How can an INTJ improve quickly at martial arts? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question how can an INTJ improve quickly at Martial Arts?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host yours truly CS Joseph. And today we have an interesting INTJ related question. And I’m glad that it’s being asked.

I’ve actually been hoping someone asked this question. So this comes from an INTJ. And he asked, How can an INTJ improve at martial arts or sports? Or in general, the fastest? Great question, really, the answer comes down to practice, it’s extroverted sensing inferior, and extroverted sensing, inferior can be expert sensing, aspirational. And out of all the 16 types in terms of achievements, no one can outperform the INTJ or an INFJ.

And based on that, it’s really just practice itself is what drives the performance, even if you’re at the risk of failure. So if you are failing or afraid of failing, and you don’t want to practice because you’re afraid of failing during practice, you’re basically a pussy and you need to kind of grow up, okay? Really, alright, I want to practice because I’m going to fail look, practice is so that you can fail so that you can reduce your failure through practice. I mean, that’s the whole point of it. But for some reason, I often see INTJ is making that really dumb decision.

And that huge mistake. So that’s a huge problem. But the other thing is, too is that while I N J’s often like to practice alone, they can even get better at improving their particular skill of choice. And in this case, it’s martial arts by practicing with others, so that they’re extroverted sensing can observe other people and see what mistakes other people are making.

So that they themselves can avoid making the mistake themselves at all about putting in an absolute high effort. So Introverted Sensing demon, sometimes an INTJ, is they love to cut corners, they love to take shortcuts, they always end up really not putting in the highest level of effort that they can be. So rule number one is that when you’re practicing, you need to practice even if you fail, and you need to actually seek failure out when you practice Rule number two is have other people that you’re practicing with, so you can see where they’re failing, so you can avoid their mistakes. And then finally, rule number three, which I think should be pretty obvious is that always put in the highest amount of effort into your practice, the same amount of effort that you put in your practice will be the same amount of effort that you put into the performance, you have to do that, if you’re not going to do that your SI demon will eat you alive, and your performance will be extremely poor, and you won’t get anywhere.

This is especially true when it comes to martial arts. And rule number two should actually be pretty self evident. Because when you’re with martial arts, you have everybody in the mirror, then you could see what everyone is doing in the mirror. It’s like you’re learning dancing, it’s no different, etc, except it’s just fighting, right? And you have the opportunity to observe what everybody else is doing.

You know, for me, the mirror is nice for me to observe myself, because my Introverted Sensing is just focused on myself. And I have to learn all my own mistakes is gonna take me longer than everybody else. But the reality situation is you can actually outperform other people very quickly, provided you are putting yourself in an extroverted environment where you’re able to observe what other people are doing. And yes, he will drain you of energy super quick, but at least you’ll be able to learn from other people’s mistakes faster.

And it will increase your capability. If you as an INTJ. Continue to avoid being around people with how reclusive you are. Because your se inferior performance anxiety, oh, well, if you’re going to do that, then you’re actually not going to improve and you’re actually stunting your own growth and you’re getting in your own way.

You need to learn how to embrace people, just because you don’t understand people doesn’t mean you don’t have the responsibility of embracing them. Because you really need to be around people in order to improve your own self and your own skills. That’s a fact. Your se inferior cannot develop into something aspirational.

Unless you’re observing other people who are doing the same thing you’re doing. So you can see what mistakes they’re making. So you can avoid doing those mistakes. Because your ni hero naturally is going to be like, Oh, well, I don’t want to do what they did.

Well, you’ll never actually have that available if you’re practicing alone. So you need to grow up and get out there with other people. INTJ is get around other people it’s really the only way okay, it’s the only way that you’ll be able to have any form of success in your life. Like with with your skills, you know, like, you know, an INTJ is supposed to be the master of any skill.

The problem is if they don’t practice that skill, they will lose that skill, but they can get mastery fast and everyone else but if they want to have the fastest mastery, they have to be around observing other people practicing the same skill at the same time. So they can learn from other people’s mistakes. Because i NT J’s don’t learn from their mistakes as much or as often. Also, it would really help if INTJ’s would take their phone when they’re going to the gym and observe people.

And then like before, after class, obviously not during class, you know, martial arts class, they pull out their phone and actually go to Bucha dot app, dub dub dub.ud J dot app and use the app test on the app to actually type and psychoanalyze all the people that they’re going to class width. And then as a result of that, then they save that in their journal of all the people that go to class with what they think that their types actually are saved in the journal. And it only costs $1 a month for that journal access to save those people then they can even organize all those entries that they have in the journal, by compatibility, social compatibility, emotional compatibility, sexual compatibility, etc. That’s pretty awesome.

We adding a lot more features that would actually help the INTJ understand what types of the people that he’s dealing with at the martial arts Dojo or gym. Why, because then he’s going to end up wanting to pay the most attention to the Crusader types are making tons of mistakes, because the people who fail the most are the people he’s going to be learning from the most. And knowing what type they are, could be really super useful in a gym situation. And this INTJ was smart, because he actually got in at the $1 membership level for Bucha.

Because he knows that the price will be increasing very soon, right? And he wants to get grandfathered in on that price. So maybe y’all should do what the INTJ has done. And do that yourself by going to Bucha dot app, signing up taking the test for the first time to type yourself and then afterwards, subscribing for $1 a month to get you locked in on that price. And I guarantee you, you’re really going to enjoy what’s happening with it especially as we add new features down the road and it’s going to turn into a fully fledged social media platform in the future to including with NF T’s it’s gonna be awesome.

So why would you want to get involved in that and potentially, you know, monetize your life so anyway folks, thanks for watching I hope you found this use this video or episode useful educational etc. Leave a like and a comment and it’d be awesome otherwise see you guys tonight you can you believe you are strong


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