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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how you tell if an INFP is being a hoe?


Hey what’s up Vigo hackers? This is the CSS podcast. Welcome to the show. So today’s question, another acolyte question because seem to be getting a bunch of those these days, and just keeps piling on. But it’s great.

It’s always nice to have different content to talk about on top of our regularly scheduled content, which by the way, speaking of regularly scheduled content, I’m gonna be releasing episodes very soon on the YouTube channel, and on the podcast relating to the concept known as duality. We’re gonna be discussing duels from the MBTI perspective, and lightly touching on the Socionics perspective, try to like to spell some of like, the weird or the bullshit, basically, in terms of how confusing it could be to determine the difference between the two systems, and then how they impact relationships, especially sexual relationships among the 16 types. Sides, I mean, we’ll be discussing compatibility and camaraderie. So what’s not to love, it’s basically going to be a belief season, season 14, part three.

And we’re going to be making that available here on the YouTube channel and the podcast. So make sure that you guys are tuning in to that when it comes out. Don’t forget, you can also get season 14, part one, which is the sexuality series. Series 14 Is the sexuality season, basically, the first eight episodes of those are available among the discoverer.

XYZ type, which those are one time fee, they’re available at CS, forward slash portal, and more forward slash just input in whatever type it is. And then we’ll get to that page. And then also, season 14, part two is available on for the members in the members area, in the journeyman premium lectures area. So you want to make sure that you’re up to date on season 14, and the specific relationship content, I suggest you actually get all of that.

So you like have the full story so that you can continue on with season 14, part three when it’s released on YouTube and on the podcast. Anyway, today’s question, which is actually kind of related to what I was just talking about related to the content of season 14 In terms of sexuality, it’s basically about INFP is and how can you tell if an INFP is being a hoe? And I’m just like, well, hold on. I have some sub questions to that. Are we talking INFP? Men? Are we talking INFP women? Like? How are you defining hoe? Exactly? You know, are we using a colloquial definition? Are we going to use urban To define that? Like, what exactly? What is the entire perspective here of what’s being asked? It’s funny, because I really like it, sometimes the Acolytes, they, they do a little bit of extra research, and they add in additional information just to make sure that their question is properly clarified.

So they can get the most value out of the question. Right? So no problem, I’m happy to do whatever. And at least, you know, at least like me getting some really killer questions recently, that way, don’t have to, like email them back and be like, Hey, can you just give me a different question? Or a better question? Or can you say it a different way? You know, sometimes they just get too general. Or sometimes they can be almost way too specific, specific, as in its content that we haven’t exactly released yet.

And we’re not exactly ready to release it yet. But as soon as we release content, I’m happy to answer questions related to that content as well, which is what we’ve been doing for deadly sins and living virtues, and ultimately, what we’re calling temple exploration. Anyway, so the point is, how can you tell if an INFP is being a hole? How can you tell? Well, let’s just let’s just answer this question like from a two part perspective, let’s look at INFP males. So first things first, you need to actually look at the virtue and vice of inf peas, which is available at season seven, part one, Season Seven Part one is a playlist here on the YouTube and on the podcast.

Please check out that playlist. So season seven, part one and I believe it’s season seven, Episode 16 which talks about the virtue and vice of inf peas now when I talk virtue advice inf peas, I’m not talking about deadly sins and living virtues. Those are completely different concepts as part of sample exploration. Virtue advice is just basically natural, typical natural behaviors that come as a result of anyone being XYZ type.

It’s like at a, it’s a layer of their ego, and a little bit of their shadow a little bit of their subconscious, but most of their ego, whereas temple exploration really focuses on the dyads, the dyad being like, so if you’re an INFP ego, the ESTJ is your subconscious. If you’re an ESTJ ego, the INFP, you have your subconscious. So the ESTJ plus the INFP is the dyad. So, for those of you that are just like unaware, or confused by the high volume of terminology we actually use, it’s not intentional.

