How can ENTP Entrepreneurs Gain True Fans? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question how can ENTP entrepreneurs gain true fans?


Are you? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. And here I am filming on location at Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Very beautiful, beautiful place I really enjoy coming here. I come here semi often, I guess, but it’s pretty, pretty amazing out here.

Think I’m gonna take the paddle board out here in very near future and have a real look see. So, today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing how NTP entrepreneurs are able to get their true fans. And, you know, being an NTP, entrepreneur myself, I never really actually got my head around that particular subject until I read some books by a gentleman by the name of Russell Brunson, he also is an ENTP. So it’s, you know, and just like I say, you know, what the ultimate study technique episode, just search for it here on the YouTube channel or on the podcast.

That, you know, you want to really spend a lot of time learning from your own type. So find people who are your own type that are very successful, just do what they do. And that’s basically the number one secret to success like, bar none that that is the best principle for success that is in effect, as a philosopher’s stone. Or at least the foundation of the philosopher’s stone for philosopher types, you know, since they care so much about the principles of success, just find somebody else who is your type and do what they do, if they are successful, basically, in whichever area of health wealth or relationships.

So, based on that you know, I that that strategy brought me to Russell Brunson, he secrets, expert secrets, traffic secrets. There’s also copywriting secrets was just one from one of his protegees. And I think that guy, I forgot his name, but he’s an ISFP, which is which I found fascinating. But regardless, in these books, he talks about how to have true fans.

And he’s all about you know, you want to create a culture, and it’s all about creating a fan culture, you have your own lingo, you have your own events, you have your own everything and just make it about your specific fans. But that’s not I mean, you have to have that as a foundation, but it’s not really what one would do to actually guarantee true fans. True fans are actually people who stick around through thick and thin, you know, for example, like, imagine being an ESTP. And you realize that, you know, you have to balance things between love and hate, you know, from people.

So, honestly, I’m the most controversial psychologist on the internet, you go to slash are slash MBTI on Reddit, search CS Joseph. And you’d probably see about 90 plus percent of people there actually hate my guts. Because, you know, I challenged your ego investments and the collective internet crowd does not like their ego investments challenged, especially since crowds lose all sense of individuality or critical thinking. Critical thinking is impossible among crowds, like crowds and Twitter crowds.

In Reddit, obviously, we’re talking about that, or any XYZ social media or even public gatherings like political caucuses, or primaries for voting. If you want to learn more about that, I highly recommend you read Gustaf LeBrons book the crowd, and then his apprentices book propaganda by Edward Bernays. And then the next guy in the chain of custody is the madness of crowds by Douglas Murray. So utilizing these concepts in the intp entrepreneur can take advantage of the situation.

Oftentimes, what people don’t realize is that Ben EMTP being able to create true fans from their existing fans, because why EMTB doesn’t like fans because you know, our deadly sin is envy and the aspiration pole of the Envy deadly sin also the compassion, living virtue, you know, from those being in the heart, Temple, etc. One of the things that you learn is that fanaticism is the aspiration pole and we Like being hardcore fans or true fans ourselves of certain people, or hardcore or having hardcore fans of us. And like this, there’s actually an example of that. Among the, the NTPs and a lot of the men on the CS Joseph world, the ego hackers, Discord server.

So on the ego hackers server it’s, it’s kind of fascinating because, like, I’ve been, I’ve been listening to Andrew Tate here and there, I don’t, I’m not part of his program or any of that, but, you know, I really enjoy some of his quotes and he’s, you know, an NTP like myself and I spent a lot of time you know, collecting various successful NTPs and seeing what they say seeing what they do you know, because why not I’m triple systematic I can reverse engineer what they do and add their success to my life right? Well, I started talking about entertain and then all sudden it like caught like wildfire in the ego hackers Discord server, because all of a sudden, especially a lot of the intp started signing up for entertains program just just because I said something. And it’s like, Okay, interesting. But you know, he NTPs love being hardcore fans or something, and they are definitely hardcore fans of Andrew Tate, etc. and agitate definitely enjoys themselves some hardcore fans.

But what is the main strategy that people like Andrew Tate or Russell Brunson, CS Joseph, you know, these other NTP, public figures, influencers, entrepreneurs, and ultimately, eventually celebrities? How do they actually create those true fans after they’ve established a culture for their followers or for their fans? But how do they get those fanatics? How do they get those true fans? Right? What’s the answer? And Russell Brunson talks about this in his book, I believe it’s dot com secrets. But he also talks about in traffic secrets. And I I personally maintain that traffic secrets out of all of his books is like the absolute best book to read. I personally think it’s important for someone to read traffic secrets first, even though it’s the most recent book that come out, then secrets then read expert secrets, because it just seemed like to me that he released his books backwards for some reason.

And you know, for any entrepreneur out there, Russell Brunson his work is definitely required reading and that’s why if you’re gonna see us Joseph dot life for slash reading you, you look at the entrepreneurship 16 The Secrets books are definitely there. And you can actually get them for free. Just go to or traffic or expert And I’m telling you, you could just pay for shipping and handling and get the book and no, I’m not being paid to say that you just get the book, or you get the audio versions, but the physical books are more important.

