How Do ENTPs Lie to Themselves and Others? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how do ENTPs lie to themselves and others?


Why do ENTPS use euphemisms to lie to others and to themselves? And how do they do it? How and why but it’s probably likely going to be housed. We find out on this CS Joseph podcast episode. I’m your host CS Joseph, welcome to the show. And I’m here answering questions of our acolyte members.

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Let’s get down to it. The question once again is how do ENTPs use euphemisms to lie to others and to themselves what detrimental effects are to be expected if this becomes a habit? All right, so really, let’s talk about like what the foundation is of what’s happening here. So I had a mentor a long time ago. His name was Digi, it was short for digital Ebola.

He was head of security for goon swarm and Eve Online. I was recruited into goon swarm in dust in a game called Dust 514. It was a PlayStation game a long time ago, as a member of the something A forum. So yes, I am a goon and I don’t care of all you anti goon puppies out there, I really don’t care.

And I will slaughter the lot of you in any game that I play PvP style. It is what it is. So as a goon I was playing does 514 with fellow goons and we were in the corporation immobile infantry, which is a play on Starship Troopers. And then after that, we had some problems with cerebral Wolf and he was canned by the Mahtani.

And then we ended up creating a new corporation called goon feet, where we would consistently dominate people and have fun, and I accidentally had the Mahtani with me, dear leader in my jeep, and I crashed us into our fiery and a fireball of death. It was good times. That being said, Digi was playing dust 514 as well, he asked me to play EVE Online. And then I went through the entire process and joined the corporation in EVE Online known as goon Wharf, which was the main corporation that the Mahtani is the CEO of in the alliance of goon swarm Federation, and they are still playing today.

If you want to learn more about that go to http s colon Whack whack s o v.sp, a CE sav dot space, and you’ll get to see the glatt galaxy map of the galaxy known as New Eden and how much territory Goonswarm Federation still holds today in fortress Delve. Also, Sukkot and C dot Sucat Pandemic Legion and also test I had to buy the balls. Anyway, that being said, Digi invited me into a goon swarm. And I had an extra alternate character I joined an alliance called insidious Empire, which was a servant Alliance for the boogey man Alliance known as Pandemic Legion, who ultimately were enemies of goon swarm.

And then like there was a war relating to that. And I basically became a field operative, and I was studying and I was basically spying for the goon swarm intelligence agency, also known as CIA back in the day nowadays, or Blackhand, after rebranding to the Imperium, but I was OG goon swarm intelligence back in the day, and was a really good field operative for a number of years, with tons of exploits and very fun stories that I could tell. But I’m not going to get into all of them right now. That being said, Sorry, HTTP 2k.

But I’m the guy that called the hit on your Leviathan Archangel Azrael. You go to the kill mail z Yeah, that was me, man. You probably shouldn’t have jumped your Titan to that sino because now your multi $1,000 ship is dead.

And I handed it to the big red bow on a silver platter, while also pissing off the edge for doing that. But that’s okay, Mr. Edge. You’re my bro and I love you.

He’s an ESTP. So but you know, as part of being an operative and I also started doing counterintelligence as well did he basically taught me how to lie and I think Did you may use either an INTJ or a fellow intp I really was not able to type him well in off, or like be exposed to him to really know for sure. There’s also a chance he was an ISTP. But I’m, I’m just really not seeing it.

That being said, I did. He basically taught me how to lie. And he said, You know, there’s two things. The first is like, hey, the first the first lie is is that, okay? The best lies are the ones that you can make come true.

That’s the best, the absolute best thing, in his opinion. And then if you can’t make your lies come true, then mix truth with your lies so that your target cannot tell the difference, basically. And those two methods of lying really form the core of EMTP manipulation, because I realized that I actually do that naturally, as an intp. I actually do that naturally.

Because anti deception is ultimately second to none. We remember all of the lies and all the masks that we wear to other people every single day, and we can keep those lies going until the day we die. We absolutely can. To the point where like, you know you talk about that that documentary involving that Tinder fraudster, I maintain that guy was an intp.

