How Can I Finish Tasks With Ne Hero Chaos? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte Question how can I finish tasks with Ne hero chaos?


Hey what’s up ego, hackers. Welcome to the CS justice podcast. And today’s question is, How can I stop my expert intuition hero from harming my Introverted Sensing attention span? This is one of those ATD ADHD questions for those ENFP starter types out there who often get labeled a DD or ADHD and maybe forced to be put on Ritalin or whatever to just calm them down. Or maybe it’s because hey, I’m a starter type.

And I’m having a hard time focusing. Because I think that by focusing I’m actually going to anything finish. No, that’s actually a myth. That is a myth, just because losing focus, or having focus does not guarantee that you are actually going to get anything done.

It does not guarantee productivity, especially you know, if you’re being an intp, you have the deadly sin of sloth attached your super ego. So it’s your secondary set of deadly sins, which ends up being a huge problem. So you can be kind of slothful at times. And it’s usually just out of boredom, or you’re just not in the mood or you’re just exhausted.

Who knows, right? For example, I’m being slothful right now I’m just sitting here on this stump, sort of actually walking the trail, like I should be well filming. But I just want to take a rest because I’m feeling slothful right now, totally not in the mood to do any more walking. Even though I have a few more miles this hike left, this would be great, but taking a break. But the point is, is that like, guys understand that, you know, your attention span is my much as you try to focus it or concentrate, you’re not really going to get there.

And what you’re really using is actually your ni nemesis, if you use your ni Nemesis to focus on something, you’re only really doing it in an attempt to finish a task or finish what you’re doing, et cetera. But that’s not always actually going to help you. You know what I mean? It’s not always it’s not, it’s not a guaranteed solution. It’s not always going to be what it is.

You see what I’m saying, folks? Like, you got to watch out for that. So how do you? How do you watch out for that? Well, the thing is, is that like, I oftentimes in my coaching practice, have to deal with questions similar to this for EMP clients that I have. Find out more about that at CS Forward slash coaching.

No, maybe you want to get tired? Or maybe you want some life advice or some relationship advice. Who knows? We do all that. But the reality of that situation is is that like, don’t concentrate so much don’t actually focus, you’re actually being contrary to your nature. Now he’s gonna be advising these people like, look, you know, yes, I get that your expert intuition is literally chaos and Carnot is everywhere.

You’re doing multiple things at multiple times. But that’s honestly what you need to do. You need to stay doing multiple things. Multiple times expert intuition heroes are the absolute best at multitasking.

Most people claim that multitasking is unwise, or very bad decision for people you know, throughout their life, but I completely disagree. And in heroes, you should be multitasking constantly. Usually, I don’t take action until I’ve overburdened my Introverted Sensing inferior with so much stuff to do that it’s completely overwhelming and then all of a sudden, then I’m like, Oh crap, the entire world in my entire life will fall apart unless I do something now. And then I just start working on the list and it creates this insane flow state because I’ve overburdened my Introverted Sensing inferior with so many things to do across so different tasks.

So different niches, so many different you know, subjects or categories, like like today, for example, I gotta go to the post office, even though I’m filming, like there’s, I have so much stuff I have to do on my list. And I asked him to keep track of all of it on a mind map. And then like, if, for example, there’s like, if I have multiple projects, I gotta keep track of where I left off and each one of those projects but because I’ve Introverted Sensing inferior, I can remember where I left off, which is super important, right? So you have to do is just keep track of it. If you’re like a if you’re, if you’re an ENFP, I recommend using a program program called Evernote to keep track of all of your lists and things and everything you’re doing so you can just leave off project by project or task by task.

If you are an E NTP. I recommend getting mind mapping software. You can get [email protected] or minds node if you’re a Mac user, I love my node music, my node literally the second it’s running in the background other than this camera app. So and That’s actually how I keep track of all my tasks during the day.

Mind maps are for TI users lists are more for Te users. But the difference is, is that you know, eventually even your Introverted Sensing inferior will become overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the different tasks and different things. But sometimes you just you just, you can’t really allow yourself to concentrate or focus. Now that that’s not necessarily true.

Because sometimes something becomes such a high priority, or it becomes so emergent that you have to get it done right away. At that point, really all you can do, you can force concentration you can force for focus with your ni Nemesis concentration is more Introverted Sensing inferior, but focus, so you can concentrate on multiple things, that’s si n e. But in order for you to really focus to get something finished, because you’re a star type, you really just have to get away from every person in every possible distraction and lock yourself away in a room where there’s like, no television, no radio, no nothing, maybe you could put on some music, and then just focus on that one thing to get it done. But it will take all of your energy had a spider on me, they’ll take all your energy to do that.

And you’ll burn out through your mental energy super quick. And then eventually, you’ll just get either bored or just burnt out. And then boom, you’ll go into sloth mode, if you’re an NTP to be like, Oh, wow, you know, and that can be that can be a problem. You don’t want to have to deal with that issue.

So make sure there’s no distractions, go ahead and get the very high top priority tasks done. But it is what it is, does understand that, like, you’ll always have split attention in your life, I don’t know how many times I’ve had STPs, especially criticized me in my life for having split attention. And that that sucked. That really wasn’t helpful.

