How do I Confront Conflict as an INFP? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the the Acolyte question how do I confront conflict as an INFP?


Oh well, I’m gonna see it’s just a podcast. I’m your host to see us, Joseph, every day. Today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing how can INFPs? Avoid instead of avoiding conflict, how can they confront conflict? Oh, man, what a question. I’m so happy this question was asked.

Great question to the acolyte member that asked this question. It’s fantastic, utterly fantastic. So yeah, well, let’s go over the specifics. You know, conflict really makes INFP is very, very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable talking like, like, it’s just so much easier for their si child to just avoid conflict.

All right, they’re probably not even in the mood to deal with conflict. And not only that, like, conflict directly gets in the way, the deadly sin of sloth, their primary deadly sin. And let’s be honest, INFPs are insanely slothful. And that could be a huge problem.

Yeah, they’re part of the mind temple. They’re all about thinking and whatnot and learning. But that sloth really inhibits their learning. Here’s the difference, though.

INFPs need to realize that one of the greatest sources of learning is actually as a result of conflict, if they’re always having to be in some kind of safe space, right? A safe space where they’re always, you know, trying to study things from the outside, instead of being in the thick of it, what exactly are they going to learn? are they actually going to learn anything deep and meaningful? No, their learning is going to become shallow. It’ll be completely shallow, shallow learning, which means the INFP is going to end up not really smart, they’re actually gonna be pretty ignorant. And let’s be honest, the purpose of the INFP archetype, their purpose in life, is to bring about greater wisdom to the world and remove ignorance from the world. But how are they actually going to be able to do that? Has anyone even bothered to ask? How is an INFP actually going to do that? Well, not by you know, studying things and learning about things in a safe space, that’s not going to happen.

Because through conflict, the greatest form of learning, the fastest form of learning, and the sharpest form of learning is as little as a conflict. Why else do you think it is written as iron sharpens iron, so does one man to another and it’s really through conflict that human beings have the greatest amount of learning. So the INFP basically has to get to a point where they are forcing themselves to be in a conflict scenario, to be under like an aspect of conflict, they have to force themselves, they really do. And that’s ultimately what it comes down to.

If you want to supercharge your learning, get off your ass stopping slothful, stop trying to be in a little safe space all the time, and actually realize that conflict is actually truly the only way that you yourself is going to gain mastery. For example, you see Robert Greene these days, he’s like the greatest INFP in the world. Let’s be honest, in my opinion, he is the greatest sign of pee in the world, other than maybe Keanu Reeves, but he wrote the 48 Laws of Power. He wrote so many masterful books.

But here’s the thing, even he’s admitted in his interviews is like, you know, yeah, I knew that these were the 48 Laws of Power based on my research, but I’m actually gonna try them out. And he did try them out. And he created a lot of conflict in the process. And he learned the most that way, or another INFP, who I have great respect for.

John Paul DeJoria, an amazing fellow. This guy walked out on his family. He, he lived on the street, all for the sake of his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He let go of his deadly sin of sloth and went towards his living virtue, which is basically the opposite of sloth.

And he rested off and he conflicted with customers. He conflicted with his business partner, and he created he became a billionaire. You know, and that’s, you know, and you know, that’s where Paul Mitchell hair products come from. I actually, every single week, even tomorrow, actually, I’m going into Paul Mitchell the school and I have my hair done at Paul Mitchell school every week.

I love it there so I got a VIP membership. So myself One dollars a month. And it’s like unlimited haircuts, unlimited grooming, unlimited whatever. Plus 20% off on products, whatnot.

Huge Paul Mitchell fan, huge fan of John Paul DeJoria, the INFP in his success, do you think he was actually able to become a billionaire? Do you think he was actually able to discover the recipe for success? His philosopher’s stone as it were, to transmute his poor life, his homeless life into him being a billionaire? What a great man, a great example, the rest of humanity just as much as Robert Greene is a great example, to humanity to humanity. So that only happened as a result of him actually forcing himself to get off his ass, and seek out conflict. As I was able to do it, he sought out conflict. And because he sought out that conflict, he learned so much he learned something that was actually meaningful.

If you’re spending so much time as an INFP, you’re trying to become some kind of scholar or kind of learn something to help you get a job and a school whatnot, there’s no conflict there. You’re just in your safe space, while still they call colleges and universities safe spaces anyway, was all about acceptance, love. Do you think you’re actually gonna gain any strength of character there? You think you’re actually going to find anything truly meaningful there? The answer is no, you’re not actually, you’re just to be like anyone else, you’re not going to have any flavor. And it’s conflict that makes you in effect, the salt of the earth.

And if salt loses its saltiness, it’s thrown out and trampled upon. Jesus said that, right? That’s what the Kingdom of Heavens like right? So for an INFP, to actually take part within that perspective, within that point of view, etcetera. Well, the reality of the situation is, is like, Hey, you’re probably just going to have to bite the bullet. Get off your ass.

Go get into a conflict situation, learn the most. And that includes social conflict. Like oftentimes, inf peas are so socially inept because they’re just too lazy to go engage with other people. So why oftentimes, inf peas, especially earlier in life, INFP men end up with the lowest call quality women.

So INFP girls end up at the lowest quality of men. It’s because they’re not willing to develop the social skills and social skills are learned through conflict. Because in every, if you think about every single social interaction, is manipulation is social engineering. It really is a form of combat.

I mean, sexuality is also a form of combat. You know, if you were to actually like, if you actually like to translate the word for having sex in the Chinese language, it translates directly to the to the word flowery combat, flowery combat, like a flower flowery combat. Okay. So conflict is how you as an INFP, become the greatest student, the greatest learner, and it is through conflict, through pain, through suffering, that you will be able to create your Philosopher’s Stone and discover the standards and principles behind success in your life.

Not only that, you’ll even be able to share or maybe even sell access to your Philosopher’s Stone, your quote, recipe for success as a philosopher, for anyone else out there, think of all of the wisdom that you would gain as a result of putting yourself in those conflict oriented situations, because I guarantee you, you will only make yourself a fool. Thus, you will not have your recipe for set success, you will not have your Philosopher’s Stone, because the reality situation is, is that there is no conflict to sharpen it. To make it into something meaningful. You decided to be in the safe space, you decided to do what was expedient.

And as a result, your life and your future is riddled with nothing but failure and unhappiness. Where you’re literally a prisoner of the safe space that you built for yourself. Get off your ass. Get into conflicting situations, learn the most, so that you can discover the recipe for success.

And I promise you as a result of that, you’ll be able to reduce the sorrow in your life. And actually finally find true happiness as an INFP. Mark my words. Anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.


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