But I tried to stay on point with our terminology. Yes, I know, sometimes our terminology changes. And that can be really frustrating to a lot of people, but we try to keep it all up to date whenever possible. So if you’re not sure about certain terminology, or terms that I use, just stick to the newer videos, or just watch them all, so you can kind of understand.

But worst case, however, everything will eventually be defined and provided in the companion guide. Second Edition is bound to release we already have third edition planned. And we’re gonna be working on third edition very soon. But the second edition will be made available First Edition is available now for free at CS Joseph dot life, just scroll down, it’s the button that’s below take the personality test button.

So it’s like three blocks down from the top and get companion guide here just click that button, you get a copy of the Type grid and a lot of explanation as to how the Type grid works. But it does not include any of the new temple exploration factors that we’re utilizing for interacting with the type grade when it comes to typing people. Make sure you guys get that resource. So INFP is being host.

So remember the virtue advice, the INFP is loyalty versus treachery, right? And INFP is especially INFP women can be insanely treacherous when it comes to being relationships. And I actually disagree with the concept that men can be hoes. They’re not really held to that same standard women are because sexuality is basically the main agency that a woman has in her life. Like for example, as the author Tomasi would say, you know, this is why when women protests they always get naked when they’re protesting.

As you know, as an example, proving that sexuality is their main agency as a woman basically, compared to men not so much. So, literally answering this question is like, Okay, do you believe is there a such thing as a man hoe basically, the thing is, is that men are often rewarded and positively reinforced by fellow men for you know, being a hoe, I guess, and having an exorbitantly high notch count on their bed bedpost. So Be that as it may, when someone typically says a hoe, I’m actually thinking like, yeah, they’re probably most likely referring to a woman and not actually a man. So besides, like, INFP men as as hoes, I just don’t see it, I really don’t really see it like INFP.

Man, I mean, visually, they almost look, they typically look unattractive, for the most part, that usually don’t know how to dress, they have poor performance skills, do their extroverted sensing trickster, and they’re not very good at passing shit tests, they don’t really understand the concept of peacocking. You know, like the typical game principles that most people would be aware of. By the way, when I’m talking game principles, like, yeah, these things are discussed in the mystery method, they’re discussing Neil Strauss as the game. But for the most part, I don’t really, I don’t really recommend those books anymore.

Rational male volume five basically handles a lot of that and actually brings it in an updated modern format where it actually makes sense. But the point is, is that INFP men, I guess, in general, typically, almost always, like, well above 80%, this is well above Pareto principle here, they just lacked, they just lacked game, they just entirely lack game. So because of that, these men do not often actually have the opportunity to be a whole, they don’t have high body counts, they don’t have high notch counts. So the idea that an INFP man is, is is a whole if you’re going to label nine if humanity Oh, it’s likely not true.

It’s likely just your ego investments, or maybe you’re just having some kind of emotional reaction that’s not actually based on fact, because statistically, it’s just not likely. I mean, if anyone is telling me that, like an INFP man was being a hoe, I just be like, yeah, no doesn’t happen? Not likely. I mean, there’s like, don’t get me wrong, there’s probably like, you know, the top 1% of the 1% of INFP men who are getting like tons of girls and having huge high body counts. Yeah, sure, that can happen.

But I’ve maybe seen that once, maybe twice in my entire life. So no, like no, don’t really just not really seen it. Not really seeing it not really open to that idea. INFP women, however, that’s something interesting.

So, what causes INFP women being hosts, I mean, other than their just basic, you know, sexual strategy of hypergamy, where a woman throughout her life desires men who provide her different things, depending on the circumstances of her life, as well as her age, you know, women have this thing in the back of their head, where they realize that they have an expiration date, their sexuality basically decays over time, and they have to work really, really hard to preserve, and slow the progression of the decay, towards their sexuality towards their beauty throughout their life. This is known as the wall. And like when they get around about 30 years of age, is usually when they’re starting to feel like they’re, they are expired. And you know, women in general, when about 2627, they have this epiphany where they realize that the looks that they had from 18 to 25, they don’t have them anymore, and they can no longer compete with younger girls, for the absolute best specimen of a man or men out there best specimens of men out there, the top four and a half percent of men, they can’t really compete for them anymore.

