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In this video of answering the question how compatible are ISFP and INFP romantically, but before I can get into that needs you to subscribe to the channel and also hit the alert bell so you can be alerted for all of our uploads in the future. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind, also known as four sides dynamics. And today’s question source Today’s question is none other than Korra so let’s take a look.

How compatible are ISFP and INFP? romantically it looks like we have five answers. Whitney Michelle, psychology, sociology and anthropology student at Washington State University aka wall zoo answered on October 11 2018, I have a close friendship with an INFP of the opposite sex he and I get along swimmingly. I mean fantastically on Sundays, other days, not so much we live together. So this changes what a normal relationship would look like.

But I think it makes it that much closer to a romantic relationship in comparison, because generally the two would be living together, I find him to be hypersensitive, self absorbed, and very slow moving, which can make me impatient. To be fair, I’m also sensitive and probably self absorbed. I am sometimes bothered by what I interpret as his neediness for reassurance from me. Okay, are you sure he’s an INFP? We’re both sensitive to criticism, but not not open to hearing it from one another.

I can be mean and distant towards him, I often want my space, we’ve had to establish clear boundaries with one another. Since communicating our needs has not come easily for either of us. It’s been a bit of a push to say it. We’re working on letting each other live without feeling the need to change or advise one another.

Guys, like when you’re looking at these answers on Quora, for example, please consider whether or not these people actually miss type before taking it as gospel truth. I’m more grounded, practical and time oriented than he is he the INFP is more artistic, imaginative, easygoing, than I am. He is always understanding and kind to me, he tends to forget things I tell him. And this gets frustrating for me to repeat myself.

I feel like he’s not truly listening because he’s off somewhere in his head rather than right here with me. Yeah, we’ll get over it. Like, I’m sorry, he’s an intuitive, you’re concrete, you’re just going to have to get over yourself. Over time, he will learn to give you more and more attention, but you can’t just expect that from him.

You have to respect the intuitive realm, and not just expect everyone to be concrete because concrete just happens to appear more real than everything else. The intuitive metaphysical realm is far more real than the concrete realm, the tangible realm to an intuitive and that needs to be respected. Additionally, he gets down on itself and goes through moods that I do not know how to help them out of yeah, probably because you’re not a TI Fe user. He says that he just wants a friend that offers unconditional love and support.

What so that you can feel like a doormat. I want to be that but being in close proximity with him sharing space makes it hard for me to not just say anything that bothers me and let him be completely who he is. It’s hard for me because I’ve offered many ideas to him to improve his mood. But it’s something that takes time for him that he has does it on his own to me that appears that there’s no rhyme and reason behind it.

His feelings come and go without a real root in the physical world. So what his moon sign is Pisces okay, I’m not going to talk about that. No, I’m not going in that direction. Anyway, she’s goes on and as wordy as a an eye fi hero would be.

So yeah, so basically she’s just saying friends only and not something for a relationship. At least got Kanishka from Prague, I’m an INFP living with my ISFP nearly three years and can’t complain it’s a great thing to be able to share Fe experiencing of the worlds okay, that doesn’t make sense. Although sometimes it gets over a motive we can forgive it to each other because we can relate. Okay, yeah.

deeply connected for love of art. Okay, again, just friends not really relationship. Danielle Peterson, I’m an IFP and my significant others nice of you. We have a child on the way we have had so many ups and downs in our relationship with as far but I honestly feel like this has been the best companion I’ve ever had.

I usually have trouble in relationships, because I’m always looking for the next best thing and searching for hidden meetings, where there may not be anything. My significant other tells me what I need to hear flat out. And I have adapted to take things at face value when it suits my inner growth. Very mature.

He doesn’t struggle with depression, but I do and I feel bad for how emotional I can get. And I always have an inner struggle within myself. Are you okay? Are you sure you’re not an INFJ he doesn’t always seem to understand why I’m the way I am. But he does his best to calm and reassure me.

He requires a lot of alone time to decompress. And sometimes I don’t like that and I have to do my best to give him his space. We don’t have a ton of common interests, but I think it’s similar patterns or create something interesting conversations not having common interests. Okay, that’s pretty fair for this relationship.

