Season 8, Episode 4 Transcript


– Hey guys, it’s CS Joseph with, recording again from my amazing kitchen studio with my awesome Nintendo tripod for my iPhone 7. 


Tonight we’re going to be doing how do the ENFJs compared to ENFPs? As per season… eight? I believe. Maybe it’s nine, I don’t know. I always get the episode numbers mixed up, ’cause that’s literally what I did in my last lecture but oh, well. One day I’ll get them right. Especially after like I hire a secretary to do that for me but regardless, gonna be moving forward anyway. 


ENFJs versus ENFPs, this was a subscriber-requested lecture and we’re going to get down to it. Don’t forget, every single one of the subscriber-requested lectures, I have on the schedule and they all go on schedule and I will get to them eventually. I think right now my current count is about 540 lectures to go, in planning. 


It’s a lot of lectures and that’s all public and private content combined. It is freaking huge. And I think it’s probably around about 280 for… public content. So it’s a lot to get through, but anyway that’s neither here nor there let’s get started. So ENFJ versus ENFP, both of them are extroverts, so they’re both initiating ENFPS are informative, whereas mentors, also known as ENFJs, are direct. They’re also control based, they take their own time. They take their time, they go at their own pace. Everything has to be under control, et cetera. And then ENFPS are movement. And for some reason, this is going to be like I believe the third ENFP lecture I’ve done, so apparently I’m just like super mega enthralled with ENFPs right now. So why not? It’s just what I like talking about, apparently. So with that in mind, let’s get started on comparing these two types. 


Why is this relevant? I think it’s relevant because people who just can’t decide if they’re like, oh, I’m J or a P, I just don’t know. You know, it doesn’t mean I’m more judgy, or judgmentally, or I’m more floaty, you know, like that that whole thing with type is bullshit and you probably shouldn’t pay any attention to that. And yeah, seriously, get your heads out of the MBTI because it’s nothing more than a test and get your head into the cognitive functions, which is exactly what we’re going to be breaking down right now. 


Oh also, this lecture has the added benefit, specifically, given that ENFJs are super high compatibility with ENFPS. Second highest compatibility to be accurate. In total compatibility, that includes social compatibility, friendships, romantic compatibility, also known as intimate compatibility for, you know face-to-face relationships and also shoulders to shoulder professional relationships. Second highest compatibility on every one of those compatibility spectrums. So, be aware of how they integrate, because I will be talking about some of their integration during this lecture. 


So let’s begin. ENFJs. All about ethics, Fe Hero. They’re all about ethics and social order, and social rules and social norm, and being social. To the point they are so social, I have to be honest with you, ENFJs have the best house parties. My own father did like a Tupperware party one time or no Pampered Chef. It was very odd to see my ENFJ father do that. But to be honest, it was a fantastic event. My father is exquisitely capable at putting on events, and he would do it all the time for church when I was growing up, and then he’d do it for himself or do it for whatever. But the events that they would do, like between him and my mother, because my mother’s an ISFJ, holy smokes. They are the dopest. And I really got to give them credit on that point. ENFJs are the best. 


And my coworker, my former coworker, his name is Chris, out of Yuba City, California, he’d have a annual Christmas party, he’d have an annual spring party, he’s just a huge party animal. Yeah he liked to drink, And he has this amazing reputation around town. Everyone respects him. Everyone knows him. Everyone knows he’s willing to go the extra mile. Everyone knows he’s willing to donate. He has the, very benevolent reputation because ENFJ’s, their virtue is benevolence. That’s what they’re all about. Gotta love the benevolence. And they can even go further with their ISTP subconscious, and they are all about joy. 


And you got that benevolence going, you got that joy going and it just becomes amazing. And then they can even heed off the die-hard loyalty virtue from the INFP. And interestingly enough, you know, that superego, are they really gonna use that virtue advice? They’re probably going to use the vice, if you know what I mean, but it doesn’t matter. There’s a lot of virtue that they can draw upon within these different types inside their mind, and it really makes them just amazing people. I love ENFJs. Currently, an ENFJ shares my bed right now, and I gotta say, it’s pretty fantastic. Yes, people would think, wow, an ENFJ with an ENTP? Somehow it works well. It’s because, I mean, I know type, right? And I understand her and go out of my way to really meet her at her level and judge her according to her standard, as an ENFJ instead of holding her accountable to my standard as an ENTP, because that’s retarded and people should not do that. 