It wasn’t great. It wasn’t fantastic. It just it just really, really sucked for me personally. And I wasn’t really able to, like they’re telling me that I’m being you know, this person who like is irresponsible, or incapable of getting anything done.

I’ve even had e Nf, j’s and e and t J’s in my face about it, calling into question my work ethic, when I’m actually out working all of them, because I have so many irons in the fire simultaneously. And I’m handling all of those irons in the fire, all at the same time. And a lot of people just like, I have been heavily judged that way. It was harder for me, like I think as an intp.

Because I’m systematic. You know, I’m standing there in the grocery aisle ready to stock some things you know, as a stock or to stock some things on the shelf. And then my boss comes by and tells me that I have no work ethic. I’m lazy, I’m this or that? And I’m like, No, I’m actually thinking about what I’m going to do.

Because I’m going to have a really good outcome. If I just start working, it’s going to look like crap. Do you want to look like crap or not? Okay, so you’re gonna give me a few minutes here to think about it. Because that’s how you should be exerting proper leadership and management, but because you’re ignorant of the fact that you have no idea that I’m an intp.

And you literally think that everyone else is like a little ENFJ self, because you treat everybody like you treat you, which is dumb, and unwise, and not the golden rule, that’s like the opposite of the golden rule. Then, you know, obviously, they’re not gonna be happy because they’re gonna have people not willing to work for them anymore. And that’s gonna suck for them too. So, like, for my, from my perspective, like, it’s okay, you have to you have to give yourself permission as an ENFP.

It’s okay to be doing multiple things at the same time. You have to, because you’re never going to actually stay motivated. You know, I’m doing so many things all at once. That it’s just ridiculous.

You know, I like right now. I’m doing paddleboarding. I’m shooting pool, smoking cigars, the friends going out with my friends at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. I’m doing crop a God, which I love so much.

Obviously, conducting business and running my businesses. While also you know, lifting at the gym, measuring my food, tracking my food, doing carb cycling at the same time. Like I’m doing so much all the time. And being a parent, I got three children, and I’m a parent, you know, so like, like, my life is busy.

And I keep adding more and more and more like I have this huge list of things that I still want to do afterwards. Like I want to go trapshooting in the very near future. Right. And of course, you know, like it’s this hobby after hobby after hobby or project after project after project task after task after task business after business after business.

But if I don’t do that, I won’t be satisfied. Right? If I don’t do that, I won’t. Like I’ll be completely unproductive. So in order to stay focused in life, in order to stay concentrated in life, I have to overwhelm myself.

And that’s really the only way to motivate any NP is to actually for them to even have an attention span is to give them so many different choices to spend their Introverted Sensing on, it’s like an AI inferior, they love them some choices. Well guess what si inferior loves them, some experiences, they love them, some duties, they love them some burdens. And without enough burdens, they’re not going to be motivated to do anything in life. They’re not going to accomplish anything.

It’s really frustrating. And really annoying actually, snowing to other people, that is not annoying to me. So yeah, just understand that like, your any hero, yeah, it will destroy your attention span. But honestly, get over yourself.

You have to learn to have a proper work ethic. And just know when to say no to certain things. Know how to prioritize certain things over others is easier for ENFPs to do than en TPS, you got to figure that out. You just have to, you got to let go of certain things, you got to keep certain things going at the same time.

And then you yourself will be like, Okay, I got lots of irons in the fire keep going. If you only have one iron in the fire, wow. Like, you’re not going to be motivated to that one are in the fire at all. So you basically have to run your mind like a triage, you have a bunch of patients, each of those patients, some of them are critical condition, so more stable, some of them are, their injury is very low, you know, the critical patients are the higher priority.

So you have these multiple irons in the fire. And each of them is like a patient, handle the ones that are most critical. And then deal with ones that are less critical. And just live your life that way.

And just keep going and going and going and just see this upward spiral is your life leading you to success. If you just focus on one thing, guess what enps You’re gonna burn out. And then all of a sudden all those NF j’s are those all those se users in your life, especially STPs and ENT J’s, who judge you, they judge you for lacking work ethic or whatever if they folk and getting any one thing done, but then all of a sudden, they force you to focus on that one thing, and then you don’t even get it done. And they’re basically setting you up for failure, setting up your INFJ shadow for failure.

Wow. Because they don’t even understand you. Like, that’s bullshit. You may need to get in their face, show them this video, make sure that they understand like, This is who you are, this is how you operate, you have to be overwhelmed.

In order to stay productive. You have to you have to have all the space and room to multitask. Because your attention span is either so small or so unbelievably huge. That if you’re not overwhelming yourself, you will never be successful.

Just know that sometimes even after you’ve overwhelmed yourself, you got to say no to certain things. And that’s okay. I mean, recently I was looking at picking up karate than I might hear no, that’s kind of unwise. So I’m just gonna focus all in on Krav Maga and just go all the way through with it indefinitely, you know, it’s really good decision also allows me to recover better in terms of getting proper rest after working out, you know what I’m saying? And actually meet my fitness goals.

So but yeah, that’s that’s literally the answer. So and I think I’ve think I’ve answered it pretty well. So alright, well, thanks for watching, folks. And I’ll see you guys in the next episode.



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