How Can INXPs (INTPs & INFPs) Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can INXPs (INTPs & INFPs) replace bad habits with good ones?


Hey what’s up ego, hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. So today’s question, how can INPS which are basically intp and INFJs? How can they get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones? This is a very complex question. But this, this question is mostly answered pretty well in season 19. Season 18, you got to go to CS forward slash portal to get access to it one episode at a time, basically, you’d have to have access to the Discover intp or discover INFP portion of the members portal.

It’s like some one time fee, and you got basically lifetime access. And anytime we release content specific to an individual type, we update those over time. And I think when we do season 24, as well as the duality series, which is going going to be season 14, part three, those will all be updated with those episodes, when the time comes. So kind of it’s kind of nice to be able to log in and see all the pertinent information for your specific type in one place.

And I highly recommend you get access not only that, you do buy access, you get taken to another page, which will allow you to get all of them for an insane discount. And then you can get all of them so you have access to all of the types. And then obviously, you know if you had someone in your family, whatnot that you wanted to share that information with so they can learn how to become the best version of themselves or learn how to do relationships or whatever it is in terms of health, wealth, relationships, etc, relating to their type, I highly recommend getting access to those has the kind of like living documents, or at least we’ll be living documents as we continue to release content for them. So basically, I NPS because of Introverted Sensing child, due to the deadly sin of gluttony for intp is the deadly sin of sloth for INFJs.

They end up oftentimes slow down in life, because they end up just getting bogged down by so many burdens, so many responsibilities, which leads them to being stuck in their comfort zone. They’re both outcome types. And as a result of being outcome oriented, probably gonna have to move the camera here because of the wind. So I’m sure y’all like looking at the pretty waterfall, but let’s do it on this side.

So that we don’t have any wind problems. So working on getting my shotgun mic with the new wind jammer on it. So this will this problem will go away and not have to care about it anymore. Anyway, the point is, they end up getting stuck in a comfort zone.

And usually it’s because of bad habits. INPs have this insane struggle with their comfort zone, especially since they’re both outcome types, outcome types of intuitive sensing child mixed in, these are the people who if there isn’t going to be a favorable outcome for them in any particular situation, even if it means getting out of bed, they’re probably not going to do it unless they know that there’s a guarantee that they’re going to get the outcome that they’re looking for. And that can be can be very problematic. For most people getting stuck in their comfort zone.

I mean, inside, you know, inside INFP is their comfort zone, they can get insanely lazy and they just really inhibits their own personal growth as people that can be a huge problem for them. But also, by NTPs they can actually surrender themselves to a high level of consumption. Ultimately hedonism and hedonism. You know, most people think it’s like debauchery, you know, smoking, drinking, having lots of sex.

But hedonism can just be as simple as playing World of Warcraft for 812 hours a day. I’m guilty of that. I used to do that. Back when I weighed like an insane amount, I was like, morbidly obese, and that those days are just, those days were absolute hell, I regret what I put my family through in those days.

I still remember February 2009 and working really hard on my death knight and World of Warcraft, Latin Wrath of the Lich King. And because I was working so hard on my death knight, you know, my wife at the time her car got stuck One that happened on February 26 2009. Yeah, I was a real winner in those days. Oh my goodness, it’s one of the greatest shames in my life.

But the thing is, is that at least I don’t have si child at least I was able to, like, dig myself out of that hole. And actually, like, get some semblance of personal strength and personal growth as a result. Punisher it says in trials can get so stuck in addictions, and addictions relating to hedonism, or addictions relating to laziness, etc, that they end up going nowhere in our life, and they end up developing the habit of hedonism or the habit of laziness. And these habits, cause them to become insane burdens and other people.

And it makes them entirely undesirable. They’re like, the most undesirable of the types. This is what people would label like, the unfit or the undesirables of the 16 types, because of these bad habits that just are built to enable Introverted Sensing child. Because, you know, from the intp perspective, it’s like, there’s nothing left to discover, why should I bother? Or if INFP is like, if there’s no power or authority in it for me, why should I bother? So they ended up giving up an intp is give up on life, so they just turned to hedonism and INFP is give up on life, and they just turn to laziness, basically.

And to the point where they just literally just don’t do anything whatsoever, and they just surrender themselves to decay over time. So, you know, intp is decay via consumption versus inf peas decay by like, literally not doing anything. You know, like, for example, if a river stops flowing, you know, everything dies in it and around it. Same thing goes with the nine of peace life if they stopped moving in their life.

So basically freeze and turn into like a stone cold Gargoyle, and it ultimately leads to death. That’s just the way it is. INTPs, their their tracks of death is that they’ll they’ll consume themselves to death, to the point where they’ll just have like, so much. I mean, like, for example, out of the 16 types, the types that are most likely to be obese are actually INPS statistically.