And he’s able to keep up his, his lies going basically indefinitely mixing truth with lies, to the point where no one could tell a difference. And oftentimes, he would make his lies come true, kind of like a magician would, and people will just end up trusting him over time. And TPS are very accomplished and very successful liars, especially the INTJ focused ones, I have to say, the INFJ focused ones are a little bit more affiliative. So because of that, the INTJ is not as willing to wear masks because they’re a bit more concrete.

Whereas the INTJ focus mixed in with the NI Nemesis worry about their own future, the SI inferior depravity, as a result of not really developing their eyes, FJ subconscious. It can really be a problem. And INTJ focusing on TPS are literally the best liars in the world, that they can keep their lives going for decades. And it’s really hard to actually know what’s going on, which is one of the reasons why INTJ’s or golden pair are insanely paranoid because of that.

But you know, the thing is, though, is that if you’re around any intp, you know, there’s certain types that can actually really catch them in lines. And I think, to date, the type that’s been able to expose me from my lies hands down is my supervisor type, which is the ISTP. So if you’re an INTJ, and you’re concerned about an ESTP, if you have an ISTP friend, have the ISTP friend spend some time through ENTP because that’ll like actually really help you figure out where they where they stand. That’s, like really important.

So keep that, just keep that in mind. That’s a thing. That’s, you know, that’s, that’s important to do that ISTPs are probably the best out of the 16 types to actually expose ENTP lies, for sure. I really think so.

So, because it’s so hard to lie to an SE parent or to a or a TI hero, that it’s so hard. It’s just like, that’s why I have a policy of just not doing it. Because it’s there’s really no point eventually si critic will catch up eventually. So there’s it, I just don’t do it, it’s just not worth it, it’s not worth it.

Now, oftentimes, don’t forget that ENTPs often lie because they feel like they have to like they feel like they have no choice, then people aren’t gonna believe them anyway. So they’ve been because their bitterness, they’re just kind of they feel like they’re forced to lie, they’re forced to be fake, because no one can really actually accept the real them. The thing is, though, is that like, if they can just not care about that and do the what w Anton says in his book, The manual, and learn how to accept themselves regardless of the consequences and just accept that they are the pariah of society and become the pariah of society. They can end up being like Tony Stark, where they can just be like brutally honest, and then people just accept it and actually like them anyway, it’ll make them more likeable.

So they don’t actually have to hide behind their lies anymore. They can just expose themselves on their own and realize that that’s what’s actually going to earn them respect, because that actually forces them to be a stronger person. So, so to answer the question, how do en teepees use euphemisms to lie to others and to themselves? It really just comes down to like, you know, ti parent really knows how to craft exactly what it says I had an ISTP recently actually accused me of well, oh, that’s a nice loophole. Oh, that’s a nice loophole when I’m talking to them.

And they’re like, you know, because like literally one word in my sentence could change the entire meaning. And because I said one word and I established a precedent in a previous sentence in a previous conversation of what I said, what I was specifically committing to, you know, the other party could end up assuming that I meant something when I actually didn’t. And then they’ll end up making decisions based on that assumption. And even though I have my little loophole, because the reason why NTPs use euphemisms is to always give themselves an out.

It’s always basic. It’s how they how their INTJ shadow helps their ego on obligate itself, it is a defense mechanism because of how easily si inferiors pressured and obligated and abused basically. So that’s how they basically free themselves from abuse is by being very careful with exactly what they say. So they can always bring up later well, I said it this way.

So why are you expecting me to do this, you can because I said it this way I never actually committed. So they use euphemisms in such a way in order to get them out of commitment or to prevent themselves from getting into commitment. It’s all about maybes or possibilities. It never is actually anything solid or concrete.