People should actually like learn the golden rule and stop judging each other based on their own eyes and judge each other based on the eyes of the other person. Like that would make sense, right? We’d have a better world with people understanding each other, right? I am so quoting Gundam 00 right now. Wow, my anime geek is showing. Awesome. 


Anyway, all about ethics. They’re all about how other people feel. They are feeling vampires. They absorb the feelings of other people around them. And then, because if they’re around really good people, they become better people themselves. Because they’re an NFJ, NFJ similar to INFJs, ENFJs are mirrors. And the quality of people that they’re around will determine the quality of the ENFJ. However, it’s even more prominent within INFJs than ENFJs. 


That’s why integrity versus corruption and the state of the mirror is not the primary virtue and vice of the ENFJ it is a secondary one, right? But benevolence and whatnot is their primary but they are have that mirror effect. So you have to be aware of that. Types that have this mirror effect are INFJs, ENFJs, ISTPs, and ESTPs, and in that order is the level of the mirror, basically. Or no, actually, technically ESTPs are more mirrory than ISTPs, excuse me. So with that in mind, so they’re all about ethics and they all know what they want. They’re always constantly knowing what they want to the point where they could be impulsive, but they’re usually not impulsive because, Ni Parent is very responsible with what they want but that causes them to criticize other people because they know that they’re really responsible with their willpower, but they know everyone else is not responsible with their willpower, and they’re very critical towards what other people want. 


This can cause ENFJs to jump to conclusions about other people and their intentions and write people off, even though that other person has already proved that they’ve changed and they have improvement, but the ENFJ has Si Trickster. And then they’ll just remember to the past that this person is like, you know: they were a drug dealer back in those days, I don’t wanna have anything to do with them even though that person has changed and probably one of the biggest icons within the current city that they’re in and is like really helping, I don’t know, homeless mothers or disabled veterans, I don’t know, but that person could have improved, but the ENFJs only remember them because they’re frozen in time, in that regard, and they have to keep that person away from them. 


It’s called a door slam, right? An NJ door slam. So, yeah, INFJs and INTJs are not the only people that door slam people, NJs do, it’s just some NJs do it more than others and do it longer than others, interestingly enough. But yes, they all know what they want. They are very desirous. ENJs are very want-y in that regard. They always know what they want, and because of that, you should always ask them. And they have Se Child, this is what causes them to be like a little kid to give balloons and candy to everybody and everyone has to have the perfect, best experience no matter what. 


Now I don’t care about my experience, I care about the experience you’re getting, and I want to give you the absolute best experience possible, right? I mean, like, you know, ENFJ that’s their advance, making sure everyone’s comfortable. They’re greeting people at church, they’re handling those house parties very well they’re shaking hands with people, rubbing elbows. You know, everyone is included. No one feels left out, et cetera. 


It’s just this constant, huge social cloud of, you know, influence that they really developed for themselves because of their Se Child, but they’re afraid of what they think. That’s where their fear exists. They are afraid of what they think. Thank God for ENFPs, because ENFPs really helped ENFJs think because ENFPs organize their belief systems based on their creed, and they’re able to share their credo with the ENFJ friend, for example, and help them think through a set of beliefs or a routine, or a process, right? Because ENFJs completely lack all discipline. Well, thank God ENFPs exist because, contrary to popular belief, ENFPs actually do have self-discipline. And if we’re going to be talking about, you know, personal growth, for example, for ENFPs, ENFPs who have the self-discipline to read, and I’m saying read nonfiction by the way, ENFPS who have the self-discipline first and foremost, self-discipline, right? Self-discipline comes from Si Inferior. This is where an ENFP’s insecurity exists. If they want to have personal growth and they want to develop their introverted sensing, give them access to their ISTJ library of Alexandria wizardry, they need to have the self-discipline and literally force themselves to read. To the point where they are no longer feeling comfortable with themselves. And they’re actually feeling bad about themselves because they haven’t read that day. 


For example, Tai Lopez, an ENFP, he does that. He can’t let a single day go by without reading. It’s because he realizes that Te Child and reading and having a wide range of Alexandria, that is the ISTJ is literally the ENFP ticket to success. You cannot, I mean, it is unbelievable because they just gather all of the knowledge, and then they are able to create huge visions, and make things happen and motivate other people, and really bring people along with them, on their path to success, and share that creed and they develop their creed with what they’re able to do. ENFPs can be super amazing in that way. And, in fact, actually I had an old ENFP boss that did that for me. His name was Jeff Fisher. 


