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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can I overcome Si inferior shyness?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, and we are doing act like questions today. And that’s basically where we have a bunch of people become acolyte members. And they send in one question per month and they get a video response that is shared on YouTube and also the podcast for everybody to enjoy.

It’s pretty awesome. If you’d like to become an active member, go to CS forward slash members become a journeyman member, then upgrade your account from there into Acolyte. Org, go to CS Joseph dot life forward slash portal, and become an acolyte member by clicking the accolades section on the portal and you should be good to go. Today’s question is, how do I get over my si inferior to become extroverted? Great question.

This is this is an excellent question of love the question, quote, I get a call from I get stuck in responding behind the scenes vote. This is when I’m forcing myself to not go on my phone in a corner in the room, specifically in a family parties with people I’m not comfortable with and in social settings with girls I have interested in. So essentially, how do I get out of my shell in those situations? Well, I can tell you what I do to get out of my shell in those situations. I have something to drink, like alcohol.

Yeah. Like I literally drink alcohol in those situations. Sometimes before certain social situations I I’ll literally have like one drink, but it’ll be like six and a half percent alcohol per volume or hire basically, just Just one drink, just to really get into that area and like force myself to cognitive transition into my INTJ shadow basically, to make me a lot more sociable. Or at least get me further away from my subconscious because remember, folks, when you have downers or depressants in terms of mind altering substances, you go closer to your shadow.

If you have stimulants, you go closer to your subconscious. For example, marijuana sativa is more of a stimulant. So you end up in your subconscious, indica is more of a depressant, and you end up in your unconscious or your shadow. Okay? So that’s important.

And alcohol being a depressant, nicotine is a stimulant, so you end up in your subconscious. Be really careful when combining stimulants, and depressants, because there are certain cases where it can actually push you closer to your super ego, that can be a problem as well. So be aware of that when it comes to mind altering substances. But that’s the quick fix.

That’s literally the quick fix is just, you know, drink alcohol because the person who’s asking this question, he’s an intp. I know him and him being an intp. This is an E and TV related question. But yeah, like, do make yourself more extroverted in really super uncomfortable situations, drink some alcohol, but like that’s the quick and easy path.

Now the hard path literally just become an active listener. This is where I recommend you read the most important book I’ve ever read in my life, which is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. And pay special attention to the chapter on the Socratic method or the chapter about making people feel important or getting other people to do all the talking basically, you literally can stay in your behind the scenes comfort zone within your ISFJ subconscious, just by going up to someone and getting them to talk about themselves. And just do that over and over and over and then you’ll leave the area with them claiming that how great of a conversationalist you are, even though you didn’t actually say anything and you were just actively listening to what they’re doing.

Because really, you’re just exposing your SI inferior to the fact that people around you could actually be interesting. So go find someone that may look interesting, start with them, but they may be really boring or go and do what I do find the most boring person in the room and see if you can extract something interesting out of them it gives you a nice little challenge. And oftentimes your SI inferior is very pleasantly surprised as well as your TI parent as to what you can learn. Like for example, like you know, there’s there could be like, like I go to like a place you know, let me slow my like a bar for example.

And there’s some women who are not getting a lot of attention because like visually, they just kind of don’t really know how to like dress themselves or present themselves but you know, they’re like an extroverted sensing pessimistic, like, like their se parent se inferior. So I’ll go up to them because they just you know, they’re super uninteresting and see if I can extract something interesting out of them, you know, and then eventually, you know, as adults doing that, that could actually lead to a fantastic pleasantly surprised hazing, sexual relationship or friendship after the fact you see what I’m saying? Like, there’s things. And unlike the red pill community, I actually highly recommend men have friendships with women, because those friendships with women lead to more exposure to more women. So why wouldn’t you? You see what I’m saying, like, I, this is another area of the red pill, ideology.

It’s an ideology praxeology that I reject, I just do. It’s just like, you have to recognize when women are potentially using you as an emotional tampon, and you’re not really getting anything out of it. And that should definitely put your boundaries up and be like, okay, yeah, out of my life, please. But, but the reality situation is this whole, like standard of, oh, let’s not be friends with women, and it’s just like, that’s kind of unwise.

So yeah, don’t do that. And be friends with women, please. men did not really often get the opportunity to be friends with women, I mean, the two sexes have or have been socializing for literally only 100 years. So out of our entire history of mankind, so you might want to like socializing regularly, like on a daily basis.

So like, just think about that. Because before male space and female space were extremely separate and very overpowering. Right? Not that that would have been a bad thing. Or it could be a good thing.

