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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question How can Si inferior stop being loyal to the wrong things?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And today we are answering questions from our acolyte membership, how to stop being loyal to the wrong things. And this is for si inferior types the most or how to know if you’re loyal to the wrong thing, aka how to get out of Stockholm Syndrome.

Basically, this is, you know, for the most part for enps, but it can also be for ion peas as well. But most of all the ENTP type. And as a result of that, I think it’s important that people understand like, how they actually gotten to that position ahead of time, Fe child, for example, from an end point of view, it’s very people pleasing, it wants to be wanted, it wants to be liked, and accepted by other people. And sometimes, you know, when ESTP is being abused by other people, from an abuse perspective, the problem is, is that it’s if they’re not getting if they’re not wanted by other people, if they’re not liked by other people in their life, their basically their soul, or their their mind will try to fill that hole.

So even if there is an abuser coming round, at least, well, at least the abuser wants me at least the the abuser values me in some sick twisted way, you know, they’re abusing me. And this is kind of just basically how my childhood happened myself when it comes to those who sexually abused me as a child, etc. And I ended up finding more validation from my abusers and being desired unwanted from my abusers than my even more so than my own immediate family basically. And, and then that makes sense, because you know, my mother, she’s an NI demon, she doesn’t actually, like want me because she doesn’t want anything, it’s all about her experience, she’s looking to me to make her comfortable and make her feel safe and make and give her a good experience.

And I have expert sensing demon, it’s just not going to happen, it’s not going to happen at all. So this is one of the main issues that I have with my mother, it’s like, we just can’t get over this aspect, I don’t judge her for it’s just something naturally happens, you know, it would be nice though, if like, she’d actually be, you know, be willing to have a conversation about that with me instead of just completely dismissing it with the child. But that’s another story. But, you know, really, you know, how to stop being led to the wrong things or how to know, if you go to the wrong things, you’re really not going to know, you’re just not.

And if you if you have some idea that you might be loyal to the wrong things, well, there’s really only one thing you can do. And that is running an experiment, especially if you’re an intp, run an experiment and try not being loyal to that thing for a little bit and see what happens. See, if you end up opening other doors in your life, like for example, I was in an abusive sexual relationship once with an ENFJ. And life kind of changed for at the moment, I decided to stop being loyal to her because she was very controlling, very insecure, wasn’t really good at taking care of herself, and ended up becoming abusive as a result, very forceful, demanding.

It just, it just got to be this huge issue very, she always, like tried to force me to do things that didn’t want to do even in some cases getting physical over it. And I just randomly decided, like, you know, I’m not going to be loyal to this person anymore. And then as soon as I made that decision, my whole life opened up and then I could see all these other choices and all these other opportunities and all these other options. Basically, you literally just have to get out of your comfort zone.

And when you’re in your comfort zone and you’re loyal to your comfort zone you’re and you’re actually dealing with being What’s it was a better way of putting it like you you know being an EN TP you you can you know when you’re in your comfort zone you may not be exactly where what your loyalty but if you can actually get the point where you can bring into your own consciousness where you’re conscious of the things that you might actually be loyal to stop being loyal to them and see what happens because that will prove to you whether or not it’s actually worth being loyal to them. This is an FYI trickster issue. FYI trickster gets in the way. FYI trickster makes it hard for you as an NTP to even determine whether or not it’s even worth being at low that person.

So you really have to go it’s really like a form of exposure therapy. And you know, for the sake of this particular show right now, I’m going to look up the definition of exposure therapy, just in case Okay, that is a form of behavior therapy in which the survivor confronts feelings or phobias or anxieties about a traumatic event and relives it in the therapy session. But it’s not exactly like that’s like I guess it’s more like a reverse exposure therapy where you are going to run an experiment. And you’re just going to see what happens just by stopping being loyal just to see whether or not it’s actually worth being loyal.

And you’re exposing yourself to consequences. And that’s something that ni Nemesis needs to do. That’s something your extroverted sensing demon needs an intp to do is to consistently expose them thing themselves to new things, get them out of their comfort zone, just to see, you know, okay, like, yeah, realize that you’re really strong, you’re not as weak as you think. And if you would, actually, if you’re so free to be weak, if you would expose yourself to new things and not be stuck your comfort zone, well guess what the comfort zone of abuse, you’ll realize, is not something you want to be a part of anymore, because you’re actually exposing yourself to other alternatives.

It’s kind of like what I tell to si demons with INFJ types, especially INTJ types, they need to overwrite the hard drive with having new shared experiences that other people will the NTP needs to overwrite the hard drive by having new experiences for themselves, basically. And it’s done through experimentation. And if you want to be stopping loyal to the wrong things, well, you’re not going to know if it’s a wrong thing until you actually do other things. And then eventually, over time, you’ll be able to see through experimentation that Yeah, okay.

That is something I definitely should be loyal to. Just, you know, be careful, because you don’t want to end up like the intp Freddie Mercury, who ended up getting AIDS while he was trying to experiment, so it can backfire on you. And you can go too far with your experimentation, especially since he did a ton of sexual experimentation that ended up destroying his health and he died young as a result. So something for you folks to be aware of that there is can be some really bad consequences.

But regardless of what consequence you get, as the intp, your SI inferior will go si aspirational in your life, and you will be able to get through it. No matter what there will be a good outcome, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to have faith. But the thing is, is that you need to be wise about your experimenting.

So don’t just read the books and try it out yourself. actually go out to other people show some respect for se demon. Ask other people for their testimonials. Find out go find the anecdotal evidence of other people.

Don’t necessarily be presumptuous or sumptuous on your own and go do it on your own. You need to go experiment you need to be okay. With experimentation. This is really important as an intp.

If you want to learn more about that process, I highly recommend you go to CS forward slash members, you become a German member and then you watch the hypocrisy of the ENTP lecture that I just released last week because that actually goes through all of that and I’m also exposing myself to the internet in the members area of all of my own internal hypocrisy. So if you want to learn more about CS Joseph personally, go watch that lecture. It’s extremely painful lecture for me to to film so anyway, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode. Later.



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