Season 11, Episode 2 Transcript


– Hey guys, it’s CS Joseph with Doing another lecture, another episode of season 11, episode two. So season 11 episode two, we’re gonna be talking about how do ESTPs compared to ENTPs. Because like people are confused with, “Oh. Hey, I’m Ti Parent, I know I’m Ti Parent, but I just don’t know if I am an ESTP or if I am an ENTP, I have no idea.” So based on that, we’re gonna be talking about that today. But first let me remind you that we have a giveaway going on right now with the channel. And so that giveaway is a free copy of “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” written by the famous depth psychologists, Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. So if you wanna get your hands on that book, which it’s pretty dope and I recommend it. Awesome depth psychology, awesome archetypes. If you want a copy of that, please subscribe to the channel, leave a like, and leave a comment on this lecture. So there you have it also subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it. But anyway, that is the giveaway that we’re doing right now this round of the giveaway and the giveaways are gonna continue to keep going as we continue to provide and produce these lectures for you. Trying out some new lighting tonight, actually, got a nice little lighting thing magic and it’s pretty cool, I like it. Seems a little bit difficult here and there, but we’re trying to get it figured out. I put it like behind the camera except then you just see this giant, glowing voodoo ring here on the whiteboard. And that’s probably not gonna do, because this whiteboard contrary to popular belief is actually very shiny. So it is what it is and we’ll just kinda get over ourselves as we do it. So anyway, ESTP versus ENTP. So we have a lot of type comparison lectures to do. So I’m gonna be doing a couple of type comparison lectures, a lot coming up here pretty soon. And that’s great because we need to make sure that we get that content rolled out before we move on to other things. And also don’t forget, I’m gonna be talking about the Quadras very soon as kind of an addendum lecture series with season 15 that we just finished. So that’ll probably be seasons 16 or 17. And then we’re gonna be talking about the attitudes of the cognitive functions after that, which is an addendum to season one, basically. So a lot of new content coming and we’re probably gonna be diving into a romantic compatibility after that. So keep tuning in with us and it’s gonna be fantastic. 


So anyway, on to the comparison. So we have ESTPs, we have the ENTPs, what’s the difference? What’s the same? So ESTPs are artisans. Say live in the moment. They’re freedom-based creators. They’re all about what’s happening right now. They’re concrete, they use concrete language. They’re really focused on the what is, whereas ENTPs are the what if, because they’re abstract. ENTPs are NTs, also known as intellectuals for the temperament. The intellectual temperament is abstract, it’s pragmatic similar to the pragmatic artisans but instead of being abstract, they’re concrete. Abstract means ENTP is talking abstract language. They’re constantly talking about the what if, always about the what if or what may be, or what’s possible, et cetera. Whereas ESTPs don’t really care about what’s possible, they care about what is, because what is is more real to them than the what if whereas what if is more real to the ENTP than the what is, essentially. So that’s a huge difference right there. If you don’t know if you are an ESTP or an ENTP, just, hey, you might wanna figure out if you’re abstract or concrete. If you don’t know the difference between abstract or concrete I recommend you watch the playlist to season 15 here on this YouTube channel and then, or listen to it on the podcast, but season 15 has all that information so you can get educated. 


And by the way, tangent, I’m actually being doing episode nine. It’s a bonus episode for season 15 in the very near future. Thanks to a miss Wendy gossip for a sharing some amazing information to you that will help simplify some of the things that we learned about in terms of identifying temperaments as we talked about in season 15, so look forward to that coming as well. Anyway. So ENTPs are very future focused, very future thinking whereas ESTPs are very like right now, what is versus what if. ENTPs are very systematic with their approach whereas ESTPs are not really systematic, they’re more motive based, more interest based. Trying to figure out, hey, what’s in it for this guy or what’s in it for that guy there or what’s happening? What are we doing? Why are we doing it? This the why behind things whereas the systematic approach is trying to create a framework to explain why things work, and that’s how ENTPs are, ESTPs are a little bit different. Now for their interaction style, we have something a little bit further with their interaction style. ESTPs are direct initiating control, whereas ENTPs are informative initiating movement. So they’re very movement oriented, ESTPs take time doing things, they go at their own pace. Everything’s got to be under control or have some semblance of control. ENTPs don’t care. 


ENTPs view chaos as a ladder and because chaos is a ladder they’re just able to like, go, go, go, go, go, go, go or create or introduce chaos in order to get movement, in order to get progress because if you take away progress from an ENTP that’s like, that literally sucks, I don’t recommend it. So anyway, so ENTP informative also, they’re like they open the door to find the milk and it’s like, “Hey, we have no milk.” Where’s that the ESTPs gonna open door and find no milk, “Hey, you should go get some milk.” Is being directive versus informing. When you’re informative, you give the other party that you’re communicating with the opportunity to choose their role in the conversation, to choose whether or not they want to do something that you’re talking about, whereas if you’re direct, you’re actually already making the decision for the other person what their role is and what your personal role is in the conversation. And you’re just actually telling, hey, you’re like, “Hey, I’m going to go get milk,” or, “Hey, you’re gonna go get milk.” That’s just how it is. Whereas informative is more like, “Where is no milk,” which means it’s optional to figure out whose role and to solve that problem is in that to juncture. So just remember there’s a difference between formative and direct and that’s why, and control is going at your own pace whereas movement is moving hyperspeed, going speed racer with most things. And then we have initiating, they’re both initiating, they’re both extroverted. 


