How Can an INTP Deal With Se Trickster? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can an INTP deal with Se trickster.


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So go check that out. It’s exquisite. And also, if you’re already joining me a member of CS Joseph dot life forward slash portal, go to the acolyte section there and upgrade your account from there. And now on to today’s question, which is how can an intp avoid acting on their se trickster? And the answer is they can’t.

Okay. And the video End of Episode right, we’re done. Oh, no. So why why is that the case? Well, that it really comes down to like is your parent function actually developed, it really comes down to that because like, you’re going to be bumbling about in your life as a trickster, being completely unaware of how you’re coming off to other people’s when the reasons why you dress for comfort only.

And the thing is, is that while you’re walking around looking mega ugly, typically, especially in your youth, and you’re not even aware of it, you kind of end up realizing that that is not exactly the desirable thing for you to do, it’s not the desirable way for you to dress. So as your parent function becomes more developed over time, you end up realizing what is actually desirable. So instead you stop relying on your extroverted sensing trickster and start using your parent function more often. And this is basically as a result of cognitive reflection, something that we’ve talked about in season 18.

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Based on that, I highly recommend becoming a German member so you can also catch up on season 18 as well which is cognitive mechanics. But yeah, within season eight Dean Chris Taylor, also known as Christ Taylor, just kidding has basically, when talking about the cognitive reflections, he maintains that the Trickster function until persons parent function is actually developed the Trickster function kind of takes over for the parent function. This is what actually facilitates what Dave Powers, calls cognitive looping, okay? And cognitive looping is basically when you have your hero function, your child function, working together without a parent function to interfere or get in the way the two so like for me, it would be about doing everything that I would do things based on what people want me to do and based on what people like or what makes them feel good, which would make me the ultimate people pleaser, and doormat ever. I guess that would make a lot of sense based on the people who have molest me as a child.

But with that being said, and if you want to learn more about that story, then you might want to actually head over to season 21 playlist on this channel and watch how to social engineering ENTPS, if you want to learn more about that story from my past, that being said, basically, you know, nobody can avoid acting on their as on their on their trickster function, the only way to actually get to any semblance of avoidance is that you really have to go out of your way to develop your parent function. And developing your parent function is extremely difficult. Because while you are a teenager, when your parents function basically pseudo shows up, it’s actually ready for development, your ego is already protecting itself. And because it’s protecting itself, your parents are noting that you are being irresponsible, because of your lack of because of your underdeveloped parent function.

But they can’t really develop it or help you develop it because your ego is going to fight back. And that’s what being an adolescent is all about. That’s why teenagers are typically a problem for parents is because your ego is defending itself all the sudden, whereas it wasn’t previously, right. So, so based on that, the only thing that can be done is through cognitive orbit where in order to develop your parent function they have to develop, they have to basically hit your critic function, and then your parent will start developing that way over time.

However, that’s for external sources of development or external pressure for development. For you personally, you can kind of be aware of it. And instead, as an intp, go out of your way to have new experiences that you’ve never had before challenging experiences, literally, if the INTP can get to a point where they’re constantly on a daily basis, challenging themselves really, truly challenging themselves and having the self discipline to keep challenging themselves. This could be with physical things, like like, like imagine if an over an obese INTP, all of a sudden deciding to count their calories and their macronutrients every single day, while doing five miles of walking every single day, in order to lose body fat, for example, that’s a huge challenge.

That’s a great example. Or moving to another country for six months without even knowing how to speak the language and surviving. That is an awesome challenge. Basically, intp needs to get out of their comfort zone and force challenges.

So instead of comfort, focus on challenge, that is how Introverted Sensing is grown. So focus on growing your Introverted Sensing child. And by doing that it forces via cognitive axis because expert intuition parent is on cognitive axis with SI child, as a result of that access into expert intuition parent will actually start rapidly growing itself. And that is how you personally can develop your parent function without relying on external sources hitting your inner critic, which would cause very slow development of your parent function, which is basically how everybody in Western society actually does it anyway.

And that’s why the parent function is the last function to develop because everyone is so enabled in Western society to the point that it’s insanely annoying, right? So, yeah, that can be a serious problem. But yeah, really, the answer is how can an intp avoid acting on their su tricks or they can’t. So really, if you want to get any control over your tricks, or whatsoever, you have to get the parent function develop so that you’re no longer leading with your trickster mentally, you’re actually going to be leading with your parent function. Instead, you’re gonna be doing what is desirable instead of what you think looks good, which it doesn’t.

So yeah, you might want to pay attention to that. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening. That’s it for today’s episode and I will see you guys tonight can you take you building


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