And then usually, that epiphany phase is about when they start being hosed because they end up having a bunch of like splurge on sexual relationships, just to see what their looks with their beauty, what their sexual market value at that point in time can still get them. Because they realize, Oh crap, I’m about to expire, I should probably reproduce. This is why statistically, women in general get married in Western society on average at age 29. So at least they could still claim that they got married in their 20s hypergamy you know, their sexual strategy.

You know, it’s like, it’s like, hey, you know, I want to really Alpha Man at this particular time in life, I want to really beta man and another time of wildlife. Alpha Man being like, has a strong attitude doesn’t put up with crap from anyone basically, has good genes very healthy fitness, willing to throw down if necessary, doesn’t put up with shit from anyone versus the beta male who provides parental investment, provisioning, protection, money, those kinds of things, right. And ultimately, it’s man’s responsibility to actually provide both to a woman that he is intending on making the mother of his children to, he is expected to provide both to a woman simultaneously. Most people call this purple pill.

I think the blue pill and the red pill are, you know, the alpha versus the beta dichotomy is an important dichotomy. And men just need to learn how to navigate both simultaneously for their own benefit. Well, never sacrificing oneself. You know, because you don’t want to make the red pill your frame, you don’t want to make the blue pill your frame, you don’t want to sacrifice your own self to any particular side of a woman’s hypergamy.

It’s very important, because like, for example, I’ve even known like alpha men whose wives have cheated on them with way lesser man with far more beta men who actually make a lot more money, you know, depending on how their hypergamy changes. But like INFP women, you know, that doesn’t change. But they can be very, very, very treacherous. And, you know, most people think, you know, well, man, men could be hoes too.

And it’s because the male sexual strategy of polygyny, but that’s not actually the case. You know, in general, you can kind of take a man and just word but you can’t really take women at their word, not because they’re liars. But because they change their minds constantly. And their emotional perspective, making decisions based on emotions instead of facts.

Their emotions change on a dime and as much as their hormones change on a dime. So you can’t really judge woman by sheet by what she says you have to judge her by her actions, which can actually be extremely difficult to do when you’re considering an INFP woman because they’re just so unnoticeable. Oftentimes when INFP women cheat, or when they’re being hoes, you don’t really see it. I mean, you don’t really even notice about them, it’s actually something that wouldn’t even come to mind.

And they’re going out of their way to hide that side of themselves. So desperately because of their extroverted thinking inferior, they are afraid of what other people think of them. And the last thing that they want to deal with is being judged by fellow women as a whole, because that would put up a warning to men in their life, that they are not as sexually viable and not good enough for investment or good enough for a relationship. So they go out of their way to hide it as much as possible, so that they do not end up reducing their options.

Why? Well, it’s because men in general, don’t want to be committed or in relationships with hoes. Because, you know, if a woman has a history of being a hoe, she’s going to be remain a hoe and be a hoe later, you know, statistically like, risk of divorce. And those types of things that men have to deal with get way worse, if a woman has more than two sex partners in her life, including the man that she is with that he is that he’s afraid of her divorcing him, basically. So, you know, the women that are statistically safe are the ones who have one or less partners with you being the second partner that’s on their body count list.

And those are the women that I would recommend turning into mothers, because statistically, you’re not going to get screwed from a divorce perspective, divorce being something that ultimately destroys the lives of men, as we know it, you know, losing assets, losing access to their own children, paying alimony, etc, insanely exorbitant and unfair child support, right? These kinds of things are consistent problems over time that men just are not properly educated with. managing it. I mean, like, for example, like marriage is the contract no one gets legal advice on so that’s, that’s also a problem. So, when it comes to, you know, INFP women, they’re so subtle, they’re so sneaky, it’s really hard to tell if they are being hosts really difficult.