They love being around people and initiating with other people to get the information that they need in order to make decisions. So it’s absolutely fantastic being initiated in that regard. Although, I do like people that respond to me, I really, really appreciate it when people responding to me. If I’m like talking to an ESTP, they’re not really responsive. So it’s more like they’re trying to initiate the other thing with me and it’s like, “But I already sent you texts, why don’t want to answer to those.” It’s almost as if the text messages I sent them has lost energy all of a sudden, because they didn’t reply to them all at once and that’s like really frustrating. So that’s kind of how ESTPs work in that regard. So I think I covered everything abstract versus concrete, systematic versus interest, their interaction styles and I think the other aspect of the Berenson model was having like a brain fart right now. Cause guess what? I’m still tired from like being in Ohio last week. That was rough, it was a rough trip, but learned a lot. It was able to handle a lot of it to make it work. So anyway, it’ll come to me, and then I’ll mention it in this lecture. So let’s look at the cognitive function, shall we? So we have the ego ESTP ego right here, which means you have an INFJ subconscious, you have an ISTJ shadow, you have the ENFP superego. And remember virtue advice, the virtue of the ESTP is chastity and the vice isn’t infomania versus the ENT, their virtue and vice is sincerity versus insincerity, which basically makes ENTP insanely good liars, if not the best liars of all the types. 


This sucks because I am an ENTP and let me tell you, I definitely know how to fit if you know what I mean. So that can be a problem. And, but if you wanna learn more about virtue and vice, please watch, there’s this particular season , it’s a playlist on the YouTube channel where you can learn about the virtue and vice of each of the types and just kinda see how that works. If you have questions about that, please refer to that, I’m not really gonna go dig into virtue and vice that much in this lecture. So it’s kinda nice to be able to segment out on certain things. So anyway, Se Hero, so ESTPs are all about physics, they’re all about what is happening right now. Physics also represents short-term memory access. It’s how the mind is actually the four sides, it’s is how the mind is able to access that aspect of memory. And because they have higher extrovert at sensing, they have higher awareness, higher ability, higher mental capability to be able to act access their short-term memory. So this ends up becoming like this giant pool of random access memory in their minds and they’re able to like basically remember everything that’s short-term. When it gets to long-term, their mind wants to write it to their long-term memory which is introverted sensing, that’s long-term memory access and it’s acts like a hard drive. So this is random access memory, Si is a hard drive for longterm data retention. And this can cause is ESTP to be somewhat forgetful because all new information that they’re gathering for right now, within their short term memory access, their mind’s pushing out the old information and is only keeping track of the most critical information. One thing I would like to mention with this particular model and an ESTP that I know contacted me this week and literally told me the following, “Oh man, no one’s going to respect me because if I don’t have good memories,” like that is such an Si nemesis statement, because why? They’re worried about the long-term memory. They’re worried about that whether or not they have enough memories, et cetera. And it’s a constant state of worry. It is an issue that they have. It’s a problem. And let me be straight with you ESTPs out there that thinks this, if you’re an ESTP male, you’re like, “Well, no, one’s gonna respect me if I don’t have good memories,” like that is a crock of shit. Let me tell you right now that that is absolute bulshit because the reality of situation is, especially like for relationships, especially with women, if women see that you’re going somewhere, if women see that you have a future, basically, and that you’re going to have a future then they’re gonna be attracted to you, then they’re gonna be willing to actually engage with you, invest in you and have your relationship with you. 


But if you’re constantly talking about things that you’ve done, instead of things that you’re gonna do, you’re not gonna get anywhere, especially with the opposite sex, I mean, come on. But then again, you’re probably not gonna get anywhere with anybody. So maybe you shouldn’t make it about how much experiences you have all the time ESTPs, that probably be more valuable. Maybe you should stop being insecure about what you want because guess what introverted intuition inferior is the insecurity because the person’s insecurity is always in the fourth function. So we have introverted intuition inferior. This is their connection to willpower, what the ESTP wants and they are afraid of wanting the wrong thing. And it’s so frustrating because it’s like, “Well, I don’t know if I wanna be a construction worker or I don’t know if I wanna drive a forklift or I don’t know if I wanna take on more clients or I don’t know if I wanna get this job, I don’t know what I want to do.” And then they ended up getting an analysis paralysis because the ESTP is gotta focus on what everyone else is doing first before they know what they want to do but they keep looking at what everyone else is doing, and they keep trying out new lovers over and over and over again and having new relationships over and over and over again and then when that happens, they’re like, “Oh yeah. If I sleep with 300 women, I might I actually know which one I finally want.” Yeah. 