A really fantastic dude out of Bellingham, Washington, for example. Shout out to Bellingham. And yeah, that guy, he gave me a chance at a job when no one else would, and I was very thankful to be working with him, and I like to think that we’re good friends and he’s a fantastic ENFP. Really got the charity going. He’s very charitable. But he’s also been through some really hard times, you know?


 And I think it’s because of that suffering, that his Si Inferior had to deal with, he always remembers that suffering in his life, and because of that he’s always focused on being charitable instead of depraved. Because ENFPs have the possibility, ’cause Fi Parent plus Si Inferior can really become the most selfish human beings you’ve ever met. NFPs really struggle with selfishness. You know, if many INFPs watch this: no that’s not true, you know. Actually kind of is and you may not feel like it’s selfish to you guys. 


And even ENFPs watching this may not feel like it’s selfishness to you guys, but to everyone else observing you from the outside-in, instead of the inside-out, to us it looks like selfishness. So be aware of that. To us, it looks like depravity. I may be labeling you guys as depraved with your vice but that doesn’t mean you’re depraved 100% of the time, right? That would mean that, like, other parts of your life could be charitable. What if you’re charitable more than you’re depraved? Or what if you’re corrupted and not as developed or immature and you’re actually more depraved than you are charitable? That’s possible, right? So be aware of that. Be aware of the selfishness. 


Now luckily, ENFJs exist because their Fe Hero and their Se Child and their Ti Inferior, especially, exists to keep the ENFP honest, and as a result of that honesty, they actually cause the ENFP to behave with better principles, a lot better principals, have a developing creed even further and have them feel worthy of their creed because they have to be worthy of their creed in order to see their creed through, because their INFJ unconscious is a finisher type, a see-it-through type. In order to implement and execute that creed, they have to feel worthy of it, right? Which they do through Fi Parent and through Fe Critic. It’s very important that they do that, the ENFJ can help them do that. And Fe Hero does that for Fi Parents, right? 


The same It Child helps the ENFJ think, Fe Hero definitely helps the ENFP feel and develop their credo and become a better person, and actually escape the depravity and enter into a life of charity. It is exquisite. I love it. And it makes me love ENFPs when they’re being so charitable. Although, sometimes, I just like look at that and they’re being charitable, and I’m like: is there strings attached to that? You know? I get questioning because I get distrustful because I’m an ENTP. 


I mean, come on. INTJ unconscious distrust, right? Paranoia, right? What are you going to do? You know what I mean? So just be aware of that. ENFPs have Ne Hero. Ne Hero is all about what’s possible. It’s the great, what if, right? We’ve talked about it many times. It is the metaphysical round. It is all about the first law of time. Everything that has happened before, the past Si, Si Inferior everything that has happened before, will happen again. So if you want to increase your capabilities to see the future because Ne equals prescience, look it up. Pre science, prescience. Prescient means one’s ability to see into the future. One’s ability to see into the fates of other people. 


What about extroverted intuition? Can’t that predict the future? Yes it can, but only for the individual. Look into one’s own future, that’s all introverted intuition does. Extroverted intuition is looking into everyone’s future collectively or other people’s future, right? It’s like a shotgun, you know? You know, you have a sniper rifle. this is, Ni, you know, the sniper rifle, and then you have Ne, the shotgun, and it’s going everywhere, these different directions. But notice the range is shorter. See this is longer range, but it’s only one stream where it’s multiple streams but just shorter range. 


That’s expert intuition with the future Each of these are possible futures, right? And ENFPs can do that and they can literally predict anything and everything. It is amazing to watch what they can do with their prescience and how they’re like: I told you so. ENFPs are constantly telling everyone I told you so. It’s because they can see into the future. They have prescience. They have mastery over metaphysics, right? All that has happened before will happen again. And ENFPs, if you’re watching this and you want to increase your ability to see in the future, all you have to do is force yourself through self-discipline to have new experiences, get out of your comfort zone, have new experiences over and over and over again, even at the risk of failure, right? Over and over and over again. And that will develop your introverted sensing which will give you even more and more experience which increases your ability to predict the future accurately and makes you super strong and mega powerful. 


