How can INTJs gain EgoHacking Mastery? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can INTJs gain EgoHacking mastery?


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. And today’s episode we’re going to be discussing INTJ is and what can an INTJ do to master social engineering also known as ego hacking, right? What can they do? It’s so interesting that this question is being asked because INTJ is absolutely need help with ego hacking, they need help with social engineering probably more than anyone out there, because they have this thing called extroverted feeling trickster are entirely aware of social norms, which means INTJs by default have no social skills. So of course, they gotta learn ego hacking, so they can have any chance at having social skills ever, basically. So.

So why not? You know, they just have to have it. Not a bad thing. I’m glad they’re here in the ego hacker community trying to learn social skills, that’s where they should honestly, but let’s give some colloquial resources first, right? There are two resources that they can read to get started, right. And in terms of developing social skills, because you have to have social skills to be a good social engineer or good ego hacker, right.

So where can they do that? Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People read that book. There’s another book called, it’s very similar. That was written by an INTJ. Actually, it’s very similar to Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

And I think Dale Carnegie may have actually been an INTJ. But that book is like the, it’s called 99 things, or 99 ways or something like that, you’ll have to look it up it is available on Audible. And that is an INTJ, giving 99 principles basically behind social skills, right, so you can help develop your extroverted feeling trickster. And there’s also the core tenet books of social engineering, the art of invisibility, the art of intrusion, The Art of Deception, which are written by Kevin Mitnick and also Ghost in the Wires.

He also wrote that book as well. Anyway, I make a list of these resources in the course ego hacking by text at ego hacking by Get the course take the course. And obviously, you’re going to be heavily upgraded on social engineering and also obviously here on the YouTube channel, watch the season 21 playlist in full, because that’s kind of a prerequisite before you go into the ego hacking by text course and then also become a journeyman member at CS forward slash members.

Watch the cutting edge episode from December 2022, which talks about soft blocking that’s also a prerequisite for the ego hacking by text course as well. So, get these resources understand all of these resources read them all understand them, and then then take the course and then after the course obviously take the masterclass the ego hacking by text masterclass where you can learn about the Rosetta Stone and learn about cognitive origins how to type people via cognitive origin alone as well as having the best and most cutting edge bleeding edge actually of of ego hacking and social engineering techniques ever released in the world ever. Right there in the ego hacking my text course and masterclass. So, once you have all that, okay, sure.

There’s even more resources. One of the things that an INTJ can do and it doesn’t matter if they’re a female or male doesn’t matter, it still applies learn game what you know, pickup artistry learn game. Another way of getting another way of describing the game is it’s just really social skills. And in my opinion, one of the best books for game out there other than what Roush wrote, you know, you can’t really get his books at all anymore.

But rationale, volume five, the player’s handbook, it teaches men social skills, most people think it’s like, you know, hey, this book is about pickup artistry, but really, it’s just teaching men social skills. And that’s all really game is that’s all pickup artistry actually is. It’s just social skills. That’s all.

And this is something an INTJ needs because extroverted feeling trickster absolutely destroys any awareness of social skills because they think they have social skills. The reality situation is they have no social skills, whatever. And that leads to consistent failure in their life from a social skill perspective. It literally it literally sucks to be them because of Extraverted Feeling trickster.

It really sucks. It’s really painful, right? And, you know, honestly, I’m very thankful that I’m not an INTJ because I just could not deal with not having social skills. That being said, I am a truthful pragmatic NTP, being a UT UEFI and TP for my octagon perspective. So it’s like, I am kind of like an INTJ.

That’s why I often would miss test, you know, as an INTJ, even though I’m an intp, when it comes to, you know, MBTI tests that I would take throughout my life, and I thought I was an INTJ for like, six years while I was researching this stuff. Which was absolutely ridiculous. And I ruined a lot of people’s lives in the process while doing that, and I really regret that, you know, and I had to go to those people and kind of like, make it up to them and whatnot, but still ended up becoming like some big major, major thing, major problem, you know. So yeah, get social skills, get get social skills, you have to have social skills to do any form of social engineering, or any form of ego hacking whatsoever is what it comes down to, you know.

And then like, and then go even further, another another huge, huge resource, obviously, Dr. Robert Glover is no more Mr. Nice Guy, but that really benefits Crusader men more than INTJ is, but seriously, you gotta get that book in. Because the part of your mind that has social skills is your ENTP shadows.

So you best learn from ENTPs a little bit and adopt some of the things. Another aspect. Another resource to use after that is also Dr. Robert Glover’s other book, which is dating essentials for men, which guess what is a book about teaching men? Social skills, right? Oh, also a Cory Wayne’s book, How to be a 3%.

Man, okay, that too, will teach you social skills. And again, if you’re an INTJ woman, and you ask this question still applies. You need to read all of these books, you need to get educated, seriously, even as an INTJ. Woman why? Because an INTJ woman is still a masculine woman, okay.

And while these are masculine concepts to teach men how to have social skills, it still would directly apply to you, the INTJ woman, okay, because you need social skills, it is a major prerequisite to even be able to handle social engineering or ego hacking, right. And then to top it all off, when you’re completely done with all those resources. The final resource which is the unchained man, the Unchained, man by Caleb Jones, okay. Absolutely critical, absolutely critical that you read that book as the final book and read them in this order.