And it’s probably why this question was asked, because it’s, it’s really hard. Because they’re so sneaky. They’re extremely sneaky. And the thing is, too, is that like, they’ll actually go out of the way to spin a narrative, and share that narrative with a bunch of people in order to support their whole wish behavior, or maybe their cheating behavior.

And it’s like mixing truth of lies, so that you don’t actually know that they are being that their trade or that they’re being treacherous towards you from cheating perspective, or that they’re loose, that they have a wide variety of sexual partners. And they’re always just playing their options, right? And turns them in this non committal state. The thing is, is that oftentimes, you know, INFP, women start to realize, you know, what their sloth deadly sin, that it’s just easier for them to play their options, instead of actually having to commit to an individual man, because if she committed to an individual man, she’s going to have to work a lot harder. There’s expectations that men have of women from women, in terms of relationships, like, for example, getting pregnant and having a child, men like having children, predominantly, If men don’t, like have children, they’re either pussies, or they’re fighting really hard.

And, you know, in this society that makes having children too expensive, or, you know, the way that their life is, or they’ve just bought into a lot of crap, you know, in terms of like, Hey, I’ve been conditioned to think that having children is a bad thing, which you can oftentimes really figure out like, you go down to California, that’s our culture there. But then you come up here in Idaho, and it’s like, yeah, no. bloodlines matter. Men and I don’t really care about their bloodline, whereas in California, men are willing to submit to the conditioning, the psychological conditioning that they’ve received by society as is designed by the elite, in order for their bloodlines to end because the elites desire is to ultimately end bloodlines while preserving their own.

So the people who are way less educated, the far more profane cattle like people out there, especially beta males, for example, don’t really care that much about their bloodline because they have been conditioned to think or feel that it is a bad thing to do so right. Or is, from my perspective, I very much care about my bloodline. That’s why I will continue to have children potentially indefinitely. I don’t care.

Like, if I have if I have 12 children, so be it I have 12 children, you know, like, and I love each of them, and care for each of them and raise each of them accordingly. No problem. You know, my, my INTJ son, he’s like 17 months old. He’s, he’s fantastic, very brilliant little child.

It’s nice. It was really nice that I forgot how much I missed. You know, having like, a child in my life of his age just kind of reminds me being young is just one of the benefits. But like, then, you know, by the same token, you know, my eldest he’s turning 11.

And my oldest, is an amazing is an amazing person in a lot of ways. And I’m very, very proud of him. So, you know, like, children are super, super important, and they teach you a lot of lessons. And having a bloodline.

Your family is a support structure that you would never have anywhere else, especially in this society. And men already don’t really have a support structure. So men have to actually create a support structure within the context of the family, but also amongst the men in their life. And that was a tangent, let’s get back on topic.

So INFP women alike, how do you tell? Well, the thing is, is that like, the first the first indicator, that is literally split attention, you look at what they put their attention on? Do they have a bunch of male friends? Are they splitting their attention that they have for themselves with a bunch of male friends in their life? Right? That is a huge indicator that they might actually be a hoe? Are they texting men? Or do they talk to him? Like, what is their Instagram look like? It’s not hard, you know, go look at their Instagram, go look at their Facebook, what are they doing on social media? Do they have an only fans? That’s a huge red flag, right? You know, do they tell different things to different people, which happens a lot with INFJs. INFJs are very good at wearing masks, and telling people different narratives. And keeping track of the different narratives that they tell certain people is also something that they’re very capable of doing. It’s kind of interesting, because you can see NTP women doing that as well, the NTP women are the masters of that.