Okay, this this answer has some credence. I could see how this partnership It can be better than not working basketball even with the right communication and the right amount of give and take the relationship can soar. Yes, Daniel Peterson knows exactly what she’s talking about. And then there is Cindy Pope I want to do I actually pre read this particular answer.

It’s my favorite answer. I’m an INFP was married to an ISFP for 15 years. We divorce for 14 years with two grown kids. In my experience, it really is not a good match.

We could seem so easygoing, creative and he had a great wit but to FYI Dom’s that are very sensitive and prone to procrastination, moodiness and self doubts is a problem. Also, his hypersensitive and inability to tolerate criticism with an angry overreactions and passive aggressiveness is rough. He took things as a personal attack on his ego that were not meant that way. How would he know? Did you take time to explain it to him? For making him feel bad with little to no regard for how it was impacting me? Yeah, because he’s not aware of how he’s impacting anybody.

Maybe it’s because we’re not in the healthiest place at the time. But I would not recommend it. Honestly, it’s because your communication is poor. He is very good artists and can be charming and creative.

But such a perfectionist, we’d both do better with a more decisive type like an NJ. No, just you, not him, he should probably be with an SJ. Let’s be fair. Okay, lots of different opinions, let’s share the CSJ approach.

Then how compatible are ISFP and INFP. romantically, quite frankly, they have zero emotional compatibility whatsoever. Everyone’s all about their own values, everyone’s all about their own reputation and their own status. And in this relationship, oftentimes putting each other status above the other person, which can be a huge conflict.

The INFP is also expecting the ISFP to give them comfort, but the ISFP ends up looking down on the INFP for being super childish, with their needs for comfort, and it just upsets the ISFP. And the ISFP feels like that the INFP is comfort is taking away their freedom. And that just leads to additional conflict. Conversely, the INFP sees the ISFP as very irresponsible with their freedom of choice such that their freedom of choice causes a lot of collateral damage makes the INFP feel unsafe, super uncomfortable.

And it’s just generally annoyed the sense of creating bitterness within the INFP over time, and a huge amount of resentment that will eventually cause the INFP to explode, and potentially cause the INFP to become disloyal, and also a treacherous person towards the ISFP and ultimately abandon the ISFP. The ISFP ends up wielding the concrete because you know I’m a sensor and sensors are superior, that whole stereotype thing, which most people don’t really do that on a conscious level, but they do do it on a subconscious level. And they like to lord it over intuitives consistently, which will also add to the bitterness and disloyalty factor of the INFP. In this relationship, the INFP is most likely to end up cheating on the ISFP as a result.

So how do you deal with this situation? Honestly, the only way to have a really good relationship here. I mean, they have a little bit of sexual compatibility, but not much they have no, they have no emotional compatibility. And, and this constantly leads to communication. This relationship needs constant communication, and also needs both people within the relationship to be completely self aware, and try their hardest to actually see things with the perspective of the other person.

But most people are too lazy or too ignorant to actually do that. Which is why statistically This is a relationship that is doomed to fail, it can work for the sake with with proper communication and the end compatible human nurtures. From a human nature standpoint, this is definitely not a relationship I recommend. And in fact, I would recommend avoiding this kind of relationship whenever possible.

Obviously, there are times where you can’t help who you love. And that’s okay, it is what it is. But at the same time, it’s important to be responsible and understand the risks involved in this relationship. There is no emotional compatibility, and everything will be determined but but based upon how much and how willing and the quality of the communication between both of you for this relationship to be successful.

So do I, as CS Joseph actually recommend this relationship to anyone? Absolutely not. Now, if you’re extremely well versed in the psychology and you’re very good communicator, and you’re extremely self aware, you could probably get through this relationship and make it you know, soar just like one of these answers or comments or said earlier within this within this little video. So yeah, that’s my final answer for that. If you’d like a chance that your question being answered on this channel, please post on Quora and tag me or leave as a comment below.

If you want a guaranteed answer to a question become a Silver member at CS Joseph dot life forward slash members and post your question as a comment for the corresponding question and answer session. And I’ll be answering all those questions on a private live stream each month. Anyway folks that being said I’ll see you guys tonight


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