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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can I help an ESTP become a politician?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, and I am very excited about today’s question like, Oh, it’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve been doing so many ENTP INTJ NP NJ questions recently. And finally, we have someone asking a sensing question.

Oh my god, oh, variety. I need variety and like, Ah, it’s so difficult. But yeah. Okay.

So this is basically how can I help my ESTP son become a better politician? A different question, but an awesome question. I like it. By the way, like, before I begin, I would like to say that I am in heavy, strong support of STPs becoming politicians. My favorite STP politician is without a doubt, Rand Paul, that man is an ISTP.

And he is an absolute fun politician to watch. And I enjoy how he uses his filibusters and screws with people. And he’s just as seeing everybody with his pragmatic, triple direct ti hero and ti hero showing everyone and it’s a really fun experience. And if there are more pragmatic STPs and pug politics, especially in Congress, I know for a fact the United States of America and the world would be a better place because they’re not just going to take all these little St.

Jays BS all the time, or these philosopher types who end up in politics because they’re just like, wow, I mean, like, really, you really want us to do the right thing? Well, we can’t afford to do the right thing. I love it when they say that. Yeah, where are you gonna get the money to do the right thing over there? Huh? It’s like, all of a sudden, these people think like, there’s like, you know, there’s unlimited money, apparently, you know, but there really isn’t. You know, we can’t go to war because we can’t afford it.

You know, it’s that. It’s that simple. So, um, but yeah, I’m gonna read the question more in depth here, quote, how can I help my ESTP, 14 year old son improve the types of skills he will need to become his aspiration, a great politician, and present these ideas in a way that he’d be opening to listening to? Or helping without knowing I’m helping him? Thanks. Okay.

So the x, the answer is actually really, really easy, I would start by having him volunteer as a page down at the state capitol. That’d be like the first thing and get him actually on government grounds government properties as a volunteer, which is looks really really good on college entrance exams, and whatnot in which by the way, like, he’s going to have to go to a school, preferably an Ivy League school to even be recognizable enough to actually make it into national politics, local politics, it doesn’t have to really be that big of a deal. But if he ever wants to get in the national politics, which he can, he’d have to start the local politics level first, and then go in that direction. I also highly recommend that you encourage him to consider becoming a lawyer because lawyers end up being really intimate with laws.

And because they know laws really well, it actually helps them as politicians not that like I’m really for lawyers becoming politicians or judges, because I’m really actually not, I would prefer a farmer become a politician personally than a lawyer any day of the week. But no one votes for that. So that ends up becoming a problem. But yeah, like, it’s literally also, he will need to have a wide variety of experiences, you know it since he’s 14, he’s going to be going into high school, or he’s already in high school, I started high school at 14.

And basically, he would need to do Future Business Leaders of America, maybe even Future Farmers of America as well, just so you can kind of see both sides, the blue collar side and the white collar side of things, and then have all those ideas present. But really, the answer just comes down to volunteering. The problem is, is that with him being an ESTP, he’s going to be in these very stifling affiliative government environments, it’ll probably make more ISTJ focused over time. And then he may end up rejecting the entire notion of becoming a politician at all, and then not really wanting to follow the bouncing ball.

That being said, if he will still if he still wants to continue, even though he’s been in those environments, you want to take him to have a volunteer at state primaries for political parties, so he can learn about political parties. He’ll also need to be studying political science at all times. Get him into political science right away, reading books about political science, also, any statesman or great people in the past talking about political science, he’ll need to understand every aspect of the political quadrant including what is Is libertarian left and right and authoritarian left and right and where communism fits on that where anarchy fits on that, where dictatorship or totalitarianism fits on that where democracy fits on that, etc, where oligarchy fits, all those different things he will have to know. But literally, since he’s an ESTP, you gotta go to the SE hero, and it’s literally just exposure treatment.

You drag him around, you haven’t volunteer at these things. And he’s like, Well, I don’t want to go do that. All you have to do is just tell your 14 year old son that he’s a pussy. Because he’s an ESTP.

And they really respond well to Don’t be a pussy. And you’re like, hey, you told me that’s what you wanted. But if you’re to proceed to actually do it, well, then apparently you don’t want that anymore. And then you just start making fun of him and mocking him at that point.

That’s what I would do. I’d mock him. I’m not going to use TP teenager over that. Hell yeah.