But that’s not to say INFP, women are not just as capable, because they really are they understand narrative than anyone else, especially when they’re going out of their way to absolve themselves or potentially generate excuses, or at least outsource power and authority to other people, especially women in their life, who would always run for them and bolster their reputation. Because to them, it’s all about managing their reputation. So if you look at a woman who is exhibiting typical her wish behavior, having a wide variety of male friends, texting them consistently talking to them on social media, or they are speaking to men on a regular basis, when they go out in public, especially in like, a bar scene, or whatever sexualized zone that is, could be a club, etcetera, you know, where it’s like, it probably wouldn’t happen so much in the workplace, because men are very conditioned to not approach a woman at all from a relationship perspective at all in the workplace. But you know, it’s like, but they’re highly encouraged to do so in like, in the bar scene, for example, or club scene, right? All these things count all of these things matter, right? So the reality is situation ends up becoming, like, if she’s exhibiting these general behaviors, you likely have a hole on your hand, you know, you likely do, and like, this actually happened to my father in law, you know, he was in the military, he ended up you know, marrying this INFP girl, he had a child with her, but she cheated on him multiple times.

And she ended up becoming a total hoe because from her perspective is like, hey, you know, yeah, being committed is great, but he’s not really around, I don’t really feel wanted, I want to be, I want to feel wanted by other people, I want to be respected by men in general. Because these INFP hoes, they really end up tacking on their self worth, based on how much men in general respect them. And if they have a volume of men, where they feel that these men respect them, or at least regard them in some capacity. Sometimes they fantasize in their FY hero delusions, and just it’s like, hey, you know, these men, they, you know, they, they want me, and they respect me, and I, and I have sex with them.

And most times I got, I’m playing my options, etc. And then it’s like, they end up feeling special, they end up feeling powerful, like they have some kind of power over men in the process. But that’s not that’s not accurate at all. It really just isn’t accurate, but they all think that that’s how it works.

And it’s like, no, no, it’s not. It’s just you trying to cope with your feelings of powerlessness. And you try and utilize playing your sexual options as a way for you to feel less powerless in your life. Because Are you truly desirable enough to actually have a man committed to you? I mean, because women control access to sexuality as much as men control access To relationships or committed relationships, right? And are these hosts really getting it? No, they’re doing it, they’re taking the easy road to taking the slothful easy road of I’m just gonna play my options.

Because if I have to cook and clean, if I have to, you know, put a man above myself, then that makes me less of a woman, especially in today’s feminized society, in today’s feminized environment. And that can be a huge problem. Literally, these women, these INFP hoes are walking around, feeling bad about themselves, feeling like lesser women, if they have to commit to a man, if they have to put in the effort that it takes to actually keep a man. So because they’re slothful, they’d rather play their options, instead of an men, by the way, they won’t have options forever.

They won’t. Like as soon as they get in their early 30s, their options, like they start like, usually when they hit like 27, their options start going down and down, and their options will decay for like the rest of their life, when they really need to realize is that investing into one man, a man that they know, they’re out of love with a man that they trust, a man that is willing to go through, jump through all four hoops to make her feel wanted. And it’s a man who respects himself, such that he does not respect her more than himself. But she still respects her as a secondary behavior, not a primary behavior and primary behavior of self respect is more important.

At that point in time, perhaps she could actually be comfortable in being in a committed relationship. But if she’s a hoe, she’s not going to be comfortable. And then that Treacher is vice, that INFJs have end up coming out. And it’s like, from their perspective, hey, I want this guy because he provides me Alpha traits, I want that guy because he provides me beta traits, and they’re never actually able to consolidate on both.

And every time they use this temporary fix, to help them get over their feelings of powerlessness, by playing their options, they actually intrinsically reduce their value as women and end up making it that much harder, especially since their sexual reputation will be there indefinitely, as much as they try to hide and they’re very good at hiding it. But eventually, someone will figure it out. Once they’ve been figured out, it’s like, Oh, crap, I’ve just reduced my, like, I’ve reduced my option at having a high value, man, because they’re continuing to reduce their own value by increasing their body count over time. A lot of women out there are offended by this on a consistent basis.