Like I don’t know if I Trickster is just kind of like and not really sure if I should make a value judgment there. Because I don’t exactly know what the truth is, per se. That’s the more research on it. Okay, fair enough.

But yeah, like, but if you’re if you’re really uncomfortable behind the scenes, go be behind the scenes, but with other people practice active listening, okay, literally do what How to Win Friends and Influence People actually tells you to do as an intp. Okay, go over there have conversations where it’s actually them talking about them. One of my favorite openers has been like, Hey, so what do you do for a living? Or, Hey, what’s your opinion of this? If I know they’re a te user, I’ll ask them what their opinion is, if I know they’re a TI user, hey, what do you think about this, and I just get them to talk the whole time and get them to talk about themselves over and over and over. And then they think I’m this great person, because everyone’s favorite subject is talking about themselves.

And the reality situation is, is that like, I’ve realized, like in my life, the more I talk about myself in public, the less anyone wants to even be around me. So I just don’t even, I just don’t even say anything. And it’s hilarious, because like, one time I actually showed up to this little Meetup group from, and I show up, and I literally just sitting there, basically dressed like this got black carhart’s on, although I’m wearing True Religion jeans right now, but we’re in black carhart’s gray sweatshirt, with a beanie cigar in my mouth, and, you know, with with my phones on the desk, and I’m switching between my phones and whatnot. One for business, one for family, and like, it’s like, and then I didn’t really say anything.

And I probably maybe said like one sentence the entire time, but everyone was trying to get my attention, because I didn’t say much. And then I would just get them to talk the entire time. And then because I was listening over and over, they invited me back. That’s all I did.

And I just sat there being all ISFJ subconscious, and not actually doing anything or contributed to anything meaningful at all. I just sit there, you know, literally, you got to understand the power of SI inferior is actually just showing up. It’s actually who you give your attention to, you know, especially like, like, especially in a social situation where you find a woman who you suspect may actually be a bombshell but hidden bombshell, you know, because ENTPs, I’ve noticed have like, this amazing ability to expose people the opposite sex, which looks very uninteresting, or not really visually appealing. And then all of a sudden, like you have yourselves like a lioness in the bedroom on your hands.

And it’s like, holy smokes, like no one else knew. You know what I’m saying? Like, we can find the hidden things very easily because we ourselves are insanely mysterious, right? So there’s tons of opportunities, but you’re never going to do that. If you’re going to be stuck in the corner of your eyes, FJ mode, literally go up to someone and get them to talk about themselves. That’s all you have to do.

Just do it over and over and over and over and over and over again. Right? You know, and then after a while, if it if it gets to a point where you you disagree with them, don’t just pull out your TI parents instead, go Socratic mode. And then like after using the Socratic method, just ask them a bunch of questions about their points until they realize they’re incorrect. It’s not really hard.

That way, their ego is not offended. And at the same time, they think you’re an amazing conversationalist, and then you’re invited back later, and then they end up respecting you because you’re actually looking intelligent as a result. You see what I’m saying? There’s so many advantages to doing that. Okay, so yeah, that’s how you socialize as an intp.

And by the way, if you’re going to ask out one of those girls that you meet in those situations, even though you’re technically talking about family here, but hey, I’m just gonna throw in the bar scene because why the hell not? If you’re going to find yourself in that situation, just be like, you know, give them the choice. Hey, I’m doing this thing. Do you want to come with me? Or hey, I did this thing before I really liked that. I’m going to do it again.

You want to come with me? Or do you want to do this? Do you want to do that? It’s all about giving them choices or, or one of my favorite openers to like, Hey, if you wanted to ask me out, I might say yes, that’s, that’s one of my favorite ones. That’s one of my favorite pickup lines, and it works pretty well. So anyway, just keep that in mind. This is how you get over your SI inferior to become extroverted.

You literally just get someone else to talk about themselves. Because you have to your SI inferior just so desperately wants to share everything in its experience. Oh, because it’s just a little infantile si function, yay. And no one cares.

You really just gotta understand no one cares. People care about them and their crap and their experience and everything going on in their life. Talk to them about that. Don’t talk to them about you, unless they ask.

It’s really, really simple. Okay, and like your Fe child should make that an ethical standard for like the rest of your life. No one values my experience unless they want to unless they ask, okay, that’s like a fact. So yeah, make sure you do that and handle that appropriately.

So yeah, I definitely answer that question pretty well. And it was a great question. Great ESTP question. So la folks.

Thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys tonight can you take in the cave you


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