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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can an INTJs make friends?


Hey what’s up, hackers? Welcome to CS justice podcast. So I got a lot of them INTJ questions rolling in. People are like, Why do you always answer so many questions about the same type. So I’m like, well, because technically the majority of the CSJ community is made up of certain types, because not all types are interested in, you know, union analytical psychology.

An example of that would definitely be like, for example, ESFJs, right. And even though ESTPS are like the number one highest represented, type within the CSJ community, they don’t spend any money on it at all. So in questions, these questions people are, like, you know, paying for these videos, for example, paying for these video responses. So the people that pay are technically oftentimes, similar types to one another.

So that’s why it seems like there’s a lot of the same every now and then we get a couple of sensor questions. And that’s pretty cool. So but the point is, is like, hey, you know, if you want more questions and higher variety different types, well go to CS, forward slash members, become a journeyman member and then upgrade to an acolyte member. So you can ask me one question a month, and I will turn it into a video response to released on YouTube and on podcast.

Nice to have more questions that are ESTJ related or ISTJ related? It just isn’t enough, you know what I’m saying? We need more, we need more sensors in there and not as many intuitives just the thing is that intuitives are more willing to spend money than the censors are. And of course, that’s because the intuitives are far more interested in Jungian analytical psychology than sensors are. So by now you’re wondering why I’m holding the camera in this way and dealing with you know, why not the typical weight and you know, swinging at the same time because I can, but really the answer that question is, and maybe if I’m making the audience woozy right now, I hope I am. My se demon is really hoping that bothering some of you by doing this, but it’s because the wind is actually blowing this way.

And you know, the microphone is perfectly fine if the microphone is pointed into the correct direction. So yeah, that’s why it’s doing that. But anyway, today’s question, as you guessed, it is actually related to INTJ is again, you know, so that’s kind of like, it’s kind of what I do. I guess I’m the, the INTJ question answer slave.

Uh, apparently, you know, there’s a q&a slave for INTJ. So, but today’s question is, how can i NT J’s make friends? Okay, interesting. Okay, so let’s take a look at a few basic principles. Birds of a feather flock together, right? That’s important to know.

Another thing to know is that, you know, men and women approach friendships differently. Women are more pragmatic men are more affiliative when they come together, right? This is why, you know, there’s another principle, you know, women talk, but men do, right. So if you’re an INTJ woman, you’re gonna have to be willing to do something called Stitch and pitch, basically, you know, where women come together. And really, it’s just a talk.

It’s all it is. It’s all talk. It’s all about talking, talking is more important than doing or as men. It’s all about doing some kind of activity and then talking is kind of a secondary thing that comes up.

So like for example, myself, you know, I meet with my friends at least twice a week, we do pool yesterday, we went to a baseball game, play Magic the Gathering, go to the club, go paddleboarding, go to the gun range, where it’s all it’s always centered around an activity, right? So if you’re an INTJ, male, when INTJ female, you need to be aware of these things. So for an INTJ female, you gotta be you know, even though you are a masculine type, you got to understand that you’re just gonna, the activity is not as important as the actual talking when it comes to women. So you need to be okay with that. But given that, you know, you’re a member of the heart temple, that should be okay.

It really should be okay, because heart Temple is all about drama. It’s all about gossip, let’s be honest. And I’m sure you can bring plenty of that to you know, your groups of girls to have things to share. So you don’t have to worry about being afraid of being rejected.

Man, however, INTJ man, you gotta be realizing it’s all about what you’re doing. And it kind of helps you do a little bit of research ahead of time. You know, I got nine TJ friend, you know, when we went to when we went to the club, he actually, you know, spent some time studying, you know, proper dance techniques that one would use at a club. And he actually gave me some pointers.

And then, and that was interesting. But then, you know, I just realized that I could just surrender myself to the music, you know, with my Introverted Sensing inferior, and just do it on my own. And that’s probably more effective, you know, for me anyway. So, so yeah, like, you know, examples like that.

But yeah, do your research before you do the activity, right. That way, you don’t have to be preoccupied with your se inferior. Concerned about was like, oh, yeah, you know, my performance is down, I really suck right now, et cetera. And just like, oh, that like you just completely like, go that and so you can let loose right? Let loose with your bros.

You know. So that’s, that’s important as well, now that we’ve understood these basic concepts for making friends, you know, biblically, there’s another there’s another concept, it’s called show yourself friendly. You know, don’t forget INTJ, you are the Introverted Intuition hero. And basically, what that means is, is that it’s on you to initiate.

So I knew I don’t care that you’re responding. I don’t care that you prefer people to come to you and loop you. And so you feel important. How about you just throw yourself important out of the window? And how about you actually take control of a situation? You’d be triple move in progression? Like you actually are, you stop being risk averse, and so obsessed with certainty? Because the certainty is making you risk averse, take some risks, and invite people INTJ.

