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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how do I get an ENTP to be more comfortable with me?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CEUs. Joseph, and today we’re going to be doing yet another ENTP related acolyte question, which is pretty cool. So yeah.

Today’s question is, how do I help an ENTP feel more comfortable with me? How do you gain their trust? Whoo, that is super in depth? And a great question. Okay. So, there’s a lot here is really a lot to unpack. But if you really want to make any intp feel more comfortable as their si inferior, you really have to, you could directly do that, if you’re like, in close proximity and like, make things convenient for them make things comfort, comfortable for them, offer things to them consistently.

That’s like a really, really big deal. But really, the thing is, though, is that you may not really have that opportunity, or maybe they’ve closed themselves off to you, or they’re not really willing to talk to any more or something negative happen between you and them. And they’re just like, what, you know, and they’re like, you know, eff off or don’t talk to me, or I don’t feel safe around you, I’m not comfortable on you, et cetera. And then they just end up, you know, moving on.

Well, if that’s if that’s the situation, there’s really one thing you can do you need to take advantage. Well, there’s two, well, no, because si inferior is in an inferior slot. And that question is relating to si inferior, because it’s comfort. So we really only have one option, and that is to utilize cognitive axis as your strategy.

Okay. So basically, you need to make the intp feel wanted, you need to go to any hero and be like, hey, I need to demonstrate to you that I want you because then si inferior will start to open up. So the thing about NTPs is that you got to realize that intp is, after a while they’ll learn how to door slam people, but it’s never really actually a true door slam much like INTJ or INFJ is because I N J ‘s have to door slam in order like keep themselves sane in order to keep themselves healthy. But with an teepees, it’s more of like a ghost.

They’re like ghosting, they’re not really door slamming. But the bridge is always open, they didn’t burn the bridge, I and Jays will burn the bridge, and then that bridge will have to rebuild, which is really hard. And probably they’re like I don’t it’s not really worth the effort to me, right. But to an NTP, we don’t really burn the bridge, we just kind of like close the gates like you can’t cross the bridge right now bridge is still there.

But you can’t you can’t come you see what I’m saying. So that’s kind of like a more ghost approach. But really, like if you want to get the NTP to be more comfortable to open up to you, you really got to go out of your way to make them feel wanted. It’s all about being wantI you want to be wanting towards the NTP.

And that’s really how it goes. And you know, some examples of that would be like, invite them to things. Like seriously offer them invitations, hey, I want to go do this, you should come with me that’s like the ultimate NJ I’m going to ask out an ENTP strategy, I want to go do this thing with you, you should come with me. That’s it, you know, you make that offer.

Right. And, like that’s just a typical easy example to do. But it’s literally just you’re showing the intp that you desire them you want to be around them, etc, that you are providing them benefit in some capacity. And, and yeah, and also willing to listen to their criticism.

I mean, you could just seriously just go watch the eight rules for loving en TPS episode and literally just do everything that I say in that episode. And you’d be pretty good to go. That’s, that’s on the YouTube channel. It’s on the podcast, just go look up that particular season.

I think it’s season 26 For eight rules for love and then just just watch that episode, you’ll have a think it’ll help. But yeah, that’s how you make an intp more comfortable. Now, the second half this question is like, and it is related. And I normally don’t let the acolyte users like put in two questions, but it’s completely related.

I’m actually glad this woman asked this acolyte member asked this as part of her question, because how do you gauge the NTP stress? So the number one need now now, it’s funny because our last question was, you know what’s most important and ESTP but that’s not necessarily the same as saying like, what’s the biggest need they have the biggest need in the intp has is trust. Trust, but it’s not like them trusting you. It’s you trusting them and TPS already come off super mega creepy to other people, men and women, it doesn’t matter. They’re seen as weird.

They’re seen as awkward. They’re social pariahs just by default because they’re pragmatic and you combine pragmatism with the criticism of TI parent how Fe child gets rejected consistently even though it’s very brave of Fe child to actually criticize you and and and basically tell you what’s up. And I would like to thank Robert Potts for pointing that out to me recently, especially in terms of the new Fe child article that’s about to release unless it already did released like yesterday, I don’t know. But you know, ti parent, people with ti parent have to be really brave when they are criticizing someone because it’s always for that person’s benefit, etc.