See, that’s the problem with ESTPs. They just don’t know what they want and as a result of that, it comes off as being afraid to commit. That’s why their vice has infomania because it’s like that fear of commitment because they’re afraid of wanting the wrong thing. That’s all it comes down to. ESTPs, if you are afraid of the wrong thing, stop focusing on trying to generate memories because people will respect you more, that’s a lie and it’s bulshit. Stop being afraid of what you want, how bow instead, you just be okay with failure. Because ESTPs, if you are okay with failure, and this is very similar to how ENTPs work and we’ll get to that in a second because like I am an ENTP, I have personal experience in that area, who to thank? Anyway, it’s for an intuition inferior. It’s like, “Well, I’m very afraid of what it wants to do.” How about you just, if you want it, go ahead and do it, find out if it works for you, if it doesn’t work for you, consider a failure and then move on to the next thing ESTPs. Why don’t you do that? That’d be nice. Well, you have to be okay with failure, that’s the point. “Well, I don’t want this relationship might fail or this job I feel, or I might not be good at this.” I don’t care if you might not be good at this. You’re probably not good at most things. Most people aren’t good at most things. And I get the ESTPs wanna be like the alpha male or the alpha woman in some cases, they like to be the alpha because that’s Se Hero that can spot weakness and people that easily and it bothers Se Hero when they see other people weaks, they wanna like push those people and give those people experiences constantly, maybe even pester, or maybe even bully them on the school yard and whatnot because they’re trying to make that other person stronger because for some reason, ESTPs feel it’s their responsibility to make those people stronger and give these people reality checks that comes from Se Hero. 


You’re giving people reality checks, “Here’s a little dose of reality for you bro, smack,” and it’s like great. Are they actually developing? Are they actually getting stronger? Or are you just crushing them under the weight of your Se Hero? See some types respond well to that. Si Heroes and Si parents, they respond, Si child, Si inferior, no, we don’t respond well to that ESTP So maybe you should pay attention to who your audience is and make sure that they actually can receive those reality checks, those loyalty checks. Because, “Hey, I’m gonna push you away to see if you come back to me,” because loyalty check, thanks Se Hero, that’s really nice. But hey, I mean an Se Hero often accuses me of like being thin skinned and I mean, what am I supposed to do when that happens? I have Si inferior, I’m very sensitive like that. I’m up front with my sensitivities. But for some reason sensitivity is the same thing as like being weak. Okay. Thanks. That’s really great. No, that’s not what it is. So get out of your analysis paralysis, stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing all the time so that you know what you want. 


How about you just try new things until something works for you and be okay with failure Failure happens, failure is normal, failure gives you wisdom. So why wouldn’t you want to fail if you’re constantly gaining additional wisdom? Like the most important thing in all of existence wisdom Because guess what, if you have wisdom you can use your INFJ subconscious and then you become the Sage on mountain ESTPs, and you are able to help other people, you are able to improve other people, you are able to strengthen other people as result of the wisdom you get. It’s not about giving them experiences, it’s not about pushing them around and giving them reality checks and loyalty checks, that only works for a certain amount of people. But for everyone else, you need to have wisdom as a result of failing, you’re going to fail a million times. Watch Owen Cook’s video called the truth about life, RSD motivation on YouTube. It’s absolutely dope because you’re gonna crawl around in the shit of life and you don’t even know what you’re gonna do. Fail. You need to be okay with failure and through failure, you develop wisdom and then you become less afraid and you’re able to unlock your INFJ subconscious and utilized wisdom to help others and strengthen others, especially those people that do not respond well to your overbearing Se Hero. Now, Se Hero can be amazing and it can give some really amazing experiences. I know some Se Heroes who are awesome at sexual intercourse. I know some people who are really good at photography. 


I know some racers that are Se heroes. I know some fantastic artists. I love ESTP rockers, if you know what I mean. They’re fantastic. So and also as Se Hero gives them the ability to use mechanics very well. I know many lumberjacks who are ESTPs. I know many ETPs who could operate heavy machinery. They just have that mechanical genius inside of them if they focus on it and they’re able to unlock it, they’re able to do those things. And it is absolutely fantastic to watch and just watch them work and how they have absolute total command of the physical environment around them, unbelievable. But ENTP’s different. We have extrovert intuition hero. And by the way ESTPs are part of SPs and SPs are 30% of the population. Well, conversely ENTPs are only 15% of the population or potentially less in some cases. Which means ESTPs outnumber ENTPs. So they have this bias about them, where it’s like, well, I’m more right than you are because I have this thing called common sense because that’s their ISTJ shadow talking when they’re referring to common sense. Let me tell you about common sense. Common sense, ESTPs and ISTJs and oh wait, if you’re an SJ or an SP watching this common sense is nothing more than common ignorance. Do not forget that tradition is the corpse of wisdom. If you want real wisdom, you need to be willing to fail. And in fact, you should probably spend time seeking failure. When you find something you want but you’re not sure whether or not you should want it do it anyway, and fail at it so that you gain wisdom. That makes you strong, that makes you the absolute best ESTP, the ESTP that I would like to be around, the ESTP that is able to advise me. 