Couple that with the fact that you’re disciplined in reading, it basically means you’re unstoppable. So unstoppable that you can even dethrone Jeff Bezos if you wanted to. Just saying. ENFPs are insanely powerful like that. They are huge forces to be reckoned with. And although sometimes it can get really frustrating with them, I also seriously appreciate them. And as much as I appreciate ENFJs because ENFPs really can be that deciding factor for positive change or they can link together super important pieces of knowledge and create a new system of knowledge. To the point where people’s wisdom actually increases. They literally are able to advocate new ideas and cause people to think differently. ENFJs don’t do that. They’re just advocating values. ENFJs exist to change people’s values and value systems. Whereas ENFPs exist to change people’s thoughts. It’s like thought manipulation. They are thought vampires. They consume the thoughts of other people around them. If you want an ENFP to be intelligent, you put them around intelligent people. They absorb the intelligence of other people. They become intelligent as a result. 


Whereas the ENFJ, they absorb the morality. You want moral people around them. They absorb the morality of those people and they become more moral, more benevolent to themselves. That is how the cognitive functions work. At least the extroverted ones, right? Also, if you want the ENFP to become willful, you put them around willful people. Thank God ENFJS are willful because they have high willpower with Ni Parent. And then the Ne Hero consumes the Ni, and then all of a sudden, the ENFP is willful. Cool. It’s like synergy and puzzle pieces. Oh my gosh, wow. You know, like, come on guys, it’s not really that hard. 


Fi Parent is all about morality and they’re very responsible with how they feel about themselves. Responsible with their principles. ENFPs take their principles very seriously. Although their principles can be corrupted because we have an INFJ unconsciously have integrity versus corruption. And then INFJ unconscious can start lacking integrity pretty quick because you know the unconscious is where a person’s immaturity exists in their mind, which can cause an immature INFJ to start being corrupted. And then these moral, Fi-parent with their principles, can become corrupted which causes the ENFP to become depraved to begin with, right? So how to deal with that, you have to keep them honest and you have to criticize them. 


When you’re dealing with an ENFP who is depraved, you do two things: one, you make them uncomfortable or two, you guilt them. You guilt them. That’s how you do it. You guilt them. Interesting how that works. But guilting them will actually teach them something. Whereas if you make them uncomfortable all the time, they’ll hate you. Hatred will form. And then they’ll not want to have anything to do with you which is kind of dumb. But I mean, what are you going to do? Because they judge everyone through their own thing. Why aren’t you as moral as me? You should be moral as me, Fe Critic, you know. Or even though if you’re telling them the truth, it’s funny, so many ENFPS, they watch my video and they’re like: oh you’re bashing ENFPs, I’m not going to listen to you. Even though what I’m saying about them is true. 


Like, I’m literally telling the truth about ENFPs but oh your delivery is so bad, oh you’re making me feel bad or you’re too harsh. So then they just tune me out and they don’t learn a lesson. And then that continued bad cycle of depravity continues. Even though if they had listened to me and actually taken my criticism for real, because it’s constructive, they’d realize that they were in the wrong and then they change to be better people for the world. But I mean, delivery’s everything apparently, you know that Si-inferior has to get a good experience. If I’m not getting a good experience then I’m not going to listen to you. Wow, like that’s effective. 


Te Child, we already talked about being a thought vampire and it needs reference points, it needs reading. You have to read. We talked about self-discipline already with Si Inferior. And we talked about ISTJ subconscious, being the Library of Alexandria. Notice how different these two types are. Very value centric. These have their own values but they’re actually more thought-based. They more focus on the thoughts of others, although they are a feeler because they have Fi Parents. So this means, yes, this ENFP is actually true. But notice you have the ENFJ, it’s, Ooh, it’s an F, right? But there is no Fi here, there’s only Ti logos. 


And because of that Ti, they’re actually, technically thinkers. Because if you’re a source of thinking, just remember Te is ethos, right? Ti is logos. Ethos requires facts first, in order to develop an ethos from facts. Facts actually come from logos. That is the source of thought, is the source of thinking, thus, ENFJs are technically thinkers. Whereas ENFPs, are technically feelers because they have Fi Parents, because you want the introverted function because the introverted function is the source of what it is, right? Not an extroverted function. Extroverted functions are not sources. 