So they’re constantly, you know, having to deal with that struggle. And again, it just comes back down to bad habits that are built around hedonism, and laziness. And those bad habits really come as a result, because they’re like, well, there’s nothing left to discover, where there’s no power and authority for me to gain. So why bother living, right? I mean, it’s, this is kind of like, in effect, to a point like a slow suicide that I NPS end up having as a result of these bad habits in their life.

And men, women, it doesn’t matter. They all have this problem. Like they all struggle with this. And it’s just, it’s just terrible.

It’s like, it’s completely ridiculous just to watch these people just self destruct over time. And like, it’s funny, because like, I know a particular intp who is so stuck and hedonism. You know, everything to hit everything in his life. It’s all about.

It’s all about his discord friends, it’s all about his MMO RPGs. It’s all about his marijuana. He does a little bit of shrooms here, a little cocaine there, you know, but at the end of the day, like, it’s all hedonism to him. And he has all these huge bad habits.

He even like, there was a time where like, I worked with him for a little bit. And he’s got, he’s got all the raw talent in the world to become an engineer. But like, really, at the end of the day, he’s just ultimately decided to be a worthless human being because of these bad habits relating to hedonism that he’s stuck in his comfort zone was even was even what’s even worse is that, as they get more familiar with their comfort zone and familiar with their bad habits, they end up when confronted in situations where they are forced to develop better habits when they are forced, like for example, what happens, you know, when his parents finally kick them out, they actually going to be able to stand up on his own is actually gonna be his own man, his own person. No.

And it was really lame. Like, I have an intp family member who’s literally on the same track to the point where it’s like, okay, why bother? Why bother going to school he’s like, he’s like a junior in high school. And he’s like, Fine, I’ll just live on the street then. Like that’s, that’s the problem with these si child types is that they can get so comfortable in their own field, so comfortable in the hedonism and the laziness, that they’re willing to just decay to a point where I mean like You see entropy happened to those types more than anyone else.

I mean, life ages them, because they’re not willing to either swim against the current or swim with the current. They’re just not willing to do anything they just want to stay put. And it’s, it’s no mystery to me as to why you know, people don’t even want them. Like, it’s no mystery whatsoever.

Of course, no one wants them. Of course, no one desires that no one’s gonna want to relationship with them, no one’s gonna want to hire them. They’re literally nothing more than a burden. And they don’t care.

They don’t care, especially they can fit in, do you think they care. And you know, an INFP is contented just ally themselves with our TI demon. So they also don’t care because they’re just going to lie to themselves and live in their little dream world or dream world of fantasy that has no basis in reality whatsoever. And if you even try to, like, shatter their ego investments to kind of wake them up, that’ll just make them worse, way worse, even to the point of like suicide.

And you’re already like, can make the argument they’re kind of being suicidal as is with their behavior. You know, if you think about it, because it really is the path of self destruction, their laziness is a path to self destruction as much as an intp is hedonism is a path to self destruction. It all comes from these bad habits. So how do they break out of the bad habits? Really, it is really just one way.

It’s trial by fire. Trial by Fire is the answer. They have to be willing to focus everything they have on their fears. This is one of the reasons why Robert Greene who is an a&p co wrote with 50 cent, the book, the 50th law, and I highly recommend every imp out there, read the book, the 50th law, the 50th law is important.

And the 50th law of power is the law of fearlessness. They get so stuck in their comfort zones, they get stuck in their unionism, they get stuck in their laziness, that they’re afraid to actually leave those comfort zones. And then they succumb to this debilitating fear, where they literally like going nowhere in their life. They’re too afraid.

And the only way to move forward is for them to confront that fear. They have to put themselves in that comfort, take themselves out of that comfort zone, forced forced themselves where it’s like, Hey, you have to go in the situation. There you go. It’s kind of like the rite of passage, where you’re dealing with a man of your own village throws you over the waterfall and leaves you for dead five miles in the middle of the night away from home, they just threw over waterfall to in the morning.

And just to see, you know, if you’re even capable of surviving. So literally, I NPCs need to be put into a position they need to put it in themselves or society needs to force them to be in that position or family needs to force them to be in that position, where they are literally confronted with their own survival. And it’s a and it’s literally that fight for survival is how they break the habit, how they break these bad habits of hedonism and laziness in their life. It’s literally that the best thing that I recommend to the parents so that intp that I know who loves him some drugs loves him his discord me loves him his video games, more than actually being capable engineer, for example, I literally tell his parents dump him on the street, literally a victim and have nothing to do with him.