Do not forget, I am able to do this channel as a result of an ESTP who mentored me with his INFJ subconscious. And this ESTP, I mean, he thinks he’s an ISTP even, but that doesn’t matter. He was able to teach me a foundation of what the science actually means. And it’s because he kept on trying and figuring out depth psychology and understand this. He kept failing over and over and over and over again, for many, many, many years but he developed the wisdom as a result of his failure And he’s able to confer that knowledge upon me and initiate me into this science as a result of using his INFJ subconscious and that never would have happened unless he was okay with failure. This is very important for ESTPs to understand, it is also important for ENTP is to understand. And this is why some people, I kind of understand why people get so confused between the two types, because both these two types actually have a very similar relationship to failure. And we’ll see why here in a second. ENTPs, you have extrovert intuition hero, also known as metaphysical awareness. The ENTP is constantly talking about, oh, the what if? The great what if. And remember, extrovert intuition gives the ENTP to see the future. We are able to see unlimited futures, unlimited possibilities, unlimited realities, all full circle. Not only that, our minds are literally like time machines. We can move our mind mentally into the future and we can also move our mind into the past, our personal past, not the past of other people, the ESTP would actually be more capable of reaching out the past of other people because of their Se Hero. 


But the more personal experience that an ENTP has, the more they’re able to see out into the future and predict the future. That’s what extrovert intuition metaphysics gives the ENTP because it’s a hero, the ability to become a master of fate, a pathfinder, where extrovert intuition is able to guide the fate of other human beings. ‘Cause you can literally see the future and the fate of another human being and you can introduce stimuli or say things to them or say things to their friends, which will basically, alternate or change their future to an ultimate future. And you, as the ENTP can give other alternate futures based on what you do and what you do say, what you say. It’s especially important using Ti parents do it ’cause it’s like really dragon fire. We haven’t gotten the Ti Parent yet, but we are. We’re talking about perception functions right now which is extrovert intuition. So the more experience you have with introverted sensing, the more you’re able to see it in the future because of the first law of time and I quote, “All that has happened before will happen again, time is cyclical. So because time is cyclical, you’re able to go even further than that. Well, I am like, so on fire tonight, let’s keep it going. Anyway, extrovert intuition, I’m able to see possible futures, all of them. Now that’s not to say that intranet intuition cannot see possible futures. It can, but just for itself, it’s like a sniper rifle. I could see super, super mega long range, super long range but one path at a time. “Oh, this is a good path for me, right? No, because intranet intuition is focusing on the ideal path forward. We see that here, but they’re so afraid that they’re not getting the ideal path forward for themselves, that they end up having analysis paralysis because they’re trying to figure out what other people are doing before they know what they want or they’re just afraid, they just don’t make any decision. And this gives the ESTPs failure to launch syndrome. It’s a constant problem. 


They’re not the only one that has this issue, ESFPs have this problem too. Especially ESFP man, they get failure to launch syndrome as a result of being too afraid of wanting the wrong thing. Because intranet tuition is trying to find the best path forward, the ideal path forward for themselves. What do I want and why, basically. Whereas extrovert intuition is aware of all paths available to somebody, it’s like a shotgun. extrovert intuition is a sniper riffle, whereas, introvert intuitions like a sniper rifle but extrovert intuition it’s like a shotgun. It goes everywhere in all directions, but it’s got it shorter range. Whereas introvert intuition is a sniper rifle, very direct, very pinpoint. Trying to find the ideal path forward whereas extrovert intuition gives me the ability to see all paths forward and then after seeing all of them, I choose which one’s good for me. And then I ended up rock hopping between, yes, I’m definitely using expanse terminology, for those of you watch the expanse or reading the expanse books, which I recommend, I’m literally rock hopping between different futures to get where I go. And it just looks like I’m to move forward whereas the ESTP is just trying to do that. There is no easy path like that. And I ended up flowing like water to get to where I want. Because extrovert intuition as a function is literally water. That’s why Bruce Lee was an ENTP. And so it was like Steve jobs and Benjamin Franklin. Didn’t know that, did you? 