That’s why it’s important to get an ISTP around them, because the ISTPs will force them to be concrete, they will force commitment, because se parents and si critic together via cognitive orbit will expect it from the eyes from the intp. So out of all the 16 types, the best chance at the en TP lie detector is hands down the ISTP. Hands down, hands down. The other types don’t really have much a chance, I mean, with the exception of fellow ENTPS.

But getting a fellow en tvdb willing to help you they’re probably not going to because they don’t they themselves don’t want to get exposed. So they’re probably not going to do it. So all that’s left is really is TPS ISTPs are amazing lie detector. So that’s not to say that you don’t have a weakness because of an E trickster.

But the thing is, is that any trickster through any mastery can still just pick out what is possibly happening. And while it’s not really concrete to them, they know that anything is possible, and they’ll start exploring those possibilities. So if the ISP really spends enough time thinking about it, it could even take weeks, eventually the truth will be revealed. That’s just how they are.

So NTP is when dealing with ISTPs, just be honest, from the get go, you don’t have to worry about that. If you’re concerned about nice, any NTP potentially lying to you enlist the help of an ISTP an INTJ, they all think that they’re really good at dealing with intp lies, they are not there, they’re dogshit at it, honestly, they’re not good at it, they’re it’s kind of a waste, to go to an INTJ or to or, or it’s hilarious an INTJ to think that they can expose the lies INFJ is kind of can a little bit. But if the intp doubles down on Fe child relationship with EFI critic, probably not going to be able to, but that depends like if the INFJ is Shadow focus, they have a higher chance of being able to figure out what’s going on. Um, so it also says here what detrimental effects are to be expected if this becomes a habit, basically, instead of the intp is at risk of being weak for the rest of their life.

Basically, they’re already afraid of being weak. But if you’re not willing to be the pariah in society, if you’re not willing to just submit the fact that you’re an edge, Lord, and that you’re creepy, and that you’re just automatically cringe to everyone. And because the fact that you’re lying, and trying to hide that means that you’re making excuses means like, like if you’re needing to be man, you’re actually being feminine, you’re not being masculine, you need to learn how to put self above tribe basically, and just stop lying, just expose yourself and just let the chips fall where they may. Literally, I would say that the philosophy taught in the film Fight Club by Tyler Durden, is literally everything that an intp needs to learn.

Because if they don’t learn that, they will always be weak. So that is the detrimental effect of this form of lying and wearing masks. If it becomes a habit, they become weak, okay? They’re literally using lies to cut up their weakness and they’re caught to cover up their weakness and their insecurity instead of actually being strong and take me being willing to take the hits, or being willing to let the chips fall where they may regardless of the consequences, which in my life, especially during my midlife crisis, which started like October 14 of last year. The day I broke my foot, literally, you know, I’ve just decided that I just don’t care.

I’m just I’m going to be the edge Lord, I am the pariah. I don’t care. It is what it is. People will accept it or not.

You know, it’s funny because actually, I had an ISTP recently, I was walking through like a lobby area and there’s people like lined up and whatnot. And I just walked through the crowd. I didn’t care I didn’t go round them. I just went right through and I just didn’t give a damn because I don’t I don’t give a damn whereas before I’d be like you know pissy about it, you know, and just like go around or or whatever and you know orbit those people were like, no, these people are going to orbit me.

You know, I’m more important than they are. I don’t care. I don’t care if that’s FYI trickster. I’m just gonna get through it.

So I’m going to make any physical contact with them, they can get over themselves, Oh, well, I’m getting what I need, because they’re not going to give me what I need. They don’t care enough about me to give me what I need. Anyway, you see what I’m saying? So those are the detrimental effects. So in order to prevent that, you need to have a philosophy that comes from the movie Fight Club, which is my ultimate favorite movie because it is an amazing philosophy and it is the philosophy of the intp to the point where even the author of the book Fight Club is an intp oddly enough so anyway, folks, I think I’ve beat this dead horse really freaking well so with that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight on Discord and thanks for watching and listening later.

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