have a sense of humor, sense of humor is probably other than being wanted. And you obviously being passionate towards the ISFJ sense of humor is probably the number one and I mean, literally the number one thing that attracts iossef J’s is sense of humor, because they are built for being in relationships with ESF peas, which are hilarious. You see what I’m saying? They love to laugh. So if you can make an INFJ laugh and laugh consistently, you know, you got them.

And then a bring them their favorite coffee every now and then it’d be like, hey, you know, tell me a story or what’s going on with you what’s new with you, you’ll always show interest and what they are doing or what they have done. Ask them questions about their past, I was actually talking to my ISFJ mother Mom earlier today. And I asked her to tell me a story about her grandfather. And it was an amazing story.

By the way, it was excellent. She told it very well. And I had a great experience listening to it. But she really enjoyed speaking from the past and being that family historian etc, talking about her grandfather and all the things that he had to deal with when he was in the USSR and, and the communists and and the gulags and all that.

And it was a fantastic story. And all this rich family history that my children are going to be inherited. Inheriting is just it’s amazing. It’s absolutely astounding, you know.

But the point is, is that, again, sense of humor goes a long way. Also another thing, and this is a lesson taught to me by my ESTP mentor, and also a lesson that’s constantly proven to me by my wife on a regular basis. But it goes like this, the gift of food goes a long way. It goes a very long way.

And it goes a really long way. Especially with ISFJ’s, if you get them their favorite treats their favorite coffees, or whatnot, that’s sometimes even more valuable than then you know, getting them clothing or jewelry or anything like that, because they love coziness. It’s all about cozy, make them feel cozy, make them feel chosen, okay? Tell them how you feel about them. Tell them how they make you feel.

share your feelings with them. And don’t be afraid to share your feelings with them. And make sure that they know that you are the only person that you share your feelings with etc. And also behave in a principled manner and they will come to respect you over time, they’ll come to love you over time.

And they’ll be diehard loyal to you. Right. And that’s to the point where they’ll never abandon you ever because they just can’t get enough and then eventually they’ll be the one seeking you out because you are the one who first sought them out initially. And they care about fairness and always keep things fair.

They’re very just people and it’s all about you know, making you feel good and then feeling wanted and but here’s another thing, other than the gift of food goes a long way making them cozy, making them feel wanted having you know, giving them your attention, being passionate, ask them for stories. The other really really, really super mega important thing that is that causes an INFJ to fall in love with you is when you listen to them. You have to listen to them, even if you disagree with them, even if you feel like they don’t even know what they’re talking about. If you spend the time to listen to what they’re saying, consider it maybe even experiment with what they’re saying to so you can be like yeah, this is actually true.

And I learned a really great lesson thank you or no, you’re wrong and That’s because of this and you tell them and you’d show them the experiment that you’re doing and show them this and I was all about showmanship, you got to show ISF J’s, how they’re incorrect in their thinking, but you least have to take the time to listen to them and actually take the time to potentially do what they ask of you as well. It’s super important being listened to is important because oftentimes ISFJ’s are completely overlooked by people. And no one ever really listens to them. It’s super important that you listen to them just like it’s it makes them feel wanted, and makes them feel intelligent.

They don’t like it when other people because from their point of view, No one values me if no one’s listening to me, but they feel valued if you listen to them, and you got to make them feel wanted get to food goes a long way got to have that sense of humor. And then once you make them cozy, and once you have all those things going and you’re doing all at the same time, that ISFJ will fall head over heels for you. And that’s it they I mean you got them so that’s how you do it folks, that’s how you get an ISFJ to fall in love with you. So also, if you would like to have a chance to your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora or tag me integrity and then or you can leave it in the comment below etc.

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