By the way I recommend you watch John Little’s book. I think it’s John Little, “The Warrior Within” talking about Bruce Lee’s philosophy, core interpersonal philosophy. He actually talks about extrovert intuition and how it’s like water in that book. I recommend it if you’re a definitely ENTP or an Ne user, meaning Ne is in your top four functions. Ne is supercharged by how much experience person has, just like Se is supercharged and their mechanical physical capability is supercharged based on introvert intuition, by how much willpower they have, the more willpower an ESTB has, the more mastery they have over the physical environment. The more willpower an ESTP has the more sexually capable in the bedroom they are. See like that’s literally what that is for, will power. So maybe they should like develop it by failing, we should fail, it’s important. Failure gives us wisdom. And it is no different for ENTPs. Here’s the problem with the ENTPs. Metaphysics and being able to see the future, that’s great, but introverted sensing is about their duty what they should do. Here’s another aspect of, gosh, I love red pens, here’s another aspect of introverted sensing and fear, and it is as self discipline. Self-discipline is how you master introverted sensing, very important because self-discipline, you have to force yourself to do things. You have to force yourself to be outside of your comfort zone. The problem with the ENTPs is that we’re too afraid to do new things, new things that we’ve never done before. And we get super insecure about doing new things. Thank God for NTJs. Thank God for NFJs, because you know what? They’re Se child and Se inferior, definitely helps me be like more comfortable when I’ve done doing things I’ve never done before. And then I’m able to get out of my stupid little comfort zone or in my little rut that I might be stuck in and then all of a sudden I’m actually executing and getting things done because I’m typically afraid of doing new things. Yes. Also I have great long-term memory access and I can remember a lot of stuff all the time. And I have an excellent memory, which is dope, it is the dopest, but yeah and it’s especially dope, especially when I’m in relationships with the NJ women and I get to remember stuff for them all the time. 


And I’m like, literally they’re walking totem and how they etched my soul, I love that. And then all the great things they’ve ever done for me, I always remember it and then can recite it to them when they’re feeling down. And then they’re like, “Oh, I guess I am really that cool.” And it’s like, “Yes, actually you are because you did all these amazing things,” or when they screw up and they feel bad and I think I’m gonna break up with them, it’s like, no, actually I’m not because you have this huge pile of all the good things you’ve ever done for me, and then there’s this one little bad thing you did. So it’s pretty obvious like I’m not going break up with them because like, NJs are actually pretty dope. I mean, especially with ENTPs or EMPs or NPs in general. So it’s kinda like, yeah, maybe they should figure that out. Anyway, failure to launch syndrome, similar to ESTPs can be the bane of the ENTP. I know it happened to me because I didn’t become a man until I was 27 years old. Wow, and I’m 31, so I guess that means I’ve only been a man for four years. That sucks and that’s lame and that’s pathetic. Well, at least I made it. Why didn’t I make it? I was stuck in a rut. I was stuck in my comfort zone, comfortable playing World of Warcraft. You know I was living in someone’s garage with an infant. I was definitely a loser. Is no wonder like my wife at the time had no respect for me. I couldn’t get sex ever to save my life. Yeah. Well, it’s because I didn’t deserve it. I wasn’t even producing. Couldn’t keep a job to save my life. Always working for minimum wage or something. I couldn’t do it. 


I was a loser, not willing to take risks, not willing to get out of my comfort zone. Comfort zone is the problem. And I should have gotten out of my comfort zone but I wasn’t willing to take risks. I was too afraid of doing things I’ve never done before. that insecurity was there. So just like ESTPs, the ENTP has to have self-discipline, although that’s not how it is for ESTPs, ESTPs have to focus on wanting to fail whereas, the ENTP needs to recognize that they should fail. It’s all about forcing yourself and having self-discipline to force yourself to have new experiences, regardless of the risk of failure. Because even failing gives our introverted sensing the long-term experience that it needs to not make those so mistakes again. I actually did a post on my Instagram, by the way if you’re not following me on Instagram, you probably should because I’m gonna be doing giveaways there pretty soon like especially like free coaching sessions with me. One-on-one coaching sessions will be given away on my Instagram. And if you haven’t liked been following on Instagram, you probably should. Also, there’s some really dope post there. In fact, I’m gonna tell you about one right now. I had a quote about Thomas Edison put on my Instagram today, for example, talking about how failing 1000 times is just means I found 1000 ways to not do it that way. That’s all it is. Failure is important. ETPs need to embrace failure. It’s the only way they’re able to grow. It’s the same here, the more experience you have, the more you’re able to use your extrovert intuition and see the fates of other people and the guide the fates of other people or guide the fate of humanity even. I mean, that is exactly what we’re doing here on this YouTube channel if you think about it. You’re able to see that future, you’re able to predict. You literally become moonlight deep with prescient, from like the “Dune”, a science fiction by Frank Herbert. 


