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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can an ISTP find acceptance?


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So awesome. Done with a little sales pitch. So let’s get right into the question. How should an ISTP approaches need for acceptance? ISTPs have ti hero and FE inferior therefore I think there’s a cognitive battleground between telling the truth and making people feel good being accepted.

How should an ISTP go about this an approach that emphasizes ego development will be more centered on strengthening ti hero. While subconscious development would result in overcoming the fear of the inferior. We could argue in favor of both approaches. But both approaches can’t be done at the same time.

Why not? Like seriously, why not? I completely disagree with that. And a perspective of growth. What should be the determining factor in prioritizing Fe over TI or TI over Fe being ISTP? The value judgment of fit man really, in worthless inexistent. So how could we determine the order in which we should develop? I know, it’s a long question.

If it’s too complicated, or if you want to be more specific, more details, let me know. Well, the thing is, is that you’re I think you’re asking the wrong question here do you like so? The thing is, is that ti hero has a problem with hubris, especially like ISTPs with their deadly sin of pride. They’re extremely prideful, very stubborn, will not listen to anybody, ultimately. And that’s the problem.

Like from a TI Fe access standpoint, if you want Fe inferior to actually be accepted and liked by other people, then ti hero needs to spend less time talking and more time listening. Okay, it’s kind of a similar thing that I tell ti viewers because ti inferiors have this problem where they expect everybody else to listen to them, but they won’t listen to anybody. Whereas the ISTP doesn’t really have that big of a problem like they can will listen to other people, especially people that they think are credible, or actually, you know, have value or demonstrated value or have life experience to back up with what they’re saying, there’s not going to be like an auto dismiss, like what Te demon does other people. However, due to the pride of the TI hero within an ISTP, the ISTP is really seldom actually going to listen, okay, they’re seldom going to listen.

And that can cause a lot of issues that can cause a lot of problems, ultimately, and no one’s going to like someone being prideful, because like, you know, pride comes before the fall. The other thing is, is that when people are very prideful, everyone else in their life will seek to tear them down, will literally go out of their way to tear these people down. Okay? And that can be a huge problem. You know, whereas like, if you’re humble, you know, humble yourself, and you’ll be lifted up, other people will seek to lift you up, if you’re humble.

But ISTPs and humility don’t really often go hand in hand, it’s extremely rare. And I haven’t really experienced it consistently. I want to, I may have an opportunity to experience it consistently in the near future, which would be great. But the thing is that like, from an ISTP point of view, like like, they’re like, Well, why should I listen to this person? What makes them so good? The problem is, is that’s not the perspective that they need to have.

Like, I get that it’s important for their te Nemesis to like, filter out people’s opinions and kind of protect their thinking over time. I get that and I respect that. But the thing is, though, is that like a wise man has many counselors, it really is incumbent upon the ISTP ti hero to let go of its hubris to let go of its pride and actually spend more time listening and speaking, because if you spend more time listening and speaking automatically, people will like you more and then your Fe inferior will get needs met. That’s literally that Because oftentimes, you know, the TI hero will make assumptions, make assumptions about what is happening and actually start judging people around them without actually spending time to consider what is actually happening because they’re not aware of the consequences of the long term consequences of particular situation only the immediate reactions, and then they compare with their ESTJ shadow What most people’s immediate reactions are, to what they think they know, when the reality situation is, that’s not actually what’s happening.

So the ICP ends up having to learn a skill called trust what people say, but always verify Trust, but verify Trust, but verify Trust, but verify. And they can do this, they can do this really well. The thing is, though, trust, but verify is only actually possible unless they listen, because so many ISTPs ignore the fact that verification requires listening. So if you spend more time listening, instead of speaking, then people will like you more people will accept you more.

That’s how you actually make people feel good. That’s how you make them feel accepted, by spending time listening to them, and not necessarily solving their problem unless they ask. Now you can offer you can ask someone with your ni child to solve their problem, you can ask them permission. Or you can make an offer of a solution.

But then you’re giving them a choice. Oftentimes, though any trickster doesn’t, it easily forgets that other people should have a choice. And oftentimes, the ISTP won’t give them the choice. So then they come off as if they aren’t listening, even though they actually were because they had to listen first in order to actually solve the problem, right? Or to be able to solve the problem, of course, but the thing is, is that it doesn’t come off that way to people.

So because it doesn’t come off that way, what are they going to do? They just gonna look like they’re not listening anyway. So kind of setting themselves up for failure. So remember, si users need to learn how to share, but an eye users need to learn how to ask. And when it comes to solving other people’s problems, the ISTP needs to ask, and asking as a part of listening as a part of active listening.

And then taking on that listening approach automatically via cognitive access, everyone else will start to like you more, everyone else will start to accept you more. Because you’re not this person who is so arrogant to think that you can solve everyone’s problems. You’re someone who’s actually listening and then making an offer of a solution, an offer of solving someone’s problem, instead of just butting into their business. You see what I’m saying? That’s when you become valuable.

That is when people like you, that is when people accept you. And that literally is the answer to this particular question. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching. Thanks for listening.

And I’ll see you guys tonight you’re stone silver, so can you take in the cave you


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