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And you get access to all of our private content with the exception, of course of the Discover pieces. Also in the portal, those are just either part of the bundle or just people that can buy one time purchase no big deal and get access to some season 14 episodes and the season 19 Episode related to their type, etc. But anyway, enough of the sales pitch, let’s actually get right down to the question and the answer from this acolyte member. Quote, hey, a chase.

Something I consistently struggle with is identifying when I’m using a certain cognitive sense. I also want to know what I can do to develop my se parent. So my question is, drumroll, what sorts of activities engage each of the individual cognitive functions? Quick little bonus question is W Anson, an ESTP? Yes, W anten is an ESTP. Period and story he is the author of the manual.

And if you’re struggling as a man with manhood masculinity, or ultimately getting laid, I recommend reading his book if you’re a Templar type, and maybe even a Wayfarer type. Se user man especially Templars heavily benefit from reading his book, The manual. And like I said, the ultimate study technique, you want to learn from people who have the same or similar cognitive functions to you, so that you can basically replicate what they have done within their life so that you can actually arrive to the same conclusions that they have over time. Welcome to the collective unconscious.

That being said, what sorts of activities to engage to develop my se parent? Well, there are two different ways that you can actually develop se parent, the first way is using cognitive axis. And that means you would be focusing on the introverted function attached to se parent which would be ni child. This means in order to develop se parent, you would end up taking a lot more risks than you would typically with your ni and just follow your heart with your ni situation. The thing is, is that no child when it makes decisions and goes after what it wants, it creates a lot of consequences and a lot of mess for other people to clean up with your se parent.

This is oftentimes where as the parent becomes very irresponsible. So you have to get to a point in your life where you’re becoming really choosy about what it is you want. And you actually stop yourself and ask yourself is this really something I should be wanting right now. And that’s that is that’s in general, one way to do it.

The other way is to use cognitive orbit by going down to the shadow function that is attached to your se parent. And that is Introverted Sensing critic. And we talk a lot about this within season 19 It’s also heavily talked about in season 18 as well which is available to members at CS For slash members or if you’re on our email list, we emailed one episode of season 18 out every single month, but if you want to like watch all of them in case you lose that link, etc. They are available to members so you can watch all of season 18 is posted in the members area portal so you could check that out.

But developing your SI critic and let’s let’s talk about si critic versus ni child and child is all about once but si critic is actually all about needs. Si is for needs and is for once SI is for sharing and Ni is for asking and develop se parent, as a parent needs to learn how to ask other people before it actually makes the decision to want something and that really helps the SE parent understand if other people around them have had experiences with the same decision. This helps the SE parent become more responsible over time and that’s one access way of development for se parent. But the the orbit way of development for the parent is really coming to an A really big understanding or good understanding of a person’s needs versus wants and you ask yourself, Okay, yeah, I want this but do I actually need this? And always ask whether or not you need something whenever you’re considering wanting something because when you mentally ask within yourself, okay, hey, is this something actually need? You’re giving your Introverted Sensing critic a voice at your Mental table, basically, it’s being represented.

And it’s that kind of representation that is necessary that mental check that is necessary in order for you to make the absolute best responsible decision on the part of se parent. And it’d be really easy for you over time as an STP is, but or an SSP, either one, an ISFP, or an ISTP, one of those two types to really understand the difference between what is a responsible decision versus what is an irresponsible decision very quickly, because you’ll be able to separate your decisions based on two different categories wants versus needs, needs are more likely to be responsible decisions wants are more likely to be irresponsible decisions. So as a result of that, knowing these two differences, you can actually kind of triage your way or separate your way or segregate your way in terms of your thinking your decision making to increase the likelihood or the probability that you would be engaging in more responsible behavior. And that too, will help develop your se parent and make it more responsible over time.

That’s super important. Now naturally, you know, when it comes to developing other parent functions, you can follow the same process etc. And that’s, that’s definitely a you know, a way to do it. And you can even apply this methodology to any other cognitive function pairings between axis and orbit as well in terms of personal development.

But be warned, development gets even more complex if their gateway function gateway functions being hero, inferior Nemesis and demon functions. Those are the four gateway functions. And there’s additional complexity when it comes to developing those functions as well. I talked about how that works heavily in season 19.

I also talk about how that works in season 18 as well. So anyway, folks, hopefully, that answers this acolytes question and thank you for submitting it for this month and being able to make this content for the rest of the audience out there and even non members as well. So anyway, folks, remember to like and subscribe, leave a comment erotic I read all the comments and with all that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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