So you need to see yourselves as the inviters not the invitees, okay. In your whole life for like the rest of your life. Like, why aren’t you inviting me? You know, what the hell? I don’t even TV, literally call me or text me and invite me to something. I don’t care if it’s in Texas, invite me to something.

Okay. Like, it’s not hard. Okay? Like, invite me. You and I users out there, you invite me you know, like, I throw up invites and stuff for people a timeout.

So you and I use is always showing up and whatnot, it’s because technically is on you to do the inviting not me, okay? Like if you want to go make friends, invite people, okay? Doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to be familiar with them. You know, like, it doesn’t matter. Just do something.

If you’re a man, get an activity together. Okay? So like matches together and go buy yourself a commander preconstructed deck and then show up to a commander night at a local shop, boom, there’s men there, boom, you can start making friends. It’s not hard, right? Or go to the range and talk to other men there, you know, or ask for pointers, ask for advice or offer advice, you know, just got to get over your se inferior. Like, who cares? No one is going to think less of you because your performance is down.

Okay? They’re only going to think less of you if you’re incapable of listening. See, that’s it’s more about your TI critic is your se inferior. So do that have a lot better time in your life. I love the swing so much.

I love swing being in constant motion. When I was when I was a child, I was always perpetually alone. And I use my Introverted Sensing to memorize cartoons all the time, because I don’t have any friends because like, I was like, you know, the 300 pound gorilla of my school, basically. Well, it just got worse and worse over the years started when I was five years old.

And then taken 30 years to get over it. But you know, I’ve memorized cartoons and I go walk the logs on the playground or I go on a swing and just be in perpetual motion so that my body would be preoccupied with the motion and then my mind could focus on you know, reliving all of the cartoons that I watched, and my cartoons are basically my friends as a child, because, you know, no one wanted to be around me because of how undesirable I was, which led to me becoming bitter, which led to more people not being wanting to be around me anyway, which led to more bitterness as a really horrible person in those days. So yeah, like me some swing, and especially when it comes to like, shooting YouTube and whatnot. But, you know, what’s the lesson there? The lesson there is that like, even I could use my INTJ shadow to do things differently.

Make it all about the activity instead of you know, making it all about myself make it instead of like, you know, my lack of desirability versus you know, an INTJ is fear of rejection, right? These things, these little obstacles, just get in the way of us actually, you know, learning and having a good life and being around, you know, friends, because here’s the situation friends matter, friends really matter. Why. Right? Like, like, for example, an INTJ man, you know, if you’re like, if you get stabbed and you’re bleeding out, or if you have every bone broke in your body, and I’m quoting agitate here, or if you have the mafia actor, you Are contract killers after you who’s actually going to be there for you? Do you think your family is going to be there for you? No, you think your woman is going to be there for you know, the only people that are actually going to be there are your bros. Right? That’s reality, okay.

That’s why having friends is so important, especially for an INTJ. But you INTJ is just won’t leave the house. And we as we, as we said in a previous episode, or I don’t know what the order that these will be released. But basically INTJ is need to understand that if you guys don’t have friends, if you guys don’t keep up your social life, your intelligence will actually decay over time, because your TI critic is so critical over what you know, it actually decays.

So you have to surround yourself with people who are more intelligent than you were also your intelligence will not only become the average of the people around you, but it’ll actually become lower than that, because your TI critic will actually cause it to decay, as you spend more and more time alone. And you imagine yourself the most skilled, most useful, most capable person in the world, which technically you are naturally, but the difference is, is that you’re not actually going to be able to maintain that because you’re not around people. Honestly, INTJ is and as much as INFJs, out of all the 16 types need social lives the most, you know, and like I was talking about Chad from the Facebook group, the CSJ Facebook group, chats, my INTJ friend, and he’s constantly inviting people to things, he’s constantly coordinating social gatherings, social events, and handle that. And because that he’s having a lot of relationships, more people, he’s getting more intelligent, he’s becoming more capable, He’s increasing his skills on a regular basis.

I mean, he’s actually really amazing at a pool right now and getting better and better every week. So like, this, this is just just how it is, you know, if you guys are gonna just stay at home and not actually have a social life, you’re gonna get nowhere in your life and you’re not going to be happy. And then your is FJ, super ego is just going to blame everyone else. So you need to make friends.

So some tools that you can use to make friends Oh, my God, use that. Even if you have just your local friends crew, post your friends events that you guys do with each other so that other new people show up. It’s not hard, you know, go on dating apps not to find women or men to be in a relationship with go on those dating apps to invite people to those events. Yeah, not all sudden, you have members of the opposite sex at your events, which makes everyone at your events happier.

Why aren’t you doing this? Okay, it’s not hard. It’s really not hard to make friends, as the Bible says, show yourself friendly. It’s not hard. And just remember birds of a feather flock together.

Also remember that women talk men do so make sure you’re organizing your activities around these principles, and you will be successful I promise. Anyway, folks, someone with dies out and I should probably be running before they chase me down and attempt to dismember me. So that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys on the next episode. Later.

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