So the bottom line is, is that an intp already in general feels like they’re not trusted. Like they’re not trusted by society. They’re not really trusted by anyone, people will judge a booklet by its cover and to an intp it’s really easy for se demon to just assume that everybody in the whole world is super mega shallow, and they make a shallow towards and ENTPS and they don’t want to be shallow anymore. So really, what you end up having to do with NTP is that you have to learn how to trust them, almost to the point of giving them blind trust, absolute blind trust, knowing that the NTP will not will stick around will not abandon, you will not reject you, you just have to be willing to be patient with them.

As they figure out you know, how long it’s gonna take for them to actually be comfortable. Here’s another thing en teepees oftentimes trust other people, when they share with their si inferior, they share their and they share stories about themselves, they share information about themselves with other people. And that’s like, a big deal. It’s like a major, big deal to the NTP.

Well, that’s the thing though, like, how, like, how do you help and and like, how do you gain a trust will share things about yourself, because the NTP will share things about you, or at least, they did share things about themselves with you in the past, why aren’t you sharing anything and this is always something like n J’s have a hard time doing because you have si trickster, you have si demon, they really suck at sharing. But if you really want the intp to trust you and you’re an NJ, you might want to like talk about sharing some personal things about you with them. And then so like then you’re not the only person who has like attack surface, you’re not the only person who is at risk of being embarrassed. You’re not the only person who’s putting your neck out on the line by sharing private information about yourself with the NTP, that is a concrete action you can take that proves that you trust them.

Okay. But that’s literally it. That’s how you gain an ENTPs trust is by trusting them with concrete actions and not just words, okay? Words don’t really mean that much. And like after like, the younger an NTP is, the more they’ll they’ll be willing to accept words instead of actions, especially from members from the opposite sex, for example, in relationships.

But over time, as they get more bitter and jaded towards life, the antiphase se demon will and they start engaging in their se demon, because they’re starting to learn how to use their se demon because they know that they don’t use their se demon, they’ll never be happy with their si inferior and not really be able to use their subconscious well enough, especially me as Shadow focus in the NTP is that like that se demon will really just expect other people to not be shallow, that will expect other people to take actual concrete action to prove Trust, the SE demon will care about people’s actions more than what people say. Because the intp will realize that’s the only way that they can actually be happy as a person, right? Because it’s part of them, like having self respect. So it’s it’s major important. But yeah, that’s That’s literally how you gain an intp stressed is by being trusting with them.

And that’s super hard, especially for like the golden pair of any intp. Because they’re the most paranoid of the 16 types. Their vise is paranoia, their virtue is being trusting they have to actually choose and be willing to take the risk of putting their necks on the line with their NTP, to show that level of trust, it’s mega important that that happens. Okay? So keep that keep that in mind.

Like that’s, that’s a really big deal. Okay, so that’s how you gain their trust. And again, if you want to make an intp feel more comfortable with you make them feel wanted, make them feel unwanted. Or if you’re close to them, at that point, then you can go right for the inferior and just handle all those things that would make them comfortable and convenient.

Basically, don’t be a burden on them, in fact, be the opposite be that person that removes burdens from them, after you make them feel unwanted. And then the NTP will grow more and more comfortable with you. And eventually it’ll create loyalty in your direction. If you’re an SE user, it will create loyalty.

And that’s a major, major benefit to that. So yeah, that being said, Folks, if you guys want to have your questions like this answered here on YouTube or on the podcast, you’re definitely welcome to do so all you have to do is go to CS forward slash members become a journeyman member and then upgrade your journeyman account to an Acolyte. account. If you are already a journeyman member and don’t know how to upgrade your account, you can go to CS forward slash portal, which is our members portal.

And then you can just click on the acolyte page and then you’ll you’ll learn how to upgrade your account from there. Yep, check it out. You get one question per month to ask a video and I will make a response video for it and share it with the rest of the audience so everyone gets to gain the benefit of your question, which is awesome. So me folks, thanks for watching and listening.

That’s it for today. I’ll see you guys next time on the CS Joseph podcast and I don’t know Have a good day or night or as usual just see you guys later. can use in the cave you


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