So you can look at the diagrams that are contained within those are like mega mega important. Anyway, and both DotcomSecrets but especially traffic secrets, Russell Brunson reveals his secret to gaining true fans. And that is the concept of polarization. Polarization is absolutely key polarization is everything.

So what does polarization actually mean? So, what it is, is, when you’re talking to your audience, you just, you just say what you’re saying, regardless of the consequences, you know, I’m ti parent, I can be malevolent, which is the shadow pole. You know, in terms of the deadly sin of envy or the living virtue of compassion. And it’s where the icy Sword of Truth comes from. Basically, I’m very blunt.

It’s because, you know, my job is to prune away weakness from other people just just cut it off. It’s just dead weight. You know, it’s like, the cure to cancer is to cut the cancer away, basically, as the ice sort of truth job is, and it’s very polarizing, and it alienates so many people. But the difference is, is that like, you know, people look at people look at my YouTube channel, for example, it’s like, oh, you know, Mr.

St. Joseph, you only have, you know, 56,000 subscribers. You look at other channels like love who, you know, Nathan started out, but now he has a bunch of subscribers or you look at you look at Frank James, he’s got way more subscribers than you. And it’s like, well, yeah, sure they do.

But here’s the difference. Let me tell you the truth. I have far more true fans, and they ever will. Why? Because they’re not polarizing enough.

I’m actually willing to say whatever I’m inclined to say I don’t censor myself. I really, really, I mean, with the exception of just a couple of occasions here or there. But the reality is, is that I’d say 90% of the time, I am cutthroat, like, I’m just going to say whatever the truth is, and I’ve given myself full permission to use my TI parent. Because here’s the reality.

If someone is so alienated by what I say, I don’t want them in my life if they can’t take the harsh, cold, honest truth, regardless of how cold I am, because I’m using the icy sort of truth as ti parent, I don’t want them in my life, they can’t be in my life. They can’t be like anywhere, like, I’m just not going to do it. It’s, it’s an absolute waste of time for them. And for myself, I don’t want them here, you know, so yeah, these other MBTI YouTubers have higher subscriber counts than I do.

But they’re all fairweather subscribers. My subscribers deal with the fact that I do hour long lectures, which most people can’t, you know, get beyond, you know, watching a video for 10 to 15 minutes, et cetera, as YouTubers are taught, you know, keep it at least 10 to 15 minutes or whatever. But the reality is, is that my fans are willing to actually put in more watch time on the videos because yeah, I’m pretty controversial. Yeah, you know, I am a walking public relations disaster, a public relations nightmare, much to the chagrin of my own team, but I don’t care because it’s my show, my podcast, my channel, my business.

And if I can’t be 100%, honest, and cold and hard, and just, hey, here’s how the real world works, and not here to enable your ego investments. Well, guess what that creates polarization. You know, because you have love and you have hatred, right? What people don’t realize is that, you end up getting a lot more true fans, the more real you are as an intp. It’s all about being real.

Right? So the more polarization polarizing you are, the more you’re demonstrating how really you are. So the people that can identify with you, the people that understand you, the people that are looking to not have their ego investments enable the people looking for somebody to just tell them the cold, honest truth out there instead of being bullshit like everybody else. Because here’s the thing, like, you think like, oh, wow, you know, I can’t believe he’s saying this, you know, on a live stream or on YouTube or on a podcast, I can’t believe he’s publicly saying that. But like, it’s got to be said, I’m willing to take the hits to save for you folks.

Thing is, is that like, I’ve had the cold, icy sort of truth, like, I’ve been stabbed by it my whole life. It’s all your guys’s turn now. But the real like, it’s, it’s hard. It’s really hard.

But it’s necessary. Someone’s got to have the guts out there to tell you people the truth, regardless of the consequences, and that’s what I do. You know. So just just realize, realize that y’all plugged into the matrix, someone’s got to get you out.

Well, that’s me. And it really comes as a result of polarization. Yeah, there’s times where I’ll even like, I will try and go out of my way to create a drama or a PR scandal. And yes, it will make a lot of haters and yes, people will leave the community, but they always come back.

Why? Because I’m raw, because I’m real. And they end up becoming true fans for it. You know, a lot of people don’t realize that I make more money off of people hating me than I do people loving me. And then when those haters hate me so much, they end up becoming true fans anyway.

All those people that slash are slash MBTI. When they’re talking mad shit about me constantly, you know, it really creates a huge uproar. A lot of people are like, oh, I want to go see the CS Joseph guy myself. And then they see what I’m actually saying.

And they realize I’m right. And then they abandon like, The MBTI bullshit out there. And then they end up becoming true fans, you see. And true fans are awesome, because they’re like paying customers, you know, and the people that actually care about the science actually care about improving and actually care about this community, and actually care about ending fatherlessness and bringing back masculinity so we can have femininity also returned in the process.

So we can just have a better life and a better future. Because if anyone was going to ask me, if my children actually have a future right now within the society, I would say no, and I would say it’s the same for your children as well. So that’s why I have the guts to be right here on this channel on this podcast to tell you the truth. And thank you all for being true fans.

As I do it, you know, so anyway, folks, polarization is the answer to this question. And also like, don’t forget, like right now. We’re having a coaching sale, summer coaching sale. If you want to be seen by Coach Jay, you want to be seen by yours truly.

CS forward slash coaching. Check it out. Anyway, folks, see you guys next time.


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