That’s literally what you can become as an ENTP, as a result of having supercharged extrovert intuition, based on the fact that you have more experience and you wanna see further into the future, you need to force yourself to fail, over and over and over and over again so that you can have more and more experience with which to prognosticate and tell the future because extrovert intuition just literally prescients. Don’t forget that. Anyway, right now let’s talk about logic and ethics. By the way, wisdom also is very helpful for the ISFJ. Why? Because the ISFJ becomes the knight. You know, the knight in shining armor, the knight that’s holding up that shield with that crowd and holding bail next to him and walking across like this protecting bail from the, from the admins if you know what I mean. That was such a great meme on our discord. I love that guys, that was like the dopest. Keep those memes coming. And there’s not enough ones with like forklifts. I mean, come on, more forklifts, we need more forklifts. Let me know. So ISFJ is the defender, it is like the knight as a result of being able to fail over and over, it builds endurance, it builds wisdom, but that endurance allows the ISFJ to have long suffering and be able to endure a lot of hardship to the point where the ENTP can literally withstand anything, any hardship. And the ENTP becomes like water, just like Bruce Lee was able to teach where when you punch the water, the water just goes, you can’t destroy the water. You can’t even burn the water, just evaporates the water but the water will still come back again. Because as it is said, it is written, a righteous man may fall, may fail seven times but he will always rise again. 


A wicked man, wicked man he’s just gonna stumble and he’s falling and he’s gonna stay down. But if you as an ESTP or ENTP you are okay with failure, you will always be able to rise again, as long as you never give up, as long as you’re okay with failure and you realize that you are getting the wisdom and the endurance necessary to move forward in your life and you will be successful. It is super important that you understand that. Both types have Ti Parent and Fe Child. Ti Parent is amazing. It is literally dragon fire. It is literally a huge sword with which we cut because we, and it is a double-edged sword because as we cut others we are cutting ourselves because we are telling the truth. The truth is a double edged sword. Why is it a double-edged sword? It’s a double-edged sword because you’re a hypocrite, if you cut somebody and then the same judgment that you’re judging on them it comes back to you because judge not or you too will be judged by the same measure with which you judge. I mean, like Jesus said that so, I mean, that makes sense. He’s not telling us that we shouldn’t judge, he’s telling us if you do judge, by the way it’s gonna come back on you, which is absolutely true. And especially you ended up having bitterness in your life because you spend all this time judging people and you realize that you’ve become exactly the thing that you’ve judged or you misjudge. And then all of a sudden people are misjudging you. It’s a double-edged sword. We have to use Ti Parent responsibly, we have to use our logic responsibly that’s why it is in the parent slot for both of these types. Because logic is all about, if this, then this, it’s all about truth and awareness of truth. At Ti user is more likely to accept that the absolute truth exists whereas a Te user is not necessarily willing to accept that because the Te user is more based on belief not actually what is factually true But ESTPs and ENTPs are super similar in this way, they actually focus on what is factually true or not. 


Although the ENTP does it from a more personal experience, more anecdotal approach and which can get very like what if. and the what if, and the truth behind the what if and the truth behind the metaphysics. But the ESTP is more of the truth of what is. This is true because it’s here, I could see it in front of my face right here. It is the what is, it is true. What is true? That is what the ESTP is. That’s why they do loyalty checks, that’s why the reality checks, because it’s like, “Hey bro, I need to give you a dose of reality so like you’re paying attention and not wasting your life making bad decisions.” You know what I mean? And that’s kinda like where they go in that direction with it. ESTPs can be very forceful. ESTPs exists to obligate other people, obligate other people to improve. That’s like a healthy ESTP , instead of trying to obligate someone with their fist, which does happen, especially like ESTP subconscious, INFJ do that too with their relationships. You just have to be very careful about it. You need to keep it focused on wisdom, wisdom that’s gathered as a result of failure because they could become that Sage on the mountain or they could become that knight in shining armor for the ENTPs. ENTPs is the knight in shining armor but for the ESTPs it’s the Sage of the mountain. Both of which are able to cause some huge social change in some way, shape or form defending an ideal for the ENTP or executing the ideal on the ESTP side. But both of them have logical parents. Both of them are aware of the truth. Both of them are capable of debate. Both of them are great at persuasion as result but it’s all fact-based. And because they both do it that’s why people get confused between the two. They both have Fe Child and Fe Child is all about making other people feel good. Telling these two types that they’re heartless, wrong, that’s not actually how it works. Yes, I can understand how you would say that they’re heartless because they both have Fi Trickster because Fi Trickster is completely unaware of moral behavior. Do not expect an ESTP or an ENTP to be sympathetic to you or to any cause or to anything else. We do not do sympathy. Sympathy comes from introverted feeling. We don’t do sympathy. So do not expect your ETP to be sympathetic to anything. It’s a waste of time. Empathy however, Fe Child is very empathetic. And I am very empathic because I really do understand how people feel and I understand the social rules and social norms, but because I have, Ti Parent I choose to ignore them because to me, truth is more important than social norms and social values and social rules and social currency. 