Okay. Very, very important. And then you know, okay, some appendices, Robert Greene’s 48, Laws of Power 33 Strategies of War, the art of seduction, the 50th law, okay. The laws of human nature Oh, wait, every single book that Robert Greene ever wrote read those as well.

Okay. Now this is a lot of resources and it’s a lot of reading and it will take you a year or two to get through all of that content but you absolutely have to and you have to take notes on it because you have extrovert feeling trickster, okay. This is why someone an INTJ, like Rollo Tomassi can write the rational veil volumes one through five and have an extremely successful podcast right and YouTube channel. Specifically, because he lacked social skills, and he had to learn social skills, like someone outside of the building looking into the window.

And then because he spent his entire life analyzing those things, he actually ended up developing mastery extra and feeling mastery through his expert feeling trickster, right. Okay. Now, once you finally have that entire foundation down, learn the techniques put into the season 21 playlist, there’s no way you can fast track this 90 days, no shortcuts here. Because here’s the thing, here’s the thing, you have to learn the lesson of Introverted Sensing demon and I talked about this in the Introverted Sensing demon lecture.

We’re in the journeyman membership. If you don’t have a journeyman membership, go to CS Joseph dot life for slash members become a journeyman, okay? And you don’t have to, you don’t have to pay for an annual subscription, just get a month of it. I’m not sure that you as an INTJ could binge all the content in a month, because the record we have is someone binging it all in nine weeks based on the huge amount of content that we have, it’ll probably take you a few months to actually get through all of the content, right? So nine weeks that’s basically a minimum of two months that you’d be a subscriber so to our to our to our paywall, basically, get in there and get the content get educated, right. But then, and then after you do the season 21 You have all that content, and you understand the lesson of the demon, which is basically here’s the thing, you’re no hero no shortcuts.

That’s the thing. You have to understand something if you really actually truly want to get what You want, okay? The only way you’re going to get exactly what you want is if you’re willing to put in the work or put in the effort. That’s what your Introverted Sensing demon is trying to tell you. But how to actually go about doing that and why it actually matters.

Really, you need to watch that lecture in the members area. Okay? That’s another resource that you need to use. Hey, this is an INTJ asking the question, so what I’m going to tell te parent is like, okay, read all these resources. It’s kind of pathetic, that me an ESTP, who has extroverted thinking critic is way more well read than an extroverted thinking parent.

It is pathetic. It’s pathetic to me, you know, me, I’m trying, I’m working hard to be able to read 26 books a year right now, that is my goal. Okay, I’m at like 18 books, you know, a year, I’m getting there? Well, maybe 20. Actually, it’s probably 20, because I just added two more.

But the point is, you have to be willing to put in that high amount of effort, no shortcuts, you will not be able take any shortcuts to be successful at ego hacking to be successful social engineering. And then after that, you can learn ego, hacking my text, the course and the masterclass and become an expert. But again, none of that matters, unless you have social skills. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an INTJ, man or woman, consume all these resources.

Yes, as an INTJ. Woman, you are masculine. So guess what these resources will seriously help you. Not only that, it will give you an education on the how the minds men actually work, which would potentially increase your ability to have a good relationship with men in your life.

Not only that, it will help you spot which men, you should actually choose. Because we all know, as an INTJ woman, you have a hard time choosing men because as soon as you make a choice, you’re attached to that man, basically forever, and you’ll never forget him. And that sucks. I mean, my INTJ exes, for the most part, try to contact me on a regular basis.

They can’t forget me, they can’t let go of me. Because for a little bit there, they chose me. And they can’t let go. They never can let go.

That’s just reality. You know, even even my first love even though she broke up with me, because she was trying to hide this hide the fact that she had brain cancer, and then she died later. But she she tried to reconnect with me a couple of times. And I’m just like, well, it’s too late.

It’s too late. Sorry. It’s too late. You know, back when I was living the standard, Christian, monogamous Christian, you know, narrative of idealism.

And, you know, the there is the one the concept of the one, you know, like, the one for me, my soulmate, the soulmate myth, back when I bought into the soulmate myth, you know, I had to turn my INTJ first love down, you know, maybe if I wasn’t so prideful, and so arrogant and so ignorant with my ego investments, maybe if I didn’t have those ego vessels, those days, I could have reconnected with her and then eventually actually led to saving her life from the cancer that she actually had. Imagine that right. But you know, I was too arrogant. Anyway, that’s it.

That’s really that’s really all I could do within the context of this episode is actually just provide resources because I can’t just give you the shortcut and tell you the specific answer right now. Because it would take it would take forever, it would take it would take an entirely new YouTube channel just to answer this question. So you get to go put in the work and not have any stupid little shortcuts and rely on me for shortcuts. I’ve already given you plenty of shortcuts as is already within the YouTube channel.

But if you want to actually achieve true mastery, you have to put in the work, okay? Go get educated. Go get these resources, change your life for the better. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, all of these resources will benefit you, I promise. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.



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