How Can an INTJ Succeed at Improving Others Performance as a Career? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can an INTJ succeed at improving others performance a career?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, and we are catching up on acolyte questions. And today’s question is, what is your advice for an INTJ male with a goal of working in a job that focuses on improving the performance of others? And then they provide a very large amount of text to add support for that question. But if I’m going to be answering that question straight, my first question that I would have to ask in response to this particular person who is asking this question is, what are you doing on improving your own performance? Because when it comes to helping other people, improve their own performance, you yourself has to be a top performer in almost every area of your life.

Just as Tony Robbins says, he talks about the three main niches, which is health, wealth, and relationships, and are you optimized in all three of those niches because even if you were to start your own business, or to try to work in human resources to that effect, I don’t think it would go very far with you as a result, because you know, someone’s going to take a look at you and be like, okay, they’re helping me improve performance. But he’s obviously doesn’t look the part, you see what I’m saying. So, it’s really, really important that you understand that distinction. And one of the mistakes that INTJ is make on a regular basis, is basically they have a tendency to compare themselves to others.

And like all si demon types, INTJ is need to learn how to compare themselves to themselves. That way, you’re a better performer than the previous day. And if you only focus on improving yourself in the direction you yourself are going at that point, you will actually be successful. And then people will be coming to you asking you how to improve their performance, right, which is ultimately your goal here.

Now, I see that you’ve written some options here. So quote, options, I’ve looked at learning and development, human resources role that would require some professional qualifications. Who cares about qualifications? I know some people care. But really, is that really wise for you to spend the time and money on that? working for a company to gain some experience, then branching out into my own business? Honestly, why don’t you just cut the crap and go straight into your own business? Go be a customer of Sam, go into their Creator University, and then take the one page masterclass.

And then you will be an expert in terms of marketing and sales, and you just go in this direction, all you actually have to do from a content perspective, it’s just focused on improving your own personal performance. Because and then also come up with a system of which you measure your own personal performance so that when you’re helping other people improve their performance, you’re able to provide them with a rubric, or a scale with which they can measure performance, etc. That is, if you want to become a performance expert, but again, health, wealth and relationships, you will need to be a top performer in all three of those before anyone is going to give your expert thinking parent, any regard or any respect, or even trust you in this particular area. So I’m not entirely sure it’s the best way.

Now, if you are going in the direction of sports coaching, are you yourself an athlete? That would be my first question, and you have awards? Do you have the accolades of being an athlete, a top performer? Basically, do you have the social proof of being a top performer? Many INTJ is oftentimes when they set out on I don’t know dreams or directions in their life, they they don’t have social proof. And they oftentimes, don’t even consider the need for social proof due to expert feeling trickster. So as a result of that, I highly, highly recommend you get the accolades of social proof so that people actually again, trust you or would consider you or label you as a top performer. Otherwise, no one’s going to hire you or even want even to consider doing business with you.

Not only that, you’re going to be having to go out of your way to prove in some various metrics with maybe some testimonials from customers. etc, where you’re basically gonna be like, okay, hey, I improved the profitability of this company, I caused this runner to get three seconds, lower on their time in the 100 meter dash or something like that, you see what I’m saying, you also have to be talking about your own performance and stories from your own performance as well, which is really hard for an SI demon to do. Because you don’t often rely on anecdotes or your own personal experience. But it really, really helps.

And perhaps if you went in the direction and utilize the strategy of getting everybody else to stop comparing themselves to each other, and instead actually focus on improving their own performance, comparing themselves to themselves and basically be in the race against themselves. And that right, there is ultimately the key to highest performance possible. So if you want to become a performance coach, this is all of the things that you’re going to have to do ahead of time. On top of which I recommend reading the entrepreneurship 15 at CS, forward slash reading, especially the book called Launch, Second Edition, not the first edition, make sure it’s the second edition, because you’re not going to be properly equipped to go in this direction, and you’re probably not going to know where to start or you’re going to burn out and it’s just gonna be like a big thing that blows up in your face.

The thing is, it’s also you know, you’re gonna have to become a very capable salesman, because it’s gonna be very difficult for you to sell people on, you know, helping them reach their desired performance, like, like, what does that exactly mean performance? In what area? What is your niche? Right? These are all the things that you would have to consider when starting a business. And as far as joining human resources, you’re not going to get anywhere, doing performance and human resources, not at all. HR never actually helps people improve their work performance, not once. It’s, it’s, it’s a myth, it’s really a myth, what really actually improves people’s work performance are capable executives that follow the principles and how to win friends and influence people, et cetera.

That is, that is actually how performance and productivity goes up amongst workers on a regular basis. Right. So I would just suggest you consider all of these things needs potential consequences before charting out this particular course. I think for your life I think it would be wise for you to consider reading additional books there of and getting educated before you make this decision.

So anyway, hopefully that also educated some of the rest of the audience here with this particular question. So all right, folks, that being said, thanks for watching and listening I’ll see you guys tonight you stone silver, so can you cave you could chew building


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