Truth is a higher value. That doesn’t mean I don’t care because usually I’m telling the truth to someone because I care about them, because I want them to hear the harsh truth, the reality of the situation, just like ESTPs would, using my Ti Parent, I’m breathing dragon fire and cutting them with my double-edged sword of truth, with my tongue, because it’s like literally a sword and with the tongue comes the power of life and death. You probably might want to read about that. The point is, I’m telling the truth of this person and they’re being burned. It’s like I’m burning down the forest so a new life can grow and ESTPs do the same thing with people. And we’re burning the lies away, basically. That’s what Ti Parent does, it burns the lives away. Of course, Ti does that in any type that has in the top four slots. But Ti Parent is no exception. Fe Child though is like, “Okay, I just burned you down but I’m gonna try to build you up. Now, I’m gonna give you hugs and have you balloons and candy I’m gonna get you started on a new path in life so that you could be better off than you were before. And ESTPs do it so that you can have a good experience, you can have a foundation with which you an start the process of healing yourself and building your life back up as they do with the Sage of the mountain, also known as the INFJ. But the ENTP does it more like “Here I’m gonna burn you down and I’m gonna build you up so you can have a better future, so you could have a better path. So you can have a better fate, basically. It’s different, that’s how we do it. But that’s what motivates us. 


We already talked about introverted sensing nemesis and how the ESTP is worried about their past and is trying and worry that they don’t have enough experiences in their lives, and they don’t have enough life experience. And that makes them somehow makes them inferior, which is bulshit, that’s not how it is. They just need to be okay with failure and they’ll get over that worry. And because they will gain experience through failing, ’cause that’s what they’re really worried about. Si nemesis is literally what it’s supposed to be used for, is a warning to the ESTP that you haven’t failed enough. It’s not about the lack of life experience, it’s about the fact that they haven’t failed enough. That is why Si nemesis is here to provide that worry about their past, that worry about their lack of experience. It’s there to help guide them to make sure that the Se Hero is not stuck in analysis paralysis, that they Se Hero is looking in the right places and causing the Ni inferior to be willing to fail and be okay with failure and to gain the wisdom it needs to be able to access the subconscious and become a well-rounded and integrated ESTP that’s actually successful. Yeah, that’d be nice. But then again, what do ENTPs worry about? Introverted intuition, their willpower. ENTPs are constantly worried about their own fate. And why do they do this? Because they’re afraid of their own future. But hey, if they would have self discipline and constantly fail over and over, they’d be able to see into the fate better and then influence the fates of those around them and wrap the fates of other people around their fate as well. And as a result of wrapping around the fates of people close to them with their own fate simultaneously, guess what? They don’t have to worry about their own future because together we’re gonna create a better future, together we’re gonna create a better fate for all of us. And that’s how that works. So that way introverted intuition nemesis does not have to be worried about their own future. 


If you are worrying about your own future chances are you are an ENTP. If you are worried about your life experience in your past, chances are, you’re an ESTP. This is a huge difference between the two and that’s how that works. And then we have Te Critic, both types of Te Critic, I love to Te Critic. And Te Critic could be really hard. Te Critic is like that thing that causes ETPs to point that people and like, “Wow, you’re kinda stupid.” Or “Wow, those statistics are obviously biased, and I probably shouldn’t listen to that. Have you guys ever heard of like literally a misleading graph? Misleading graphs and misleading statistics? No, those never exist guys. I know those pew research center studies are a real every single time and they’re totally real, they’re totally 100% accurate every time while or all of those tests that pharmaceutical companies do all the time. Oh, peer review, peer review is never, ever flawed ever. And there’s never bias in peer review. We can definitely trust peer review that way we can always trust the scientific method.” Yeah. You can trust the scientific method if you’re kinda like doing things more by yourself, but the accuracy kinda goes down the toilet the more people you add to it. That’s the view of ESTPs and ENTP, we have Te Critic. We are very critical towards the thinking of other people that includes statistics. Very critical because we are just aware that everyone in general is biased in some way, shape or form. And their ideas could be potentially corrupted by those things. Thank God for like, I asked IFJS and INFJS because they have Ti Child and Ti Child is not so easily corrupted. Now they can, I mean, at least at least INFJs can, well, there you have that mirroring effect that they have with their virtue in their vice, but cause they can be corrupted, but if they focus on what’s actually true they can have that insanely high integrity, which is really awesome. 


The Ti Child integrity that they’re able to have. ISFJs can do that do too. But they do it from the point of faith of having this endless faith of being able to endure any hardship in their life and they’re able to do it, of course, I’m able to access that ability because I have I’m an ISFJ subconscious. It’s not as strong as an ISFJ ego, but I can still do it as I develop myself. As I become more integrated as an ENTP of all four sides of my mind and I’m able to get more healthier as a result. So that’s Te Critic. We already talked about Fi Trickster with morals and the lack of morality. I have no clue what is a good or bad thing. I only understand what is true and false. I do not understand what is a good or bad thing. That’s why I constantly go up to people with my FHR and be like, “Hey, how do you feel about that?” Or, “Hey, what do you feel about this?” Or “How do you feel about that?” I do this all the time. My friends, I like surrounding myself with Fi users because they’re my walking little moral compassis, compassy, compy, compete. I have no idea how to like say the plural on that at all. But whatever, it doesn’t mean anything. I could still be like, “Oh, hey, by the way, how do you feel this?” And they’re gonna tell me their moral judgment as a result. Now the demon function. The demon function is different both, I have Se demon. This is my short term memory and my awareness of physics. So can I take a hammer to a nail? No, I can’t. Can I like build my own house? No I can’t. ESTP probably could if they wanted to, but sometimes they don’t usually want to, but they can. They can work work fro their father or work at a company. It’ll be a construction foreman and they could definitely take a hammer to nail, but I really can’t. It’s because I lack that physical awareness. Now I can’t do that if I am trained with every possible combination use of an hammer of nail and every possible task that would go with it. 