They are meant to consume not to produce but our minds produce two products in the ego and consume two products in the ego. Be aware of that. We already talked about ENFJs are insecure with their introverted thinking. They’re always questioning whether or not what they think is true. So they’re always asking other people how they feel about it. Then they go to ENFPs, how do you feel about what I think? The child’s like, or the parent’s like: I don’t feel good with what you think so you should change it, or you would want to change that. Or I should tell you that you would want to do it differently because I think it’s good that if you thought about it this way, you might have more success and then the ENFJ is like: oh yeah, you’re right. You know what I mean? That can happen. 


So they’re very insecure with introverted sensing and that causes them to be, they can be in a rut. They can get stuck in their life. They can be in a rut, super comfortable, kind of resistant to change. The more mature an ENFP is, the more accepting of change they are. And that can be awesome. They’re doing that when they’re literally trying to like, almost seeking failure. Don’t forget, Tony Robbins is an ENFP. Do you guys not see the value of ENFPs here? Like, come on. They’re super mega important. They can be insanely annoying and insanely selfish, but guess what? 


A lot of other types have their own hang-ups too. This just happens to be their hang-ups. Oh but I hate those hang-ups, and because you’re talking about my hang-ups like that and you’re being so harsh, I’m not going to listen to you. And I’m like, great, then you’re going to continue to stay ignorant with your head in the sand and not really producing any value whatsoever. And in which case, I’ll just have no choice but to desire to ignore you, because what value do you have? None. ENFP worries about their future. They’re constantly worried about their future. They’re very critical towards how other people feel about them. They don’t like it when they’re being manipulated into giving to other people. 


They like to give with their own freewill through their own form of charity because it’s what they believe they should do. And they’re doing it based on what they feel like. But when it comes to the Fe Critic, when other people are trying to sell them on being charitable when they’re already charitable, they think they’re being taken advantage of. This also is where their need to feel worthy comes from because they want other people to value them. They want other people to value what they’re doing and they want it to be worthy of their creed or their credo that they have developed. And their creed is actually changing. Especially every time they read, that book becomes part of their soul, right? And it’ll stay with them because of Si Inferior because it stays with them. 


Their creed actually adjusts slightly, and there it grows even more, and they become a better person or a more capable person. Ti Trickster. ENFPs have no clue what they’re thinking at any time. They imagine that they’re thinkers. They imagined that they’re intellectual. They imagine that they’re capable of deep thoughts. When in reality, they’re just Scarecrow getting a diploma from the Wizard of Oz. Yeah, no, they’re not thinking. In fact they’re amusing, which means, without thought, because they can’t mentally finish a logical thought in their head. They’re all about rational thought. But rational thought is nothing more than beliefs or a set of beliefs or a belief system. They make decisions based on beliefs, true/false beliefs. What they believe is true, what they believe is false, what they feel is true, what they feel is false. It’s all belief. It’s not actually based on what’s really true/false. That is Ti, that is logos, but they don’t have much logos. So they don’t really use it. 


They believe they can, but they really can’t. And then obviously the Se Demon, if you continue to make the ENFP uncomfortable, the Se Demon will activate, and in which case, they’ll give you a real reality check and you’re going to get punched in the face. You know, don’t do that. You know, they can rage and things will come down. Things will be destroyed. I would never do that to somebody. That’s because you’ve never been pushed that hard. But when you’re pushed that hard and you are in your demon, it doesn’t matter anymore. The world may as well burn at that point. So like, realize that you have that capability. I would never. Bullshit. Bullshit. INFP shadow within the ENFJ, a little bit different. 


They worry that they’re bad people all the time. Which, you know, the ENFP criticizes them for it. They actually end up feeling better because the ENFPs, they’re also absorbing the morality and the creed from the ENF youth, their Fe Hero. So their emotional worry goes away, which is really nice for ENFJs to the benefit from ENFPs. They’re very critical towards the intents of others, which is important because ENFPs are also known as shysters, right? They can get very shiesty with their deals, using fine print to take advantage of people at certain times. 