When the thing is, though, is that like, a man doesn’t want to invest in a woman who has so much emotional baggage from other men. When women have a sexual relationship with a man. They catch feelings, it’s because the neurotransmitters like oxytocin, for example. They catch feelings.

And it’s really hard for them to let go. And they’ll always think back especially like, if you’re a beta man, you get married to some INFP Hoh. And she will always remember all that alpha COC, she used to have an early 20s and eventually want to go back to that, because you’re not man enough, you’re not Manning up, right? Because you’re not Manning up, she’s actually more likely to become treacherous as a result. And how they get treacherous.

Look at who they talk to how many, how many, how many men in their life, who they talk to? It’s one of the things like, you know, I look at, look at their brands for like the ESTP. I often know like, like subconscious focus ESTP women, for example, they, once they decide, oh, this is the man I want. Typically, they don’t really talk to other men, they don’t interact with them. And they actually prevent with any demon using their any demon to prevent communication, that they would have potential communication that they would have with other men, they actually go all the way up to do that.

Does your INFP woman? Or does this INFP woman that you’re thinking of? Is she actually giving or allowing every opportunity available to her to actually be able to interact with men? If she does, and if she’s not actively taking action? Remember, you can’t judge one by what she says you can only judge a woman by how she acts. If she’s not taking concrete action to slow down or prevent communication with other men in her life. Well, guess what? She’s a hoe you should probably not invest in her anymore. If she’s not willing to take if she’s not willing to delete her Instagram, she’s not willing to get off Facebook, if she’s not willing to, you know, make those decisions.

Guess what? She’s a hoe. You shouldn’t be in a relationship with her. It’s not hard. Okay.

So, my recommendation guys avoid host like, I mean, if you’re like spinning plates, you know, having multiple sexual relationships simultaneously. Great. Do that. Just understand that the INFP hoe would just be a plate for you.

But she’s not someone Get your wife up. She’s not someone you commit to. Yeah, sure men that wife up women often, you know, do the Ephesians chapter five thing or the the whole like present the bride the bride groom presents his bride to himself without stain or blemish as it goes biblically, which is basically a man forgiving a woman for sexual past. Yeah, that’s fine.

The thing is, though, is that if you’re not going to take responsibility, and actually realize, like that, because she was a hole in her past, she’s likely going to be a hole later, especially when she hits development phase, which usually starts about 3536 years of age, and she starts desiring the alphas she used to have in her past, that’s a huge problem. You don’t want to have that problem. Because all sudden, you got a loose woman on your hands. And let me tell you, and as much as women are afraid of being raped in the amount of pain they suffer, when they are raped, is the same exact amount of pain, a man suffers when he is cooked, when she has a sexual relationship with another man, that is not you, you who were committed to her, and she was supposed to be committed to you.

That is literally how you rape a man. Cooking a man is the same as raping a woman, it is the same. I don’t care what anyone says. And if you think differently, you’re full of shit.

So understand, like, these are the consequences. This is some of the things that you could look for with their behavior, but it really comes down to are they eliminating opportunities? So he’s looking at like, you know, sunk cost, opportunity cost, or they eliminating opportunities for them to interact with other men other than you? That’s, that’s, that’s the first question you ask. Next is, what man Are they talking to in their life? And why? Why are they talking to them? What are they getting out of it? Right? Are they are they getting their their little their little te? Oh, look, I’m important because this man is talking to me thing like do they put a lot of value that should be placing more value on you. You’re their man talking to them themselves, not other men or men in general.

They should not be staking their self worth based on other men talking to them. It should only be them staking their self worth based on how you interact with her individually. If not willing Guess what? She’s been a hole. So you don’t want to have any like, you don’t want to invest in women like that, like at all.

Like you want to have nothing to do with women like it’s funny, they think like downtown here is like the best place to race apparently. So. Yeah, folks, that’s in general how I would answer this question. So thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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