But every time I have a new task that the Si inferior and security comes in with this hammer that I have and I got this hammer and it’s like, I have to completely relearn how to use the hammer for this every single task. Whereas extroverted sensing hero of the ESTP, they just naturally understand they pick up the hammer, they naturally know how it works and how to apply it in simple machines and physics and all those things. And they’re able to handle it every way which way they can do it because it’s a form of mechanical mastery as a result of having extroverted sensing hero. And the extroverted sensing hero, they just naturally understand how things work in the physical environment, but I do not. Se demon also has a chaotic evil component which is ESFP superego. ESFs superego is basically kinda like the joker. His ledger’s portrayal the joker, is a chaotic, evil, whereas the trope of the, so we have chaotic, evil, the trope of the ego of the ENTP goes actually chaotic, neutral because one day I’m gonna save your life the next day I’m gonna, steal your car. That’s just how ENTPs work, assuming. Whereas the ESTP, they’re not really focused on, they can be a little chaotic but it’s more like chaotic good per se. But I mean, I don’t really know that much ’cause I haven’t studied ESTP tropes that much but I kindA know mine and I know some others like Te Parent, ISTJs and INTJs are lawful evil, for example. So we’ll be talking about tropes in a later as series after we search a little bit more about ESTPs and know the specific ones they have but I know most of mine, so I just figured I’d share it anyway. But Se Demon men is all about it wants to destroy the physical environment, it wants to destroy the world, it wants to light things on fire and dance over the burning corpses. 


That’s how it is in its most evil form because from its point of view, if reality is that screwed up, then burn it down so that new life can come up. And actually I had to use my super ego because the superego, especially ESTP superego, the superego is all about why do you have a superego? And why is it useful? Because the super ego exists and it’s the source of the human condition, the source of sin nature, according to various spiritual belief systems. If a spiritual belief system believes in sin nature, sin nature is actually comes from and is rooted in the super ego fourth side of the mind. And that fourth side of the mind, it can be a problem. So why? Well, it corrupts the human soul because the super ego is trying to replace the ego and Martin Luther said, that sin natures when the self bends on the south end, is trying to pull down the ego towards south, and flip sides with the ego. And you can see that with people who have like insane personality disorders, et cetera. But the point is the super ego does have a positive application and does have some positivity to it. And that really is the nuclear option because the demon is so powerful. This is the demonic inverse, also known as the superego. It is like the ESFP demon, when it activates, it has an insane amount of power. And literally it’s the nuclear options. That button you press to basically reset your life after like when a nuke explodes and just completely destroys everything, completely destroys your life and burns to the ground. But then new life can grow as a result. And it is a reset button for your life. And you only wanna do that when you’re absolutely desperate. But if you’re really depraved, if you’re more set towards your vice and you activate your superego, then you have bad behaviors like rape and murder and heinous crimes coming as a result. So definitely make sure that when you’re using your super ego, you’d be very, very careful about when you reset your life because it could have lasting consequences that will affect you for the rest of your life if you’re not careful. Extrovert intuition demon is different with ESTP. 


When everyone’s trying to motivate them, when anyone’s trying to motivate them they think that they’re being manipulated and they will instead go Se Hero range and be like go super sane over it and they will like seriously, there’s like a Gallic gun in your face, destroying the world and then like you have no world left. Because the Ne demon literally exists to destroy your fate, to destroy your future. That’s why it exists. And if you do not give the ESTP the freedom to want things their extrovert intuition, demon will activate and they will become the ENFP superego and they will destroy your fate. They will destroy your reputation. They’ll become very vindictive. They all end up feeling that it’s their duty to do so. That the ESTP who will actually believe it is their duty to destroy your reputation and to destroy your future. Because you did not give them the opportunity to make their own choice. You did not give them freedom of choice. Whereas here, the ENTP, if you did not allow them to protect you, if you did not allow them to do their duty, if you did not allow them to have self-discipline, if you did not allow them to have their routines, if you did not allow them to be comfortable at the time, if you constantly made the ENTP uncomfortable over and over and over again you’re telling the ENTP that their reality is screwed up, that their reality is not worth living in, so then they will desire to go Se demon and burn it to the ground and they will destroy your reality too. And not only will they destroy your reality but they will feel that they would have the absolute willpower to destroy your reputation at the same time. Kinda interesting how both are super egos are interested in destroying the reputations of other people, but that’s what they do. So you gotta be super careful on ESFP demon as well as ENFP demon because they had different applications as a result. 


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