Be very careful when you make deals with the ENFPS because if you are not being a master of the fine print yourself, they will take you for everything that you’ve got because if their depravity is there, if they’re in their vice, they will own you in any contract or deal that you do with them because they will make for absolute sure they get a better deal than anyone else. And they don’t care if you get the shorter end of the stick, because as long as they get their stick, that’s what’s fair to them. That’s all they care about. Be aware of that. Especially when you’re doing business with them. Which for some reason, STPs end up doing business with them, and then the STPs get screwed by the ENFP. It’s kind of like guys, I told you so, but you never listened to me because in your eyes, I’m just an ENTP who’s not actually smart, but just pretending to be smart. But whatever. 


I mean, that’s what happens when, you know I’ve just met like an STP and they look at me and it’s like: you’re like, kind of like me, because you’re a TI Thinker but you don’t have any mechanical mastery or physics awareness, or you’re not in the moment enough, you’re very floaty and you’re always talking theory and that’s not really real and because you’re just so unreal, I’m probably going to put you in the stupid zone. And it’s like, okay great. Thanks for judging me that way, guys instead of like realizing that there’s these things called metaphysics, you know, where the theory of relativity was derived by any parent within Albert Einstein and INTP. Oh, but NTPs have no value apparently. Thanks guys. Anyway. So yes, Fi Nemesis. They are worried about how they feel. They are very critical about the intentions of others and they can actually hold ENFPs accountable in that way and keep them out of their depravity. It’s like: oh, the ENFP is getting really really selfish right now, I’m going to play whack-a-mole. Whack! Oh, the depravity is gone. Great to have you back in your charitable world. Thank you very much, Mr. ENFP. Glad to have you back aboard. Let’s continue on as if nothing happened, right? 


And that’s kind of what happens ’cause they have Si Trickster because ENFJs kind of forget things. They are super mega forgetful. Thank God they have Se Child to lock in on the Si Inferior because that means they can start remembering things because the ENF, you will remember everything for them because they have the ISTJ subconscious in them which gives them the ability to have the Library of Alexandria access. You know, walking Library of Alexandria because of how forgetful the NFJ is. And then Te Demon rationale. Oh, all about their beliefs. And when they start believing that you’re a horrible person, and they will start to control your life with a ESTJ superego. 


Wait, get out that weapon, just go whack, whack, whack in every little detail of your life and all because you did not give them their day in court, because they need to know that they are listened to. I don’t care how stupid you feel an ENFJ is, or how blonde they are, whatever with their Ti Inferior. But if you do not give Ti Inferior its day in court, you’re going to get owned by their demon. You must listen to them. I don’t care how dumb it sounds. I don’t care how stupid it sounds. I don’t care. And if you’re a patient with ENFJs, you’ll realize that they’re actually brilliant. You’ll realize that that ISTP subconscious is actually really brilliant. You just have to be patient with it and let them get all their thoughts out because they don’t have very much bandwidth available in their mind to process. 


So you just give it more time. More time to process for the ENFJ. They’re gonna process things and it’s going to be correct. And when it comes out, it’s gonna be like: wow, dude, yeah. You know what I mean? And ENFPs love that because Te Child loves that because Te child is like: oh, ENFJs you’re so thoughtful, and you’re always so caring towards me, and it makes me feel really good, and it inspires me to continue to be charitable with people. That’s why we love NFJs because you inspire the NFPS to be charitable and get out of depravity and they turn into amazing people and contribute to society in some of the greatest ways known to man. Thank you for doing that, NFJs. Please continue to do that. You are made to do that. Remember NFJs, your primary export in life is to make people better.


 And the people you should be focusing on making better are NFPS, because they literally can change culture in ways no one even imagined. In the same way that you two NFJs can also change culture in ways no one imagined. Because you just get together and you have the synergy, it just builds and builds and builds and builds and builds and builds in this amazing cycle that just changes life on this planet for the better forever and ever, and it’s awesome. Please continue to do that. And this relationship is one example of how that happens. 


So anyway, that concludes tonight’s episode on how do ENFJs compare to ENFPs. If you found this lecture educational, helpful, insightful, awesome. Please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube and on the podcast and leave a comment in the comment section if you have any questions about ENFJs and ENFPs and I’ll do my best to answer your questions. So, awesome. I will be taking tomorrow night off, I believe for filming. but maybe not ’cause it’s Friday, ’cause I’ll probably, I might actually record again tomorrow night. Otherwise if you don’t see me tonight, you’ll see me on Saturday. So awesome. See you guys then.

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