So that’s, that’s literally what to do. And I know that you’re like, well, he’d be open to listening to this guy. No, no, no, it doesn’t matter what he’s open to. It’s exposure therapy, you go take him, you make him volunteer, making volunteer caucuses, making volunteer at primaries, making volunteer at voting booths, making volunteer, just volunteer, volunteer, volunteer volunteer, be a page at the state capitol, you know, like my mother did, and her mother, and so on and so forth.

Like, keep going, you know, make sure he understands political science, make sure he’s able to understand geopolitics, make him volunteer for like the school’s version of the UN, basically, and pass a UN resolution at the local school, because we’re doing like a simulation. You know, he needs to understand court proceedings, he needs to understand what it means to be a lawyer, basically, there’s a lot of information that he is himself just going to have to know. But he’s not going to know what he wants to do, unless he’s exposed to it. So you have to feed that se hero with as much experiences as possible.

So we can observe what other people are doing so that he himself knows exactly what he wants to do with his ni inferior, or else he’s just going to do what ESTPs always do, and just throw their hands up, and then just give up. Which is, let’s be honest, annoying AF. Like, I like, I literally can’t even like, it triggers me, like, so much. But here’s the thing, though, like, I would like to offer encouragement to this boy’s mother right now.

Like, seriously, if you do this, and he actually is all in for it, like seriously go all out for him. Because, honestly, we need more STPs in politics, like, we really need more STPs I mean, Railgun would be an amazing politician. She’d be like, awesome, and I’d help support her in that direction. But like, seriously, you need more STPs in doing politics, and don’t forget, like, you know, Samuel Adams in history, the guy who ran the Sons of Liberty and him and Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Franklin dNTP.

Samuel Adams is an ESTP. And the Revolutionary War was their brainchild. Okay, so and this is like an alternate version of history, but I can’t prove it. But I actually personally believe I believe that the shot that was heard around the world, the shot that started in kicked off the Revolutionary War.

It was actually one of the members of the Sons of Liberty, who was directly reporting to Samuel Adams and ESTP at the time, and it was his crew. It was his outfit that basically started the Revolutionary War. And they were funded and supported and informed because Benjamin Franklin was an amazing spy and he had his own spy network. And he was also a media mogul and was running all the propaganda against the British during the war, providing his support Samuel Adams, like those two masterminded the shot heard around the world, which kicked off the Revolutionary War.

Before that they, they also masterminded the Boston Massacre. I think the Boston Massacre was actually like a false flag operation, where they were just trying to go the British into murdering their own people in order to kick kick off the war. I personally think that that happens well, and then even before that, the Boston Tea Party also masterminded by the end, Benjamin Franklin and his bro ESTP, Samuel Adams, the son of the Sons of Liberty. And, like ESTPs, throughout history have had huge contributions, you know, to to politics and power, etc, and even political science to a point but like, honestly, your ESTP son, he’s really going to need to have a crew, he’s going to need to have his own group of people not unlike the Sons of Liberty.

You know, there’s another crew of people eventually that operated in the same way as the Sons of Liberty did, because here’s the thing, like, if you can’t, like be to an ESTPs perspective, like if they can’t, like follow the system and gain all the same benefits from the system, the system of politics and be as successful as other people, and in order for their voice to be heard, and then to actually impact real change to their INFJ subconscious, what they’re gonna end up doing is they’re just gonna end up creating a gang basically, and becoming revolutionaries not unlikely. Samuel Adams, not even on like Adolf Hitler, because literally how the Sons of Liberty, the Sons of Liberty basically became their own political party eventually, and as much as the National Socialists became their own political party under Hitler, I mean, literally how the Nazi Party in Germany came about was literally no different than how the political party that came as a result of Samuel Adams, the Sons of Liberty, it’s literally the same thing. They’re basically revolutionaries. So you gotta keep in mind, you know, am I making my turning my son into revolutionary? Or am I turning him into a politician, because an ESTP will literally be able to live and thrive in both both worlds, you need to be aware of that.

But again, the way to solve this problem is literally exposure therapy, and just smack volunteering down his throat seriously. And that’ll help if he’s not in scouts, maybe also consider him to get into scouts as well, because Scouts can also really help them give him political science skills as well and how and have him work towards becoming an Eagle Scout, if possible, it may be too late for that, I don’t know. So, just just something to be aware of that achievement and accomplish especially if he’s ISTJ focused, it would definitely be a really good thing to have another STP out there in the world involved in politics. So I highly, highly, highly support this.

So but yeah, anyway, hopefully this answered your question. And folks, thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys next time later. Can you and gave you building strong

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