Why do you think birds kick out their chicks right out of the nest to force them to fly. Like, this is why I NTPs for example, have the whole mother’s basement, you know, bullshit archetype attached to them. You know, it’s literally for that reason. They they eat, they just have to go, you have to force them out, or they have to somehow get over their own fear, and force themselves out and go through that rite of passage.

Or they’re completely out of the house where they have their entire support structure ripped out from under him. And it’s so funny because like, you look at AI NPS high MPs often become other people’s support structures, especially in relationships. So the INFP becomes the power support structure in relationships. Whereas for let’s say the power structure of relationships, whereas an intp becomes the support structure for relationships, and oftentimes I MPs you know, when they’re unhappy in relationships, they will rip the chair out from under other people, and so they get too bad so sad.

Get over yourself. It is what it is. You made me uncomfortable. You made me feel unsafe.

This is what you get. Well, the thing is, they’re really just projecting themselves on other people because that’s exactly what very themselves need to happen to them in order for them to grow up in order for them to break the habit. Oftentimes I’ve told, I’ve told ion, I’ve told the intp is, you know, just hey, go move to another country where you don’t speak the language have zero experience with and just do this shock and awe thing in your life and see if you can survive. And that right there will rip all the fearlessness away.

And the act of surviving itself will break you of all the bad habits. Like literally folks stop lying to yourselves. Just stop lying yourselves. And if your family to these people, and you’re providing that support structure, or you know, or to these people at all, rip it out from under them, throw them out of the nest and see if they fly, it’s the best thing that will ever happen.

And they will literally thank you for it later in their lives. I am pleased if you have to do this on your own. Read the 50th law by Robert Greene for inspiration. Robert Greene is an imp like you This is something he had to do and he really identified with 50 cent story because he sent everything in sand to deal with and from Robert Greene’s point of view is like wow, 50 cent had a real bad and I hadn’t real good, but where am I going in my life.

This is somebody who has a way worse than me. But here I am being a lazy bastard. What the hell. And that’s ultimately his motivation for writing the 50th law as a reminder to himself, to not shrink back into those bad habits of laziness.

Because there are other people in this world I MPs that have have had it way worse than you. Yet you folks are always the first people to complain about when you’re uncomfortable. You’re always the first people to be willing to rip out to rip out the chair out from other people. And it’s really sad.

You know, like hypocrites, you’re all hypocrites. So please, please understand that difference, understand what that means. Like you want to get anywhere in your life, you want to be successful in any way, shape or form, then I highly recommend you actually take that leap of faith, I recommend that you confront your fear, fear of leaving your comfort zone and force yourself through self discipline to get out of your comfort zone and do something new. If you’re an intp, and you think there’s nothing left to discover in the world, you are a fool.

I mean, if Einstein can just do thought experiments in his head and come up with a theory of relativity, which was proven in 2020 by the well it is a proven theory now with concrete evidence to back it up it is it is a fact is no longer a theory. Then what the hell are you doing? There’s so much more in the entire universe that has yet to be discovered. And you INPS, if you really don’t think that you’re you’re fit enough to get power and authority. Well, what little power and authority you actually have, why don’t you like give it to other people and have them act on your behalf and become a conductor of authority.

So you can actually be like, better and gain more power for yourself over time, more authority for yourself over time. So you can start having feelings of powerlessness, which is contributing to your laziness to begin with. It’s disgusting. And quite frankly, you people disgust me.

You know, if you guys imp stuck in the comfort zone disgust me. They absolutely disgusting, they are gross to me. I don’t want them I don’t want to be around them. I don’t want them in my life.

And no one should. And everyone else watching this video. If you’re having an imp who’s this way in your life, cut them out of your life immediately. I don’t care if they’re your own child, cut them out, and force them to walk on their own or force them to jump out of the nest.

I don’t care if they may even die. Yeah, there’s always a risk of anyone dying every day anyway, like a plane could just crash on me right now. And I could be dead on camera. Okay.

But like, you know, that’s, that’s what can happen. All right. So that risk, the risk of death always exists anyway, so forced them out. You know, if, if young youths can be thrown over a waterfall in the middle of the night in the Amazon rainforest.

And they can make it back to their village the following day. And that’s a rite of passage, then y’all don’t have any excuse. You have no excuse. Nobody has any excuse.

Really. And besides I MPs when you get this lazy and this hedonistic you are really dishonouring your ancestors who have fought wars, fought battles, who are raped, who are murdered, just so that you can be alive today and you are destroying their memory. You’re literally pissing on their grave right now and you are disgusting to me. So why don’t you all just grow up and engage in the 50th law of power known as fearlessness? Because guess what, that’s the only way you’ll actually be happy.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening to this episode. I’ll see you guys in the next one.


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